; The Power of Feng Shui
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The Power of Feng Shui


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									Feng Shui & Sustainable Green Design

                       Student Forum @
          University of Nevada, Las Vegas
                              January 22, 2010
                           A presentation by:
                            Marsha Golangco
          Feng Shui Expert & Sustainable Building Advisor

                               Eric Golangco
            Civil Engineer, LEED AP & Green Building Professional

P.O. Box 1088, Alamo, CA 94507 www.windwater888.com www.golangcoglobal.com
         Sustainable Green Movement

   During the last decade, there is a heightened awareness and
    increasing responses to various environmental issues, and
    especially on global climate changes and natural resources
   A sustainable green movement is picking up momentum – in
    all areas of life – building; transportation; clothing and food.
   Sustainability as defined by the World Commission on
    Environment and Development - “Meeting the needs of the
    present without compromising the ability of future generations
    to meet their own needs”
   The Triple-bottom Line – the 3 E: Environment; Economy;
    Social Equity/equality
    Some major critical global Issues
   Energy – Peak Oil; Impact of burning fossil fuels –
    Carbon emission, pollution & global warming
   Water – diminishing supply & cleanliness
   Natural Resources – depletion & wastes
   Air & Environmental Quality
   Uneven distribution of wealth – Over-consumption &
   Wars & social disorder
   Overall health and well-being is threatened
        What is a Green Building?
   Green buildings are sited, designed, constructed, and
    operated to enhance the well-being of their occupants,
    support a healthy community, and preserve the
    natural environment…green homes are more
    comfortable and create a healthy living environment.

Source: Build It Green – a non-profit membership organization
    with the mission to promote healthy, energy-and resource-
    efficient building practices in California through outreach and
    education www.BuildItGreen.org
  NAHB ( National Association of Home
Builders ) National Green Building Program
   NAHB Green includes rating systems that are
    cost – effective, flexible, and designed for
    builders and remodelers.
   NAHB Green scores:
       Energy Efficiency
       Water Efficiency
       Resource Efficiency
       Lot and Site Development
       Indoor Environmental Quality
       Home Owner Education
    LEED Green Building Rating System
   LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and
    Environmental Design. This system is developed and
    administered by USGBC – United States Green
    Building Council.
   USGBC Mission Statement is to promote the
    design and construction of buildings that are
    environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy
    places to live and work in.
   www.USGBC.org
    LEED Certification Program
Certification is based on a scoreboard with 8 categories:

   Sustainable Site
   Water Efficiency
   Energy and Atmosphere
   Materials & Resources
   Indoor environmental quality
   Innovative & Design Process
   Local & Linkages
   Awareness & Education
      Different Levels of Applications

   Individual Being
   An individual house
   Neighborhood & Community Development
   Commercial and office building development
   City Planning
   Nations
   World
   Universe
      Some intentions of Feng Shui
   Create the most favorable living environment
    for the highest potential of development
   Ensure health, vitality & longevity
   Security & Sustainability
   Stability & Balance
   Connectedness & the Flow of Chi, the
    universal life force
            The Flow of Chi
Good Chi travels irregularly on a curved surface and gives
                     beneficial effects.

  Bad Chi travels on a straight line and causes harmful
            Five Elements

   Water
   Wood
   Fire
   Earth
   Metal    Productive Cycle   Destructive Cycle
An Ideal Feng Shui Site
    Your House Is an Extension of Yourself

   Roof = Head
   Window = Eyes
   Front Entrance = Face
   Structure = Body
   Foundation = Feet
   Landscaping = Clothing
    Feng Shui Aspects of a Building

   Setting and Site
   Surrounding landscape / Natural and man-
   Neighborhood / Buildings and people
   Location of building or house
   Shape of lot
   Walkway
    Feng Shui Aspects of a House
   Main entry                 Bathrooms
   Staircase                  Walls
   Living room/Furniture      Ceiling
                               Doors
   Master bedroom/Bed
                               Windows
                               Floors
   Dining room
                               Hallway
   Kitchen/Oven and
    sink placement
    Putting Feng Shui to Work
   Flow of the Chi/Velocity, balance, etc.
   Space usage
   Placement of rooms/Floor plans
   Placement of furniture, fixtures, mirrors
   Colors and color combinations
   Overall brightness/Lighting
   Textures
   Materials used
   Shapes and forms
      Integration of Feng Shui in
 Sustainable Green Designs: Example I

Biomimicry – imitating the natural world. Use
  indigenous solutions
 Customize to local landform & climate

 Use local materials
Casa Battlo, Barcelona, Spain
      Integration of Feng Shui in
Sustainable Green Designs – Example II
Safe, healthy & well communities &   Public Transportation, more walking
neighborhood with connectedness      than driving
       Integration of Feng Shui in
Sustainable Green Designs – Example III
   Leverage ‘free’ natural elements – e.g. natural
    light; renewable energies & technologies such
    as wind turbine, solar roof & walls; hydro &
   Water harvesting systems – collection, storage
    & usage
   Green Roof ,White roof & Integrated Roof
Eat Healthy, Driving less & Walking more
Solar panels at gasoline station in
           Rome, Italy
National Library in Alexandria, Egypt
Green Roof & Green Structures in
       Barcelona, Spain
The Parthenon, Athens, Greece
The most sustainable structure in the world
       The pyramid, Cairo, Egypt
              Thank you…
   Marsha Golangco
   Email: fengshu888@aol.com
   Website: www.windwater888.com

   Eric Golangco
   Email: Eric@golangcoglobal.com
   Website:www.golangcoglobal.com

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