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     Connections                                                                                                                               February 2009

Traffic Fatalities Reduced for
Third Straight Year
For the third straight year, precious lives
were saved from traffic crashes on Mis-
souri roads. Preliminary fatality reports
show a continuing downward trend from
2005 to 2008 due to the combined efforts
of highway safety advocates in the Mis-
souri Coalition for Roadway Safety.

According to the Missouri State Highway
Patrol, highway fatalities decreased five
percent in 2008 for a 27 percent decrease
in fatalities over the past three years.

“If the current reduction in traffic fatali-
 ties continues over the next few years, we
 will be on track to meet our goal of 850
 traffic fatalities by 2012,” said Leanna
 Depue, chair for the coalition’s executive
 committee. “We’d ultimately like that
 number to be zero, but a third straight year
 of reducing fatalities is a step in the right

In 2007, Missouri recorded fewer than
1,000 fatalities for the first time in more

                                                                                                                                                                                    Cathy Morrison
than 15 years. This allowed the Missouri
Coalition for Roadway Safety to meet an
ambitious goal one year early with traffic
fatalities falling to less than 1,000, at 992.     The photo collage above depicts the three strategies we believe are helping reduce the number of fatalities on Missouri
                                                   highways. Those strategies include educational activities, like the Battle of the Belt program and other targeted com-
In October 2008, the Missouri Coalition            munity activities; increased law enforcement efforts by the Highway Patrol and other safety partners; and engineering
                                                   improvements such as rumble stripes and the installation of more than 500 miles of median guard cable.
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MoDOT Employees Set Record for Charitable Donations
by Kristi Jamison

We did it again! For the second year in            chairs of MoDOT’s Charitable Campaign.      $1,152,844, the largest amount
a row, MoDOT employees gave more in               “It takes a lot of hard work to plan the     raised in the campaign’s 24-
charitable contributions than their counter-       charitable campaign each year, but the      year history.
parts in all other state agencies during the       phenomenal response by our co-workers
                                                                                               Stacy Kaiser and Jackie Biele
annual Missouri State Employees Chari-             and the fact that hundreds of people will
                                                                                               were joined by Director Pete
table Campaign, and we did it in record-           benefit from these donations make every
                                                                                               Rahn and Missouri Highways
setting fashion. Our $192,297 donation             minute worth it.”
                                                                                               and Transportation Commis-
was the most money ever contributed by
                                                   MoDOT donations during the 2009 cam-        sioners Duane Michie, Jim
a single state agency in the history of the
                                                   paign increased 16 percent over donations   Anderson, Mike Kehoe, David
                                                                                                                                                                                    Cathy Morrison

                                                   given last year.                            Gach, Grace Nichols and
“For two years running, MoDOT employ-                                                          Rudy Farber at a ceremony
                                                   It was also a banner year for the “Show
 ees have proven to be the most caring and                                                     Jan. 8 in the governor’s office
                                                   Me You Care” campaign as a whole.
 generous in Missouri state government,”                                                       lauding the success of this       Director Pete Rahn and MoDOT’s Charitable
                                                   State employees contributed a total of                                        Campaign Co-chairs Stacy Kaiser and Jackie Biele
 said Stacy Kaiser and Jackie Biele, co-                                                       year’s campaign.
                                                                                                                                 present a campaign check to then-Gov. Matt


     6                                                                       10                                                                     15
            Take a Stand
            A little red Corvette
            delivers a powerful
            message in District 1
                                       7         How Low
                                                                                       Friendly Faces
                                                                                       District 5 introduces
                                                                                       new Customer Service
                                                                                                               11        Commanding
                                                                                                                                                               In the Know
                                                                                                                                                               Community briefings
                                                                                                                                                               educate Southeast
                                                 Can You Go                            representatives                   Performance                           Missourians about
                                                 District 2 records lowest                                               I-64 Team smooths                     Safe & Sound
                                                 number of incidents                                                     the transition to
                                                 departmentwide in 2008                                                  Phase Two
    MoDOT Makes Push to Sell Property
    It No Longer Needs
    by Sally Oxenhandler

    In an effort to put more money into        ates and Richard C. Shepard, Real Es-        Roads program will help us manage the         or in some cases be developed inde-
    road and bridge projects, we’re tak-       tate Strategies will help us sell selected   property we own more effectively and                pendently. In fiscal year 2008,
    ing an aggressive approach to selling      parcels of excess land that range in size    efficiently.”                                          the agency sold 112 proper-
    property we no longer need. Under our      from less than an acre to 160 acres. An                                                              ties at a value of more than
                                                                                            Lucas said the
    new Realty to Roads initiative, we have    initial list of excess property for sale                                                                $4.4 million. The receipts
                                                                                            land for sale
    contracted with two private firms for      can be found at                                                                          were added to MoDOT’s
                                                                                            could be as-
    real estate marketing and consulting                                                                                                               budget for road and bridge
                                               “We want to provide the best value we        sembled with
    services.                                                                                                                                               projects.
                                                can to Missouri taxpayers by selling        adjoining properties
    We acquire land to build, improve and       our excess property and using the
    maintain the highway system. As the
    transportation system evolves, some
    land becomes excess. White & Associ-
                                                proceeds for highway improvements,”
                                                said Kelly Lucas, director of MoDOT’s
                                                Right of Way Division. “Our Realty to                                                to
    Move It: MoDOT Reminds                                                                  Safe & Sound is Moving Right
    Drivers of Traffic Law                                                                  Along
    by Sally Oxenhandler                                                                  Since the Missouri Highways
                                                                                          and Transportation Com-
     If you’re involved in a minor traffic      and blocks one lane of traffic, it backs  mission approved the Safe
     crash, one of the first thoughts you       up approaching traffic for four minutes.” & Sound Bridge Improve-
     might have is whether or not you should                                              ment Plan in September, the
                                                Rahn said the law - known as the
     move your vehicle. The answer is yes.                                                massive project to repair or
                                               “Move It” law - also helps reduce the
     A state law that took effect 10 years ago chance of motorists being involved         replace 802 of the state’s
     requires vehicles involved in                                                        worst bridges has been mov-
     minor, non-injury crashes to                                                         ing forward at a steady pace.
     move off the road. MoDOT            S T EER I T- C L E A R I T                       In December, MoDOT short-
     is using the 10-year anni-                                                           listed three teams to compete
     versary to remind motorists
     to “steer it and clear it” to       NON-INJURY                                       for the contract to replace 554
                                                                                          bridges in the plan. Those
     ensure minor traffic crashes
     don’t turn into major pileups.       CRASHES                                         teams are Missouri Bridge
                                                                                          Builders, KTU Constructors,
     The agency is also putting
     up signs in the St. Louis and
                                         MOVE VEHICLES                                    and Bridges Across Missouri
                                                                                          Team. Each group includes

                                                                                                                                                                                       Cathy Morrison
     Kansas City areas with the          O F F R O A D W AY                               companies with a blend of lo-
    “steer it and clear it” message.                                                      cal, national and international
    “If you’re involved in a minor         IT’S THE L AW                                     reputations, as well as consid-
                                                                                             erable design-build experi-
                                                                                                                               Signs like the one above mark each bridge
     traffic crash and there aren’t                                                                                            that is a part of the Safe & Sound program.
     any injuries, you need to                                                               ence. Once the procurement
                                                in secondary crashes, which cause 18
     move your vehicle onto the shoulder or                                                  process is complete, MoDOT
                                                percent of fatalities in Missouri.                                                        their bridges fixed, and we’re work-
     other nearby location off of the road-                                                  expects to select one of these teams in
                                                                                                                                          ing to deliver those improvements as
     way,” Director Pete Rahn said. “Every                                                   May.
                                                                                                                                          quickly as possible.”
     minute a vehicle stops on the freeway                                                   Meanwhile, the Commission awarded
                                                                                                                                          The 50 bridges now under contract are
                                                                                             35 Safe & Sound bridge projects at its
                                                                                                                                          all rehabilitation projects, and at least
                                                                                             January meeting. That brings to 50 the
                                                                                                                                          50 more will be put out for bids in the
2                                                                                            total number of bridge projects under
                                                                                                                                          coming months.
                                                                                             contract as part of Safe & Sound.
                                                                                                                                          A complete list of all the bridges in the
       Register Now!                                                                        “We’re pleased that within just a few
                                                                                                                                          Safe & Sound program and other in-
                                                                                             months of launching the Safe & Sound
                                                                                                                                          formation can be found on the MoDOT
       The 99th Annual TEAM Confer-            large exhibit hall and more op-               program in September we are able to
                                                                                                                                          Web site at
       ence is coming up soon. Register        tions for kids and spouses than               move ahead with 50 important bridge
       online now to attend the trans-         ever before.                                  projects,” Director Pete Rahn said.
       portation engineer’s network-           The conference rate is $100                  “Missourians have told us they want
       ing event of the year on March          through Feb. 6 or $125 if you
       17-19 at the Branson Convention         register between Feb. 7 and
       Center, the Hilton Branson Con-         March 6. Registration on site is
       vention Center Hotel and the            $150. Most technical tours and
       Hilton Promenade at Branson             workshops are $50 for a half day
       Landing.                                or $80 for a whole day.
       The conference will once again          To register or get more informa-
       by packed with informative              tion on tour options, breakout
       workshops, quality breakout             sessions, workshop topics and
       sessions and exciting tours to          more, go to the Team Web site
                                                                                                                                                                                  Cathy Morrison

       several Branson- and Spring-            at
       field-area attractions. Featured
       speakers include Marcus Engel
       and Tripp Frohlichstein. Plus,
                                                                                            A Japanese delegation visited the MoDOT Central Office in November to
       there will be a fun walk/run,                                                        learn more about how we planned to fix and maintain 802 bridges.
       networking opportunities in the

    February 2009                                                                                                                                                 Connections
Five Things You Can Tell Your Neighbor
About a Primary Safety Belt Law
Strengthening Missouri’s safety belt        1,000 serious injuries in Missouri
law is MoDOT’s top priority for 2009.       each year, at no cost to taxpayers.
Want to get involved? Sign up as a
                                         3. One of the safest actions a person
Primary Safety Belt partner at saveMO-
                                             can take on the road is to buckle up Want to get your family and
                                            – it’s a motorist’s single best defense
friends involved? Here are five things
                                             in a traffic crash.
you can tell them about a primary
safety belt law.                         4. A 2008 survey shows that 76
                                             percent of Missourian’s buckle up
1. Of more than 500 traffic laws in
                                            – well below the national average of
   Missouri, the safety belt law is
                                             83 percent.
   the only one that has a secondary
   enforcement provision – a driver      5. Amending the current law will
   must break another law first before      provide at least $16 million in a one-
   they can be cited for a safety belt      time federal incentive grant to use
   violation.                               for safety enforcement, education
                                            and engineering.
2. Strengthening the current law
   would save 90 lives and prevent
                                                                                      Transportation Day Kicks
                                                                                      Off District Tours
                                                                                      Primary Safety Belt, Conversation Will
                                                                                      Be Focus
                                                                                      by Sally Oxenhandler

