solicitation packet Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing by jennyyingdi


									Dear RMVR Member,
As you know, this year the ”Race Against Kids’ Cancer” will be held on July 21st & 22nd will
once again benefit the Morgan Adams Foundation (MAF). As you probably know, last year
RMVR's members were able to raise $76,000 for MAF, way beyond everyone's expectations.
We should all be very proud, and we are excited about the prospect of again making a significant
impact on the Morgan Adams Foundation.
We hope that you will set a personal goal to raise at least $500. Yes, this is a lot of money, but
the impact we now know we can have for the Morgan Adams Foundation and for pediatric
cancer research, is doable if each of us work at it again this year.
Now is the time to start approaching friends, family, business associates, etc. to support our
efforts to raise money for the Morgan Adams Foundation. Please ask your contacts to sponsor
you during the race weekend. For your sponsors, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that
their tax-deductible contribution to the Morgan Adams Foundation will be used to support on-
going pediatric cancer research in the hopes of finding cures for these diseases. We'll provide
you with a sticker displaying all your sponsors' names to place on your car that weekend
thanking them for their support.
For you, as an RMVR member, there are mementoes for different levels of total sponsorship
you generate. In this packet is a list of the cool swag you will be given for your fund-raising
Please be sure to fill out the included Sponsorship Form for each of your sponsors (or have them
do so when they mail it in) so we can track who generated the donation and be sure you give you
proper credit. This also gives us info for appropriate acknowledgements and thanks. Or, easier
yet, this year you can create and direct sponsors to your very own RAKC donation
webpage. (See the last page of this packet for details on how to do this.)
For large (over $1,000) corporate or even generous individual sponsors, they too will receive
benefits depending on their level of contribution. That benefits schedule is also included. If you
have a lead on a corporate sponsor, simply pass the information to one of us on the organizing
committee and we'll take care of approaching them.
We really thank you in advance for your efforts at making this the most successful charity race
RMVR has ever done!
Hopefully the materials in this packet to help you to inform your potential sponsors of who
RMVR and the Morgan Adams Foundation are and how contributions will be used to benefit
MAF. If you need additional packets, they can be download directly from the
and printed in color for best results. (Go to Events, then the RAKC page) There's also a link to
the sample letter (in Word file format) which you may use to customize/personalize as an ever
better way to contact potential sponsors.
Thank You from the RMVR Charity Race Committee,
Address             Sample Sponsorship Request Letter – Modify as appropriate.
City, State, ZIP   (This letter is available on to download as a Word document)
Dear ABC,
As you know, I have been involved in vintage racing with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing. One of the
things I like about RMVR is their commitment to the community and their efforts past and present to
support worthy charitable organizations.
This year the beneficiary of our Race Against Kids’ Cancer will once again be the Morgan Adams
Foundation (MAF) ( The Morgan Adams Foundation supports laboratory
and clinical research in the area of pediatric cancer, with an emphasis on cancers of the brain and spine.
Last year RMVR's members were able to raise $76,000 for MAF, way beyond everyone's
expectations! An example of what this can mean, one of the projects that RMVR was pivotal in funding
was the v600e project;
            In the summer of 2011, the neuro-oncology group at Children’s Hospital, through analysis of
        the MicroChip database funded by MAF, determined that certain types of brain stem tumors have
        a very specific gene mutation called v600e. This discovery led to the team developing a totally
        new treatment. The first child in the world to receive directed therapy for this gene mutation
        started treatment and just 7 weeks into this new treatment a scan showed a near miraculous
        reduction of this child’s tumor. Surgery didn’t work. Radiation didn’t work. But this new
        targeted chemotherapy agent is WORKING!
So, we can make a difference! This years’ race is being held on July 21st & 22nd at High Plains
Raceway just 17 miles east of Byers on Hyw. 36. There will be great racing to watch among many
different kinds of vintage race cars throughout both days. There will also be terrific kids’ activities and
food & beverages available for a great family day out. If you never been in a race car or other exotic
sports car on a race track (or even if you have!), rides will be available for purchase at the track with all
proceeds going to the Morgan Adams Foundation. Watch out though, because once you’ve been in a race
car on the track, you may be hooked like I am! We invite you to come and show your support for both
vintage racing and The Morgan Adams Foundation that weekend.
In addition to a great event for spectators, our club has asked all of its members to generate support for
the Morgan Adams Foundation. My goal is to raise $500 (or more!) in sponsorship for my car. I hope I
can count on you to sponsor me that weekend. If so, I look forward to putting a sticker with your name
on it on my car so everyone will know that you’ve made a generous contribution to the Morgan Adams
All donations are fully tax deductible and go directly to the Morgan Adams Foundation who will provide
you with the appropriate tax reporting documentation.
Thanks for considering my request for sponsorship for this race to benefit this terrific organization. I will
be in touch with you soon to answer any questions you may have and to see if you would be able to make
a donation to the Morgan Adams Foundation.
Who we are:
Morgan Adams was a smart, beautiful little girl. She loved
fantasy and dressing up in make-believe princess clothes.              Who and What is
                                                                      The Morgan Adams
She loved anything pink. She loved her little brother–
though he, too, ended up in pink on occasion. She loved
fairies, swimming, irises and chocolate cake. She loved

