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									Events for the Week of September 26, 2004 through October 2, 2004

Daily from 9am-7pm

September 26th , 28th, 29th

The Gun Store
September 25, 2004 through October 1, 2004

Christian Bookstore- Henderson
September 28, 2004


Have workers lined up to work the BBQ’s and advertise.

Contacted this week, following up tomorrow

Terrible Herbt’s Corporate Offices
Jo Ann’s Etc.
Wheeler RV’s
Mountain View Medical Center
Quest Diagnostics
Hot Shots
Las Vegas Shooting range
Barnes and Noble Bookstore
Jason’s Deli
Walker Furniture
Freemont Experience
R.C Willy
Home Depot
Tommy Rocker’s (Republican Business Owner)
Ricardo’s (Republican Business Owner)
Metro Pizza (Republican Business Owner)
Nextel Phone Outlets
Gold’s Gym
Smart and Final

UNLV Events for the College Republicans
UNLV vs. Reno game October 2, 2004 (biggest attendance game of the year)

McDermot Physical Education Complex
Nightly Intramural Sports

Meals on Wheels

      Purpose: service to the local homeless population through the making
       and distribution of 200 bagged lunches each week of the school year; we
       make meals each Friday from 2:30-3:30 pm and deliver meals from 3:30-
       5:30 pm.

Women’ s Tennis

September 30, 2004 7:00 PM

Men's Swimming
October 1, 2004
Red/Grey Meet
3:00 PM

Women's Swimming
October 1, 2004
Red/Grey Meet
3:00 PM

Hispanic Heritage Fiesta

Tuesday, September 28 2004 7:00pm
Located in the MSU Ballroom. Visit for more information

Rebel Rally

Thursday, September 30 2004 12:00pm- Alumni Amphitheatre
Get ready for the UNLV vs. UNR football game with the traditional Rebel Rally on
Pida Plaza. Free food, activities and performances.

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