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The Power of Feng Shui by jennyyingdi


									Feng Shui & Sustainable Green Design

                       Student Forum @
          University of Nevada, Las Vegas
                              January 22, 2010
                           A presentation by:
                            Marsha Golangco
          Feng Shui Expert & Sustainable Building Advisor

                               Eric Golangco
            Civil Engineer, LEED AP & Green Building Professional

P.O. Box 1088, Alamo, CA 94507
         Sustainable Green Movement

   During the last decade, there is a heightened awareness and
    increasing responses to various environmental issues, and
    especially on global climate changes and natural resources
   A sustainable green movement is picking up momentum – in
    all areas of life – building; transportation; clothing and food.
   Sustainability as defined by the World Commission on
    Environment and Development - “Meeting the needs of the
    present without compromising the ability of future generations
    to meet their own needs”
   The Triple-bottom Line – the 3 E: Environment; Economy;
    Social Equity/equality
    Some major critical global Issues
   Energy – Peak Oil; Impact of burning fossil fuels –
    Carbon emission, pollution & global warming
   Water – diminishing supply & cleanliness
   Natural Resources – depletion & wastes
   Air & Environmental Quality
   Uneven distribution of wealth – Over-consumption &
   Wars & social disorder
   Overall health and well-being is threatened
        What is a Green Building?
   Green buildings are sited, designed, constructed, and
    operated to enhance the well-being of their occupants,
    support a healthy community, and preserve the
    natural environment…green homes are more
    comfortable and create a healthy living environment.

Source: Build It Green – a non-profit membership organization
    with the mission to promote healthy, energy-and resource-
    efficient building practices in California through outreach and
  NAHB ( National Association of Home
Builders ) National Green Building Program
   NAHB Green includes rating systems that are
    cost – effective, flexible, and designed for
    builders and remodelers.
   NAHB Green scores:
       Energy Efficiency
       Water Efficiency
       Resource Efficiency
       Lot and Site Development
       Indoor Environmental Quality
       Home Owner Education
    LEED Green Building Rating System
   LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and
    Environmental Design. This system is developed and
    administered by USGBC – United States Green
    Building Council.
   USGBC Mission Statement is to promote the
    design and construction of buildings that are
    environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy
    places to live and work in.
    LEED Certification Program
Certification is based on a scoreboard with 8 categories:

   Sustainable Site
   Water Efficiency
   Energy and Atmosphere
   Materials & Resources
   Indoor environmental quality
   Innovative & Design Process
   Local & Linkages
   Awareness & Education
      Different Levels of Applications

   Individual Being
   An individual house
   Neighborhood & Community Development
   Commercial and office building development
   City Planning
   Nations
   World
   Universe
      Some intentions of Feng Shui
   Create the most favorable living environment
    for the highest potential of development
   Ensure health, vitality & longevity
   Security & Sustainability
   Stability & Balance
   Connectedness & the Flow of Chi, the
    universal life force
            The Flow of Chi
Good Chi travels irregularly on a curved surface and gives
                     beneficial effects.

  Bad Chi travels on a straight line and causes harmful
            Five Elements

   Water
   Wood
   Fire
   Earth
   Metal    Productive Cycle   Destructive Cycle
An Ideal Feng Shui Site
    Your House Is an Extension of Yourself

   Roof = Head
   Window = Eyes
   Front Entrance = Face
   Structure = Body
   Foundation = Feet
   Landscaping = Clothing
    Feng Shui Aspects of a Building

   Setting and Site
   Surrounding landscape / Natural and man-
   Neighborhood / Buildings and people
   Location of building or house
   Shape of lot
   Walkway
    Feng Shui Aspects of a House
   Main entry                 Bathrooms
   Staircase                  Walls
   Living room/Furniture      Ceiling
                               Doors
   Master bedroom/Bed
                               Windows
                               Floors
   Dining room
                               Hallway
   Kitchen/Oven and
    sink placement
    Putting Feng Shui to Work
   Flow of the Chi/Velocity, balance, etc.
   Space usage
   Placement of rooms/Floor plans
   Placement of furniture, fixtures, mirrors
   Colors and color combinations
   Overall brightness/Lighting
   Textures
   Materials used
   Shapes and forms
      Integration of Feng Shui in
 Sustainable Green Designs: Example I

Biomimicry – imitating the natural world. Use
  indigenous solutions
 Customize to local landform & climate

 Use local materials
Casa Battlo, Barcelona, Spain
      Integration of Feng Shui in
Sustainable Green Designs – Example II
Safe, healthy & well communities &   Public Transportation, more walking
neighborhood with connectedness      than driving
       Integration of Feng Shui in
Sustainable Green Designs – Example III
   Leverage ‘free’ natural elements – e.g. natural
    light; renewable energies & technologies such
    as wind turbine, solar roof & walls; hydro &
   Water harvesting systems – collection, storage
    & usage
   Green Roof ,White roof & Integrated Roof
Eat Healthy, Driving less & Walking more
Solar panels at gasoline station in
           Rome, Italy
National Library in Alexandria, Egypt
Green Roof & Green Structures in
       Barcelona, Spain
The Parthenon, Athens, Greece
The most sustainable structure in the world
       The pyramid, Cairo, Egypt
              Thank you…
   Marsha Golangco
   Email:
   Website:

   Eric Golangco
   Email:

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