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					First of all, to do any work should have a passion for. With the passion burning heart, people who have passion burning. First, from the passion of occupational knowledge. In the legal profession is a glorious, in order to master this sacred profession, so everything should be selfless. You only know the meaning of your occupation in order for it to devotion. If you are serious about the choice of the legal profession, it should show you are proving every day that you want to love this career. A person's passion is not reflected in the rhetoric, but rather reflected in his daily behavior and work, passion is a driving force for making contributions. Secondly, I firmly believe the cause is noble in action before attachment, with persistent action will certainly be a career. Through the diligent efforts of a mediocre talent who will be able to in this profession far more than people with high than his talent. If we say that perseverance is successful left-handed, then the success of perseverance is the right hand. Should be borne in mind that "in law at the entrance, only to welcome those who can endure hardship and to maximize the perseverance, tenacity, confidence and loyalty, those who slack and negative there is the spirit of man and the will of comrades who do not enter inside." Lawyer's work is sacred, like doctors and engineers, as are pieces of fine work, requires constant painstaking and meticulous efforts. If you want to become outstanding lawyers, must first be a "monk" because the legal profession is both a noble and arduous job, but also very competitive profession. Exposure in this industry, you will always appreciate the difficulties in this industry, every lawyer should have as a lawyer to fight the noble ideals of faith. Wu Rong questioned the prospect of a brilliant lawyer, and lawyers is also a huge reward top-notch talent, but top-notch road is extremely difficult, extremely difficult. There's an old saying that provoke many, but few have been selected, this sentence is completely appropriate for a lawyer. Can really become a good lawyer will not be many, and why? I think that most people are not without a solid foundation, but there is no passion. Only if a person has passion, can there be persistent action, will be able to overcome any difficulties. In my decades of experience have received many setbacks and combat, I think people's commitment and passion can overcome any difficulty.

I think that passion and commitment implicit in a kind of spiritual. Zhang Haidi was a high paraplegia with disabilities, is the passion and commitment to change her fate, so she became China's contemporary Paul. If she does not fight with fate, she is unable to care for themselves a life of useless members of society people, the community no one will know, know her, but because of her dedication and hard work, so she became a model for contemporary young people to learn, in order to inspire young people to exert themselves made an outstanding contribution. She has published many books it has received many honors, spiritual and material life has also undergone a qualitative change. The process to pay for her in terms of unusual hardship, if not the spirit of perseverance, her fate would be difficult to change. To do a good lawyer, he should have not only the general good quality, but should have the extraordinary qualities of excellence, which is extremely difficult for many lawyers, the main reason for the success. If you want to excel in this industry, there must be extraordinary good qualities, that is, to firmly believe that a noble cause, there are persistent and clear goals to pursue, but also must make extraordinary efforts, only so can there be success, in order to have huge returns. Success is the gradual accumulation of action. Third, the goal is to extinguish the torch of life never Must have goals in life, a person who is not the goal, there would be no passion. Goals should always bear in mind. The higher the goal, power will be. Abroad an insurance salesman, he was a target period of a piece of paper, this piece of paper placed on the left shirt pocket, it is the location of the heart, which means that the target heart. Then, every effort over time, he would control objectives, always prompt, reflect on their own and eventually he became the best insurance salesman. Goal is not a slogan, to achieve its objectives should be concrete action. Right lawyers, practitioners have confidence in, has to be modest, everyone is their own mold division. Wanted to be what kind of person, what kind of person, do not blame on others, all decisions on their own. "Attitude is everything, success is also a kind of attitude." Such an attitude requires a person to always maintain a positive and progressive attitude, we must always be full of passion and never give up. Six years ago, I gave you recommend several articles: "Youth", "Young

