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									Do I Really Need a Resume Cover Letter? In a word Yes! The resume cover letter is your main tool for getting an interview with the company. A good resume cover letter will be sure your resume is read and get you the appointment you want. The resume cover letter is the first thing a prospective employer will see. It is your time to showcase who you are and why you are the right one for the job. In the resume cover letter begin by stating the position for which you are applying. Still in the first paragraph of your resume cover letter, highlight 2 or 3 of your qualifications for the position. The second paragraph of your resume cover letter is about you and your character traits, skills and abilities that you would bring to this company. Basically it why you will be valuable to them. After that you want to restate your understanding of the company’s requirement for this job. In this way your resume cover letter lets the company know that you understand their needs. Now, you can summarize how your qualifications fit these needs and bring value to the company. In a quick read of the resume cover letter they will see how you are a match for them. The next place to go in your resume cover letter is a summary of your qualifications. This is the time to bring in information that may not be in your resume or to summarize it in a different way. Talk about what value you bring to the company. By now in your resume cover letter you should have given the prospective employer a good sense of who you are and why they want to give you an interview. What’s in it for them, so to speak. If the advertisement to which you are responding asks for your salary requirements, include that toward the end. Just before the most crucial step in writing the resume cover letter. What is that you ask? It’s the call to action. In your resume cover letter this is the place you ask for an appointment. Something like, “I look forward to discussing how I can be of value to XYZ Company in this position.” So that’s your resume cover letter. Oh, two more things. Make sure your resume cover letter is error free and include ways to reach you, both cell and home phone numbers if you have them. Now, your ready to write.

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