The world's top ten weird rare diseases by lin010210307

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The world's top ten weird rare diseases

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									 The existence of the disease and its differentiation, it may lead us through the entire life course. More than a million people are subjected to the following 10 kinds of rare disease. Suffering from "a vampire" disease of children 1, Zombie's disease: I believe that they have died Such symptoms are a high degree of suicidal tendencies and depression tendencies, in the duration of the illness, the patient will complain they are losing everything, including some or the entire body and soul. They thought they had died, and the same as a walking corpse. This illusion usually extended to a certain extent, the patient can feel the maggots crawling in the body, and the taste of rancid smell of dead bodies. 2, Vampire Disease: Seeing the sun on the pain Some people in this world must be a very extreme way to avoid sun exposure. Exposed to sunlight will make their skin blisters. Once exposed to the sun, they in many people's skin will feel pain and heartburn. This symptom, like, like vampires, so often referred to as the vampire disease disease. 3, hysteria: There is a strange reflection The performance of the original characteristics of this disease, patients subject to any unexpected visual or auditory stimulation this would be a shock than it was furtive manner followed behind you even shocked, that the symptoms of disease are crying loudly, beat their own body and verbose. The disease first French-Canadian loggers in Maine found that a case has also been identified as the reflection rest of the world. 4, Blaschko stripe disease: the body is covered with stripes Blaschko's disease is very, very strange markings as a symptom in 1910 by a German scholar Alred Blaschko dermatologist found in the human anatomy. Blaschko markings, set up in the human DNA inside hidden patterns. A lot of skin and mucous membrane of congenital and hereditary diseases will follow the pattern shown. This has created the human body markings. Eating tube man 5, pica: There is a desire to eat non-food Pica suffered torture people, there will be a seemingly endless appetite to eat all can not eat "food", including paper, clay, glue, and carrion. Health experts also did not find the real cause, there is no way to find a cure - though there have been reports that the emergence of this disease with the patient may be related to a lack of minerals.

6, Alice in Wonderland syndrome: time and space and physical sense of disorders Alice in Wonderland symptoms (AIWS), or called "depending on micro-syndrome" is a neurological phenomenon, a highly confusing, which affects human visual perception. Suffering from the disease in this vision of human and animal, that some of the people and non-living targets much smaller than our real. These are often perceived objects, will be at the same time seems very very far or very very close. For example, a size of a normal car, could be appears to be a small toy. And a pet dog may also be viewed as only a mouse the size of. Estimates, "Blue Man Group" (above) inspired by the shape of one ethnic group from the Blue 7, blue skin disease: the blue people Throughout the nineteenth century, 60 years, a large "blue" and the family lived in Louisville, Kentucky, the mountains, next to Indian Creek Alliance. When they are known for Bruce. Although they have all this blue skin, but they are rarely sick and most people live beyond the age of 80. The signs of their generation to generation, genetic, most people have a blue, indigo, plum purple color and even skin. 8, Werewolf Syndrome: excess body hair, Children suffering from this disease if the president had a huge size, color dark, hairy stripes covering their faces. This disease is called werewolf syndrome because the patient did like the werewolf has excessive hair, and no sharp teeth and claws. 9, elephant skin disease: part of the body become swollen, huge Lymph glands of filamentous lesions, also known as elephantiasis, in this very dramatic photos, we can clearly see that the anomaly thick, swollen limbs and genitals cases. The disease may be caused by caused by mosquito-borne parasite. This disease affects the world's population of 1.2 million and 40 million people seriously ill. Female mosquitoes to a sick with filariasis the virus into the human blood among the larvae, the larvae will grow and survive for many years. Eventually these parasites gather in the surrounding tissue. Has a huge swelling of the limbs, breasts and the vulva is a common performance in this disease. 10, progeria: looks like a 90-year-old child as hoary Progeria by children on the genetic code caused by a tiny mistake. For bringing this disease is very painful and even destructive consequences. Most children born with this disease will die around the age of 13. Because their body will rapidly aging rapidly. Their physical development had symptoms of the elderly: heart disease, baldness, osteoporosis, and arthritis. The disease is extremely rare, only 48 cases around the world. There is a family, five children have experienced such a disease.

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