pasta and the hiccups. But most of all she just loved,
In December 1997 everything changed for Morgan. She
was rushed to the Emergency Department of The Children’s
Hospital where she was diagnosed with a glioblastoma
multiforme brain tumor and given a 15% chance of survival.       What we do:
She was taken for emergency surgery where, miraculously,         We throw great parties. We solicit your donations.
and with no small amount of help from her outstanding            And everything we do – from artma and What’s Up Doc?
neurosurgical team, Morgan survived.                             to The Race Against Kids Cancer, The Morgan Adams
                                                                 Concours d’Elegance and Friday Night Fights to the times we
The next eleven months brought all the challenges of             just ask “outright” for your support – is done with one thing
battling cancer: four additional surgeries, high-dose            guiding us — our mission to increase our fund resources so
chemotherapy, six weeks of daily radiation, many rounds          we can support the very best possible research happening in
of low-dose chemotherapy, daily medication, clinical trials,     pediatric oncology in Denver and across the country.
compatible natural remedies and then a relapse in August
of 1998 brought more of the same. She endured all of this
until, just four months after her sixth birthday, Morgan died.
                                                                 Our Purpose:
                                                                 The Morgan Adams Foundation supports laboratory and
                                                                 clinical research in the area of pediatric cancer, with an
A Foundation is born                                             emphasis on cancers of the brain and spine. Our particular
                                                                 interest is to provide seed & bridge grants for viable
In 2001 Morgan’s parents, Joan Slaughter and Steven
Adams, and a handful of close friends and family hosted          investigations not yet ripe enough for total funding by
the first artma event in Denver. Shortly thereafter came our     larger organizations. Additionally, we are able to partially
Concours event and the Morgan Adams Foundation was               fund translational studies, experimental therapeutics
created. It is an organization born out of the love for one      studies and/ or Phase I and II clinical trials on a case by
little girl and determined to bring dignity and life to          case basis.
many others.
                                                                 We are also increasingly seeking out projects that are
These events have received an incredible show of support         highly collaborative and/or multi-institutional in nature,
from the community and together we have provided nearly          hoping to facilitate through the strategic placement of
$2,000,000 for pilot, seed and translational studies that help   funding, more rapid trials development in order to get
save lives —in the hope of saving even more.                     the best possible treatment options into circulation with
                                                                 the greatest expediency possible.

                                                                 Through careful consideration and placement of our
                                                                 funding, we encourage and support research intended
   Cancer Facts                                                  to improve treatment effectiveness, improve treatment
                                                                 outcomes and improve the quality of life for children
   In the United States, cancer is the number 1 killer
   of children by disease.                                       battling cancer.