                                                                                      For the first time in five years, there     Activities planned for Transporta-
                                                                                      will be no State of Transportation Ad-      tion Day at the Capitol include safety
                                                                                      dress to Missouri legislators. Director     displays, legislative visits and a news
                                                                                      Pete Rahn delivered the fifth and final     conference featuring Director Rahn,
                                                                                      State of Transportation address Feb. 6,     Missouri Highways and Transportation
                                                                                      2008. The law authorizing the annual        Commission members and legislators.
                                                                                      speech contained a five-year sunset
                                                                                                                                  Transportation Day and the tours will
                                                                                      clause, which legislators did not extend.
                                                                                                                                  focus on our top priority for 2009 –
                                                                                      Although there will be no formal            amending the state’s current safety belt
                                                                                      speech, we will still host a Transporta-    law to allow for primary enforcement.
                                                                                      tion Day at the Capitol on Feb. 4 to        Other topics of discussion will include
                                                                                      inform elected officials about what’s       the federal economic stimulus package
                                                                                      going on in transportation and where        and how it will affect Missouri. Rahn
                                                                                      their help is needed. Transportation        will also use the visits as an opportu-
                                                                                      Day will also launch a series of tours to   nity to talk about A Conversation for
                                                                                      the districts by Director Rahn.             Moving Missouri Forward – MoDOT’s
                                                                                                                                  discussion with Missourians about the
                                                                                      “The State of Transportation Address
                                                                                                                                  future of transportation in our state.
                                                                                       provided a key opportunity for us to
                                                                                       talk to legislators about our recent       The tours will begin Feb. 5 in Hanni-
                                                                                       achievements and our future goals and      bal and conclude April 8 in Kirksville.
                                                                                       challenges,” said Governmental Rela-       Director Rahn will try to meet with as
                                                                                       tions Director Jay Wunderlich. “Trans-     many employees as possible during the
                                                                                       portation Day will help us build on the    visits.
                                                                                       momentum created by the speech and                                                                 3
                                                                                       inform our elected officials about vital
                                                                                       transportation issues.”
                                                                                                                                                                         Cathy Morrison

February 2009                                                                                                                                             Connections
    Then and Now

    Then, all hand-drawn plan sheets, lettering and notes were drafted by hand              Now, design squads generate plans for roadway projects on computers us-
    using instruments such as traingles, T-squares and engineer scales. Design-             ing software programs like MicroStation and GEOPAK. The data provided by
    ers used data collected by surveyors in the field and delivered manually.               surveyors is now collected and delivered electronically.

    Inside Minute                                                                           Reduced Fatalities
                                                                                            continued from page 1

    Community Relations has launched a         A new Inside Minute will be posted to
                                                                                            for Roadway Safety announced a new                “Your seatbelt is your lifeline and your
    new tool to help keep you informed about   MoDOT’s Intranet site – wwwi/intra-
                                                                                            goal for traffic fatality reductions at 850        single best defense in any traffic crash,”
    internal MoDOT news and information.       net/ – every Tuesday. You will receive
                                                                                            or less by 2012. The last time Missouri            said Depue. “A primary seat belt law in
                                               a link through the “users” e-mail group
    The “Inside Minute” is a one-minute                                                     reached less than 850 fatalities was               Missouri would increase the usage rate
                                               as a reminder that new information is
    webcast just for MoDOT employees. It                                                    1949.                                              saving 90 lives and preventing 1,000
                                               available or to revisit archived webcasts.
    features Community Relations Coordi-                                                                                                       serious injuries in the first year it goes
                                                                                            One of the top strategies for meet-
    nator Laura Holloway, pictured below,      The Inside Minute joins several social                                                          into effect.”
                                                                                            ing the new goal is strengthening
    as the news anchor in a format similar     media tools the Community Relations
                                                                                            Missouri’s seat belt law to allow for             Of more than 500 Missouri traffic laws,
    to the “MoDOT Minute,” our external        staff has implemented recently, includ-
                                                                                            primary enforcement. Unfortunately,               the current safety belt law is the only
    webcast.                                   ing blogs, podcasts, a Facebook place,
                                                                                            early reports show that 479 of the                one that has a secondary enforcement
                                               YouTube videos and more.
                                                                                            people killed in traffic crashes in 2008          provision - a driver must be stopped for
                                                                                            were not wearing their seat belts. A              another reason before they can be cited
                                                                                            2008 survey reported only 76 percent              for a safety belt violation.
                                                                                            of Missourians are buckling up. The
                                                                                                                                              Other measures aimed at decreasing
                                                                                            state’s rate has been at a plateau since
                                                                                                                                              fatalities and serious injuries include
                                                                                            2004 and remains consistently below
                                                                                                                                              continued improvements in engineering,
                                                                                            the national average of 83 percent. In
                                                                                                                                              law enforcement and public education.
                                                                                            the past three years, nearly seven out of
                                                                                            10 vehicle occupants killed in Missouri           For more information visit savemolives.
                                                                                            traffic crashes were not wearing their            com. Buckle Up to Arrive Alive.
                                                                                            seat belt.

    February Service Anniversaries
4   35 Years                                   Marilyn L. Herndon          D8               Brandon W. Henson                D8               Charles W. Carter               D10
    Gary H. Owens              D1              Jacqueline S. Rogers        CO               Kelly L. Shipman                 D8               Thomas C. White                 D10
                                               Larry E. Scheperle          CO               Nicholas D. Richmond             D9               Ashley D. Burnett               CO
    30 Years
                                                                                            Will R. Atkinson                 D9               Nora L. Stewart                 CO
    Michael R. Thomas          D4              10 Years
                                                                                            Edward A. Graham II              D10              Ray Wood                        CO
    Alexander J. Holterman     D5              James E. Defreece           D1
                                                                                            Michael L. Terrett               D10
    Bradley D. Hartman         D6              James E. Gottman            D3
                                                                                            Gary A. Keeton                   D10
    Anthony J. Farley          D8              Danny W. Perry              D3
                                               Jason I. Walton             D3
    25 Years
                                               Helen C. Madison            D4
    Scott D. Humphrey          D4
                                               Timothy K. Taylor           D4               In Memoriam
    Bentley C. Woods           D5
                                               Steven R. Reedy             D4               Retirees
    Alan L. Trampe             D5
                                               Marsha D. Tarrant           D7               Leon Payne                  D5         Nov. 25    Carl David “Butz” Perry   CO          Dec. 19
    James R. Susnic            D6
                                               Marvin M. Morris            D7               Durward W. Rasco            D1         Nov. 30    J.C. Clayton              D6          Dec. 19
    Joe W. Jackson             D10
                                               Tommy L. Nunn               D8               Billy J. Gibson             D9         Dec. 3     Clayborne J. Cash         D3          Dec. 20
    20 Years                                   Paul E. Hilchen             CO               Joseph H. Nation            D6         Dec. 3     Freddie B. Miller         D5          Dec. 21
    Johnny D. Grigsby          D1              Normalee A. Schulte         CO               Earl R. Griffin             D3         Dec. 5     Cecil E. Jones            D7          Dec. 23
    Andrew S. Thompson         D2                                                           Harold F. Sumpter           D6         Dec. 7     Elman W. Gibbs            D10         Dec. 25
                                               5 Years
    Kevin L. Ross              D2                                                           Walter E. Sadler            D9         Dec. 9     Bobbie G. Dake            D5          Dec. 26
                                               Matthew K. Johnson          D1
    Billy J. Buesing           D4                                                           Howard N. Glines            D6         Dec. 9     Glenn E. Korte            D5          Dec. 26
                                               Raymond E. Arbogast         D2
    Brian K. Goodall           D4                                                           Jim D. Strait               D7         Dec. 13    Thomas J. Bell            D4          Dec. 27
                                               Scott L. Wasson             D3
    Michael K. Jones           D4                                                           Windell P. Bryan            D6         Dec. 16    Herman “Hilton” Plank     D9          Dec. 31
                                               William R. Meyers           D3
    Randy S. Morris            CO
                                               Craig T. Skorseth           D4
    15 Years                                   Kevin W. Cook               D4
    Michael D. Powell          D1              Harrison A. Cato            D4
    Kristin E. Buczek          D1              Darren L. Phillips          D4               December Retirements
    Darin L. Biegel            D2              Corey M. Hansen             D4
                                                                                            Name                   Location        Years of
    Jeffrey D. Poor            D3              Betherny J. Williams        D6                                                      Service
    Jon G. Voss                D4              Michael E. Blattner         D6               Ronald Rhoades         D1              9          Mary Payton            D7             13
    Jason T. Lackman           D5              Matthew F. Keim             D6               Mary Bax               D5              20         David Austin           CO             25
    Ronald E. Plaster          D8              Cody W. Stice               D8               Jeanette Brockman      D5              12

    February 2009                                                                                                                                                       Connections
Ac r o s s t h e St a t e


Location, Location, Location
Central Office Mail Center is Relocating
In an effort to improve efficiency and        parcel has to be re-routed, the delivery
decrease costs, General Services will         company will provide the sender with
be relocating the Mail Center from            a copy of our new address along with
                                              the additional charge. At this point, it
1320 Creek Trail Drive to the ground
                                              is important to be proactive by giving
floor at 105 W. Capitol Avenue.               all partners ample notice about of the
During the transition period, parcels         upcoming address change so they can
will continue to be received at Creek         avoid extra charges.                        Although staff won’t move in until later this month, Senior Mail Center
Trail. However, it’s important for you to    The new address is: Mail Center, 105
                                                                                          Operator Bill Haselhorst is already taking advantage of the space. The Mail
notify the customers and vendors you                                                      Center will be located on the ground floor of the Headquarters building near
                                             West Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO        the Print Shop.
work with about this change so they          65101
can avoid unexpected costs and delays
                                                                                          necessary for regular mail. Only pack-        provided as the time approaches for
because there are fees for re-routing         The new address pertains to incom-
packages.                                                                                 ages, parcels, or any other items mailed      the move. In the meantime, if you have
                                              ing parcels ONLY (UPS, FedEx, DHL,
                                                                                          to a street address will be affected by       questions, concerns or comments, con-
The additional charge for re-routing          etc.) where an actual street address is
                                                                                          this change.                                  tact Warren Blanchard at 573-526-2529
parcels is $5 for ground and $10 for          needed for delivery. Regular United
overnight. This charge is passed on           States Postal mail is sent to a Post                                                      or Jeannie Wilson at 573-526-1199.
                                                                                          Thanks for your cooperation in this
to the person who sent the parcel. If a       Office Box so there will be no change       matter. Additional information will be

