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									               s       FREQUENTLY ASKED
1. How do I order additional quantities of            Academy! has been designed for adaptation
the components in the kit? (Every item in             to any need. There are easy-to-follow instruc-
the kit can be reordered through your local           tions inside the director’s materials and
Christian retailer or Gospel Light Publishing         leader’s guides for adapting the program to a
at 1-877-278-4242.)                                   large or small church, along with many deco-
                                                      ration suggestions. Churches can keep things
2. Are there costumes available that I may            as simple as hanging up a door poster . . . or
use in our program? (There are no costumes            they can go all out and make things creative
available, but the Director’s Guide and the           and elaborate. The choice is yours! The program
leader books are filled with easy-to-use clip art     has been written so that participants will have
that be copied onto a transparency and then           a fun, meaningful, Bible-time experience
used for creating cardboard cutouts, banners,         regardless of how you set up your rooms.)
posters, pennants, and other fun decorations.)
                                                      7. What about time and budget? I don’t have
3. Do you have suggestions for publicizing            much of either! (Every lesson provides lead-
our program? (The Director’s Guide has                ers with options, options, and more options!
designated Step 4, Promote the Expedition,            Many of them have been developed to give
just for that purpose.)                               leaders with a limited budget or time restric-
4. What is a “make space in your life for a           tions plenty to choose from. There is something
needy child” bank all about? (Big Idea has            for everyone in 3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E. Academy!)
partnered with Compassion International to            8. Do I have permission to use clip art from
offer a meaningful mission project to children        the director’s and leader’s guides to
and families who participate in the program.          make transparencies? (Yes. Everything in
Participants will be encouraged to love others        the guides is reproducible.)
like God loves us by collecting money in 3-2-1
Penguins! space banks that can be obtained            9. Is there a catalog of 3-2-1 Penguins!
free by calling Gospel Light. All proceeds will       products available to supplement the kit?
go to help needy children around the world.)          (There is a catalog inside the kit with ordering
                                                      information for stickers, iron-ons, banners,
5. Are T-shirts or iron-ons available? (There         posters, nametags, mission project banks, invi-
are 3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E. Academy! iron-ons                tational postcards, bulletin inserts, certificates
available for purchase through Gospel Light.)         of appreciation and completion, finger flyers,
6. Do I have to create really elaborate decorations   flashlight keychains, glow-in-the-dark space
when I set up my space sites for the                  beach balls, star stickers, reproducible tape cas-
Expedition? Or can I keep it simple and               sette, CD-ROM, balloons, and additional kit
still offer a quality lesson? (3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E.       components. If you are interested in purchas-
                                                      ing other VeggieTales or Penguins items,
                                                      please contact your local Christian bookstore.)
                                                      10. May I copy any pages from the leader’s
                                                      guides? (Yes, anything in any of the leader’s
                                                      guides is reproducible.)
                                                      11. Do I have permission to use the kit for
                                                      other programs in our church? (Yes.
                                                      3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E. Academy! provides 10
                                                      complete lessons that last 2 1⁄ 2 to 3 hours each.
                                                      These lessons include a Bible story, crafts,
games, discussion questions, video review, and       the beginning of the Training Video, Welcome
life application activities. These lessons may be    to 3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E. Academy!)
adapted to meet any of your program needs.)
                                                     18. Do I have permission to make a sign to
12. Whom do I call regarding craft materials?        advertise our program? (There is a lawn
(Most craft materials can be found in your           banner created specifically for this purpose
local craft store. For additional resources, call    and it is available from your local Christian
ABC School Supply, Inc. at 1-800-669-4222,           Bookstore or Gospel Light Publishing. If you
Oriental Trading Company, Inc. at 1-800-             would prefer not to purchase the banner, you
228-2269, or S & S Crafts at 1-800-243-9232.)        may make one from the clip art or CD-ROM,
                                                     but it must be used solely for the purpose of
13. What is the biblical basis for 3-2-1
                                                     promoting 3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E. Academy!)
B.I.B.L.E. Academy!? (3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E.
Academy! is based on the teachings of the            19. Are press releases available for publicity
apostle Paul. In addition to that, 2 Corinthians     purposes? (Please contact us through
5:17 is the Bible verse utilized to tie all of the
godly values together: “Therefore, if anyone is
                                                     20. Is your program available in other formats
in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has
                                                     or in other languages? (Not at this time.)
gone, the new has come!”)
                                                     21. Are there motions to the program
14. Do I have permission to use other
                                                     songs? (Yes. You can find motions to four of
VeggieTales music to supplement our
                                                     the program songs on
program? (Yes. Check with your local Christian
bookstore about songbooks or contact Word            22. Does the program include any dramas or
Music Ministry Resources at 1-888-324-9673.)         closing celebration? (Yes. There are ten dif-
                                                     ferent dramas designed for an Opening
15. May I show one of the 3-2-1 Penguins!
                                                     Assembly presentation. In addition, there is a
videos in its entirety for our closing cere-
                                                     Closing Celebration program. These can be
mony? (Yes.)
                                                     found in the book Launchpads, Lyrics and
16. How do I show the 3-2-1 Penguins Story           Landings.)
Segments video to different groups at the
                                                     23. Are there music scores available for piano
same time? (It is recommended that these
                                                     players? (Yes. This is a new addition to the
video segments be shown to the entire group all
                                                     curriculum, as previous customers have
at once when they gather together for the
                                                     requested it. It can be found in the book
Opening Assembly. This video has ten differ-
                                                     Launchpads, Lyrics, and Landings.)
ent Penguin video adaptations that have been
put together to introduce one of the ten session     24. Is the clip art on the CD-ROM different
aims. You may also order additional copies of        from what is found in the kit? (Most of the
the video if you wish to provide each teacher        clip art is the same. There are several pieces
with one to show individual classes.                 that are offered in color.)
Ordering information is
                                                     25. Will there be another curricular program
found in the catalog inside
                                                     available next summer? (Yes. It is our hope
the kit.)
                                                     to continually provide high impact and rele-
17. Do I have permission                             vant curriculum products for churches. Please
to show a segment of the                               visit to learn about
3-2-1 Penguins Story                                          available products.)
Segments video during a
church service as an                                         For any other curriculum-related
advertising piece?                                              questions, please contact us
(Yes, but we suggest                                             through www.bigideavbs.
that you show the two-                                              com/email.htm.
minute video segment at

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