How to extraxt sounds from PowerPoint 2010 Shows by swaboy


									How to extract sound from PowerPoint 2010 Shows

Have you received a presentation with beuatiful music in the background? Do you want to extract it
and play it in your iPod? This PowerPoint course will teach you how to do it.

First of all you have to rename the file. Before doing it you have to disable hiding of file name
extensions as described here. Get to the folder, choose your presentation, click with the right button
on it, click on rename and type ‘‘.zip‘‘ at the end of the name. Press enter.

    ●   Double click on the newly named file.
    ●   Open the ppt folder.
    ●   Double click on the media folder. Here you will find a list of all the sound files and image files
        that were contained in the PowerPoint show.
    ●   Click on the sound file you want with the right button and choose Copy.
    ●   Open a folder where you want to save a copy of chosen sound file. Click right and
        choose Paste.
    ●   Pasted sound file is now ready for you to use in another presentation.

Navigate back to the folder with original presentation. Right click on .zip file and
choose Rename from the shortcut menu. Delete .ZIP from the file name. The file name is now
changed back and can now be opened as before.

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