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									Health Options
                                                                                        Holiday 2008
                                                                                       Volume 1 No 4

      Stephanie Georgieff, Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist/ 714-910-4295

        Celebrate the Season of Light!
        All major faith traditions      on it’s axis. During the           The ancient Egyptians
        have celebrations during        days between December              decorated their homes
                                           st               th
        this time of year. The          21 and January 6 , the             during this time of year
        Christians celebrate the        lengths of short day light         with ever green palm
        birth of their savior, known    and long night time                fronds, and we of course
        as the “Light of the World.”    remains almost the same.           know of our traditions
        Jews have the Festival of       After January 6 , the days         involving pine greens here
        the Lights, also known as       start to become longer.            and in Europe.
        Hanukkah, where families
                                        Many cultures in the               In all traditions, there is a
        gather     to    light    the
                                        Northern        Hemisphere         celebration of the hope
        Menorah. Pagans cele-
                                        have celebrated this time          and life sustaining aspect
        brate the return of the Sun
                                        of year by focusing on the         of the coming light. May
        at Solstice .
                                        return of the Sun and the          you and your loved ones
        During these long nights        life giving properties of          keep the warmth of hope
        and short days, the Earth       this celestial body.               alive in your hearts now
        actually almost stands still                                       and in the days to come!

       Holiday Stress
       The Holiday season of            people to consume less             price tag.      The rush
       2008-2009 has an extra           and simplify the holidays.         towards excessiveness is
       layer of stress in addition      This urging towards a less         in direct opposition from
       to the normal festival blitz.    consumer driven season             the true nature of the
       This year, the economic          was in response to the             season. The garbage
       picture    is    very     un-    damage such practices              created, weight gained
       predictable, and many            heaped upon the Earth.             and debt incurred from the
       Americans      have       lost   While not lauding the              typical holiday marathon
       investments, faced lay offs      recent economic situation,         was hard on everybody
       or are waiting for their pink    like all crisis, it offers great   concerned. New traditions
       slips.                           opportunities         for    our   of simplicity, celebrations
                                        culture as a whole.                centered on faith and
       In years past, many of us
                                                                           family, these will heal
       in the environmental and         Love and Peace are not
                                                                           body , soul and earth.
       health movement urged            commodities which have a
     Page 2                                                                                 Health Options

                             Healthy Eating
                               During Times of festivals,   a good breakfast. Make          Take only one trip to the
                             healthy eating can be a        sure to get plenty of sleep     food table.
                             trial. Feelings of lack or     and exercise, as you
                                                                                            Fill up at the vegetable
                             over indulgence can both       should during all times of
                                                                                            and fruit tray.
                             be harmful to long term        the year. Here are a few
                             well being. A balanced         ideas    for     navigating     Avoid cheese and bread.
                             middle ground with good        through     your    holiday
                                                                                            Drink Soda water with a
                             planning can allow you to      feasts:
                                                                                            spritz of juice or a twist of
                             enjoy the special foods of
                                                            Eat an apple or pear            citrus.
                             the     season      without
                                                            before    attending       any
                             causing overdue stress.                                        If you do indulge in
                                                            function. Having         your
                                                                                            sweets, limit to one small
                             It is important to eat         tummy full of fiber will help
                                                                                            serving, and ENJOY it,
                             regular meals during the       you to curb quantities.
                             holidays, starting out with    Chew your food slowly.

Acts of creation are         A Long Winter’s Nap……..
ordinarily reserved for
                             Often, sleep is the first      This is not the season to       not taking the Long
gods and poets. To plant a
                             thing to go during the         skimp on sleep. During          Winter’s Nap, so lauded in
pine, one need only a        hectic festival season.        the    best     of    times,    the famous poem.
shovel - Aldo Leopold        Social obligations, dec-       Americans      are     sleep
                                                                                            In all of the hectic
                             orating,    cooking    and     deprived. Sleep helps
                                                                                            planning, make sure to
                             family activities can keep     restore     our     immune
                                                                                            keep your bedroom free
                             us up at night. This period    system, even out our
                                                                                            from extra piles and
                             of year in nature is the       emotional     lives,     and
                                                                                            boxes. Go to bed early,
                             time of turning inward and     actually help us digest our
                                                                                            after    a    prayer     or
                             letting go. We usually do      thoughts in a more
                                                                                            meditation. Avoid watch-
                             the opposite in our quest      coherent way. One of the
                                                                                            ing TV at night and
                             to have the fulfilling         reasons many of us get
                                                                                            instead read a treasured
                             experience we see on TV        that annual “Christmas
                                                                                            holiday inspirational book.
                             and in the Magazines.          Cold” is because we are
                                                                                            You will sleep better.

