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How to become boss


How to become boss

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									The difference between rich and poor 1, self-awareness The poor: very little thought how to make money and how to make money, and that his lifetime on the way, do not believe there will be any change. Rich: heart of hearts, was confident that his was not born to do the poor, but to do the rich, he has a strong sense of money, which is blood, something, he will leave no stone unturned to make self-enrichment. 2, leisure The poor: at home, watching TV, for the soap opera plots and moved to her crying, but also along the lines of television fashion to arm themselves. The rich: the outer running the market, even if the ball hit a high ear-fu will not forget to bring the project contracts. 3, communication circle The poor: Do you like to go poor relatives, the circle of the poor are mostly poor, exclusion and the rich interaction over time, become a poor state of mind mentality, thinking, thinking of the poor has become to do is to come is the poor model. Everyday talk of discount goods, the exchange of a conservation techniques, although there can be conducive to the survival training, benefits, but your eyes also gradually confined to such a trivial, but will spend ambition lost. Rich: make more than their own successful people, it is undeniable, indeed rewarding. 4, learning The poor: learning a craft Rich: Learning Management 5, the time The poor: a person who can not enjoy the ample time to make big money, to more laid-back easy to lose money-making opportunities. The poor time is worthless, and sometimes even redundant, do not know how to kill, how mixed up and do not bother, if you can buy a pound of cabbage because it

spent a penny more than the angry endless, but not for the wasted day and upset, and this is a typical thinking of the poor. Rich: a person in any way to make money, regardless of income-generating livelihoods have to be big or small, must be accumulated over time. The play is also a rich work, there is a purpose. The rich, idle, idle in the body, self-cultivation, so as to benefit future battles, the head have never idle, poor idle, idle in thought, his hands and feet are busy, busy to touch a few more to the mah-jongg table. 6, a sense of belonging The poor: Yes, stars screws. That the humble poor, the lack of a sense of security, they desperately want their subordinate and dependent on a group, so they are with this group standards as their own standards, so that all their normative, for the benefit of group work, hard work, Even migration. For the poor, in a well-known businesses with stable jobs for decades, there has always been dry interns to senior executives, it is simply beautiful and can not be the ideal in the United States. Rich: the leader of these groups are usually the rich, they are always the one hand, impart to the poor: Unity is strength, if you are not subordinate to his own group, you are nothing, a do not do it. However, another respect, they never stopped recruiting and training new people so you can be replaced at any time. 7, treatment of investment and wealth The poor: economic point of view is equal to earn less, for example to open a noodle shop, yield was 100%, input 20000, 20000 net profit a year, for the poor is very good. Even the poor money, can not bear out, even if finally decided to invest in, but also unwilling to take risks, and ultimately get out of that step. The most exciting thing is that the poor-egg chickens, multiple profits ... ... but built on a hen who hope for, after all, is so fragile. The rich: the rich starting point is 10000 million in profit. Similarly, the opening of Noodle House, and rich people will think that a plane carrying House of capital only 2 million, if there are 100 million of funds are we going to open 5000 Noodle? To a manage a large number of heart-speaking boss was tired, the number of white hairs 呀? Might as well invest in hotels. A hotel is enough to absorb all of the capital gains rate was only 20% even a year down there are 20 million profit ah.

8, passion The poor: There is no passion. He always step by step, it is difficult out of a big mistake and they would never do our best. No passion can not be excited, it is impossible to work whole-heartedly. Most of the poor can not say that there is no passion to see his passion has always consumed too specific things: the boss praise, and he will be excited; store discount, he would be excited; TV reunion and reconciliation, and he tears a pass a string down the stream, there is only a poor mood. The rich: "I know how songbirds Honghuzhizhi?" "Nobility is about to make, rather a kind of peace?" There is such a passion, the poor are not poor people will eventually! Passion is a kind of nature, is a symbol of vitality, with the passion only the spark of inspiration, have a distinct personality, have a strong appeal in human relations, but also have the courage to solve problems and methods. 9 self-confidence The poor: the poor self-confidence through armed to the teeth, there should be a high-end designer wear and luxury of the configuration in order to give them more self-confidence, poor self-confidence more often than not from the heart and nature of heaven's. Rich: Lijia Cheng said of his business secret, said: "Actually nothing special, proposed projects were good, never overly optimistic; proposed projects is not so good, nor overly pessimistic. In fact, the self-confidence is a rich and unique . self-confidence can not be swayed by outside forces, self-confidence can there be the right decision. 10, habit The poor: There is a story, a rich man to give the poor a cow. Poor, full of hope began to struggle. May want to graze cattle, people want to eat, life is more difficult. So poor that cattle sold, and bought a few sheep, and ate one, the remaining used for lambing. Lamb has yet to be born and the days are difficult. The poor to sell the sheep, buy into chicken, chicken-want to make money for a living, but life has not changed, finally the poor chickens were killed, and the total collapse of the ideal of the poor, and this is the poor habits. Rich people: According to an investment, experts say, the rich the secret of success is this: no money, regardless of many difficulties, and do not use investment and savings, the pressure will make you find new

