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					                   Banners Broker Fast Start Guide
So, probably like most of you reading this right now I had been searching for quite some time to fi nd a
solid online income opportunity that would be as passive as possible and provide residual income to
help me live a comfortable life and free me up to devote my time investing it in my various
entrepreneurial endeavors. Well, in my quest to make a living online, I was recently blessed to fi nd
someone, who I basically consider my mentor now, that was kind enough to offer his help to me and
was the one who introduced me to the opportunity Iʼd like to share with you now.

This is the most lucrative program I've ever seen and once you set it up the way I show you it can
make you money for you everyday with just a few clicks. It's called BannersBroker.

The 3 things I really like about Banners Broker are:

   •   It's an international business and opportunity, meaning nearly anyone can participate
   •   You DO NOT have to sponsor or refer anyone in order to have a ridiculous
       amount of success with it
   •   And, the way I'm going to show you how to set it up, it's nearly completely passive,
       basically a few simple clicks of your mouse each day

                                     What Is Banners Broker?

BannersBroker is an innovative online advertising company (founded in October 2010 by
Chris Smith and Kul Josun) that offers affi liates the opportunity to advertise their business
online while simultaneously earning publishing revenue.

They connect advertisers with effective ad space and publishers with the most relevant ads to
market on their websites. With an extensive online network consisting of hundreds of
thousands of publishers and advertisers around the world, Banners Broker helps their clients
increase sales and earn additional advertising revenue.

                         Learn About the Banners Broker Opportunity

Webinar which clearly explains the Banners Broker Opportunity (a little over 1 hour)

Excellent YouTube video, which explains the Banners Broker Opportunity slightly differently
for those of you that it just hasn't quite clicked yet for

Banners Broker Explained Slightly Differently
                              Getting Started With Banners Broker

1) Sign up for Banners Broker Follow the link to the left and click Sign Up on the top right.
Here you will be able to enter your contact info and create your account. And know this, that
Banners Broker is by referral only, so you need to be sponsored by someone in order to join.
If you sign up under me, great. If you choose to do a little more research and fi nd someone
else online to sign up under, that's cool too. I just ask that you trust me in saying please sign
up as soon as possible. This is a phenomenal opportunity and you'll seriously be missing out
big time if you choose to pass this one by. Also, be sure to think about what you want your
username to be, because that is the link you will give others when you're referring them. e.g. yourusername

2) Fund your eWallet To do this, once you login, click on the 'E-Wallet' tab on the right, next
to Help. From there click the button which says 'Load Wallet'. After that, select your method of
payment. Personally, I like simply using a credit card via BB's in-house credit card processing
since it's instant. Depending on your geographical location though, you may have to fund your
account via Bank Wire or Solid Trust Pay. I like Solid Trust Pay personally because it's
simple, the fees are generally smaller than a Bank Wire, and STP is also used as a payment
processor in many of the other opportunities I'm involved int.

                                   Promoting and Recruiting

The only thing I have to add is that if you want to promote and refer others to Banners Broker
(remember you absolutely do not have to in order to be successful at BB), I recommend a site
called Basically, they've created a simple effective presentation for you to use
to be able to quickly and easily recruit others to your business. Once they sign up for free,
you'll have their email, and from there you can shoot them a quick email to introduce yourself
and send them the link to this course so they can get up and running in no time.

Basically all you have to do is plug in your BB username onto the end of this URL, like this yourusername

Once you do that, if any person visits that link, clicks the button below the video, and then
clicks the Sign Up button on the following page, it will enroll that person in your downline :) As
simple as that! So you can use that link when promoting your BB business.

                                          Live Webinar

If you have ANY questions about how Banners Broker works or have doubts, fears or
questions about the managed account, every week there is a great LIVE webinar that you can
attend where you can get all your questions answered. It's every Sunday-Thursday at 8pm
EST and you can access it by visiting this link →

               I have attended several of these webinars, they are excellent
                               and I HIGHLY recommend it

Description: Fast Start Guide to Banners Broker. First this short guide introduces you to the opportunity, and then shares with you a free course which will help you manage your own Banners Broker account effectively as well as provide you with other helpful information to grow your online business.