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Dear [name],

We're all looking for ways to save money in today's economy. For
some, that may mean considering selling their homes themselves
in an effort to save the Agent Sale Fee paid to a Real Estate

Although some people do sell their homes without a Real Estate
Agent, those who are successful are the exception rather than the
rule, and are typically either very experienced in selling homes or
are completing less complex transactions such as transferring
ownership to a child or tenant.

For most homeowners, selling a home without professional
assistance is simply too time-consuming and too risky. As a
result, four out of five homes sold in [country] are sold by a real
estate professional.

Selling your home yourself may work for you if:

1) the current real estate market favours sellers
2) you aren't in a hurry to sell your home
3) you have the time and motivation to take on a part-time job,
including the time and effort required to respond to phone calls
and other inquiries, show your home and negotiate with potential
4) establish an appropriate selling price
5) you are insured for any court actions against you and against
theft and public liability when selling your home.
7) you know what must be disclosed to a purchaser and in what
order it must be disclosed
Acting as your own real estate agent is probably a bad idea for
you if you:

1) are in a hurry to sell your home
2) have difficulty dealing with tension, negotiations, or rejection
3) are concerned about the security risks involved in showing your
4) do not have the budget for effective advertising and marketing
5) do not have the resources to establish an appropriate selling
6) don't know how to ascertain whether or not prospective buyers
are qualified
7) are not well-versed in disclosure requirements and the other
legal aspects of selling a home

If you decide that selling your home alone is not the best choice
for you or would like additional information on the benefits of
using a Real Estate Agent, please call me at [number]. I would be
happy to schedule a no obligation meeting with you and discuss
the services we provide.

Kind Regards,


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Dear [name],

Selling your own home can be quite an undertaking, particularly in
today's real estate market. Many homeowners who initially plan
to sell their homes solo find the tasks involved to be more
daunting than they had thought, and turn to a real estate
professional for guidance.

These homeowners typically find benefits in five general areas by
using a Real Estate Agent:

1) Employing knowledge, skills and expertise
2) Using proven marketing tools and programs
3) Avoiding liability claims, legal issues, and lawsuits
4) Having qualified purchasers before showing the home
5) Ensuring negotiation skills are used, to bring you the best price
the market will pay

Real Estate agents have a great deal of knowledge and experience
in a number of areas that can make a real difference in selling a
home. Expertise ranging from market analysis to establish a
selling price. The same is true for the established advertising and
marketing tools and strategies that Real Estate agents employ to
gain the highest visibility.

Another significant benefit of using a professional agent lies in the
guidance they provide through real estate transactions filled with
potential legal liabilities.
Real Estate agents provide a valuable benefit with the tools and
experience to judge potential buyers. This allows them to not
only be sure they are showing properties of interest to buyers, but
also to ensure the prospective buyer is genuinely interested in
purchasing a property and is financially qualified to do so.

If you would like to discuss these or other benefits of working with
a professional Property Consultant to sell your home, please give
me a call at [number] to schedule a meeting at your convenience.
You are under no obligation and this allows you to explore your

Kind Regards,                                            photo


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Dear [name],

If you're like most people attempting to sell their home without
professional assistance, a desire to save the Agents Sale Fee is
probably the main reason you've decided to go it alone. Believe
me, I understand the impulse well and in the current economy,
every dollar counts. What you probably don't realize, however, is
that professionally marketed properties routinely sell for more
money than homes sold by their owners.

The reasons for this are threefold.
First, an experienced professional is able to price your home
correctly right from the start. This is crucial. Overpriced
properties often linger on the market for many months, eventually
selling for less than they are worth. Pricing your home too low,
may well result in a quick sale without the seller realizing that
they could have gotten another $10k-$20k.

Second, a skilled Real Estate Agent will launch an extensive
marketing campaign in order to reach a critical mass of potential
buyers for your property. Maximum market exposure results in
maximum offers and once an offer is made, you'll be represented
by an skilled negotiator able to get you the best possible price.

Thirdly, when you sell your home yourself, buyers realize you're
not paying a Property Consultants Successful Sale Fee and will
expect you to discount your property accordingly plus more as it is
a ‘buyers market’.

Should you decide, at any time, that you could benefit from our
expertise and skills I'm only a phone call away.

Kind regards,


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Dear [name]

When I have worked with my clients who have decided that selling
their own home was not in their best interest, they gave me
honest feedback of all the hurdles they endured.

I wanted give you some successful tips for selling your home that
my clients would have cherished if it had been available to them.

Top Eight Home Showing Tips

Graciously greet your potential homebuyers and invite them to
around. Make sure that you instruct them to take their time and
to ask any questions that they may have. When a potential buyer
stops in, here are eight recommended tips to follow when showing
your home

Tip # 1: Welcome Your Buyer
Showing your home is essential in the real estate business. After
all, who would purchase a property sight unseen?

Tip # 2: Be Flexible
Many homebuyers are on a tight schedule, whether it be work,
school or other commitments. Time is tough to come by, so try to
be flexible about allowing potential buyers to tour your home
Tip # 3: Quick Clean
If you have enough time before the buyer shows up, run the
vacuum over the floors and make sure that any clutter is cleaned
up. A clean home appears larger, while a cluttered one gives the
appearance of being too small.

Tip # 4: Climate Control
When a buyer comes into your home, they do not want to feel
in the winter or overly hot in the summer. Make sure that the
temperature is comfortable. Otherwise, your buyer may not
spend as much time in the home as necessary in order to form an
accurate opinion. The last thing you want is a buyer who's in a
hurry to leave.

