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									A      P U B L I C A T I O N           O F     T H E     C O A C H E L L A            V A L L E Y               R E S C U E    M I S S I O N

                                 Across the Valley
                                               T H A N K S G I V I N G               2 0 0 9

                                          “My Life Was Going
    A Message from
    Darla Burkett
    Making A Real
    Dear Donor Name,
                                           Nowhere Fast!”
       As the holidays draw near,
    more people like Eric will
    be coming to the Coachella
                                           T    hough he worked as a warranty rep
                                                for an air conditioning company
                                           here in the Coachella Valley for
                                                                                                  while, and sometime around Christmas,
                                                                                                  I got a DUI and lost my license. Then
                                                                                                  I got pulled over for driving on a
    Valley Rescue Mission for
    food and shelter. We love              seven years, Eric considered himself                   suspended license and lost my car!”
    that, because it means more            “homeless.” “I lived in Desert Hot                          “My life was going nowhere fast,
    opportunities to make real             Springs, but the territory I covered                   and I didn’t know what to do. I needed
    changes in their lives through         was very large, so I basically moved                   some stability, so I decided to commit
    our New Life Program and               from hotel to hotel to be on-site to do                myself to the New
    other programs.
       Not everyone is ready to            warranty work,” says Eric.                             Life Program at the
    take that step. But for those               When the company lost a couple of                 Mission. Being as
    who are willing to let God             major contracts in September of 2007,                  old as I am, I’d
    work in their lives, our door          Eric was laid off, and just two days later,            never opened a
    is always open.                        was hit by a drunk driver! “When I got                 Bible in my life
       Some have a real passion
                                           out of the hospital, I stayed with friends             until I got here. I
    for change – you can see it in
    their eyes. We believe that            and in cheap motels. Then there was                    had no spiritual
    spark is the presence of God;          a mix-up on my disability, so I wasn’t                 foundation, but
    a God who has always been              getting much money – I was in dire                     lots of room to
    with them, regardless of how           straits.”                                              grow!”
    desperate their lives have                  Eric’s dad had died in 2004, but                       Eric has
    become, and a God who will
    continue to stand by them and          he got in touch with his stepmother                    nothing but
    strengthen them as they take           who had a friend who knew about the                    praise for
    the difficult steps necessary to       Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.
    overcome the problems that
    brought them to us.
       We thank you for standing           “I put my last $20
    by them, too. Your support
    makes a real difference in the
                                            in the gas tank and
    lives of those in need.                  drove to the Mission.”
       Yours in gratitude,
                                               With a roof over his head and                      the Mission’s New Life Program. “It’s
                                           nutritious meals, Eric’s life might have               done me a world of good. Now I have
      Darla Burkett
      Executive Director                   gotten back on track. But his problems                 focus and direction and Jesus Christ in
                                           didn’t end there. “I bounced around for a              my life.”
    4 7 5 1 8 Va n B u re n • P O B o x 1 0 6 6 0 • I n d i o , C A     9 2 2 0 2 - 2 5 6 4 • 7 6 0 - 3 4 7 - 3 5 1 2 • w w w. C V R M . o rg

                             Here’s my special Thanksgiving gift
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                             m    $XX.XX to feed and care for X people                  m VISA m MC m AMEX                    m DISC
                             m    $_________ to help as much as possible
                             m    I would like information about your             CREDIT CARD #                                 CIV/SEC #

                                  Help and Hope Club.                             _________________________________________________
                                                                                  EXP. DATE           PHONE #
     Donate online at, or call 760-347-3512

     Donor Name                                                                    Coachella Valley Rescue Mission
     Donor Address                                                                 P.O. Box 10660
     Donor City, State Zip                                                         Indio, CA 92202-2564
      S E R V I N G        T H E   L E A S T ,    T H E     L A S T ,    T H E     L O S T     S I N C E     1 9 7 1

Visit Our Website!                                                                   If you are not a member of this
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                                    W      e would like to give special
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                                                                                 Your gift will also help provide the
                                                                                 stable funding we need to continue
                                    your faithfulness in supporting us           and expand this vital work. To learn
                                    monthly, you have provided so                more about the many benefits of our
G    et to know us better,
     learn about volunteer
opportunities, read about the
                                    much. Food for the hungry. Shelter
                                    for the homeless and needy. Ongoing
                                                                                 Help and Hope monthly giving club,
                                                                                 check the special box on the reply slip,
latest news and events and          help and hope for those who want             contact Greg Fisher at (760) 347-3512,
donate securely at                  to put their lives back together. It all     ext. 239 or or visit
                                    starts with YOU.                   
Holiday Events
Thanksgiving Eve Meal
                                    Appreciative, Grateful, Thankful
  Nov. 25, 11am to 4pm
Thanksgiving Breakfast              T     hanksgiving is a national
                                          holiday our nation has set aside
                                    to give thanks for all the blessings
  Nov. 26, 6am to 10am
Thanksgiving Dinner                 we have in our lives. Here at the
  Nov. 26, 4pm to 6pm               Coachella Valley Rescue Mission we
Project Wishbone                    are reminded daily of how grateful
 Toy Giveaway                       we are to share with those who are
  Dec 21, 10am to 2pm               less fortunate. We feed hundreds of
Christmas Eve Lunch                 individuals and families which have
  Dec 24, 11am to 4pm               been beaten down by the storms of
                                    life and we are so appreciative for          individual who comes to our door and
Christmas Breakfast
  Dec 25, 6am to 10am               your continued support!                      to be an extension of Christ in our
                                         On November 25 and 26 we                valley.
                                    will serve traditional Thanksgiving              For information on how you can
Operation Drumstick                 meals to hundreds of very grateful           donate or volunteer, call Linda Garland
    Needs List
                                    men, women and children. It is our           at (760) 347-3512 x 221 or visit
 Breakfast                          desire to satisfy the hunger of every
   Pancake Mix
   Syrup                            Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish!
   Paper Goods
                                    P    roject Wishbone is an annual
                                         event here at the Coachella
                                    Valley Rescue Mission where we
                                                                                                       If you would
                                                                                                     like to share
                                                                                                     in the fun by
    Boxed Stuffing                  fulfill thousands of underprivileged                             giving financially,
    Mashed Potatoes                 children’s wishes through our toy                               organizing a
     Sweet Potatoes                 drive and giveaway. Santa comes                                 toy drive or
     Marshmallows                   here to CVRM and families line up                              volunteering to be
     Canned Vegetables              to choose a toy in our cafeteria. It                           one of Santa’s
     Jellied Cranberries
     Brown Sugar                    is heartwarming to participate and           helpers, please contact Linda
     Pies                           sense the excitement in the room and         Garland at (760) 347-3512 x 221 or
      Whipped Crème
      Grocery Store Gift Cards      see the wide eyes and wider smiles!          visit

Serving Those in Need is Serving God Himself
T     here’s no doubt that the past 12
      months have been a tremendous
challenge for us all. In addition to
                                                                                     to our capacity – because He knows
                                                                                     what we possess; and according to
                                                                                     our attitude – because He knows the
the fire here at the Mission, our                                                    state of our hearts.
neighbors, our community and our                                                          Please continue to make an
country have all faced more than their                                               immediate and lasting difference in
share of difficulties.                                                               the lives of men, women and children
    Despite these hard times, many                                                   in need in Indio and the Coachella
of our supporters have given gifts that   we give thanks! And we believe that        Valley through your gifts. To find out
they might have used to make better       God will weigh these gifts with a          how you can help or to give securely
lives for themselves. For those who       measure that is beyond that of our         online visit our website at
have been faithful beyond measure,        world: He will measure according  Thank you!

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