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									Daily Newsletter                                            28 Jun, 2012

Morning Glance

                                                                                                      Equity Research Desk
Indices                 27- Jun       Chg (%)                Pts   Market Summary
Indian                                                             The market closed on a positive note on Wednesday. The overall market breadth
SENSEX                  16,967.76            0.36          61.18   was positive around 50.1% of shares advanced on BSE and 52.3% of shares
SPCNXNIFT                5,141.90            0.41          21.10   advanced on NSE. Out of the total 2,913 shares traded after BSE, 1,462
BANKEX                  11,544.27            0.36          41.84   advanced, 1,309 declined, while 142 remained unchanged. Indian equities ended
BSEIT                    5,675.26            0.94          52.73   the choppy session in the positive terrain led by metal, power and IT stocks.
BSEHC                    6,758.77            0.52          34.86
BSEFMCG                  4,848.62            0.48          23.23
                                                                   At the close, the benchmark 30-share index, BSE Sensex gained 61.18 points or
BSEPSU                   7,111.16            0.46          32.44
                                                                   0.36% at 16,967.76 with 22 components posting rise. Meanwhile, the broad
CNXMID                   7,194.45            0.46          33.10   based NSE Nifty climbed by 21.10 points or 0.41% at 5,141.90 with 35
                                                                   components registering rise.
NASDAQ              2,875.32                 0.74          21.26
Dow Jones          12,627.01                 0.74          92.34   Gainers in the 30-share index were Tata Steel (2.51%), Tata Power Company
Hang Seng **       18,990.17                 0.04           8.33   (2.25%), Sterlite Industries (India) (1.79%), Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
                                                                   (1.34%), Hindalco Industries (1.30%), and Tata Consultancy Services (1.14%).
Nikkei              8,819.00                 1.01          88.51
KOSPI Index         1,824.20                 0.36           6.55
*7.45 A.M Today ** previous data                                   However, Tata Motors (3.06%), Wipro (0.51%), Bharti Airtel (0.42%),
                                                                   Mahindra & Mahindra (0.25%), State Bank Of India (0.13%), and Reliance
Delivery            Trade           Delivery              %
                                                                   Industries (0.12%) were the biggest losers in the Sensex.
Statistics          Volume          Volume
Nifty Most Delivered
HDFC                   2793400        2366186              84.71   U.S. Markets rallied on Wednesday as US economic data came in positive.
INFY                   1084673         896836              82.68
DRREDDY                 240901         195499              81.15   The Dow Jones industrial average gained 92.34 points, or 0.74%, to
GAIL                   1400205        1117834              79.83   12,627.01.
SUNPHARMA               712071         545563              76.62
Nifty Least Delivered
                                                                   The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 21.26 points, or 0.74%, to 2,875.32.
DLF                    2966745         229588               7.74
SBIN                   1944320         292490              15.04   Company                                                            Purpose
JPASSOCIAT            11877542        1904237              16.03   Ex - Date
RELINFRA               2461997         484423              19.68
TATASTEEL              3272599         944766              28.87   Board Meeting
                                                                   Action Financial Services (India) Limited                                      Result
Trade Statistics            BSE              NSE          F&O      Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products Limited                                      Result
Turnover (Rs cr)            1635             8002        148134    K P R Mill Limited                                                             Result
Advance (No)                1462              810                  Libord Infotech Limited                                                        Result
Declines (No)               1309              629                  Libords Securities Limited                                                     Result
Unchanged                    142              107                  Shalibhadra Finance Limited                                                    Result
Total                      2913             1546                   Shikhar Leasing and Trading Limited                                            Result