                                                                 We are committed to our goal of finding a cure for
   Glioblastoma multiforme is the highest grade
   glioma (grade 4), and is a highly malignant tumor             the disease that took Morgan and so many others
   that originates in the brain.                                 and we would love to have your support!

   About half of all tumors that start in the brain are
   gliomas. They usually occur in the lobes of the
   upper part of the brain, but they can also grow in
   other areas, especially near the optic nerve, and
   particularly in children, around the brain stem and
   the cerebellum.                                               5303 E. Evans Ave. Suite 202, Denver, Colorado 80222
          Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, Ltd.
                 Who and What is RMVR?
RMVR is a non-profit club of more than 500 families who are vintage racing enthusiast. Our
club’s primary focus is the organization, production and sanctioning of vintage car races in the
Rocky Mountain region. We have over 350 eligible cars that are a minimum of thirty years old.
Names such as Lotus, Corvette, McLaren and Lola along with lesser known marques such as
Abarth, Morgan, Siata and Zink participate in our events. The range of engines includes less
than 1000 cc to more than six liters of “ground pounding’ force. As Charter Members of the
national group, Vintage Motorsports Council, we are pledged to “promote the preservation of
these cars on a racing format which emphasizes driver safety and etiquette.” To achieve this
goal, we have developed our own team of race officials including Events Chairs, Race Stewards,
Registrars, Pit and Grid, Course Marshalls, Starters, Technical Inspectors, Timing and Scoring.

Since 1984, we have staged street races along with numerous track events and have gained the
expertise of conducting a safe yet exciting event. By creating a unique attraction, these races
have benefited our members and our hosts. Our membership has an opportunity of spending a
“mini-vacation” while involved in their hobby. At the same time, spectators are treated to a
myriad of races featuring well prepared, well driven automobiles straight off the pages of auto
racing history.

                                     In 2011 and again in 2012 RMVR made a commitment
                                     support a very worthy charitable organization with our
                                     summer Race Against Kids’ Cancer. We will once again
                                     raise funds for the Morgan Adams Foundation (MAF)
                                     ( The Morgan Adams
                                     Foundation supports laboratory and clinical research in the
                                     area of pediatric cancer, with an emphasis on cancers of the
                                     brain and spine. Last year RMVR's members were able
                                     to raise $76,000 for MAF and we are excited about the
                                     prospect of again making a significant impact on this very
                                     worthy cause.
                   Race Against Kids’ Cancer
                      RMVR Member Benefits
                   for Sponsorship Fund Raising
In recognition for your hard work and efforts to make this a successful fund raising
event for the Morgan Adams Foundation, we look forward to providing you the
following rewards based on the total amount you raise for the Race Against Kids’

$500+      (Goal for all RMVR Members!)

      Special Fundraiser event T-shirt + event patch + a Cooling scarf
      An event coffee mug
      A bottle of wine
      A special event portable Flexi-Freeze wine bottle holder/cooler to put that
       bottle of wine in

      Special Fundraiser event T-shirt + event patch + Cooling scarf
      An event coffee mug

      Special Fundraiser event T-shirt + event patch + a Cooling scarf

                                        Thank You!!
                        Race Against Kids’ Cancer
             Event and Corporate Sponsorship Benefits
Winners Circle ($10,000+)
    Two free entries to next year's RMVR fabulous Precision Drivers School
    Eight complimentary tickets to this year's Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance (August 25)
    Full page program acknowledgement
    Track banner at each RMVR race from first race after receipt of funds through the end of 2012
    Race weekend public address acknowledgement
    T-shirt acknowledgement
    Two lunch time track rides
    Eight event t-shirts
    Eight MAF Ball caps

Pole Sitter ($5000)
    One free entry to 2012 RMVR Precision Drivers School (April 21-22)
    Four complimentary tickets to the 2012 Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance (August 25)
    ½ page program acknowledgement
    Track banner at each RMVR race from first race after receipt of funds through charity race
    Public address acknowledgement
    T-shirt acknowledgement
    One lunch time track ride
    Four event t-shirts
    Four MAF Ball caps