people want to do the seven major criteria," "work: Who Whom Ganhuo efforts" and Matsushita "working hard is not a disadvantage," the famous . Copy to you again today, looking not immediately be able to do it, but it must have shares Jingqi Shen, always maintain a passion. Both are in good times or adversity, regardless of criticism or to be commended for, whether it is access to the honors, or being unfairly treated, we need to learn positive thinking. The power of positive thinking is endless. What is positive thinking? For example, be commended, we should see their gaps and shortcomings; been criticized, we should analyze their own reasons to criticize the leaders as their concern and care, so like, it will not be discouraged by the criticism, much less will be considered to be leaders of their own revenge; in honor before the organization would like to thank the training, thank you for the care and support; in the face of injustice, to believe everything their own public opinion and smooth when modest, prudent, and the face of adversity Otherwise discouraged to adversity as his own temper, as an asset. All this belongs to a positive way of thinking. Of life, career and work, should be used in a positive way of thinking. I often say that people should have the "two hearts": "sense of responsibility" and "aggressive." "Sense of responsibility" includes responsible for themselves, their families responsible for groups accountable to the society. Some people are not responsible for their own, one is not responsible for their own, of course, will not be responsible for the family, let alone the right groups and socially responsible. "Initiative" is a kind of never satisfied, never stop the enthusiastic spirit. We should attach great importance to cultivate good habits, good habits make you a lifetime benefit. A positive attitude and good habits are brought to fruition and career basis. Second, to be a good assistant is to become the prerequisite for good lawyers. I think that a good assistant should do: (A) To be able to endure loneliness and poor, to profound knowledge, not anxious air dry. Low income is temporary, if not the first practicing austerities and improve themselves, the future can hardly be a big change. Thus, for young lawyers, first and foremost a long skill, and increased insight.

If the money the first place, it is difficult to become a good lawyer lucrative income. (B) To the hearts of grateful hearts often, so that will live in happiness in order to benefit from the lot. Should the old lawyer's care, guidance and help as a personal maximum benefit, the teacher should always remember with gratitude the selfless teachings and help. Do not complain about unfair to complain about pay less, and if so, can only be self-destructive future, the teacher learned from the knowledge and skills, is the best reward. As the old saying goes, "the subject of water dripping grace, when the Yongquan phase newspaper," If you do not know Thanksgiving, there is no one willing to help you. (C) they should be diligent in thinking people could. Only thinking all the time in order to become who sets his mind. Latin proverb: "The world's greatest is the man and the greatest is the mind." I often say, "determined to have eye" is also this truth. (D) To realize the "three-qin." First, the brain should wash more to improve their comprehension, there are savvy will keep bearing fruit. Some of the lawyers lazy lazy mainly in the brain, the do not want mindless. Second, Shouqin, to spend more time reading and writing. Many people write legal instrument that is again, seems to be wrapped up, I felt too wonderful not to modify the place. To see more of these excellent articles, legal instruments, multi-write multi-practice. Third, we should Tuiqin to positive, proactive and creative assistant to do the work. Some assistant confined to host the work of assigned counsel, so what do. If so, you can only be a able to cope with the work of assistants, it is difficult to grow from the Assistant qualified lawyer. Some assistants rarely go to court to observe, to attend cases will be hosted by senior counsel of many books do not learn things. Only an active, initiative, and creativity to work, you can be excellent, in order to excel. If the step by step, at best, can only be a qualified employee, qualified assistant, we can do good. People often say that the farthest distance is the distance from the heart hand, people tend to think more, but their actions can not keep up.

(E) To familiar procedural work. For young lawyers and old lawyers are an asset to let him host the lawyer that you can not live without assistant. Must be diligent observation, because the old law many years of experience can only make you sense that some hard conveyed in words. To devote to understanding, from the access to be ritual objects, evidence material preparation, analysis of the problem, the courts ask, how to debate every detail of every link to surmise grinding, sentiment. Look for outstanding documents should be repeated again and again pondering. This is a shortcut to quickly upgrade their. (Vi) To strive for "excellence, perfect" Doing business, never regarded themselves as fully ready. Some lawyers can not be repeated pondering the contractor's case, all the possible scenarios are well thought out, but to defend the word, the Acting hastily written comments, set aside, they do not move do not change, but if a serious look, there will always to find out would like to add, modify and perfect place. Of legal instruments, to be repeatedly reviewed, collated, can not appear typo, do not words, missing words, punctuation, should accurately. Some lawyers instruments, materials, frequent reason for an error, I think it is not the level of problems, primarily responsible problem is attitude. As assistant to help host the lawyer is not a simple query, delivery documents, printing, binding materials, a comprehensive, carefully check all the materials, including: whether the material is complete, with or without omissions; materials, such as the order is correct. To the pursuit of the perfect unity of content and form, content, quality is the basis for a perfect appearance is also important. (Vii) pay attention to details. Details of the decision of the effectiveness of the efficiency of the details of the decision, details of the decision to grade. Attention to detail is the nature of the legal profession, attention to detail is responsible for a specific performance. From the accumulation of great detail. Make small painstaking, thorough, fine. World affairs must be done on the fine. Attention to detail a talk about the importance of examples of case-handling. I have had agency with infringement case. Confirmed that the duration of tort to become the key to victory or defeat, the counsel through repeated carefully to see case materials, promotional materials