Inst. Activity                Cash                       F&O
                        27- Jun   Jun- 2012              2011                                Options                       Open Int.
                                                                               Open Int.                     Strike                        Call / Put
FIIs (Rs cr) Source : SEBI                                         Ex-Date                   Statistics                    (In. mn.)
                                                                               (In. mn.)                     Price                           Ratio
Buy                        1474        38800              25731                              Nifty                    Call        Put
Sell                       1388        38873              24090      28-Jun          12.97   Jun             ALL       57.59      99.28             1.72
Net                          86          -74               1641       26-Jul         13.20   Jun               5200     7.90        2.47            0.31
                                                         94,873      30-Aug           1.06   Jun               4900     0.74        7.17            9.69
MFs (Rs cr)                 25- Jun
                                                                   FII's Derivatives Statistics
Buy                          281              7047
                                                                   Particulars                                             Trade Date           27- Jun
Sell                         289              6671                 Details                           Buy*         Sell*       OI (Nos.)         OI (Crs.)
Net                           -8               376                 Index Future                  3838.86       3203.16          677535          17026.32
                                                                   Index Options                15172.07      14147.29         2003400          51487.44
Indicators                        Closing           Change (pts)   Stock Futures                 6158.65       6121.85          993310          25120.75
Call Money                           8.00                   0.00   Stock Options                  561.58        617.50           47637           1238.12
10yr Gilt                            8.12                   0.02   Total                         25,731        24,090        37,21,882           94,873
US 10 Yr Yield                       1.62                  -0.01   Source : NSE               * Rs. In Crores               (BSE+NSE)
Exchange rate (INR/$)               56.88                   0.03
Gold ($/Oz)                         1,577                  -0.08   Futures Indices                        27- Jun          % Change                  Pts
Silver ($/Oz)                       27.01                   0.01   INDEX                                   5141.90             0.41                21.10
Zinc ($/tn)                            00                     00   May12                                   5139.65             0.27                13.95
Brent Crude ($/bbl)                 93.50               48 cents   Jun 12                                  5160.20             0.25                13.05
LME Copper ($/tn)                  335.55                  -0.01   Jul 12                                  5183.85             0.24                12.30
Daily Newsletter                                          28 Jun, 2012

