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									Resume Template Leaving college and entering the job market for the first time? So, you know that having a fabulous resume is what will make you stand out above all the others entering the marketplace. But, you just don’t know what constitutes a fabulous resume in the eyes of your potential employer. And you’re not sure how to write one. So, what do you do? Find a resume template that is appropriate for your major and the job you are seeking. Using a resume template is an easy way to get started. Whether you are an accounting major, occupational therapy, aeronautical engineering, marketing, commercial art or whatever else there’s an appropriate resume template for you. Many of them are copyright protected. That is you cannot transfer the resume template to someone else, but once you have modified it with your information you can remove the copyright. You own your own resume that you created from the template, just not the resume template itself. The resume template is more than just a skeleton, it shows you the proper wording, and gives you examples that you can follow. It will show you how to word your objective and summary. A good resume template will be professionally written and give you the guidance you need to write your own version. Right now, your education is an important part of your resume and the template will show you just how to highlight that. You can also use a resume template for ideas about what else to include. A resume template is also a guide for fonts and type styles. And, for the best formatting to use for uploading. If you use tabs, for example, that can be a problem in uploading, so it’s best to space things with actual spaces. Most of the resume template sites that you will find on-line also have tips for writing your resume and what to include and what to avoid. There’s a lot of free information on line. Read more than one resume template site to find the one that fits you. Remember, don’t copy the resume template, use it as a model. The resume template is just that, a template for you to follow. It’s you and your special talents and achievements that will sell a potential employer. What do you bring to the company? How will you be a profitable addition to their workforce? Why should they hire you and not someone else? It’s all about the employer here and what benefits you bring to them.

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