Goal Setting

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					Goal Setting

 Your   everyday ‘to do’ list
         Personal Vision

 What do you see yourself doing,
  being, accomplishing??
 It plays into EVERYTHING we do
  day in and day out.
 Personal vision provides meaning to
  our lives.
          Vision - Getting Started

 List 5 things that without them your weeks, months,
 years and LIFE would feel incomplete.

 What 2-3 things must you do every single day to feel
 fulfilled (in your personal or work life)?

 Think in holistic terms…body, mind, spirit, social,
 work, family, financial, environment.
         Vision - Getting Started

 If you never had to work another day in your
 life, how would you spend your time instead of

 If money were no object, what kinds of things
 would you do?

 What are your strengths?

 Areas for improvement?
              Personal Mission
 What is important to you.
      the things that are important to you
  List

  How do these things relate to your vision??

 These are your VALUES.
  “Values”   have gotten a bad rap over time.
 Now, weave these values into a personal
  mission statement.
 I value ___________. I take actions that
  support the importance of _______ in my life.
       Sample Mission Statements

 "To ... [what you want to achieve, do or become] ... so
 that ... [reasons why it is important]. I will do this by
 ... [specific behaviors or actions you can use to get

 "I value ...[choose one to three values]... because
 ...[reasons why these values are important to you].
 Accordingly, I will ...[what you can do to live by these
            Goal Setting

 What do you hope to accomplish?
 Goals can be oriented to personal,
  work, family, community, faith
 Based in mission and vision;
  related to both.
                 Goal Setting

 One way of setting a goal is to make a contract.
  Can   be personal, with a loved one, a friend, a
 Start with writing down the actual goal to be
 Partner that goal with a specific BEHAVIOR.
 Set ‘mini goals’ to take small steps.
   How do you eat an elephant??
                 Goal Setting
 Mini Goals
  Specific
  Time  oriented, give each one a ‘due date’
   EXTERNAL rewards
    How will you reward yourself???
    Might have to get creative!
 External vs. Internal rewards??
 Overall rewards YOU can control
   Don’t rely on others to reward you….
    Goal Setting – Questions to ask

 How will you keep track of your progress?
  Record  keeping ideas
 Who will support you?
 How will you know whether you accomplished
  your goal or not?
 Do you like graphs, do you like to journal, do you
  want to do periodic checks???
          Be good to yourself!!!
 No beating yourself up if you don’t accomplish
  everything perfectly.
   What is perfection, what is excellence

   Mindsets…fixed or growth

 Keep your eye on the things that are truly
  important to you (Vision, mission)
 Monitor and adjust!
   What is working, what is not working??

   Adjust what you need to adjust.
      Why is this SO difficult??

 We live in a fast food, quick, get it NOW
 Work and life has morphed into something
  we would not have recognized just 10 years
    Did You Know??
 Walter’s story
    Anything worth having is worth
     struggling for.
               To Take Away…

 Small changes pay off over time!

 Only think about what is possible TODAY. Don’t
 psych yourself out by thinking about what may or
 may not happen tomorrow or FOREVER.

 Do NO MORE and do NO LESS than you agree to do.

 You can ALWAYS change something you don’t like.
                  Web links
 YouTube
   Search “Did You Know”




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