Tip # 5: Animals
If you have pets, remove them from the home temporarily or
place them in a contained space, such as a kennel, exercise pen
or carrier. This will allow buyers to tour the home without being
distracted by a nervous animal, which could result in a nervous

Tip # 6: Light is the Way
Your home should appear open and bright, even if it's a winter
day, so open the curtains and turn on the lights throughout the
home. Buyers will not likely be drawn to a dark, dimly-lit house.

Tip # 7: Buyers education
When someone is looking for a home, they are looking for more
than the perfect floor plan. If you have recently had the home
valued or inspected, place copies of each report on the dining
room table. Purchasing a home is a big step, and buyers will be
drawn to a home that has everything out on the table, so to

Tip # 8: Ask For Feedback
Once the potential buyer has completed their tour, invite their
feedback by placing comment page in the home. The information
provided could be potentially helpful during your next home
showing, and it will make the potential buyer feel as though you
value their opinion.

And should you decide, at any time, that you could benefit from
the expertise and skills of a Professional Real Estate Agent with a
proven track record of success, I'm only a phone call away.

Kind regards,


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The biggest and potentially most costly mistake people make
when selling their home themselves is not establishing an
appropriate asking price. The right price tag is perhaps the single
most crucial factor in selling a home.

To overprice is to risk scaring off potential buyers and even being
unable to sell the house. Even if you subsequently lower the price
to a more realistic range, the novelty of the home's appeal is
generally lost after two to three weeks of showings, and demand
and interest wane after 14 days.

Although underpricing may bring more traffic and offers on your
home, you will be selling the home for less than it is worth.

Property Consultants specialise in basing the price on the home's
worth or value in the current market and to prospective buyers.
Determining the price is part science and part art, and involves a
thorough analysis of a number of variables

Firstly, a professional agent will evaluate comparable listings and
sales taking into consideration the location, neighbourhood or
other physical dividing lines, size, age, type of construction, and
other factors. The next evaluation involves “sold comps,” which
includes comparing original list price and final sale price to look at
price reductions, determining ratios of final sale prices to actual
sold prices, and making adjustments for differences in lot sizes,
configuration, and amenities
A history of expired and withdrawn listings is pulled to determine
why those homes did not sell and analyse for any patterns or
common factors. Other factors evaluated and considered include
pending sales and histories, active listings, average days on the
market, square metres comparisons/price per square metre, and
market dependent pricing (buyer's market, seller's market,
balanced/neutral market)

One of the greatest benefits a Property Consultant can bring to a
client is the knowledge obtain by visiting every home that is open,
so your home can be compared realistically.

It can be difficult for homeowners to determine an appropriate
price range, in part, due to the emotional connection to their
home (as opposed to a Consultants objective assessment of the
house itself). The custom walnut kitchen cabinets you designed
and had built may have significant value to you, but will be much
less valuable to a buyer who isn't particularly fond of walnut, for

If you'd like to discuss the sale of your home with a top Real
Estate Agent working strictly in this area, please give me a call on

Kind Regards,


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Dear [name]

There are many pitfalls even the most talented amateur home
seller should beware of.
One of the areas that can cause individuals trying to sell their own
home the most grief is the negotiating and settlement process. As
an experienced Real Estate agent, I have successfully negotiated
more home sales than I care to remember over the years, and I
have some tips for you.

   1. Before you talk to any prospective buyer, know what to say,
       what not to say (never ever tell an untruth), and be
       prepared for potential questions.
   2. If a prospect calls while you're at work or catches you off
       guard, learn how to talk to them without placing yourself in
       a poor bargaining position.
   3. Determine the motivation of the buyer (critical), as the
       buyer's motivation will dictate how you negotiate.
   4. Watch for the classic buying signs and do not leave them to
       think about it.
   5. Make sure you're talking to a qualified buyer and not
       someone who can't afford your home.
   6. Know how to react to offers and make appropriate counter
   7. Make sure you understand every step of the sales process
       from initial offer to settlement. Real estate transactions are
       complex, and any miss-step could cost you the sale.
Much of what makes a good negotiator is based on temperament,
intuition, and experience, which are not things you can do much
about during the course of one home sale.
But successful negotiating also depends on preparation and
knowledge. If you familiarize yourself with the fine points of what
I've outlined above, you'll greatly improve your chances of getting
the best possible price for your home.
Don't take things personally, even if the prospective buyer talks
about tearing out the wall of your favourite room.

Should you run into difficulty or feel you are out of your depth
please call me on [number] as soon as possible, so that I may
help you.

Kind Regards,

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Currently you are trying to sell your own home, and I wish you the best of luck in
your endeavour. It's a simple fact that in today's world, people are busier and more
pressed for time than ever before.

That's why I would like to take a moment to thank you for your time - it would truly
be a pleasure meeting with you to discuss your needs, and would greatly appreciate
your time and interest.

We should clearly establish your needs and you need to know that you will receive
100% as your Real Estate Agent to help you achieve your real estate goals. You
will be provided with every possible option so that together, you can best decide
upon the path that will be most beneficial to you.

Buying and selling real estate is not always easy, and at some point you may decide
to enlist the services of a Real Estate Professional. I want you to succeed at selling
your home yourself, and I am willing to help you because there are many other
ways I can be of service to you. It is also possible that when your property sells, you
will need my services to purchase a new home.

I realize that time is important to you, so I will stop by within a day or two to drop
off some material that may assist you in the sale of your home. Until then, if I can
answer any questions for you, feel free to call me.

I am looking forward to meeting you! Thank you so much for your time! I look
forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals.

Please contact me today, or visit my Web site at [website] so that we can take the
first steps toward reaching your dreams.

Kind Regards,