QQ Com News Exclusive ! True Story. 14 Billion Years Old Head Collide Into Falling Angels ! by AkashSharma15


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									QQ Com News Exclusive! True Story. 14 Billion Years Old Head Collide Into
Falling Angels!

The head crashed down in a ball of fire, straight into a tower block, bounced
off into a tree, set it alight, and just missed demolishing a parked car.
I just had to be thankful that I wasn’t closer to the tree! And had a very narrow
escape from the ball of fire, shooting flames all over the street.

In spite of it all, I was driven by curiosity to pick the unknown object up, but
beaten back by flames.

Just imagine this thing on the start of its journey before our universe, to think
how many encounters it would have had with falling angels, emerging planets
and probably just missed getting sucked into a black hole.

Soon I realised, this wasn’t just a simple object, but a head ! organic
substance that is really alive.

It’s confirmed that the substance, Dated 14 billion years old.

I didn’t know what to do with this old head, so I decided to set it to a piece of

You may or may not believe!, but the truth cannot become a lie simply
because you refuse to believe it.


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