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					   The first attested use
    of the expression
    "domestic violence" in
    a modern context,
    meaning "spouse
    abuse, violence in the
    home" was in 1977.
   Violence between spouses has long been
    considered a serious problem. The United
    States has a lengthy history of legal precedent
    condemning spousal abuse. In 1879, law
    scholar Nicholas St. John Green wrote, "The
    cases in the American courts are uniform
    against the right of the husband to use any
    chastisement, moderate or otherwise, toward the
    wife, for any purpose
   Popular emphasis has tended to be on women
    as the victims of domestic violence. Many
    studies show that women suffer greater rates of
    injury due to domestic violence, and some
    studies show that women suffer higher rates of
   Modern attention to domestic violence began in
    the women's movement of the 1970s,
    particularly within feminism and women's rights,
    as concern about wives being beaten by their
    husbands gained attention. Only since the late
    1970s, and particularly in the masculinism and
    men's movements of the 1990s, has the problem
    of domestic violence against men gained any
    significant attention.
   Domestic violence has many forms including
    physical aggression, threats; sexual abuse;
    emotional abuse; intimidation; stalking and
    economic deprivation.
   Domestic violence may or may not constitute
    a crime, depending of the severity and
    duration of specific acts, and other variables.
    Alcohol consumption and mental illness have
    frequently been associated with abuse.
When the blood belongs to a battered
   woman, the wound is of all
   Sexual abuse is common in
    abusive relationships: The
    National Coalition Against
    Domestic Violence reports that
    between one-third and one-
    half of all battered women are
    raped by their partners at least
    once during their relationship.
    Any situation in which force is
    used to obtain participation in
    unwanted, unsafe, or
    degrading sexual activity
    constitutes sexual abuse.
   Economic abuse is when the abuser has control
    over the victim's money and other economic
    resources. In its extreme (and usual) form, this
    involves putting the victim on a strict "allowance",
    withholding money at will and forcing the victim to
    beg for the money until the abuser gives them some
    money. It is common for the victim to receive less
    money as the abuse continues.
   In our opinion, domestic violence is a
    serious problem that concerns the society.
    We think that domestic violence might be
    avoided if women called the police when
    a man attacked them for the first time. We
    think that it has been a very interesting
    work to know the different types of
    domestic violence that exist nowadays
      Written by:

  Pablo Aldana Blanco

Ezequiel Campoy Márquez

 Jesús Ramírez Castillo

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