found on the infringement side products from six telephone numbers 7 instead, through the implementation of telephone numbers l bit time, thereby identifying the infringement duration, as the key to successful cases. (8) Non-organized lawyers, assistant principal tasks: ① close look at all the case materials. Should be familiar with all the case materials, to be thorough grasp of the case. This work should take the initiative to do that if the lawyer arranged everything so organized, it is not a good assistant. Assistant to record a good client contact, responsible for maintaining timely contact with clients. ② collection, investigation, finishing, preparation of the case facts and evidence. For example, the review of the evidence provided by the parties whether the material is complete, incomplete should take the initiative to require a person to add, some should take the initiative to propose to investigate inquiries and 11 should be straightened out. ③ a detailed record of case-handling process, make the memorandum, such as doing a good job meeting with the parties, to witnesses, investigations, consulting, risk-informed record. The process of the cases recorded in a timely manner, and progress in handling the case shall promptly inform the client, maintaining relationships with customers, the timely contact investigators. I found that some lawyers were unwilling to write. There are two advantages to seriously make a record, one favorable to the handling of cases. Second, is to let clients feel that we handle cases earnest. Assistants should cultivate the habit of always doing good work record. ④ find relevant to the case laws, regulations, judicial interpretations, the relevant provisions of the District Court and the related topics discussed, theory, research papers and so on. ⑤ According to the analysis of the case law organized the drafting of legal instruments, such as the complaint, pleadings, agents words, on the pleadings, Non-litigation legal opinion and other business. ⑥ custody, good order in all cases, the relevant materials, which promptly after the conclusion of binding archive search for safekeeping and timely information on the case of lawyers organized. ⑦ be straightened position, that is, no offside ultra vires, but also a positive, initiative, creativity to work. Internally, we must think that, you have to do this case, to consider every detail of the case. Externally, to strictly observe the provisions of the lawyer system organized. ⑧ The fair's professional duties to collect, collate and

professional related to the latest laws, regulations, industry developments and of the relevant cases, articles, judicial interpretation, which is itself becoming the basis for a professional lawyer. ⑨ from a small start. Such as: Early and late to go, finishing a good health, house, finishing a good host of lawyers, including the desktop clean, refillable, pencil like a small thing. Paralegals from the little things, often can be seen from the minor matter of a person's attitudes and habits.

III Suggestions

1, lawyers should be placed on the reputation A good reputation it will help in people's life. Counsel should pay attention to reputation. Counsel is a reputation-oriented industry, a certain sense, to benefit the well-known, of course, can not use whatever means to fame, we must learn to use every opportunity to let people know you, understand your expertise and performance. Through participation in professional seminars, published articles and books, to participate in professional organizations, to participate in public activities, to participate in social clubs, to participate in donation activities, organization of business seminars to expand your social face, increase your visibility. Lawyers should pay attention to their own reputation, we must learn to promote and introduce themselves. 2, impetuous lawyer quit. Many people are now feeling impetuous. The legal services market is becoming more competitive, professional division of labor more and more detailed, and we can not just concentrating investigators son, to speed up full, update their knowledge and improve ourselves, we must strive to achieve from doing the case to do business, from doing business to do business. So the case does not mean that doing business. Business of market issues, service level issues. We should note that sum, research, and should go deep into, but should be more learned. Anyone truly interested in scholarship is not a difficult matter, Beijing, QIN Bing Bar soon to write about the trading of commercial housing 204, fame; Shaanxi Province, Wang was light to participate in construction projects through the whole process of demolition, has written numerous books on demolition monographs, have become well-known demolition experts;

the original by the Xu Weifang seeking ago, in the province has not held a BOT project, the "Chinese lawyers," began running a series of papers relating to BOT, has become well-known companies restructuring expert. Beijing Tong Lihua because of enthusiastic young people safeguard their rights, merit of first recorded by the Beijing Municipal Government. Work, scholarship, the key to success lies in whether attention. 3, good for the small things become big. How to get along should be careful, strict law has been. First, a man should be honest, has to be rigorous, conversation should be modest, civilized manners, dress should be decent, treating others to love. Respect and to be self-esteem and attitude towards minor determine your success. Second, in dealings with people, we should pay special attention to its image. To wear, for example, in certain situations, people suits Gelv, you dress too casually, will people think a lack of self-cultivation. The above is a bit over the years, my practice experience, speaking of the right, and can learn from that wrong on the right when a talk.

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