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I really don't need Insurance do I?

Becoming ill in America is an expensive proposition. In America we have the best doctors,
equipment, and treatments on the planet, and it comes with a hefty price tag. Health
insurance is necessary for the same reason any other form of insurance is taken out; for
your protection. In the case of health insurance, this protection is twofold. First, you are
protecting your health by being able to visit a doctor when you need to and follow their
advice when necessary because you can afford it. Secondly, you are protecting yourself
financially against the large bills that may come from costly care.

How much risk am I at for not having health insurance?

The thing about insurance, no matter the type, is that you never know when you are going
to need it, and once something has happened it is either too expensive to purchase or
coverage will not even be possible to obtain. If you have health insurance, not only will you
be able to seek out and obtain healthcare when you need it, but some of these costs may
be paid by the insurance company or their associates, lessening your financial burden. Many
Americans have lost their homes or other assets as a result of not being able to pay for
expensive, necessary medical care. When it comes down to it, insurance is expensive, but
having none in the end costs much more.

As you probably already know, different industries have different languages, or lingo.
Lawyers, doctors, mechanics, they all have special terminology they use when speaking
about their particular industry, and insurance is no different. When you set out to navigate
the wide world of insurance, it helps to know the lingo.

What exactly is health insurance?

Health insurance provides you with financial protection against high costs associated with
health care, such as but not limited to doctor visits, emergency room visits, blood and other
lab workups, and prescription medicines. Depending on the specifics of a plan, health
insurance is designed to pay the larger portion of healthcare costs after you pay a small
percentage of the overall totals.

What is a policy holder or insured?

The most important person to you in the whole equation is you. You could be called the
policyholder (because you are the owner of the insurance policy), the insured (because you
are the one the insurance covers), or even the covered (as in covered under the protection
of the insurance policy). The next important person is your primary care physician.

What is a primary care physician and how are they different form a medical

This doctor is your main doctor, the person you go to if you have a head cold or for yearly
exams; they are jack-of-all-trade doctors. On the other hand, a specialist is a doctor that
only practices one kind of medicine. Cardiologists, endocrinologists, and allergists are all
examples of specialists.
What exactly is a health insurance policy?

Next is the policy, which is the agreement and statement of length, coverage, premiums,
deductibles, coinsurance limits, exclusions and limitations of insurance. Premiums are the
monies to be paid by the insured to the insurance company in return for insurance

What are premiums, deductibles and co-pays and how are they paid?

These premiums may be paid monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly, depending on
agreement specifications. Deductible describes the minimum limit the insured must pay out
of pocket on medical expenses before the insurance company begins to pay further medical
costs. Co-pays are small amounts that are usually required for specific medical services
such as regular office visits or blood work; these are normally due upon receipt of service.

What is coinsurance?

Coinsurance is the divvying up of costs between the insurance company and the
policyholder after the deductible has been met. 80/20 plans are an example of coinsurance;
the policyholder is responsible for the first 20% of a bill, and after that the insurance
company pays the remaining 80%. These percentage splits vary from plan to plan.

What is an insurance exclusion or limitations and how to they affect me?

Exclusions and limitations are just that; things that the insurance policy does not cover.
These items may vary in range from situations such as pregnancy all the way to certain
prescription drugs.

Who is an insurance provider or health care provider or insurance company?

Then there is the insurance company, who can also be called the insurance provider. They
are the company that provides the insurance protection. Next there is the healthcare
provider, who can be named as just a provider (because they are giving you the care),
physician, or doctor.

What are the steps to the insurance claims process?

During the insurance process, the insured makes a claim. This is basically an invoice for
services rendered by a provider requesting payment, and can also be called an insurance
claim. Once the claim is received by the insurance company, they look through the specific
policy to see if the care is approved. This means that they look to see if the service was one
included in the policy coverage. If it is, then payment occurs.

What is an insurance reimbursement?

This is also known as reimbursement; this is simply the act of the insurance company
remitting payment either to the insured or the provider, depending on the policy specifics.

How important is the amount of risk I am taking by not having insurance?

Risk is an important part of the insurance equation, as it is the chances of you becoming ill
or injured and filing high cost claims. The insurance company is still a company, and their
main goal is still to make money, and if they insure individuals who are going to need large
amounts of costly medical care, they are going to be very expensive clients, costing the
insurance company a lot of money. This is where insurance eligibility comes in, and meeting
those requirements as a precursor to coverage. Phew! Now that we are armed with the
knowledge of lingo, let us forge ahead.

How do I know what type of policy is best for me?

Comparing health insurance plans is frustrating and time consuming, but it is an absolutely
necessary step; it ensures that you are spending your hard earned premium money on
coverage that is actually beneficial to you.

What is the difference between individual and group health insurance?

There are two categories of health insurance: individual and group. Individual health
insurance is exactly just that, insurance for individuals not covered under a group insurance
policy. Individual policies are usually more costly because one individual is carrying the
whole premium burden. Group insurance is offered by employers, and is usually the least
expensive to an insured because there are more individuals included in the policy paying
into it. Either way, choosing a plan protects you in the future.

Their coverage can be different, depending on the plan choices the insurance company
offers. The major difference besides price between individual and group policies is coverage

Can an insurance company deny me health insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage is not a right, and insurance companies can deny coverage to anyone
applying for an individual policy that does not meet their eligibility standards. Individuals
with prior conditions called “re-existing conditions” or those at risk for certain diseases may
be turned down. On the other hand, anyone applying for coverage under an employer
sponsored group policy may be accepted with little or no eligibility restrictions.

How do I find the best health insurance policy for me and my needs?

If you have Internet access, you can go to the major insurance provider’s websites. Here
they provide easy to understand instructions for requesting an insurance quote. You will go
to the insurance provider’s website and fill out an online application in a secure environment
to protect your privacy.

How do I apply online for my health insurance coverage?

When you go to their website, you fill in your zip code in a form and this takes you to an
online insurance form that allows you to be able to request a free insurance quote. These
insurance quotes are no obligation. This means that if you decide not to buy this insurance
online you do not have to.

When you have completed your online insurance forms and hit the submit button, the
information is send to a secure server where only the agents that are going to contact you
for your new free quote have access. We protect your privacy and would never sell your

When the friendly insurance agent receives your request for more information, they will
contact you via email to talk to you about your specific health insurance needs. They also do
their best to find an insurance plan that covers you the most and still fits into your budget.
These licensed insurance agents are knowledgeable and know their insurance plans well and
will do the best job they can to make you happy with you new health insurance.

How do I buy online insurance coverage and is it safe?

The advantage of completing an online application is that working with a friendly and
knowledgeable insurance agent allows you to reduce your frustration levels about doing the
best job you can of buying the right insurance for you and your specific needs. They only
keep their job as an insurance agent if they do a good job helping you so it is in their best
interest to help you buy the health insurance you need.

You get the benefit of the fact that the insurance salesperson knows the way around the
insurance industry and can show you policies that fit your needs right away. This is much
better than taking the time to wade through all of the information on the Internet on your

No matter where you buy it from, do your finances and protect your retirement nest egg
and get covered!

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