                             Earth Friendly Celebrations
                              In the eco-classic book of    environmentally     sensitive   you can plant later, making
                             the last century Un-plug the   times enhanced by the           your ornaments out of com-
                             Christmas Tree, we were        economic meltdown, pick-ing     postable items,           giving
                             given many prophe-tic ideas    up and old copy of this book    memberships to gardens or
                             to ease the toll of the        at a used book store may be     museums, or gifts of time are
                             Christmas holiday on the       just what your Santa list       all earth friendly ideas to help
                             earth.        In       these   needs. Dec-orating live trees   you celebrate in the eco way!
 Health Options                                                                                          Page 2

Herb of the Season: Mistletoe
What     Christmas décor           thrives on branches of            and epilepsy. Viscum al-
would be complete without          deciduous      trees.    The      bum has been used in
a sprig of Mistletoe hung          American species is called        Homeopathy for epilepsy
over the door? One can             Phoracendron flavescens           and other nerve issues. A
currently purchase elf hats        which grows on various            special       homeopathic
with a sprig pinned over           types of trees. We tend to        preparation called Iscador
embroidered “kiss me.”             see it frequently on the          has     been    used      for
                                   Live Oaks and Sycamores           decades      by     Anthro-
This history and sig-
                                   here in Southern Cal-             posophical doctors to
nificance of Mistletoe is
                                   ifornia. The European             manage cancer. Used in
vast. Prized by the Druids
                                   variety has been used for         IV’s     and     injections,
of Northern and Western
                                   centuries as a cardiac            Iscador can be applied
Europe, this plant was
                                   tonic. It can be used to          alone or in conjunction
seen to have qualities of
                                   help      regulate     blood      with standard chemo-
immortality. So valued
                                   pressure. The American            therapy for many kinds of
was it that warriors were
                                   plant was used to help            cancers. Dr. Robert Gorter
required to lay down their
                                   stop maternal bleeding            of UC San Francisco
weapons and embrace in
                                   after birth, and for nervous      Medical     School       has
it’s presence.
                                   problems. Mistletoe was           complete research on
Mistletoe Viscum album is          used by the natives to            Iscador    and      Cancer.
a semi-parasitic plant that        ease Cholera symptoms             Mistletoe is truly a gift
                                                                     from the natural world.

The Holiday Blues
The holiday period for many        intense     memories       and    away from the hustle and
is not always the jolly event      sadness.                          bustle of the festivals.
promoted in our culture. This                                        Another action is to volunteer
                                   It may be a good time to try
season has the unique                                                at the many organizations
                                   different experiences for the
distinction of having a high                                         serving the needy. Donations
                                   holidays. Go and visit a
suicide and depression level                                         are down, and extra hands or
                                   friend or loved one in a place
amongst       our   distraught
                                   with few remembrances.
                                                                     gifts are urgently required.      Bah Humbug!
members of the community.                                            Such work can help draw us          Scrooge.
                                   Reach out and talk to
False expectations coupled                                           out of the self absorption
                                   someone, friend, clergy or
with societal pressures to                                           suffering can inflict.
                                   professional. It is important
celebrate stress those who
                                   that you not feel alone or        It is difficult to be suffering
are grieving or dealing with
                                   misunderstood during this         when everyone seems to be
emotional and economic
                                   time.                             so happy. Know that every
                                                                     person has their periods of
                                   Another way to deal with
If you are having trouble with                                       sorrow, and that sorrow can
                                   sadness is to go on a retreat.
the jingle culture, one thing to                                     be transformed into wisdom.
                                   There are many Christian
keep in mind is that the                                             We send out our wishes that
                                   and Buddhist retreat centers
holidays do end. If you are                                          the hope offered in this
                                   here in California and other
grieving the loss of a loved                                         season will sustain you till
                                   states that can offer solitude,
one, this may be a period of                                         better days come your way.
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                      Give the gift of health this
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                      management. Healing in harmony with the whole of Nature is sustainable, moral and Green.
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