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									Resume Samples What’s the right resume style to use? Which fonts work best? What format should I use? How do I make sure the format stays the same when I upload it online? How does the rest of my industry style their resumes? These are just some of the questions you face when writing your resume. Resume samples are a great answer. What ever the job you are going for, whatever the industry, you can find resume samples online. Just put the phrase “resume samples” in your search engine. There are free resume samples, software that offer resumes samples and even membership sites where you sign up and have access to resume samples. Many of the same sites that offer resume samples will also have tips on writing resumes and what to watch out for, what to include, and what employers are looking for when they review your resume. Their samples will also give you the appropriate wording. Things you probably want to look for are resume samples with both an objective and a summary of your skills. Follow the wording style that the resume samples use to write your objective. Compose a different objective for each job for which you apply. Use the employer’s wording and add some value or benefit in hiring you. For example, “Objective – sales director position with a focus of new business development. This shows the company that you plan to add value to them. The Summary is your place to toot your own horn. Resume samples will give you the style of wording to follow. Do not make this a summary of your skills; make this a summary of your accomplishments. Let the potential employer know what you’ve achieved all the while focused on what their job specifications are. Ask yourself the question, “How and where does what I’ve achieved in the past add value to the company I’m applying for?” and write the summary from this perspective. As for fonts and style, look at the resume samples. There seems to be some argument about whether to use Times Roman, or a san serif font like Arial or a different font such as Georgia. Here’s where the resume samples in your industry can help. Look at what’s being done in your industry. Formatting is important too, especially if it’s being uploaded. Sometimes when you use tabs, they aren’t read correctly and your formatting will turn out a mess. Better to use spaces. Better still, follow the relevant resume samples. Online is your friend. Spend some time exploring and reading, look at a lot of different resume samples, and pretty soon you know just where and how to begin.

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