Kent Placement Portfolio by jJ9JI5Z


									Kent Placement Portfolio
Work experience and voluntary placements
Outline of placement

Outline of placement              Please give a brief outline of your
                                  placement and what you hope to have
                                  achieved by the end of the placement.
Type of placement                 Choose an item.

Contact details

Organisation/Community name       Name of the organisation/community
                                  group placement will occur in.

Contact/Mentor name               Contact name for person who will mentor
                                  student (if possible).

Contact number                    Not mandatory.

Contact email Address             Email address for students to contact if
                                  interested in the project.

Address                           Postal address for students to contact if
                                  interested in the project, or need to send
                                  any documentation.

Placement details

Estimated duration of placement   Choose an item.

                                  If other please specify.

Number of days per week is the    Choose an item.
student expected to commit
                                  If other please specify.

Location                          Where will the placement take place?
     Pay                                   Will expenses or minimum wage be
     Public transport availability         Is the placement accessible by public
                                           transport? If so give brief details, If not
                                           please state a car is necessary.
     Support offered                       What support is available for the student,
                                           i.e a desk, meetings, internet access
     Further details

     Placement ideas in more detail        Please provide further ideas about your
                                           placement. Please provide a list of tasks
                                           the student will expect to carry out.
     Skills needed by student              What skills does the student need to be
                                           able to carry out your placement?
     Skills to be gained by student        What skills will the student gain during
                                           your placement?

     Sustainability/repeatability of       Could this project be repeated in the
     placement                             future, or developed upon by another
                                           student? If not then would there be any
                                           other opportunities for students likely to
                                           arise within your

When you have completed this form please return it by email to

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