20 Years of Value Engineering
              MoDOT      The concept of      change proposals. Originally, VE
                         Value Engineer-     Change Proposals identified saving op-          The Five Types of Value Engineering Studies
                         ing originated at   portunities. If approved, these savings
                         General Electric    were split 50-50 between the contractor         With MoDOT’s current emphasis               structability, traffic management,
                         during World        and MoDOT. Now, MoDOT has a sec-                on Practical Design, Value Engi-           “bidability,” innovative contracting,
                                                                                             neering strategy and tactics have           etc. This can be done at any stage
War II to effectively deal with shortages    ond type of VECP called a VE/Practi-
                                                                                             dramatically evolved to adapt to            from conceptual to final plans.
 of raw materials and skilled labor, and     cal Design Underrun, known as a VE/
                                                                                             the new environment. In the past,           Length of study: two to four hours
 it’s been around at MoDOT for 20 years      PDU. The VE/PDU gives contractors               VE studies were typically five days         up to three to five days
– saving Missouri taxpayers nearly $450      the opportunity to gain from practical          long. Now, they are more flexible
                                                                                                                                        Practical Design Review - this is
 million in project costs.                   suggestions on existing features.               to fit the project being studied.
                                                                                                                                        a quick/short review, which can
                                                                                             MoDOT has five types of VE stud-
                                             “If a contractor identifies that something                                                 be conducted at any stage from
But with MoDOT’s recent focus on                                                             ies:
                                                                                                                                        conceptual to final plans. Length
Practical Design and radical cost con-        does not need to be constructed, or if
                                                                                             Conceptual Stage VE - the focus is         of study: two to four hours up to
trol measures, VE has taken on a new          something can be used in its place, and
                                                                                             to come up with many alternates.           one to two days
realm of applications and emphasis.           MoDOT agrees, then we will share 25            The goal is to choose the best
                                                                                                                                        Process Value Analysis - this
                                              percent of the savings with the contrac-       alternate to accomplish project
There are three founding precepts of                                                                                                    type of VE study concentrates on
                                              tor,” Allen explained. “MoDOT is also          purpose and need. Length of
Value Engineering: identifying basic                                                                                                    process improvement. The goal is
                                              sharing in the redesign costs of VECP          study: three to five days
                                                                                                                                        to take an innovative and practi-
functions that must be achieved, multi-
                                              changes.”                                      Preliminary Stage VE - this is the         cal look at any of our processes.
discipline team approach and creative
                                                                                             traditional VE study conducted             Subjects could include anything,          5
brainstorming.                               Some other new things for Value
                                                                                             prior to preliminary plan submit-          i.e., maintenance operations, con-
                                             Engineering include the “2-Hour VE.”            tal. The focus here is usually on          struction standards or purchasing
“VE has become an integral part of
                                             MoDOT personnel are currently work-             improving the existing design,             specifications. Length of study:
 the transportation industry,” said Tom
                                             ing on a form that will lead someone            often by this stage, the footprint         two to four hours up to three to
Allen, Value Engineering coordinator                                                         is usually set and it may be too           five days
                                             through the VE process in two hours.
 for MoDOT. “As federal, state and local                                                     late for major functional enhance-
                                             This is geared towards a portion of a                                                      Each of these approaches allow
 governments strive to obtain the best                                                       ments. Length of study: three to
                                             project or a process that needs a quick                                                    the Value Engineering tool the
 value for taxpayers, VE is a constant                                                       five days
                                             look, but still captures and documents                                                     flexiblity to fit the job it needs to
 source of innovation, cost effectiveness                                                    Constructability Review - this type        address.
                                             the information needed to report it as a
 and quality improvements.”                                                                  of VE study concentrates on con-
                                             VE study in Tracker and the annual VE
Allen said dramatic evolution has oc-        report to FHWA.
curred on the construction side with
                                             Another new item is called the “post let-
                                             ting VE.” One Resident Engineer office       items in a project after the project was      MoDOT has done some major revamp-
                                             had identified some Value Engineering        let and MoDOT is using the 2-Hour VE          ing of the Value Engineering program.
                                                                                          form to document this as a study.             Practical Design has removed some
                                                                                          “This is the mindset I want everyone to       barriers, helping the Value Engineering
                                                                                                                                        program thrive.
   for more info                                                                           be in,” Allen said. “This RE office is re-
                                                                                           ally doing a good job identifying items
        Connections Editor                    Kristi Jamison
                                                                                           that slipped through on the design side.”
        Phone                                 573.526.2482
        105 W. Capitol Avenue
        P.O. Box 270
        Jefferson City, MO 65102

February 2009                                                                                                                                                   Connections
    Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

                                                                                               Future Drivers
                                                                                               by M. Elaine Justus / photos by Officer Todd Smith

                                                                                               “School crossing guards are great kids,”    Each year, he tries to sponsor an event
                                                                                                according to Officer Todd Smith of         to bring all 165 of them together to
                                                                                                the St. Joseph Police Department. He
             Northwest                                                                          should know, since he works closely
                                                                                                                                           celebrate and educate. Arrive Alive
                                                                                                                                           was a perfect fit. The Educational sub-
                                                                                                with them all year. As the person re-      committee of the Northwest Regional

    Blueprint at Work                                                                           sponsible to recruit, train and motivate
                                                                                                these young people, Officer Smith
                                                                                                                                           Blueprint Coalition found this to be an
                                                                                                                                           excellent way to share the important
    by M. Elaine Justus / photos by Holly Murphy                                                often faces some significant challenges,   knowledge about driving safely, unim-
                                                                                                not the least of which is funding.         paired and buckled up.
    America is an automotive-based soci-          Ryan, who was not wearing a seatbelt,
    ety. For us, it’s more than just trans-       was thrown from the car and found
    portation, and for some, our cars have        lying about 90 feet from where the
    become our defining identity. That was        vehicle came to rest. Krysia was wear-
    the case for David and Fay Utesch of          ing a seatbelt. She got out of the car and
    Ames, Iowa and their 1996 Torch Red           walked to the nearest farm residence
    Corvette.                                     for help. Her injuries were minor, while
                                                  Ryan’s were more severe and he died
                                                  several days later.

                                                  To honor Ryan’s life and remind others
                                                  of the dangers of unsafe driving, his
                                                  parents now make the car available for
                                                  public display. They also have a pre-
                                                  sentation involving making choices and
                                                                                               Arrive Alive was the topic of the day for 165 school crossing guards. They
                                                  what the consequences of those choices       came together on Dec. 22 because the St. Joseph Police Department and
    The 1996 Corvette, when it left
    the factory, had 300 horsepower,              would be.                                    the Northwest Regional Blueprint Coalition made it happen.
    weighed 3,298 pounds and was
                                                  On Dec. 22, the Blueprint for Safety
    capable of speeds of 175 mph.
                                                  Northwest Regional Coalition cooper-
    On Sept. 27, 2002, this car re-defined
    their lives in a way they had not
                                                  ated with the St. Joseph Youth Alli-
                                                  ance to bring this car to St. Joseph.
                                                                                               Public Meeting - Rulo Bridge
                                                                                               by M. Elaine Justus / photos provided by NDOR
    anticipated. About 1 a.m., their son          We placed it at the busiest intersection
    Ryan, age 21, without their consent or        in St. Joseph, and it received a lot of      The bridge over the Missouri River          Because the bridge connects the two
    knowledge, decided to borrow it to take       attention. Even District Engineer Don        on U.S. Highway 159 is 70-years old.        states, Nebraska and Missouri will
    his girlfriend, Krysia, age 18, for a ride.   Wichern used it to educate his daughter      Completed in 1939, it was designed          share in the construction and main-
    Based upon the crash analysis, it was         who is a young driver. “We were just         and built in a time when vehicles were      tenance expenses. Efforts to secure
    determined that the car was traveling         driving by, and my daughter asked            fewer and smaller. Both Missouri            funding have been complicated, but
    between 134 and 145 mph when it left          what that was. I do not believe she          and Nebraska agree that it has been a       Nebraska and Missouri have con-
    the road and flipped end over end before      thought such a beautiful car could be so     good bridge, but it is now classified as    firmed that they will be able to supply
    coming to rest on its top near a fence        completely destroyed or that someone         “functionally obsolete” and warrants        their respective shares of the funding.
    line. Ryan’s blood alcohol level was          wearing a seatbelt could survive and         replacement.                                The plans call for the existing bridge to
    .163, making him legally drunk.               walk away.”                                                                              remain open to traffic during construc-
                                                                                               Nebraska serves as the lead state on all
                                                                                                                                           tion to minimize the impact to users.
                                                                                               issues regarding the bridge. On Dec.
                                                                                                                                           The right-of-way process is expected
                                                                                               2, 2008, they hosted an open house and
                                                                                                                                           to begin in late 2009 and continue
                                                                                               public hearing at the Camp Rulo River
                                                                                                                                           through 2010.
                                                                                               Club to bring the public up-to-date on
                                                                                               current schedules and designs. The          The bridge, itself, is a movie star. It
                                                                                               project currently calls for the two-year    was featured in the 1973 Peter Bog-
                                                                                               construction phase to begin in early        danovich movie, “Paper Moon,” which
                                                                                               2011, and is estimated to cost about $32    starred Ryan O’Neal, his daughter
                                                                                               million.                                    Tatum O’Neal and Madeline Kahn.
                                                                                                                                           The majority of the film was shot in
                                                                                                                                           and around the St. Joseph area.

    The wreckage displayed at the busiest intersection in St. Joseph was so
    severely damaged that it could not be recognized as a Corvette.

       for more info
            Community Relations Manager             M. Elaine Justus
            Phone                                   816.387.2353                               More than 200 people attended the open house and public hearing on Dec.
            E-mail                                       2, 2008 regarding the proposed new Missouri River bridge on U.S. Highway
                                                                                               159 at Rulo. The Camp Rulo River Club was the site of the meeting.
            3602 North Belt Highway
            St. Joseph, MO 64506-1399

    February 2009                                                                                                                                                 Connections
Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

                                                                                           incidents out of all 10 districts.            day, much lower than previous years.

