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					                                               Get your forms to Cat or James as soon as
REGISTRATION FORM                              possible. We’d really like your forms by:
Please write in
                  CAPITAL LETTERS thank you!
                                                  Sunday 12th February
                                                                                                THE JOURNEY
                                               We need to sort out numbers for beds, food
Date of Birth           Age on 12th Feb 2012
                                               and lifts, so knowing that you are coming
                                               would be very helpful!

                                               However, you donʼt need to pay the full ticket
                                               amount until the weekend. If it helps you can
                                               pay in installments, eg £10/week. Or just save
                                               it up yourself from now and pay the amount
                                               by the weekend. Up to you. You can pay by
                                               cash, cheque or online transfer.
Mobile Number

Food Allergies // Medical Information
                                                                                                Come with us on The Lab retreat
                                                                                                (it’s going to be great!)

                                                                                                24-26th Feb 2012
Emergency Contact Name:

                                                                                                in Manorbier,
Contact Number // Mobile                                                                        Tenby
                                                                                                (by the sea!)

Please tear this piece of the form off and                YHA Manorbier, Tenby.
give to Cat or James.                                    Pembrokeshire SA70 7TT
MAIN SESSIONS:                                        PRICES:                                                   PAYING / DRIVING:
If life is a journey then we're all at different      The price includes all meals from Friday evening till
points, taking different routes, facing different     Sunday evening including a roast dinner in a pub on
challenges. We all have paths we've taken before      the Sunday(TBC).                                          Paying (please tick appropriate):
that have helped to make us who we are, and
some that we wouldn't want to have to take            £40 Full Price Ticket                                     I can pay £40 ticket
again. And we all find ourselves at some point
looking ahead, trying to decide which  direction      £30 Student/Under 18/Concessions                          I can pay £30 ticket
to travel next or at a crossroads desperately
trying to figure out which option to take.            OR pay what you can...                                    I can’t pay anything
Where is God on the journey? Where was he in          OR pay more than you can!
the difficult times? And which direction does he                                                                I can pay . . .                   £
                                                      To keep costs down we havenʼt included petrol in
want you to take next? In the retreat main
                                                      the price yet. If you are willing to drive despite this
sessions  we'll be exploring all these questions
                                                      we are very grateful, but any left over money we will
and most of all learning how we can simply                                                                      How you will pay
                                                      donate to the drivers!
enjoy journeying with God, no matter what
circumstances or terrain we find ourselves in.                                                                  I will pay full amount

                                                                                                                I would like to pay in installments

  THE JOURNEY                                                                                                   I would like to donate:           £
                                                                                                                towards others tickets
                                                                                                                and petrol money.

                                                                                                                Only applicable to drivers with cars:
Youʼll arrive in time for Friday dinner on 24th feb
and weʼll be back in time for the Sunday Lab
                                                                                                                I am happy to drive my car
gathering on 26th at 5.30pm.
                                                      We suggest to those who can, to donate an                 Happy to drive but need petrol money
On the Saturday afternoon you have a choice of        extra £10 on top to cover other people’s
things to do, including paid activities, looking                                                                My car has this amount of seats
                                                      tickets and hopefully donation to petrol costs.
round towns and walking or just free time to chill.

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