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Mt Vernon church of Christ


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									            Mt. Vernon church of Christ                                                                                    Mt. Vernon Messenger
                       120 N. Mt. Vernon Avenue                 Elders:                                                               October 25, 2009
                           Prescott, AZ 86301                   Otto Buehler
                         Office: (928) 445-5190                 Bob Heath
                           Fax: (928) 443-5032                  Larry Miller                                  Some Encouraging News!
                            1 (800) 778-9377
                                                Some say churches of Christ are graying and dying, but are these claims true? While
                                                                Dale Cureton
                                     Info & Tech.         some congregations have a majority of members that are retired, many more are filled
                                                                                     with children and young adults.
                          Minister: Mike Scott                  Don Dillahunty       Churches of Christ actually have a larger percentage of young adults than the national
                                                                                     average. In fact, we rank number three among religious groups having the most adults
                                                                Spencer Guest        aged 18-29.
                   Education Minister: Stormy Ward
                                                                Education            According to the Pew Forum’s nationwide survey last year, twenty percent of the
                                                    American population falls between the ages of 18 to 29. This survey says churches of
                                                                Larry Johnson
                                                                                     Christ have twenty-two percent in that category (“U.S. Religious Landscape Survey,”
                          Schedule of Services                             , 82-83).
                                                                Troy Kenner          Statistician Flavil Yeakley, Jr. has studied trends in churches of Christ for decades. He
“What Do the Scriptures Say?” (AZ-TV Chan. 7)         7:30 am
                                                                Youth Work           confidently says these things about churches of Christ: (1) We are the twelfth largest
Pioneer’s Home Worship Service                        8:30 am
Morning Bible Classes                                 9:30 am   Mark Marley          religious group in America; (2) we are the sixth fastest growing church in America; (3)
Morning Worship Service                              10:30 am   Worship              we are fourth in the nation in the total number of congregations; (4) we are fifth in the
Evening Worship Service                               6:00 pm
                                                                                     nation in number of counties in which there is a congregation; (5) we are first in the
Monday                                                          Caleb Montandon
“What Do the Scriptures Say?” (PCAC Chan. 13)        3:30 pm
                                                                                     nation in distribution of congregations; and (6) we are first in the nation in weekly
Wednesday                                                                            attendance of adherents. In fact, seventy-six percent of our adherents attend regularly,
Evening Bible Study                                  7:00 pm    Eddie Redman         which is much higher than most mainline religious groups.
“What Do the Scriptures Say?” (PCAC Chan. 13         9:00 pm    Building & Grounds   According to a survey by Barna some years ago, churches of Christ were also first in the
                             Church Statistics                  Larry Sanderson      percentage of members who contributed to support the church.
Sunday Bible Class Attendance                              67   Personal Work        Let’s not be discouraged. We are not pitiful and not dying.
Sunday Worship Service Attendance                          90                        We know there is a hunger for God’s Word. SEARCH fills almost 5,000 requests for
                                                                Lester Turner
Pioneer’s Home                                             17                        material per weekly program, and nearly a thousand come to its website each day. We
Weekly Budget                                           $3769                        are making a profound difference in our world. Please keep us in your prayers and help
Mt. Vernon Contributions                                $3002   Austin Wester        us financially.
Contributions for TV Show                                       Benevolence                                          The Lord be with you,
DVD’s shipped from Jan thru Sept 2009                   62218   Secretary:
                                                                                                                           Phil Sanders
                                                                Heidi Guest
                                                                                                                “In Search of the Lord’s Way”
              Welcome Guests                                 What Do the Scriptures Say?                                 Upcoming Events                                   Service Volunteers:
All of us at Mount Vernon extend our warmest                NOTE: All questions below were submitted to      Breakfast at Coco’s                                           OCTOBER GREETERS
                                                            “What Do The Scriptures Say?” via the internet
welcome. Please take a moment to fill out a                                                                        Oct 28th at 8am                                       Before Bible Study & Worship
                                                            or by someone calling to request an answer to
visitor’s card located in the pew in front of you.          their question. For the answer to these, see
                                                                                                             East Valley church of Christ Gospel Meeting                     Pat & Charlotte Myers
                                                                                       Oct 25th thru Oct 29th. Lessons inspired by the           After Worship Service
                                                                                                                   book of Ephesians will be presented. There is          Caleb & Heather Montandon
              November Birthdays                                                                                   more information in the back.
                  1    Judy Redman                          NEWS From the Website: I am the ICS                                                                           NOVEMBER GREETERS
                                                       Bookstore manager in Austin, TX we                    Camelback Bible Bowl
                  4    Eddie Redman                                                                                Nov. 7th Registration starts at 8am. There is a       Before Bible Study & Worship
                  7    Jody Zito                       wanted to thank you for your work in the                                                                              Otto & Delores Buehler
                                                       kingdom. I am shipping 228 copies of the                    detailed schedule in the back.