                                                                                           Not only is the District proud to have the         Lost Time        Lost Workdays
                                                                                           lowest number of recorded incidents; but           2005 - 07           2005 - 57
                                                                                           the steady reduction over the past few             2006 - 03           2006 - 24
                                                                                           years is also impressive. In 2008 record-          2007 - 03           2007 - 04
                                                                                           ed incidents dropped to 10, down more
         NorthCentral                                                                      than half from 21 incidents in 2005.
                                                                                                                                              2008 - 01           2008 - 01

                                                                                                                                         “The trend on all of these measures
                                                                                           So what exactly is an OSHA recordable
District 2 Working More
                                                                                                                                         relating to employee incidents are go-
                                                                                           incident anyway? If an employee re-           ing down dramatically,” said Health

Safely Than Ever Before
                                                                                           ceives a work-related injury that requires    & Safety Manager Shari Dye. “The
                                                                                           two or more doctor visits for medical         employees are doing a great job and we
by Tammy Wallace                                                                           treatment beyond first aid, the incident is   just need to keep up the good work.”
                                                                                           considered OSHA recordable.
Every MoDOT employee knows the               receive a myriad of safety training and                                                     One very good incentive for Lost Time
                                                                                           Two other areas related to incidents
value of working safely. From day one        it is revisited regularly as employees                                                      incidents is that Director Pete Rahn said
                                                                                           and employee safety have also seen a
on the job all employees, particularly       move through their careers. It is no se-                                                    he would give an entire District the day
                                                                                           significant decline – Lost Time (number
those in safety-sensitive positions,         cret that a very large percentage of our                                                    off if they could go 24 months without
                                                                                           of incidents that involve at least one
                                                             employees are in positions                                                  one lost time incident. Our countdown
                                                                                           lost workday) and Lost Workdays (total
                                                             that require a diligence to                                                 began last February so we’re a year in.
                                                                                           number of workdays missed). The Dis-
                                                             safety every day, and we                                                    We all need to work safely, and this
                                                                                           trict recorded only one lost time incident
                                                             take safety very seriously.                                                 type of incentive certainly can’t hurt.
                                                                                           for 2008 resulting in only one lost work-
                                                           MoDOT examines how
                                                           we are doing with our
                                                           safety practices through
                                                           our TRACKER measures.
                                                           District 2 is very proud
                                                           of one of these measures
                                                           for calendar year 2008 –
                                                           Rate and Total of OSHA
Regional Maintenance Crew Leader Jerry Steele              Recordable Incidents.
shows Regional Maintenance Bridge Worker                   District 2 had the low-
Rusty Reed how to safely operate equipment on              est number of recordable
the boom truck.

Employees Begin New Year                                                                   Health & Fitness Challenge Top 10. Front row from left - Ellen Gehringer,
Healthier and 405 Pounds Lighter!                                                          Erin Gruber, Tracy Little, Earl Keune and Gale March. Back row - Sam Har-
                                                                                           tung, Bryan Moots, David Gipson, Preston Kramer and Larry Amidei.
by Tammy Wallace
                                                                                           ever, we don’t want to forget the other       Although the challenge is officially over,
Last September, 55 employees joined          A fun side to the challenge was a com-        45 participants who hung in there for         participants will share their tips, best
the district’s 16 Week Health & Fitness      petition. Participants paid a $20 fee,        the 16 weeks. Total weight lost amongst       practices and recipes in upcoming edi-
Challenge. The challenge encouraged          knowing the money collected would go          all the 55 participants was a whopping        tions of the District’s newsletter.
employees to begin a healthier lifestyle     to the top two competitors and a contri-      405.8 pounds!
                                                                                                                                         The Employee Fund also received a
through diet and exercise.                   bution would be made to the District’s
                                                                                           So what’s the first thing you want to         $170 contribution from the entry fees.
                                             employee fund. In January, organizers
                                                                                           do when you’ve been counting calories
                                             of the challenge announced the final                                                        Thanks to organizers Julie Hamblen, Di-
                                                                                           for 16 weeks – go out to eat of course.
                                             results.                                                                                    ane Nanneman, Kay Lucas and Nancy
                                                                                           District Engineer Dan Niec treated par-
                                                                                                                                         Davis for their efforts. Congratulations
                                             Top honors went to Gale March, senior         ticipants from the Design department to
                                                                                                                                         to everyone!
                                             highway designer who took first place,        a healthy meal at Subway for being the
                                             and Sam Hartung, senior highway tech-         work unit with the highest percentage of
                                             nician took second. Gale and Sam lost         weight loss.
                                             the most weight of the participants.                                                                                                      7
                                             Not only are Gale and Sam starting
                                             out 2009 healthier, their diligence won       Supervisors Talk Leadership
                                             both of them some cold hard cash -            by Tammy Wallace
                                             $550 and $385, respectively.

                                             These top two were certainly not alone.       The agenda for the December quarterly         table’s discussion on the topics to the
                                             Eight more winners round out the top          supervisor meeting had a little different     entire audience. It was interesting to see
                                             10: Erin Gruber, Bryan Moots, Earl            twist. Along with the usual information       the similarities and differences amongst
                                             Keune, Preston Kramer, Larry Amidei,          sharing through presentations and open        the groups.
                                             Ellen Gehringer, David Gipson and             discussions, employees also participated
                                                                                                                                         The questions were designed to get su-
                                             Tracy Little. Winners were determined         in small group exercises.
                                                                                                                                         pervisors thinking about their role as
Credit Union Manager Kay Lucas
                                             by the largest percentage of the total        Those exercises centered around three         leaders in the district, and to share those
congratulates Gale on his success at
the final weigh in. Later that day it        weight loss.                                  questions. 1) What makes you a good           ideas to learn from one another.
was announced that Gale had won                                                            supervisor? 2) What
the competition.                             These Top 10 did very well and they
                                             deserve a big pat on the back. How-           are your employees
                                                                                           expectations of you
                                                                                           as a supervisor? 3)
  for more info                                                                            What are your expec-
   Community Relations Manager             Tammy Wallace                                   tations of your super-
   Phone                                   660.385.8209                                    visor?
   Route 63
                                                                                           A representative from
   P.O. Box 8                                                                              each group presented
   Macon, MO 63552                                                                         a summary of their

February 2009                                                                                                                                                     Connections
     Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

                                                                                                                                                Discussing partnering, results and the
                                                                                                                                                future, the update provided the audience
                                                                                                                                                a recap of accomplishments in 2008 and
                                                                                                                                                plans for 2009.

                                                                                                                                                  In 2008...
              Northeast                                                                                    LE T ’ S TA LK                         n	   Worked with area communi-
                                                                                                                                                       ties to manage flooded roads
                                                                                                           PA R T N E R I N G                          and bridges

    Two Roles Become One
                                                                                                  Capitalizing on the “Conversation”              n	   Completed/opened the final
                                                                                                  initiative, the NE District used “Let’s              four-lane sections of the Avenue
                                                                                                  Talk” as the theme for its annual update             of the Saints
                                                                                                                                                  n	   Highest ever customer satisfac-
    In alignment with MoDOT values, a              Jim accepted the challenge and is look-        to legislators and media held throughout             tion rating
    modification in job roles has allowed the      ing forward to learning more about             the month of January.                           n	   Initiated Safe & Sound Bridge
    NE District to be “one team” and be flex-      the mechanics of the district utilities                                                             Improvement Program
                                                                                                                                                  n	   Worked with counties, cities,
    ible to its employees.                         engineer role. “Utilizing one person                                                                businesses to improve transpor
    Mike Baxter, former utilities engineer         to handle both roles will promote one                                                               tation
                                                   team and provides Jim the opportunity                                                          n	   Completed/opened an 11-mile
    for the district, accepted the role as as-                                                                                                         section of the US 36 four-lane
    sistant district construction and materials    to understand more aspects of utilities,”                                                           project
    engineer. Jim Zeiger, utilities liaison        Dave said.                                                                                     n	   Contributed to the reduction of
                                                                                                                                                       fatalities on Missouri roads
    engineer, had been telecommuting from          “With Mike’s assistance, this change will
    the NE District two days each week.            help give me perspective on an everyday                                                        In 2009...
                                                   look at how our policies impact what                                                           n	   Begin construction on an
    “As our projects shift to more taking                                                                                                              interchange at US 61/Route U
                                                   actually goes on in the field,” Jim said.                                                           in Moscow Mills
    care of the system,
                                                                                                                                                  n	   Survey, then begin design of the
    we foresee the                                                                                                                                     Hannibal Expressway
    responsibility and                                                                                                                            n	   Complete US 36 four lanes be
    role of the utilities                                                                                                                              tween Monroe City and Macon
                                                                                                                                                  n	   Work with safety partners to
    engineer shifting,                                                                                                                                 ammend the seat belt law
    so we asked Jim if                                                                                                                            n	   Complete the environmental
                                                                                                  NE District Engineer Paula Gough ini-                impact study for the
    he would accept the                                                                           tiates a conversation with members                   Route 47 Bridge at Washington
    challenge of con-                                                                             of the legislature and media during
    tinuing to perform                                                                            the annual update meeting.
    his Central Office
    duties and accept
    the role of district                                                                          Project Team Delivers on
    utilities engineer,”
    said Assistant Dis-
    trict Engineer Dave
                                                                                                  Everyone knows Missourians want a             2008, and the project was let Jan. 23.
                           Jim Zeiger is combining his central office work in                     transportation project to be better, faster   Other than the timeframe for deadlines,
                           utilities with the district utilities engineer role. He is             and cheaper. In fact, they want it NOW!       Kim Trainor, who was the lead designer
                           pictured with former Utilities Engineer Mike Baxter.                   After several months of negotiation,          on the project, said probably the biggest
                                                                                                  MoDOT secured a cost-share partnership        design challenge was combining the
    Smiling at Utility Costs?                                                                     with Crossroads Development to design
                                                                                                  and construct an interchange to improve
                                                                                                                                                consultant and MoDOT design. “We had
                                                                                                                                                to integrate the practical design concept
    Despite the increasing cost of utili-         As a result of their efforts, the top three     safety in southern Lincoln County at US       without jeopardizing the terms of the
    ties, MoDOT employees continue to             work units, about 25 employees, are             61 and Route U.                               cost-share agreement,” she explained.
    make headway on reducing expenses in          being recognized. In addition, the area         A partnership isn’t necessarily un-           “This was definitely a team effort,”
    the area of utilities. Last year, District    that had the highest reduction in their         usual, but accelerating the design of a       Chris said. Working as one team was
    management challenged the District to         monthly average expense, received a             $14 million interchange project in less       necessary to accommodate the schedule.
    reduce utility expenses by an average of      trophy. “If we’re not using it, we shut it      than a few months proves that MoDOT           The survey crew, Right of Way depart-
    10 percent per month. The end result has                                                      engineers and staff have the motivation       ment, and utilities engineer were also
    been a $13,804 overall decrease.                                                              and expertise to do it. “We realized our      very involved from the initial scoping
    “Considering the increase in utility costs,                                                   schedule was aggressive, so we worked         phase. “We also appreciate the efforts of
8                                                                                                 closely with the developer’s consultant
     we are very pleased with the results,”                                                                                                     Central Office’s Resource Management,
     said Business and Benefits Manager                                                           on the design,” explained Transportation      Bridge, Design and Chief Counsel’s staff
     Sherri McGregor. “We tracked costs last       off,” said Becky Novinger, supervisor          Project Manager Chris Knapp. Design           to help us with the terms of the cost-
     year due to inaccessibility of usage data,    at Shelbyville Maintenance, the second         of the interchange began before the cost-     share agreement processes,” Chris said.
     but this year, we will be tracking usage      place winner.                                  share agreement was executed in April
     to give us more accurate information.”
                                                  Dion Thurman, supervisor at the number
    Out of 35 work units, 18 showed a             one work unit, New Florence Mainte-
               decrease in expenses. On           nance, recommends regular reminders.
                 the monthly report, Sherri      “Really, everyone embraced the effort, re-
                  recognized the decreases        alizing it’s the right thing to do,” he said.
                 with a yellow “smiley face,”
                                                  Bowling Green Maintenance was the
              making it a popular reference
                                                  third place winner of the challenge, and
    point for the utility challenge. “It is evi-
                                                  Maintenance Superintendent Kenny Hol-
    dent our employees are making efforts to
                                                  locher’s area was the trophy winner.
    conserve and be green,” Sherri said.

       for more info
             Community Relations Manager           Marisa Brown
             Phone                                 573.248.2502                                   MoDOT NE District staff are cheering that the US 61 and Route U in-
             E-mail                                            terchange design met deadlines and was successfully let in January.
                                                                                                  Pictured are Steve Dickson, survey, Holly Throndson, right of way,
             Route 61 South                                                                       Chris Knapp, project manager, Brian Untiedt, maintenance and traf-
             P.O. Box 1067                                                                        fic, Kim Trainor, design, Andy Long, design, Shawn Parrish, design,
             Hannibal, MO 63401                                                                   Nathan Briggs, right of way, and Laurie Travis, design. Not pictured
                                                                                                  are Mike Baxter, utilities, Toshia Drebes, design and Tony Weich-
                                                                                                  haus, retiree from design.