Fast Lap ($2500)
    Two complimentary tickets to the 2012 Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance (August 25)
    ¼ page program acknowledgement
    Public address acknowledgement
    Two event t-shirts
    Two MAF Ball caps

Checker Flag ($1000)
  Program acknowledgment
  One event t-shirt

All sponsors $1000 and over receive 4 free event
admissions, track-side lunches, and RMVR & MAF
newsletter acknowledgement.
                          Race Against Kids’ Cancer
                               Sponsorship Form
The Morgan Adams Foundation and RMVR thank you for your donation to the Race Against
Kids’ Cancer to be held July 21 and 22, 2012.

                                   SPONSORSHIP LEVELS
              (For Donations $1,000 or above, see the Major Donor Benefits Schedule)

                   WINNERS CIRCLE ($10,000)
                   POLE SITTER ($5,000)
                         FAST LAP ($2,500)
                         CHECKERED FLAG ($1,000)
                       $500
                       $250
                       $50
                       Other ________________

Donor Name ________________________________________________________
Company ___________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Phone ______________________Fax_____________________________________

RMVR member to attribute this contribution to _____________________________
Amount $____________
Check           ____ (Payable to “The Morgan Adams Foundation”)
Cash            ____
Credit Card     ____ Card Number           _______________________________
                       Type                _______________________________
                       Expiration Date:    ______________

Mail to:        RMVR, c/o Jamie Stiehr
                32024 Snowshoe Road
                Evergreen, CO 80439

                                 Thank You!!
                     For Office Use Only: Date Funds Received ___________
                   Race Against Kids’ Cancer
                 Electronic Online Payment Option
In addition to seeking donations with a paper donation form, this year Morgan Adams
Foundation (MAF) has provided an easy way for you to create your very own online personal
donation webpage. You can now set up a personal donation webpage and simply provide
potential donors a link to your webpage. They can then, with a few clicks, easily then make their
donation online. No muss, no fuss, no stamps nor envelopes to mess with! And it will still count
towards your goal total just as would the snail-mailed paper donations.
Instructions for setting up your personal RAKC donation page:
      To start, go to this website --
      Fill out the info and create a username and password, supplying the needed information.
       Be sure to write down your username/password. You'll need it to refine and edit your
       page. (Note: Your donors will not need to register or login to donate to your page.)
      Hit "REGISTER" at bottom of page.
      You will then be sent an email acknowledging your registration and providing you a link
       to your fledging personal page which needs to be customized to suit your fancy.
      So, the next step is to follow the link in the mail to where
       you will login with your username/password (You did write it down, didn't you?).
      You will then be in the Member Area (i.e. your account) where you can easily
       personalize your donation page using just steps 1 & 2 shown below.

      The first step is to write your personal appeal to your donors. Do that with Step #1 which
       takes you to the "Edit About Me" page where you can write your personal appeal. After
       editing, hit "UPLOAD" to save your edits. And as you can see, with step #2 you can
       even upload a picture or your or your car. The process will automatically provide a
       "Donate Here" link on your "About Me" personal donation page. (FYI, that "donate
       here" link takes the visitor to a secure page where they will actually make the donation.)
      When you've UPDATED steps #1 and #2 you're done. You can see what it will look like
       by hitting "My Site (what public sees)."
You can now use emails to solicit people -- simply direct them to one of two pages:
   1. The MAF donation page. That is, send them to
      and tell them to click on "Find a Driver." There they'll see your listing and make a
      donation from there.
   2. Or, alternatively and perhaps better, make note of and send them directly to the URL for
      your personal donation page. That URL will be something like http://rakc.blacktie- That's more direct. Less clicking.
That's it. All donations made via your personal web page will be attributed to you. MAF will
take care of acknowledgments and thank-yous. Just steer friends, family, business associates,
customer, and clients to the webpage you created. Neat.
Later if you wish to edit your page, go to and log in.
(You did write down your username/password, didn't you?) You can edit or revise it from there
if needed.

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