                 10    Karen Howeth                                                                          Elders, Deacons, & Preachers Meeting                            After Worship Service
                                                       book       “Things      That     Matter.”
                 14    Anita Carson                                                                                Nov. 10th 7pm at the building                            Larry & Sheilia Johnson
                                                       ICS Bookstore is a Christian bookstore
                 16    Nina Wester                                                                           Old Fashioned Gospel Revival
                                                       located in the Austin Graduate School of                                                                         PHONE RECEPTIONISTS:
                 20    Jim Burns                       Theology, formerly known as the Institute                   Nov. 15th thru 18th at the Casa Grande church
                 20    Caleb Montandon                                                                             of Christ. There is more information in the                   Nov 1   Don Dillahunty
                                                       for Christian Studies (ICS). I was
                       Nan Morrison                                                                                back.                                                         Nov 8   Elizabeth Marley
                 21                                    speaking with our president, Stan Reid,
                                                                                                             3rd Sunday Potluck                                                 Nov 15   Frankie Morse
                 23    Katy Ramsey                     about your program and discussing how
                                                                                                                   Nov 15th after morning worship.                              Nov 22   Winn Hendricks
                 23    Jon Neveau                      you give Things That Matter to those who
                 24    Denise Derda                    call in from your television program. He              Arizona Sundogs Faith and Family Nights                         IN NEED OF PRAYER
                                                                                                                         th           th
                 30    Don Frasier                     was very excited and requested that I get                   Nov 6 and Nov 13 there is information in the      Maureen Lacey is now back at the
                                                       in touch with you and find out a little                     back and a signup sheet if interested in going    Pioneer’s Home and doing better.
                                                       more. He's requested that I write up a                      as a group. We need 20 people to get the          Frank & Julie Carrillo who are new to
                                                       short bio of your program, how the books                    special ticket price; please signup before Nov
 Wednesday Evening Services                                                                                                                                          the area and need to find a place to live.
                                                       are offered, and how the response is. If                    1st the deadline to buy tickets is Nov 4th.
 Each Wednesday from Oct 28th thru Dec 23rd one of the you would, please take a couple of                                                                            Ray Lessard’s Dad who has
                                                                                                             Yavapai Food Barrel
 men from Stormy’s class will be presenting a lesson   minutes to tell me about the program and                    The food barrel is empty again. If you can
                                                                                                                                                                     Parkinson’s and is no longer driving; he
 from the book of Colossians. The schedule of subjects the response to the materials.                                                                                is in need of encouragement.
                                                                                                                   help fill it up again for the Thanksgiving
 and speakers are as follows.                                                                                                                                        Chuck Whisenant is in Alabama to be
 Date       Lesson Title                  Teacher
                                                                                                                   holiday please drop off your donations before
                                                            Question: I am a student working on my                 Nov. 16th, so we can have it picked up before     with his brother Kendall who is not
 Oct 28th   Introduction to Colossians    Bob Heath
 Nov 4th    Praying Spiritual Maturity    Troy Kenner       term paper on the story of Sodom and                   Thanksgiving.                                     expected to live.
 Nov 11th   Preeminence of Christ         Les Turner        Gomorrah. I needed to know any major             With Special Thanks                                     Lillian Pollock is home recovering
 Nov 18th   Service with a Purpose        Otto Buehler      events which occurred around the same                  We just wanted to say Thank you for the           from hip surgery.
 Nov 25th   Religion in the Mixer         Mark Marley       time as the destruction of the two cities. I           bulletins and CDs. While we are trying to find    Chino Valley Church has asked for
 Dec 2nd    Looking the right Direction   Caleb Montandon   have looked on the internet for many                   a church, we and two other families are having    continued prayers of encouragement and
 Dec 9th    Having the heart of Christ    Glenn Kenner      hours with no results. Please send                     services in our homes and the CDs have been
 Dec 16th   Christian Relationships       Otto Buehler                                                                                                               visits.
                                                            if possible, just a few suggestions or                 wonderful. We are all doing well and we miss      Dondra Brush is at home with a severe
 Dec 23rd   People you can Depend On      Mark Marley
                                                            events that took place around the                      our family there.
                                                                                                                                                                     case of the flu.
                                                            same time.                                                                      In Christian love,
                                                                                                                                                                     Acts 6:4
                                                                                                                              Bill, Karen and Nick McMillin.
                                                                                                                                                                     But we will devote ourselves to prayer
                                                                                                                                                                     and to the ministry of the word.

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