     Feburary 2009                                                                                                                                                       Connections
Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

                                                                                                        The new Route 150 bridge will
                                                                                                          keep traffic flowing through

                                                                                                  open. However, we were able to build
                                                                                                  it for $9.3 million and got it open in
                                                                                                  less than two months,” said Chris

                                                                                                                                                                                               Steve Porter
                                                                                                  Redline, assistant district engineer.

                                                                                                  On the south side of District 4, more
Ribbons of Celebration                                                                            projects were completed and ribbon
                                                                                                                                            not be isolated. Work began in March
by Kerri Lewis                                                                                    cuttings were held. Representatives
                                                                                                  from the village of Loch Lloyd, the       2007.
With 2008 behind us, it is time to         and within budget. Smithville’s first,                 city of Belton and MoDOT celebrated       “Keeping the highway open ensured
look forward to 2009. 2008 proved to       new roundabout opened to traffic on                                                               customer access to merchants in
be a busy construction season with         Aug. 18.                                                                                          Greenwood who rely on outside
several projects that have enhanced                                                                                                          shoppers looking for the many unique
                                          “MoDOT’s first priority is safety,
our transportation system coming to                                                                                                          items offered in their shops,” said
                                           and building a roundabout is an
a close and more under way. District                                                                                                         Sharon Taegel, assistant to the district
                                           innovative way for creating a safer
4 celebrated these accomplishments                                                                                                           engineer. “Greenwood’s financial
                                           intersection. This great alternative
with many ribbon-cutting celebra-                                                                                                            vitality depends on the success of the
                                           to a signalized intersection means
tions and groundbreakings to signify                                                                                                         businesses flanking Route 150.”
                                           motorists will find a quicker, safer
the work and collaboration among
                                           and more economical route to reach                                                               With so many projects celebrating
MoDOT, city and county officials and
                                           their destination,” said Wright.                                                                 completion, District 4 crews remained
community members.                                                                                Crews closed Route D to quickly
                                           In yet another ribbon cutting, MoDOT                   resurface the road for motorists          busy preparing for more projects to
The first ribbon cutting on Aug. 11                                                               before the ribbon cutting in July.        get under way. Groundbreakings for
                                           celebrated the completion of the
celebrated the completion of the new                                                                                                        the Route 150 project and the North
                                           Noland Road Bridge on Sept. 25.
Pryor Road interchange located just                                                               another major project completion by       Cass Parkway celebrated project
                                           An aging Noland Road Bridge over
north of the Route 50 and Interstate                                                              cutting the ribbon in late September      kick-off.
                                           Interstate 70 was removed Feb. 16,
470 interchange. In a partnership ef-                                                             to reopen Route D, concluding weeks
                                           and in less than two months, a new                                                               During a ceremony in September,
fort between MoDOT and the city of                                                                of closure for the vital state highway
                                           bridge was in place and carrying traf-                                                           representatives from Grandview,
Lee’s Summit, the new interchange                                                                 through Cass County. MoDOT’s im-
                                           fic. Ramp replacement, landscaping                                                               Kansas City and Lee’s Summit joined
opened to traffic Aug. 15.                                                                        provements to Route D have provided
                                           and other off-roadway construction                                                               MoDOT near the northeast corner
                                                                                                  a smoother, long-lasting highway that
“We listened to citizens who stated a      continued throughout the summer.                                                                 of Route 71 and Route 150 to break
                                                                                                  doesn’t demand continual mainte-
 need for this project. We are pleased     The Independence community and                                                                   ground on two significant roadway
 to work with                                                                                                                               projects for the area. Work on the
 the city of                                                                                      Route D was closed to all through         interchange of Route 71 at Route 150
 Lee’s Summit                                                                                     traffic from Route 58 in Cass County      and the widening of Route 150 from
 to open this                                                                                     to Route 150 in south Kansas City         Route 71 to Route 291 is officially
 interchange                                                                                      beginning July 29, with only local        under way.
 that will al-                                                                                    access for property owners. Using the
                                                                                                  old concrete pavement as a stabilized     Also in September, a groundbreak-
 low motor-
                   A group of MoDOT, city and county officials stand proud-                       base, geotextile was placed on top of     ing ceremony was held to signify the
 ists to move
                   ly in front of the new Noland Road Bridge.                                     the base and a five-inch-thick layer of   beginning for a new $10.1 million
 through this
                                                                                                  concrete poured over the old highway      North Cass Parkway interchange near
 area safer and
                                            MoDOT celebrated the completion of                    surface. Access to Loch Lloyd was         187th Street and Route 71, and the
 with more ease. It also allows busi-
                                            this $9.3 million project with a ribbon               provided from the north during the        $13.5 million project to redesign the
 nesses to continue to expand along
                                            cutting.                                              first phase, and then switched to the     interchange at 163rd Street. The cities
 this corridor,” said Elizabeth Wright,
                                                                                                  newly constructed pavement on the         of Belton and Raymore are teaming
 district engineer.                        “This bridge is a winner for tens of
                                                                                                  south side. The middle phase from         up with Cass County and MoDOT
In a second ribbon-cutting celebra-        thousands of motorists each day
                                           because MoDOT and the citizens of                      just north of Loch Lloyd to near 164th
tion, MoDOT signified the comple-
                                           Independence are part of a great team.                 Street concluded before Labor Day,
tion of safety improvements at the
                                           Together we tackled a project that                     with a left turn lane added at 165th
intersection of Route 92 and Com-
                                           could have cost $33 million and might                  Street. The third phase, reconstruct-
mercial Street in Smithville on time                                                                                                                                                                          9
                                           have taken more than a year to re-                     ing the pavement from about 164th
                                                                                                  Street north to Route 150, included a
                                                                                                                                                                                Steve Porter

                                                                                                  left-turn lane at Kenneth Road.

                                                                                                  The new Route 150 Bridge over Big
                                                                                                  Creek in Greenwood officially opened      The groundbreaking for the
                                                                                                                                            new North Cass Parkway inter-
                                                                                                  with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in         change near 187th Steet and
                                                                                                  early October. The replacement of a       Route 71.
                                                                                                  structurally deficient, functionally
                                                                                                  obsolete and substandard bridge over      to build North Cass Parkway inter-
                                                                                                  the Big Creek and Union Pacific Rail-     change two miles south of Route 58
                                                                                                  road was designed after the public’s      on Route 71. The city of Belton is pro-
                                                                                    Kerri Lewis

                                                                                                  input convinced MoDOT to keep at          viding substantial financial support to
                                                                                                  least one lane open through Green-        reconstruct the 163rd Street (Route Y)
A group of eager elementary students hold up a piece of the blue ribbon
after the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new roundabout near their                               wood during construction. For several     interchange a mile north of Route 58
school in Smithville.                                                                             months last summer, one-lane, signal-     on Route 71.
                                                                                                  controlled traffic moved slowly across
                                                                                                                                             After so many projects completed
                                                                                                  half of the old bridge while the new
                                                                                                                                            and others just beginning in 2008,
   for more info                                                                                  bridge was being built. The staged
                                                                                                  construction ensured that businesses
                                                                                                                                            District 4 definitely had a reason to
        Community Relations Manager        Kristy Hill                                                                                      celebrate. And with a new year under
                                                                                                  continued to draw customers and the
        Phone                              816.622.6327                                                                                     way, there are many more projects on
        E-mail                                                  two sides of the community would
                                                                                                                                            the horizon to keep the ribbons flying.

        600 NE Colbern Road
        Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

February 2009                                                                                                                                                        Connections
     Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

     Low-Water Crossings Receive ‘Green’ Improvements
     by Holly Dentner

     Three low-water crossings in Camden         Road NN-166,                                                                                                    also designed to decrease the frequency
     County will soon be safer, less likely      is still under                                                                                                  and duration of flooding.
     to flood and potentially beneficial to a    construction and
                                                                                                                                                                 “These low-water crossings are on
     federally threatened fish species.          scheduled to
                                                                                                                                                                  county roads, but the economic and en-
                                                 reopen in 2009.
     The improvements are a result of                                                                                                                             vironmental benefit makes them ideal
                                                 All three routes
     MoDOT’s efforts to mitigate the envi-                                                                                                                        for MoDOT to help meet our federal
                                                 cross the Little
     ronmental impacts of recent Camden                                                                                                                           requirements for our construction proj-

                                                                                                                                             Melissa Scheperle
                                                 Niangua River.
     County construction projects. One low-                                                                                                                       ects in Camden County,” said Nicole
     water crossing, over Griswald’s Slab on     The low-water                                                                                                    Hood, project manager. “Our standard
     County Road N-145, is already rebuilt       crossings are                                                                                                    mitigation efforts usually include plant-
     and open to traffic. Green’s Slab on        being modi-      Work continues on the Howard’s Ford crossing, which is                                          ing trees or stabilizing nearby stream
     County Road N-166R is nearly com-           fied to allow    scheduled to reopen in early 2009.                                                              banks, so this project really stands out
     plete and scheduled to open in early        for increased                                                                                                    as a way to improve the transportation
                                                                                         ularly for a federally threatened species
     2009, weather permitting. The third         water flow and                                                                                                   system and provide a great benefit to
                                                                                         called the Niangua Darter.
     crossing, at Howard’s Ford on County        to improve fish migration, partic-                                                                               the area’s natural habitat and wildlife.”
                                                                                                      “Low-water crossings on Missouri
                                                                                                                                                                 Construction includes removing and
                                                                                                       county roads can limit aquatic organ-
                                                                                                                                                                 replacing 60 feet of each of the existing
                                                                                                       ism movement because they create
                                                                                                                                                                 low-water crossings where the water
                                                                                                       barriers for fish moving downstream,”
                                                                                                                                                                 flow is the greatest. Griswald’s Slab
                                                                                                       said Melissa Scheperle, enior environ-
                                                                                                                                                                 has been raised one foot and Green’s
                                                                                  Melissa Scheperle