Morning Glance

                                                                                                    Equity Research Desk
 Junior Nifty Delivery Statistics for 27th Jun 2012
                                       Delivery                   Godrej Properties partners with Royal LePage
      Scrip          Traded Qty                         %
                                          Qty                     Godrej Properties will offer Royal LePage clients access to luxurious apartment
                                                                  and villa developments across the country. Godrej Properties (GPL) the real
                                                                  estate development arm of the Godrej Group, today announced that it has
 GLAXO                         57340        55835        97.38    partnered with Royal LePage to help Canadians and non-resident Indians (NRIs)
 CONCOR                         8382         7669        91.49    invest in India`s growing real estate market.
 BEL                           18801        16885        89.81
 EXIDEIND                    1592499      1375030        86.34    Hindalco Industries FY12 cons profit up 38.29%
 ADANIPORTS                   432947       362095        83.63    Hindalco Industries has posted a gain of 38.29% in consolidated net profit of Rs
 GSKCONS                        5417         4443        82.02    33.97 billion for the year ended March 31, 2012 as compared to Rs 24.56 billion
 COLPAL                        83826        66732        79.61    in the same period last year. During the quarter, the company saw an increase
 CUMMINSIND                   227291       165763        72.93    of 12.22% in consolidated total income to Rs 816 billion from Rs 727.2 billion in
 TORNTPOWER                    73990        53897        72.84    the same quarter last year.
 PETRONET                    1586180      1146140        72.26
                                                                  DBS Bank profit jumps 2.63 times for FY12
                                                                  DBS Bank India has posted a jump of 2.63 times in net profit to Rs 3,355 million
Derivatives Watch
                                                                  for the year ended Mar. 31, 2012 as compared to Rs 1,272 million in the last
Nifty OI PCR at 1.49 as against 1.54 on Wednesday                 year. Total income of the bank increased by 86% to Rs 10,632 million for the
Nifty up 0.41%; Futures OI up 0.14%                               year ended Mar. 31, 2012 as against Rs 5,712 million.
Nifty Jun. futures trading at 0.65 points Discount
                                                                  Strides redeems USD 80 mn FCCBs due 2012
 Commodity Update                                                 Strides Arcolab today announced that it has redeemed the outstanding USD 80
                                                                  million FCCBs on due date. The company had originally raised USD 100 million
Asian Stock rose for a second day after reports showed U.S.       FCCBs in the year 2007 and had bought back USD 20 million during the year
home sales and durable goods orders climbed more than             2009. The total payout for redeeming the outstanding bonds was USD 116
estimated and investors awaited the start of a summit on          million including the redemption premium of 45.058%.
Europe`s debt crisis. Japanese benchmark index Nikkei 225 rose
88.51 points, or 1.01%, to trade at 8,819.00. South Korea`s       Sadbhav Engg bags order worth Rs 335.5 mn
Kospi index increased 6.55 points, or 0.36% to trade at           Sadbhav Engineering today announced that the company has been awarded
1,824.20.                                                         project/work by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation worth Rs 335.5 million. The project
                                                                  is for construction of boundary wall, box culvert and land development of
Oil prices rose above USD 80 a barrel Wednesday in                Mukundpur depot on Mukundpur- Yamuna Vihar corridor (line-7) of phase-Ill
international markets. Benchmark crude rose 85 cents to USD       Delhi MRTS.
80.21 a barrel in New York. Brent crude, which is used to price
international varieties of oil, gained 48 cents to USD 93.50 a    Cords Cable secures order worth Rs 70 mn
barrel in London..                                                Cords Cable today announced that the company has secured first orders worth
                                                                  Rs 70 million from its newly added prestigious client, EFACEC. Under this initial
In the commodity space, MCXCOMDEX was up on Wednesday             order, control and instrumentation cables shall be supplied by Cords Cable
0.40% to 3,654.59, MCX Metal index was up by 0.09% to             Industries towards a power plant project undertaken by EFACEC in India.
4,940.62 and MCX Energy index was up by 1.05% to 3,148.63.
                                                                  Redington`s arm to buy new property at Chennai
Bullion: Gold August 12 contract was down by 0.03% to Rs          Redington (India) has announced that Easy access Financial Services, a wholly
29,955 per 10 grams, GoldM July 12 contract was down by           owned subsidiary of the company, has purchased a building - Sterling
0.03% to Rs 29,875 per 10 grams, Gold guinea June 12 contract     Technopolis admeasuring 2,30,000 sq. ft. located at Old Mahabalipuram Road,
was up by 0.04% to Rs 24,011 per 8 grams, Gold Petal June 12      Chennai. The new property purchased by the subsidiary company is let out on
contract was down by 0.03% to Rs 3,006 per gram and Gold          lease and could be utilized to meet the company`s plans to house the
PetalDel July 12 contract was up by 1.70% to Rs 3,177 per         employees of the Redington group under a single roof in the long run.
gram. Silver July 12 contract was down by 0.48% to Rs 52,711
per kg, SilverM June 12 contract was down by 0.48% to Rs          Panna-Mukta and Tapti fields reach major production milestone
52,729 per kg and SilverMIC August 12 contract was down by        The Panna-Mukta & Mid and South Tapti Joint Venture (PMT JV) today
0.48% to Rs 54,125 per kg. Metals: Copper August 12 contract      announced the achievement of the significant milestone of 500 million barrels of
was up by 0.23% to Rs 422.25 per kg, copperm August 12            oil equivalent (mmboe) cumulative oil and gas production from the PMT fields.
contract was up by 0.21% to Rs 422.25 per kg, alumini June 12     This landmark was achieved on June.15, 2012.
contract was up by 0.58% to Rs 104.05 per kg, aluminium June
12 contract was up by 0.63% at Rs 104.10 per kg.

Major BSE Bulk Deals
     Date          Code            SCRIP NAME                       Client Name                      Deal Type               Qty             Price
     27-Jun         532485     BALMER LAWR INV          E C E INDUSTRIES                           BUY                   200000             187.31
     27-Jun         514394     GEE EL WOOLLENS          SORUS POWER                                BUY                    55000              27.15

Major NSE Bulk Deals
    Date             Scrip Name                                  Client Name                              Deal Type            Qty           Price
   27-Jun COMMERCIAL ENG & CO                     UNITED AIR PRODUCTS                                    BUY                299699           86.84
   27-Jun ZEE LEARN                               ORANGE MAURITIUS INVETMENTS                            BUY               1332035              23
Daily Newsletter                                                                    28 Jun, 2012

Morning Glance

                                                                                                                                              Equity Research Desk
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