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									                                     Goodwill Glimpse
                                     News from Goodwill Industries of Central North Carolina, Inc.
                                     Volume 5, Issue 1                                                      April - June 2012

                                               Volunteers Make All the Difference
D. Thomas May
Honorable Jan Samet
Guilford County District Court                 Annual Fashion Show Sets New Attendance Record
Chair Elect
Lacy G. Baynes                                 On Friday, February 3rd, models strutted their stuff for the
Retired, Cone Mills
First Vice Chair                               annual Rock the Runway fashion show held at the Elm Street
Kimberly S. Maready, CPA                       Center in Downtown Greensboro. Now in its third year, this
Ernst & Young, LLP                             event continues to grow in size and popularity.
Charles P. Younce, Esq.                        This year’s event had almost 600 tickets sold for a near sell-
Younce & Moore, LLP
Legal Counsel                                  out. The evening included a mixer, raffle prize drawing and
Daniel M. Hood                                 the culmination of a runway featuring 60 outfits of
HICAPS                                         casual, work and evening looks for men and women.
Immediate Past Chair                           Utilizing the entire Elm Street Center, the fashion
Richard J. Gorham                              show was a key event for Downtown Greensboro’s
                                               First Friday schedule.
Board of Directors
K. Jehan Benton-Clark, MSW                     An event of this magnitude would not have been
The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
Amanda P. Byrd
                                               possible without the assistance of Goodwill employees
Randolph Community College                     and volunteers. An estimated 60 people volunteered.
H. Graham Dail                                 A special thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren, High Point
The HR Group                                   University, Artist Collaboration Group and The Queen’s
John L. Eatman                                 Foundation for helping make the evening successful!
D. Ross Hamilton, Esq.
Tuggle, Duggins & Meschan, PA
Michael S. Helmick, Ed.D.
                                               Volunteer Focus: Ned VanBuren
Rockingham Community College
                                                                 Ned VanBuren has volunteered with
M. Scott Henegar
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
                                                                 GICNC for the past 14 years and has no
Charles E. Judy, Jr.
                                                                 plans of stopping any time soon. Described
BB&T                                                             as “truly a great volunteer,” by GICNC Job Developer,
F. Dean Little                                                   Milton Grady, VanBuren assists with mock interviews dur-
Prudential Yost and Little Realty                                ing the Employability Skills class.
Anthony P. Monforton, CFA
Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.                                           As a Korean War veteran, Ned claims he was, “no sweet-
Martin D. Pratt                                                   heart as a teenager,” so he can identify with those that
Southern Community Bank
                                                                  are striving to better themselves. He was doing volunteer
Gary A. Rogers
D. H. Griffin Construction Co. LLC
                                                                  work with a different nonprofit but, “grew weary of hand
J. Robert Stout
                                               holding, so I began looking elsewhere and finally came upon Goodwill - an
Retired, Steel Bar Corporation                 outfit that indeed puts people to work who actually want to work.”
Lori Thompson
Premier Federal Credit Union                   GICNC is fortunate to have Ned offering his time and talents. Ned has a
Rev. Dr. Keith A. Uffman                       great philosophy about volunteering - “Wherever I am, I try to make a
Alamance Presbyterian Church
Board of Advisors
Robert J. Finley
Patricia M. Janke, SPHR
                                               Get Involved!
Enola C. Mixon
                                               To learn more and see a list of opportunties, visit the “Volunteer” tab
David A. Moff, SPHR
                                               under www.TriadGoodwill.org.
James M. Powell, Esq.
Ernestine T. Taylor

                                                                                       We Put People to Work
PAGE 2                                        GOODWILL GLIMPSE                          VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1

                          Message from CEO:
                          Volunteerism Valued at Goodwill Industries of CNC, Inc.
                          In an effort to increase accessibility to our programs and campuses, Goodwill
                          Industries of Central North Carolina, Inc. has taken on an aggressive expansion
                          plan to accommodate larger and broader audiences assisting others transitioning
                          into the competitive labor market.

                          As a result of these efforts, opportunities to volunteer in support of these
                          programs have grown significantly. Volunteers providing support to our staff play
                          a valuable role in furthering the skill sets of our consumers. The feedback one
   Richard J. Gorham,     gets from interacting with others is both gratifying and immediate.
                       Community based organizations such as ours rely on experienced and enthusiastic
individuals who can provide a positive impact and experience to those accessing our services.

To those who put forth these efforts, we are extremely grateful for your kind acts. It is our hope and
aspiration that we can grow our volunteer base by creating win/win scenarios for all involved. Those who
choose to make a difference in the lives of others provide benefits to others from their expertise.

                          Board Spotlight:
                          Gary Rogers, D.H. Griffin Construction Co., LLC
                          Meet one of Goodwill Industries of Central North Carolina’s newest board
                          members, Gary Rogers, Vice President - Central Carolina with D.H. Griffin
                          Construction Co., LLC. Read what Gary Rogers had to say...

                          Why did you decide to serve on Goodwill’s Board? I identified with and
                          learned the purpose and mission of Goodwill in improving our community.
                          I knew Dan Hood and he was extremely positive about the Goodwill activities.

      Gary Rogers         What is one goal you would like to accomplish during your term as
      D.H. Griffin        a Goodwill Board Member? To have an active role in some part of the
  Construction Co., LLC   organization, from a board standpoint, and to “make a difference” for the
                          betterment of Goodwill.

In what capacity did you interact with Goodwill prior to joining the Board? Shopping?
Donating? I make donations every year and would periodically shop the stores.

How will your professional experience help you as a leader for Goodwill? My real estate,
construction and retail experience can serve as an asset to Goodwill.