                                                                                                       mental specialist. “Modifying these
                                                                                                                                                                 Slab will be raised two feet. Howard’s
                                                                                                       structures enables fish populations to
                                                                                                                                                                 Ford will remain at the same elevation.
                                                                                                       reconnect, increasing opportunity for
                                                                                                                                                                 The new crossings will be 17 feet wide,
                                                                                                       genetic diversity and boosting popula-
     Water flowed over Green Slab before construction. Work is almost                                                                                            which is three feet wider than the exist-
                                                                                                       tion growth.”
     finished on the new crossing.                                                                                                                               ing crossings.
                                                                                                      The new crossings will reduce mainte-
                                                                                                      nance needs and expenses. All three are

     Motor Oil Keeps Boonville Warm
     This Winter
     by Holly Dentner

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Melissa Scheperle
      We all want efficient and inexpensive     ate. Re-using the motor oil for our own
      ways to heat our homes, especially as     purposes, especially when it replaces
      energy costs continue to rise. MoDOT      something as expensive as propane gas,                The new crossing at Griswald’s Slab is one foot higher and three feet
      wants to operate in the same way, look-   still makes for a cost effective solution.            wider than the original.
      ing for creative ways to be environmen-
                                               “These oil-burning furnaces do need a
      tally responsible and cost effective.
                                                little more maintenance,” said Thomp-                 New Faces in Customer Service
      The latest attempt at the Central Dis-    son. “The biggest change is collecting
      trict has employees at the Boonville      the oil and filtering it through a screen             Those new voices you’ll hear when you
10    maintenance building stockpiling used     before it goes into the tank.”                        dial 888-ASK-MODOT are the Central
      motor oil. A newly installed furnace                                                            District’s newest additions to the cus-
                                                The cost savings and environmental
      uses the oil to heat the building, which                                                        tomer service team.
                                                benefit make the prospect of additional
      not only saves money on heating costs,
                                                furnaces around the district a real pos-              Charlett Scott and Amanda Gabris
      but helps MoDOT stay “green” by recy-
                                                sibility.                                             started on Jan. 5, and their primary du-
      cling one of our existing resources.
                                                                                                      ties will include answering district and
                                               “The maintenance building in Warsaw
     “Last year we paid about $2 per gallon                                                           central office phones, greeting walk-in
                                                has been using a furnace that can burn
      for propane gas, which equaled $6,000                                                           customers, handling e-mailed requests
                                                motor oil for quite a while,” said Coleen
      just to heat the building,” said Kerry                                                          and helping with public events.
                                                Welter, General Services manager. “For
      Thompson, Maintenance superinten-
                                                certain buildings this can be an ideal                Charlett came to MoDOT after working
      dent. “By using motor oil we already
                                                solution and we’ll continue evaluating                as a patient representative at the Green
      have, this new furnace should pay for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Kristin Gerber

                                                what other buildings might benefit from               Meadows Pediatric Clinic in Columbia.
      itself in a matter of a year or two.”
                                                it.”                                                  She also worked at University Hospital
      Even though the department can sell its                                                         as a radiology clerk and has a bache-
      used motor oil, that price can fluctu-                                                          lor’s degree in criminal justice.                          Central District’s Customer Ser-
                                                                                                                                                                 vice Team includes Alicia Redes,
                                                                                                      Amanda came to MoDOT after moving                          Jennifer Ranabargar (top row),
        for more info                                                                                 to Jefferson City from O’Fallon. She                       Amanda Gabris and Charlett Scott
                                                                                                                                                                 (bottom row).
             Community Relations Manager         Kristin Gerber                                       previously worked at Anheuser-Busch,
             Phone                               573.522.3375                                         giving VIP tours of the brewery. Aman-                     Charlett and Amanda have joined cus-
             E-mail                                              da also interned at Disney World in                        tomer service representatives Jennifer
                                                                                                      Florida while working on her bachelor’s                    Ranabargar and Alicia Redes. In 2008,
             1511 Missouri Boulevard
             P.O. Box 718                                                                             degree in psychology.                                      the District 5 customer service center
             Jefferson City, MO 65102                                                                                                                            received more than 46,000 phone calls.

     February 2009                                                                                                                                                                        Connections
Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

                                                                                     I-64 Closure Command Center
                                                                                     Monitors Traffic
                                                                                     by Linda Wilson

        St. LouisArea
Maintenance Employees Recognized
for “High Achiever” Teamwork
by Kara Price

Over a seven-week period (Oct. 8           They worked unpredictable schedules
until Nov. 24, 2008), six Gray Sum-        to successfully install and manage
mit building employees demonstrated        traffic control for I-44 lane closures,
“High Achiever” teamwork in con-           which produced safe and cost effective
junction with MoDOT’s Values and           work zones.
Tangible Results.
                                           These employees had to be flexible to
The employees recognized for their         install and manage these work zones.
“High Achiever” teamwork include:          To ensure uninterrupted traffic flow,     Engineers from MoDOT, St. Louis County and St. Louis City partnered
-Duane Whiteman, Gray Summit               their working hours varied greatly to     as an Arterials team to help monitor traffic patterns and travel times on
Maintenance supervisor                     accommodate the type, duration and        alternate routes.
-Todd Dettling, senior Maintenance         the direction of the work being ac-
worker                                     complished.                               For the second straight year, St.           More than 100 others were on the
-Jacob Heitmann, intermediate                                                        Louis motorists smoothly and quickly        streets driving alternate routes and
                                           This work also required a high degree
Maintenance worker                                                                   adjusted to changing traffic patterns       watching major intersections. Travel
                                           of teamwork. These employees co-
-Don Moore, intermediate                                                             with the second phase closure of the        times were recorded on several dozen
                                           ordinated with contractors, MODOT
Maintenance worker                                                                   Interstate 64 project. On Dec. 13, the      roads from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from
                                           construction staff, other maintenance
-Chris Barnwell, Maintenance worker                                                  east half of Interstate 64 from Inter-      4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every weekday.
                                           personnel and the District 6 TMC to
-Rose Eye, Maintenance worker                                                        state 170 to Kingshighway Blvd. was
                                           ensure consistent communication.                                                      “We have successfully closed two
                                                                                     closed for reconstruction. Following
                                                                                                                                 sections of I-64 because we proactively
                                                                                     the Dec. 14 opening ceremony of the
                                                                                                                                 managed the traffic with a multi-
                                                                                     west half, all lanes of the newly rebuilt
                                                                                                                                 agency team,” said District Engineer
                                                                                     I-64 from Interstate 270 to I-170 were
                                                                                                                                 Ed Hassinger. “We developed a plan,
                                                                                     open to traffic for its first Monday
                                                                                                                                 worked through issues and stayed
                                                                                     morning rush.
                                                                                                                                 ahead of the problems. I’m very proud
                                                                                     Monitoring the new traffic patterns         of the hard work from everyone in-
                                                                                     was the award winning I-64 Closure          volved.”
                                                                                     Command Team. Engineers from
                                                                                                                                 By mid-January, traffic patterns and
                                                                                     MoDOT, St. Louis County and St.
                                                                                                                                 travel times had stabilized on all the
                                                                                     Louis City along with law enforcement
                                                                                                                                 alternate routes and the Closure Team
                                                                                     from the Missouri State Highway Pa-
                                                                                                                                 reduced its efforts to weekly monitor-
                                                                                     trol and St. Louis Metropolitan Police
                                                                                                                                 ing. The team will continue to monitor
                                                                                     Department worked together based out
                                                                                                                                 traffic and meet twice monthly to give
                                                                                     of MoDOT’s Hampton Project Office
                                                                                                                                 reports to the public until the highway
                                                                                     in the city of St. Louis.
                                                                                                                                 reopens by Dec. 31, 2009.

Gray Summit Maintenance Building employees are recognized by their                                                                                                         11
supervisor in early January for demonstrating “High Achiever” Teamwork.

MoDOT had an extremely large               “I am proud of the employees at the
amount of pavement repair and asphalt      Gray Summit Maintenance Build-
work under the “on call” contracts in      ing for their hard work in fulfilling
Fall 2008. This work was necessary         MoDOT’s Values and Tangible Results,
to ensure the smooth and unrestricted      said Rick Schneider, Maintenance
roads and bridges in Franklin County       superintendent for Franklin County.
along Interstate 44. These six employ-     “They showed excellent teamwork and
ees truly volunteered to provide traffic   how it brings success to an
control for these contracts to ensure      important project.”
MoDOT provided the best value for
every dollar.

                                                                                     MoDOT, along with St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
                                                                                     and Missouri State Highway Patrol, addressed the media at a
                                                                                     news conference held twice a day within the first week of the
  for more info                                                                      second phase closure. At the news conferences, they provide
                                                                                     updated information on traffic patterns along alternate routes.
       Community Relations Manager         Marie Elliott                             Not pictured: Representatives from the St. Louis City Streets De-
       Phone                               314.340.4524                              partment and St. Louis County Departments of Highways, Traffic
       Email                                    and Public Works.

       1590 Woodlake Drive
       Chesterfield, MO 63017

February 2009                                                                                                                                           Connections
     Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

     Quick Action Recognized
     by Lori Marble

                                                                District Engineer
                                                                Becky Baltz offers
                                                                her appreciation,
                                                                and that of the De-          Officially marking the completion of the Monett Route 60 project
                                                                partment, to Main-           are (left to right) Commissioner Jim Anderson, Sen. Jack Good-
                                                                tenance Supervisor           man, Monett Mayor Jim Orr, District Engineer Becky Baltz and
                                                                Francis Abramovitz.          Monett TIF Chairman Mark Nelson.

