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					Information Session
 Host Family Program

                      September 11, 2009

 Expectations and Do’s &Don’ts
  • Being on Time
  • Dress code
  • Spending money
  • Transportation
  • Food restrictions/ allergies
  • Maintaining contact/ ways of communication
  • Pressure/ Hesitance
  • Activities with Host Family
Being on Time

 You and your Host Family have planned to
  meet in the parking lot at 2:00pm. What time
  do you arrive?
  • 2:05pm
  • 2:15pm
  • 2:00pm
  • None of the above, Host Family should call you
    when they are at the parking lot.
Be punctual

   Arrive on time.
   Call if you are running late.
   Preplan what time to meet .
   Do not assume, always make sure to
    confirm time and location.

                   KEEP YOUR WORD
Dress Code
 If your Host Family invites you to a Christmas
  party, what would you wear?
  • Shorts and flip flops
  • Dress pants and a nice shirt/ a nice dress or skirt
  • Jeans and t-shirt
  • Spiderman costume
Dress appropriately
 Dress according to occasion
  • Formal wear for parties and formal events.
  • Casual wear for outings/ activities.
 Dress according to season
  • Light wear for summer.
  • Warm clothing for winter.

 Your Host Family takes you out for dinner. Who pays
  for your meal?
  • Host Family will pay for my meal because I am their
  • I will pay for my own meal.
  • If my Host Family offers to pay for my meal, I will
    graciously accept.
  • Choices 2 and 3 are correct.
You are expected to pay for yourself

    It is expected that you pay
     for your own:
     • meals
     • tickets
     • shopping
     • movies, etc.
 My Host Family (True or False):
  • Will drive me anywhere I want to go. False

  • Will occasionally take me out for grocery shopping. True

  • Will take me out for movies every Friday. False

  • Will drive me to an off-campus event, if I ask in   True

  • Will drive me in case of an emergency. True
Do not depend on Host Family
for transportation
 If you need to be driven somewhere (e.g. doctors
  appointment or Secretary of State), ask in
 Don’t be afraid to plan an activity or ask if they
  can take you out for shopping on the weekend.
 Realize that the Host Family may have prior time
 Your Host Family has invited you over for dinner.
  You do not recognize the ingredients in one
  particular dish:
  • You eat the dish because it would not be appropriate to
    question the Host Family’s meal.
  • You ask what ingredients are in the dish and then
    decide if you should eat it or not.
  • You simply refuse to eat the dish because you don’t
    know what's in it.
When you are invited for dinner or lunch
at the Host Family’s house:

 Do not feel obligated to eat everything the Host Family
  offers you.
 If you are unsure of the ingredients in a dish, feel free to ask
 Let them know prior to the dinner/lunch of your dietary
  restrictions (example: Muslims don’t eat pork).
 Inform the Host Family if you have any allergies (such as
  peanuts or shell fish).

 Its Monday and your Host Family leaves you a
  message on your cell phone asking what activity you
  would like to do on Saturday. You do which of the
  • You call them back in 3 days to tell them that you would like
    to go hiking on Saturday.
  • You don’t call back, but wait for them to call you, assuming
    that they will probably select an activity themselves.
  • You call /email them as soon as you have
    decided what you want to do on Saturday.
Communicate with your Host Family
   Communicate with your Host Family at least
    twice a month.
   Answer their calls or emails.
   Let them know what's the best way to contact
    you (email vs. cell phone).
   Ask them what's the best time and way to reach
    them (e.g. call after 7 p.m. or email anytime).
 Do not smoke in Host Family’s house. Please
  smoke outside.

 Some Host Families will have pets. If you are
  allergic to cats or dogs, let them know.
 If you feel uncomfortable around animals, let
  your Host Family know.
Offer to Pay (Not a requirement)

 Feel free to offer your Host Family to pay
  for gas.
 Offer to pitch in when ordering pizza.

 Offer to pay for your Host Family’s drinks,
  appetizer or dessert.
 Feel free to take them out for dinner
  or a movie.
 Offer to cook a traditional dish for them.
 Feel free to ask your Host Family questions, if you are
  unsure about anything. For example:
  • Where you can shop for clothes.
  • Where you can purchase food.
  • Where the bank is.
  • Where the Secretary of State and Social Security
     offices are.
Be Polite and Courteous
 Always remember to thank your Host Family.
 Answer their questions politely.
 Keep a positive approach.
Do not hesitate or feel pressured

 If you are uncomfortable with an activity, feel
  free to say NO.
 If you don’t want to eat something, do not
  hesitate to say NO.

    Do not feel pressured to act a certain way.
        Be yourself and have a good time!
What activities would you like to
do with your Host Family?
 Thank you for joining
the Host Family Program

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