If you had the chance to go on a road trip outside of North Carolina, what three states would
you visit and why?

1. Illinois - I was born there and still have a lot of relatives that live there.
2. Utah - I want to see and hike the North side of the Grand Canyon.
3. California - I would love to see and experience the wine country.

If you had to eat the same meal every day for lunch, would it be and why? Pasta – anytime,
anyplace. Even though it is not the healthiest, it is my favorite.
     VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1                                    GOODWILL GLIMPSE                                                                 PAGE 3

 2011-2012 Contributors                 New Opportunities...
              Anonymous                 Oak Ridge Retail Store & Career Center Now Open
          Lacy & Lena Baynes
          Tony Chambers, Jr.            As GICNC continues to offer more
             Bree Clawson               services, expansion efforts included
             Donna Comer
                                        the recent opening of the Oak Ridge
            Robert Davanzo
                                        Retail Store & Donation Center, and
               B.J. Denny
                                        adjacent Career Center on March 15th.
           Mike & Sue Fannin
                                        The expansion marks the ninth Retail
             Robert Finley
                                        Store location and the second Career
           Cheryl & Earl Hall
                                        Center in Guilford County.
           Dorothy Jennings
              Larry Keiner
                                        The Grand Opening celebration
         Donald & Noreen Key
                                        continued through Saturday, March 17th
              Albert Mason
                                        with complimentary refreshments, prize
             Kim McCarthy
                                        giveaways, and a live radio remote with WMAG
     Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Merryman
            Marsha Norman
                                        99.5. Shoppers registered to win a flatscreen
           Vanessa Patterson
                                        TV, a grill, gift certificates, and tickets to the
              Brenda Pirko
                                        Daughtry concert in Greensboro.
      Maryeleanor “Nor” Randall
             Vilma Roberts              The Oak Ridge Career Center is modeled
          Jan & Sylvia Samet            after the first location on North Elm Street in
         Deborah Stephenson             Greensboro. The center will serve Oak Ridge
                                                                                                                     Want to see more photos from
          Mrs. J. Robert Stout          and surrounding residents of the Northwest                                     Oak Ridge Grand Opening?
              Betty Taylor              corridor of Guilford County, as well as                                      Visit our online photo gallery at
             Lamont Taylor              Rockingham County.                                                               www.flickr.com/photos/
           Edward Van Buren
             Bobbie Victory
          Charles L. Weill, Jr.
        Charles & Betty Younce          Billboards Drive Mission Message
       Organizations                                                                GICNC recently launched a billboard
              Century Link                                                          advertising campaign to reach drivers in
                CitiCards                                                           the area. The billboards were strategically
Combined Federal Employees Campaign                                                 chosen for traffic areas that are highly visible
         Elrod Electric Service                                                     and also in the vicinity of Goodwill Retail
    George E. Norman Endowment                                                      Stores. Currently there are three designs
       Greensboro Baseball, LLC                                                     being displayed within the area, with the
   Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.                                               following taglines:
       Margaret Earle Endowment
         Senn Dunn Insurance                                                        •     “You say goodbye, I say GOOD BUY!”
 State Employees Combined Campaign                                                  •     “Creating jobs is in our jeans.”
            T. Cooper James                                                         •     “Picker’s Paradise”
   United Way of Greater Greensboro
          The UPS Foundation                                                        All billboards are tagged with the equation
                                                                                    “Goodwill = Jobs” to drive home the mission
                                                                                    message of donations and shopping at GICNC
        Donate Now                                                                  stores ultimately helps put local residents
   Ways you can give to Goodwill:
                                                                                    back to work.
 Send a cash gift, donate gently used
  items, donate your car, shop at a
 Goodwill store, volunteer your time,
     or hire a Goodwill graduate.
                                        Newsletter is written and edited by the Marketing Department. We welcome your comments and suggestions:

     Visit TriadGoodwill.org for        (336) 275-9801 or dmiller@triadgoodwill.org or awatkins@triadgoodwill.org.

           more information.
PAGE 4                                   GOODWILL GLIMPSE                     VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1

             Goodwill Industries of Central North Carolina, Inc.                 Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                 US Postage Paid
             1235 South Eugene Street                                            Permit No. 369
             Greensboro, NC 27406                                                Greensboro NC

 Did You Know?
 From July 2011 to present, 159 people
 volunteered a combined 358 hours for
 Goodwill Industries of Central NC.

                       Shop and Donate at Goodwill
           Archdale                      106 Muirs Chapel Road               Mebane
  10102-G South Main Street                 (336) 315-0277             598 Deerfield Trace
       (336) 431-6021                                                   (919) 304-8890
                                     3739-A High Point Road
          Asheboro                      (336) 294-2033                     Oak Ridge
     1064 East Dixie Drive                                             2205 Oak Ridge Rd.
       (336) 610-0406               1235 South Eugene Street             (336) 643-4549
                                  Retail Store/ Computer Junction
          Burlington             (336) 275-2150/ (336) 544-5296            Randleman
      2320 Maple Avenue                                               101 Pointe South Drive
       (336) 228-0635               3921 Battleground Avenue             (336) 495-5020
                                        (336) 545-1212
   2129 North Church Street                                                 Reidsville
       (336) 229-5872                         High Point               1551 Freeway Drive
                                     1145 Lexington Avenue               (336) 637-1005
            Eden                        (336) 883-1257
     303 East Arbor Lane                                                    Stoneville
       (336) 623-5600                      5301 Samet Drive           129 North Henry Street
                                            (336) 882-3772               (336) 573-1400
    3519 North Elm Street                      Madison                     Yanceyville
       (336) 282-6402                610 Rockingham Square            2246 NC Hwy 86 North
                                         (336) 548-2481                  (336) 694-1200

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