                                                                                             Partnering Pays Off for
                                                                                             by Lori Marble

     The Southwest District’s Cassville        inside and cut the seatbelt and shoulder      One of the Southwest Districts most        er, we find we can meet community
     Maintenance group was called              straps with my pocketknife and let her        frequent and strongest cost share          needs much sooner than with tradi-
     together under the idea that a supervi-   down. … I stayed with the lady until          partner is the community of Monett,        tional funding sources,” he said. “The
     sory meeting was “in order.” Tempera-     an ambulance arrived. She told me             even funding one recent project as         improvement costs are greatly reduced
     tures outside on that bright January      when we were waiting that she had             a 90-10 split, (Monett 90 – MoDOT          for MoDOT, meaning we can complete
     day were in the 50s and the sun was       moved here from Arizona in August of          10). Since 1997, the city of Monett has    more projects with limited funding.”
     shining like it was the middle of sum-    this year and had never driven on ice or      participated in five cost-share projects
                                                                                                                                        Noting that the highway before im-
     mer. The assembled group had almost       snow before.”                                 and invested $8.3 million to address
                                                                                                                                        provements had been handling 15,000
     forgotten the snowy and ice-filled                                                      needs on the state system. On Dec. 18,
                                               Fortunately for the driver, she had                                                      vehicles a day, District Engineer Becky
     roads of December.                                                                      a ribbon-cutting celebration was held
                                               chosen to buckle up. She was left                                                        Baltz, in opening the ceremony, ap-
     Now grouped together in the small         with only some bruises and a few sore                                                    plauded the community’s efforts and
     break room were the gentle giants of      muscles.                                                                                 patience in working toward improved
     Maintenance, folks motorists know                                                                                                  transportation.
                                               District Engineer Becky Baltz present-
     they can depend on through thick
                                               ed Abramovitz with the Department’s                                                      “Together we’ve been able to expand
     and thin. One of District 7’s heroes
                                               Certificate of Appreciation for coming                                                    US 60 to four lanes and five lanes,
     is Francis Abramovitz, Cassville
                                               to the aid of a stranded motorist.                                                        from MO 37 to Bridal Lane … All this
     regional Maintenance supervisor, who
                                               “As a government agency, we’re trying                                                    – while still allowing traffic to move
     earlier this winter came to the rescue
                                                to make a profit,” commented Baltz.                                                      into and out of Monett throughout the
     of a stranded motorist during a snow/
                                               “Our profit is the goodwill we gain           A new bridge stretches over the             course of this project, helping you
     sleet storm.
                                                from the traveling public. It’s efforts
                                                                                             Arkansas and Missouri Railroad.             continue to grow and expand as a com-
     Abramovitz gave this personal account                                                                                               munity,” Baltz said.
                                                such as this that helps us build the trust   commemorating the District’s largest
     of the event: “I was on highway 90
                                                of those we serve each day.”                 cost-share project to date, not surpris-   Missouri Highways and Transportation
     sanding the road … when I came upon
                                                                                             ingly in Monett.                           Commissioner Jim Anderson was on
     a pickup turned over on its top in the    In accepting the framed certificate,
                                               Abramovitz was humble, as always,             Monett utilized bonding and tax            hand for the ceremony and commened
     ditch in the westbound lane. I stopped
                                               putting his crew before himself.              increment financing to fund its share      the Monett community. “Successful
     and crossed the road to check out the
                                                                                             of the project costs. TIF is a financing   communities invest in basic infrastruc-
     vehicle and saw someone was inside. I
                                               “Any one of these guys in here would                                                     ture,” he said.
     went around to the other side and there                                                 tool that allows future property taxes
                                                have done the same thing,” he said.
12   was a lady hanging upside down in her
                                               “Their names should be on here as well.”
                                                                                             generated by new development to pay
     seat belt. She was screaming for me                                                     for the costs of constructing public
     to get her out, and I crawled partway                                                   infrastructure.

                                                                                             The project expanded US 60 to four         32 Years Under
     Aldridge                                                                                lanes (part) and five lanes (part) from    His Belt
                                                                                             MO 37 to east of Bridal Lane, built a
     Retires After                                                                           new companion bridge over the Arkan-
     36 Years                                                                                sas and Missouri Railroad, improved
                                                                                             existing intersections and supplied new
                                                                                             local frontage and backage roads.

                                                                                             This $9.3 million project was desired
         Transportation Project                                                              to improve safety, traffic flow and ac-
          Designer Joe Aldridge                                                              cess management for the community
         ended 2008 by retiring                                                              of just more than 8,000 residents. The
                 after 36 years.
                                                                                             cost included engineering, utility relo-
                                                                                             cation and construction and was a 50
       for more info                                                                         percent match from the city of Monett,
                                                                                             with 50 percent from MoDOT’s state-
            Community Relations Manager         Lori Marble
            Phone                               417.629.3300                                 wide cost-share fund
                                                                                             According to Scott Bachman, planning
                                                                                             manager, there are many benefits of
            3901 E. 32nd Street
            Joplin, MO 64804                                                                 partnering and acceleration of projects
                                                                                             such as these. “When we work togeth-       Lamar Maintenance Supervisor Dan
                                                                                                                                        Caruthers retired in December.

     Feburary 2009                                                                                                                                             Connections
Ac r o s s t h e St a t e


                                                                       Bob Edwards

Springfield Area Resident Engineer Johnny Teegardin
explains the I-44/Glenstone/Route H project in Springfield
during a public meeting.

Two Interchanges Along I-44
in Springfield Being Rebuilt
by Bob Edwards

Two busy crossroads along Interstate 44      Springfield is a partner in the project.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Bob Edwards
on Springfield’s north side are getting
                                             Completion is scheduled for July 10.
an extreme makeover.
                                             Prime contractor is Hartman and Co.
Early in January, construction began         Construction of Springfield.                D8 at Work
on the first-in-the-USA Diverging Dia-
                                             I-44/Glenstone Avenue/Route H               As part of the district’s systematic warning-sign replacement program,
mond Interchange at Kansas Express-                                                      Gainesville Senior Maintenance Worker Les Snorgrass (top photo) attaches a
way and I-44, adopting a design that         A last-minute change in construc-           new speed plaque to a post on Ozark County Route OO near Ocie.
works well in Europe.                        tion staging was approved, based on
                                                                                         Flinging dirt during a ceremonial groundbreaking (bottom photo) for the
                                             business owners’ concerns about the         I-44/Kansas Expressway Diverging Diamond Interchange project is Sen.
Also under way three miles to the east
                                             westbound-to-southbound ramp be-            Norma Champion, center. She is joined by, from left, owner Dean Hartman
is reconstruction of the I-44/Glenstone                                                  and foreman Billy Shrock of Hartman and Co. Construction, Springfield City
                                             ing closed during the project. Those
Avenue interchange. This involves                                                        Manager Greg Burris, District Engineer Kirk Juranas, Rep. Shane Schoeller,
                                             concerns surfaced in a public meeting
replacing both bridges and converting                                                    City Public Works Director Marc Thornsberry and City Councilman Denny
                                             as the project was about to begin. The      Whayne. Others participating: Reps. Charlie Norr and Bob Dixon and City
from a cloverleaf to a diamond design.
                                             meeting drew 130 people.                    Councilman Ralph Manley. Work began in early January.
I-44/Kansas Expressway (Route 13)
                                           “We sat down and took another look at
 With a Diverging Diamond Interchange, it and determined we could reverse the
 or DDI, the opposing lanes of Kansas
 Expressway will criss-cross at signals
                                            stages and still handle traffic and better
                                            serve (more of) the businesses,” said
 at the ends of the bridge over I-44.
 Crossing the bridge, oncoming traffic
                                            Project Manager Chad Zickefoose.             Retirees
                                            Both bridges over I-44 will be torn          by Angela Eden
 will be on the right, separated by con-
                                            down one at a time – one in February
 crete barriers and screening. This will                                                 Bolivar Maintenance Supervisor
                                            and the other in late summer. During
 give left-turners a “free left” onto I-44                                               Kevin Breesawitz
                                            each demolition, I-44 will be closed
 and improve flow for through traffic.
                                            for an 18-hour period. Many MoDOT            Service: 24 years (Hired Feb. 1, 1985)       Breesawitz         Floyd
 During construction, two southbound        workers, law enforcement, Civil Air                                                                                                                13
                                                                                         Career: Maintenance worker to inter-         Biggest Challenge: Moving the overdi-
 lanes and one northbound lane of Kan-      Patrol and others will team up to man-
                                                                                         mediate maintenance worker, Halfway          mension permit process from manual
 sas Expressway will remain open. Ad-       age detours and respond to incidents.
                                                                                         Maintenance, 1985-1999; senior main-         to a computer automated system and
 ditional lane closings must be at night.
                                            During new bridge construction, Glen-        tenance worker to maintenance super-
 The bridge over I-44 will be closed the                                                                                              making sure MoDOT’s customers were
                                            stone Avenue traffic will be reduced         visor, Bolivar Maintenance, 1999-2009
 final weekend for last-minute work be-                                                                                               taken care of during the process.
                                            to one lane in each direction on one
 fore the DDI is opened.                                                                 Biggest Change: Equipment is better          Quote: “I’ve enjoyed helping people.
                                            bridge as the other is being built.
                                                                                         and safer                                    They want to see a friendly, helpful hu-
 Extra effort will be made to alert driv-
                                            The project includes three-laning
 ers to disruptions, Springfield Resi-                                                   Quote: “I’ve enjoyed it all,” from plow-     man being when they walk in our front
                                            Greene County Route H to Valley Wa-
 dent Engineer Johnny Teegardin said:                                                    ing snow to general road maintenance.        door.”
                                            ter Mill Road, using city of Springfield
“We’re trying to take every precaution.”                                                                                              Post-MoDOT Plans: Spending more
                                            and Greene County funds.                     Post-MoDOT Plans: Spending more
 That includes setting work zone signs                                                                                                time with family, especially her three
                                                                                         time with wife, Donna, and their six
 for southbound traffic further north       Prime contractor on the $8.3-million
                                                                                         grandchildren; taking care of cattle on      grandchildren; working in her flower
 than would be typical because vehicles     project is Emery Sapp and Sons, Co-
                                                                                         the family’s farm                            gardens and yard.
 already stack up beyond a curve.           lumbia, with completion July 1, 2010.

                                                                                         Community Relations Senior

   for more info                                                                         Office Assistant Sandra Floyd

        Community Relations Manager          Bob Edwards                                 Service: 12 years (Hired Dec. 1, 1996)            “Talkin’ Transportation”
        Phone                                417.895.7713
                                                                                                                                             Call-In Radio Show
                                                                                         Career: Secretary, 1996-1997; senior
        E-mail                                                                                      KWTO 560 AM, Springfield
                                                                                         secretary, 1997-1999; intermediate
        3025 E. Kearney                                                                  clerk, 1999-2000; senior office assistant,      10-10:50 a.m. Wednesdays
        P.O. Box 868
                                                                                         2005-2009 – all Community Relations
        Springfield, MO 65801                                                                                                      

February 2009                                                                                                                                                Connections
     Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