ways to make money, help you pay off bills. This is a good habit. Character determines the habits, habits decide success. 11, Internet The poor: to SINA/163/SOHU / internet chat, chat with the poor, the poor first time, more than two mouths of the poor naturally can not remain idle. The rich pay attention to Rongrubujing, gentle, is called the virtue, in order to conserve a big tree deep-rooted, the poor would not care so much, all day long is being affected by someone else's dirty looks, whole body covered with trivial or less useless gas-ah, and say will not work ? Chat rational! Rich: Go ICXO.COM surf the Internet and investment opportunities. Rich Internet, more of a cost-effective use of the network, looking for more investment opportunities and projects to facilitate the application to their own business in the past. 12, consumer spending The poor: Buy brand in order to experience the satisfaction, the most just like to test out of fashion products, I believe that expensive is necessarily good. Rich: Buy brand-name selection of the details in order to save time, and consumer prices than they care about the quality of products, such as would be 15 yuan to buy the cotton T-shirt, do not buy expensive Leica products. Owner of the "old" should be "old" in: A, Burn acts. Management industry, regardless of their size, should be "moving steadily", observed after the implementation of a clear business strategy. B, a wealth of experience. Further to listen to supplement their social lot of advice and experience to outwit. C, steady demeanor. Regardless of the operating situation arise, there must be a kind of "Tarzan collapse in the former, while the face is not changing color" demeanor. The boss's "board" should be "board" in: A, panels are Weiren. Wei Ren has always been to conduct a dignified,

for others admiration admiration. Resolutely put an end Jiminggoudao knot. B, panels are at issue. Work pay attention to propriety, courtesy of yet, the subject of favor, do everything possible to do more for others to do service. C, plates are operating. France's own industrial policy must be in cases of such parameters, run the chapter, from time to time everywhere so that the operators of the National consideration. Boss, for others envy, its every move has also aroused concern. They have already become China's primary stage of socialism in a more independent of the specific class. Of their personal behavior, "boards are" and the extent, to a certain extent, also affected the operation of the general mood of society. If, the boss's behavior all very "board was" in the above Daqian society, then our socialist market economy, the pace of moving towards knowledge-based economy can be more forward, our entire nation's economic landscape will also be the arrival of a certain extent, not far off. In addition to state leaders meet foreign heads of state, reviewed the guard of honor outside the armed forces, but also often go to people at home, opened the lid to see, which is steamed buns or bread. The boss is the same in order to give your mind, the whole enterprise, you must pay attention to the largest and the smallest things matter. As large as the signing of documents, meeting with leadership, fighting for funds and projects, small cafeteria to eat today, what the flower bed flower why less a ... ... As a result, workers are not lazy, he really thought you were better tomorrow, do not big and small, even less a flower flower bed can plainly see, what spared over your eyes? Besides, you still care about him a bowl of food is not salty taste of the point, suddenly felt, but you're his relatives. In fact, a company's most enormous amount of work are those intermediate links, and is daily, trivial, boring business management activities, which are specifically responsible for specific work, do not need to do the boss himself, so he had time to control the largest things and the smallest things. Boss only targeted the largest and the smallest things matter, the former is the direction in order to grasp the business and do a master's duties; while the latter is a gesture, that your presence only.

How to become a good boss First, know yourself Greek temple on the motto is "know thyself." I also said: "those who knew that bright." You have to understand your own financial resources, knowledge, experience, ability to understand your own personality strengths and weaknesses. You have to understand your company's human and material resources, and Chupin, service, location, environment, culture, history, and reputation. Second, Zhirenshanren You have to understand the subordinates of knowledge, experience, ability, so that the right people to do the right thing. Third, to know ourselves and You have to understand competitors strengths, weaknesses, you must be able to predict the reaction of opponents, rather than ignore them. 4, good at learning You must be good at book-learning, to learn from subordinates, to learn from rivals to friends to learn. You want to learn from experience and lessons learned. The boss's ability to learn a profound impact on business development capacity. 5, decisive decision-making Yuan Shao, as no yoyo indecisive leadership so that subordinates despair 啦. As a leader not only pay attention to scientific decision-making, but also act decisively and assume the risk decision-making. 6, good authority

Boss to be good at decision-making departments with staff in the implementation of decentralization to be good when the cause of departments, the executive branch And real * sectors. Decentralized system of more than parents to play a middle manager's enthusiasm and creativity. 7, innovative To maintain the vitality of enterprises, we should keep right Chupin, environment, service, price, promotion for innovation. Contentment and the conservative is the beginning of decay. 8, tolerant and inclusive Welcome to Wikipedia, tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance is more grateful for the boss to subordinate, harder. King Zhuang of Chu's Zhai Sakura will, tolerance is a warrior to save her own life. 9, good at listening Not only do the insurance to be the case, the boss is more to the case. You want to understand subordinates, he reflected the situation, thoughts and ideas, he did not say out of desire, feelings and emotions. 10, pay attention to credit Honest business owners are increasingly popular. Do not speak the credibility of the final boss and subordinates discarded by consumers. 11, change business for the church A good boss is like a good priest, so that everyone has a goal of shared beliefs and values and codes of conduct. 12, change for the family business

The boss must be good care for our staff to take care of subordinates, to be as loving as parents, so that employees feel the warmth of the family. 13, and change everyone's business enterprises To the interests of the efficiency of enterprises and individuals linked to significantly increase employee motivation and creativity. 14, modesty so that people Many restaurant owners do not mind letting his well-known chef, because that restaurant's business even more vigorously. 15 and throw away the penalty system Penalty system is a theory of human evil nature of the X product Very often, employees make mistakes because there is no education, training is good, There is no conductor, communication is good, there is no plan, ready. 16, the staff sincere smile Such a laugh out of life, business, work, love of the customer, is revealing of sincere feelings. Only work with joy, the heart of gratitude to the customer deposit only a brilliant smile, touching, Not "exposed eight teeth," can come true. 17, professionals and generalist Owner must be a particular field of expertise, who have a certain authority. Owner also must be proficient in different fields, he can understand and judge the views of subordinates. 18, "to help me hand" than "listen to me" more effective Sangumaolu Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang to help him on the hand for the request. Zhuge Liang will spared no efforts in their dying day. On the contrary, the command-type management, no matter how correctly, would result in an antagonistic mentality.

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