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					Men how to become a millionaire
Roads leadto the wealth of 10 million, but all roads are strikingly similar. And, surprisingly, is hard to accumulate wealth men also strikingly similar, they are the same as the psychological characteristics of a mold out of the same pressure. The many features of the vast majority of millionaires are born in a poor self-made millionaire who accumulated money to impoverished people who have an irresistible force. These men are very adventurous, and they dare to take those down to earth manner, like the drudgery of men to earn money by Side dare not risk. They are shrewd and capable, they are very far-sighted; their genius lies in its ability to know how to use someone else's idea to make money. This is the real secret to make money - using someone else creative ideas and put them into practice and going. Such a man is easy to mix with others. They can be very insightful, they will observe the others, know how to deal with others to get what they need, but also know how other people respond to them. The pursuit of wealth, who had a strong heart of loneliness, but they do not so away on the pursuit of political prestige and achievements. Preoccupied with making money is their absolute pursuit. This gives them better than all the greatest satisfaction and joy. Access to wealth, a total of five major "Guide": Allowing money to be your lover. Do not waste time and energy on sex, you will find, in the long run, money is more exciting than sex, it's not empty promises. Search requirements, to meet demand. The pursuit of wealth's greatest talent is targeting the timing, forecasting requirements. Volkswagen brand cars, the U.S. fast food are all examples of people's needs. Beware of herd mentality. The psychological ills of the masses over, even if it is correct, follow it generally does not make any money. In certain circumstances, the removal of the cream are the leaders in the economy, not followers. When the employers rather than employees. Those who meet the employer paying them high salaries of men are not really the pursuit of wealth,

their goal is simply to a sense of achievement or a lust for power. You'd better go to the boss, even if the employee only you'll earn a lot more than any one company will pay you more. Develop your control skills. Most people believe that dominate others and let them to do what you want them to do something very bad. However, the reality is that we always have been aware of the case he did not dominate others. The pursuit of wealth is often intuitively dominate others, but also one of connoisseurs.

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