                                                                                              Employees Travel to Jefferson
                                                                                              City for Recognition by MHTC
                                                                                              Five members of South Central District     Maintenance Workers Joey Dorris and
                                                                                              maintenance traveled to Jefferson          Don Ricker, Van Buren Intermedi-
              SouthCentral                                                                    City on Jan. 8 to be recognized by the     ate Maintenance Worker Gene Swift
                                                                                              Missouri Highways and Transportation       and Winona Senior Maintenance
     D9 Launches Work Life Center                                                             Commission for their actions to aid
                                                                                              flood victims last spring. Their efforts
                                                                                                                                         Worker Tom Osborn. Van Buren Senior
                                                                                                                                         Maintenance Worker Rick Hamm and
     When the concept of a Work Life Cen-         involved in the Work Life Center con-       led to the successful rescue of two        Intermediate Maintenance worker Ryan
     ter was declared a best practice, South      tributes forms, guidelines, links to Web    citizens, a volunteer firefighter and a    Freeze received certificates of apprecia-
     Central District Engineer Tom Stehn          pages, documents or other information       Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper.     tion for providing traffic control during
     looked to his employee benefits group        employees routinely use and everything                                                 the same incident.
                                                                                              The gentlemen received meritorious
     and asked that a form of this resource       can be updated instantly.                   safety recognition for involvement in      The story behind the rescue was
     be established. Challenges unique to                                                     the actual rescue process. They were:      featured in the January 2009 issue of
                                                  Step two quickly followed. It was
     the District had to be considered and                                                    Van Buren Maintenance Supervisor           Connections.
                                                  realized there are employees in every
     after several months of planning, the                                                    Roger Christensen, Van Buren Senior
                                                  building and office that are looked to by
     South Central District Work Life Cen-
                                                  their peers for answers to common and
     ter officially launched in January.
                                                  sometimes not so common questions.
     The purpose of the Work Life Center is       By taking steps to provide these indi-
     to promote greater understanding and         viduals with timely, useful information,
     increase support for employees and           they instantly become greater resources
     their families with relationship to avail-   both to employees and management.
     able benefits. Due to the District’s geog-   Training was held in mid-January to
     raphy – 13 rural counties – a practical,     help these individuals understand their
     accessible solution was necessary.           roles, introduce them to the Wiki and
                                                  get feedback on what tools they need to
     The group decided first to pursue an
                                                  be more effective, not just as mentors,
     online resource for information and
                                                  but also as employees.
     second to utilize the network of infor-

                                                                                                                                                                                     Cathy Morrison
     mal mentors already being looked to by       Still early in the process, Stehn is
     new and existing employees.                  excited about the opportunities this ap-
                                                  proach to a Work Life Center will open
     The online resource is a Wiki, or a con-                                                 Five South Central District Employees, as well as two from the Northeast
                                                  up in terms of making sure employees        District, were recognized during the Jan. 8 meeting of the Missouri
     stantly evolving web-based information
                                                  have good information available to          Highways and Transportation Commission for going above and beyond to
     management tool. Each department
                                                  them.                                       assist flood victims. Pictured at the meeting, front row, from left, were:
                                                                                              Van Buren Intermediate Maintenance Crew Worker Gene Swift, Van Buren
                                                                                              Maintenance Supervisor Roger Christensen and Keith Golian, Northeast
                                                                                              District. Second row: MoDOT Director Pete Rahn, Van Buren Senior
                                                                                              Maintenance Crew Workers Joey Dorris and Don Ricker, Winona Senior
     Quick Response on Interstate Leads                                                       Maintenance Crew Worker Tom Osborn and Thomas Ragland, Northeast
                                                                                              District. Back row: MHTC Commissioner Rudolph E. Farber, MHTC Vice
     to Safety Recognition for St. James                                                      Chairman James B. Anderson, MHTC Chairman Duane S. Michie and MHTC
                                                                                              Commissioners Grace M. Nichols, David A. Gach and Mike Kehoe.
     Incidents occur somewhere on In-             determined there was no risk of fire or     D9 Squarely Focused on Primary
     terstate 44 most every day. For the          explosion due to fuel spillage, the deci-
     MoDOT employees who work along               sion was made not to move the victim.
                                                                                              Safety Belt in ‘09
     the corridor, response is instinctive. On    Instead, remembering what he learned
                                                                                              The number one priority for the depart-    become a primary seat belt partner by
     Sept. 9, 2008, When St. James Mainte-        in First Aid/CPR training, he supported
                                                                                              ment – amending the seat belt law to       providing cards and pens to sign up on
     nance Crew Leader Lester “Pug” Hen-          the victim’s head and neck inside the
                                                                                              allow for primary enforcement– is          the spot.
     son and Senior Maintenance Worker            vehicle while Henson continued with
                                                                                              certainly a focus within the South Cen-
     Brian Adams saw a car veering off an         traffic control.                                                                       In addition, she made contacts with
                                                                                              tral District. Coordinator for the South
14   outer road and toward an interstate off                                                                                             civic organizations, scheduled pre-
                                                  Anyone who spends a day on the inter-       Central Region of the Missouri Coali-
     ramp, their experience and training                                                                                                 sentations, met with potential new
                                                  state knows how quickly one situation       tion for Roadway Safety Kelly Martin
     kicked in.                                                                                                                          coalition members outside the depart-
                                                  can cause another. Adams’ attention to      has been busy spreading the word about
                                                                                                                                         ment and developed plans for further
     As the vehicle passed, Adams and Hen-        the victim resulted in comforting him       the importance of this legislation and
                                                                                                                                         spreading the word.
     son could see the driver was slumped         and allowed for gathering of informa-       getting people on board as partners.
     over the wheel and knew he was head-         tion emergency responders needed to                                                    Martin said employees have been
                                                                                              Martin spent January traveling to safety
     ed for an impact with interstate traffic.    perform their work once they arrived                                                   identified as important advocates in the
                                                                                              meetings in order to speak face-to-face
     When that impact occurred, it was with       on the scene. Henson’s efforts to restore                                              effort to inform the public of the need
                                                                                              with employees about the need for pri-
     the rear axle of a tractor-trailer truck.    normal traffic flow were instrumental                                                  for this legislation. As a means of main-
                                                                                              mary enforcement. She shared statistics,
                                                  in reducing the risk of secondary ac-                                                  taining momentum, ARRIVE ALIVE
     Adams and Henson quickly responded                                                       gave examples and made it easy to
                                                  cidents.                                                                               Wednesdays will be observed with
     by tending to the victim, contacting
                                                                                                                                         small incentives awarded along the way
     911 and clearing the road of debris          Both gentlemen were presented with
                                                                                                                                             to those who participate. In addi-
     while providing traffic control in           certificates of appreciation for their
                                                                                                                                                 tion, a special competition will
     an effort to prevent additional inci-        actions during a recognition event at
                                                                                                                                                   be held that culminates with
     dents. According to Adams, once they         the St. James Maintenance Facility on
                                                                                                                                                     a management team concert
                                                  Jan. 30.
                                                                                                                                                      at the February employee
       for more info                                                                                                                                  appreciation events.
            Community Relations Manager           Ann Marie Newberry
            Phone                                 417.469.6203
            910 Old Springfield Road
            P.O. Box 220
            Willow Springs, MO 65793

     February 2009                                                                                                                                               Connections
Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

                                                                                                                                    D10 Responds to
                                                                                                                                    Icy Winter Road
                                                                                                                                    With the winter months, comes winter
         Southeast                                                                                                                  weather—ice, to be specific in District
                                                                                                                                    10. The Southeast recently had a shot of
                                                                                                                                    icy winter weather, causing many roads
Southeast District Reaches Out to Area Youth                                                                                        to become slick. MoDOT crews across

21 Southeast Schools Complete Battle of the Belt Challenge                                                                          our District went above and beyond to
                                                                                                                                    keep roadways as clear and safe as pos-
                                                                                                                                    sible for the public. One family was so
With teen seat belt rates below aver-    trict 10 are wearing their seat belts—an       District and Coalition are utilizing to     appreciative of our crews’ work, they
age in the Southeast District, reaching  alarming statistic.                            reach our young people in D10.”             stopped to say thank you...
our youth with the Buckle-Up message                                                    Battle of the Belt is a high school seat
                                        “We continue to have a huge challenge                                                     December 23, 2008
continues to be a top priority for the                                                  belt challenge where students develop
                                         ahead of us in District 10. We have                                                     “Some [MoDOT] workers were in salt
Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety.                                                 their own creative and unique ways of     trucks off the road going to Morehouse,
While a statewide survey                                                                        reaching their student bodies     Mo., where you turn to go to Highway
showed more teens are buck-                                                                     and communities with the im-      60. My daughter and I and my grand-
ling their seat belts than ever                                                                 portant life-saving message of    son were en route to New Madrid. We
before—62 percent in 2008,                                                                      Buckling Up to Arrive Alive.      turned on that road to go to Highway
compared to 58 percent in                                                                       As part of the program, stu-      60 and almost went in the ditch! The
2006—the number is still well                                                                   dents perform surprise seat belt work crew promptly got salt down, but
below the 76 percent usage rate                                                                 checks at their high school and   also was so kind in helping us. The
for all Missourians.                                                                            produce educational campaigns     MoDOT guys helped me back to the
Unfortunately, hundreds of Mis-                                                                 to reach their student bodies on  car, as I couldn’t get up hill with my
souri teens are killed or injured            been, and are continuing to work to                the importance of seat belt use.  bad knee. I’m sorry that I don’t know
every year in traffic crashes and a large    reach out to the young people in our                                                 who they were, but just wanted to thank
                                                                                        This year, 21 Southeast Schools com-
majority of those killed are not wear-       communities about the importance of                                                  them so much for the kindness they
                                                                                        pleted the 2008 Battle of the Belt chal-
ing a seat belt. To add to this dismal       seat belt use,” said Senior Community                                                showed.”
                                                                                        lenge, sponsored in part by the South-
fact, a recent survey showed that teens      Relations Specialist Belinda McMurry.      east Missouri Coalition for Roadway       Thanks,
in Southeast Missouri tend to use their     “We care about our teens, and we want       Safety. During the challenge, all but     Peggy Witthoft & Family
seat belt less than teens in other parts     to see them make good decisions when       two of the 21 schools saw a significant
of the state. According to these surveys,    they get behind the wheel. Battle of the   increase in seat belt usage among their
only about 40 percent of teens in Dis-       Belt is one of many avenues that our       student bodies.

D10 Safe & Sound Community Briefings in Full Swing
District 10 has been busy educating the     particularly the aggressiveness of the      tions about others who will be impact-      year. In order to complete these projects
public about the Safe & Sound Bridge        schedule.”                                  ed by the projects.                         more quickly and in a less expensive
Improvement Program with commu-                                                                                                     manner, most of the work will include
                                            Meyer explained that in addition to         These comments and suggestions help
nity briefings. But prior to each brief-                                                                                            road closures for six-week durations.
                                            comments about the project, the com-        District 10 in planning community
ing, District 10 visits with the County
                                            missioners also offer helpful sugges-       briefings and ensuring that the public      “I would not say that they welcome
Commission in each area to discuss the
                                                                                        stays informed.                             the inconvenience of a road closure,
Safe & Sound program
                                                                                                                                    but most people seem to be weighing
and, more specifically,                                                                         So far, District 10 is well on
                                                                                                                                    the impacts versus the benefit of the
the projects in 2009,                                                                           its way of meeting the goal to
                                                                                                                                    improved bridge,” said Meyer.
such as road closures                                                                           hold eight community briefings
and alternate routes.                                                                           by April 2009, with over half       Secondly, Meyer said that most of the
                                                                                                of the community briefings          property owners in these areas have
“I’ve been very
                                                                                                completed.                          been well aware that each of the bridges
impressed with the
                                                                                                                                                   in the program needs
tone of the comments
                                                                                                                                                   work, even before the
we’ve received during
                                                                                                                                                   announcement of the
these meetings with
                                                                                                                                                   Safe & Sound schedule.
the commissioners,”
said Project Manager                                                                                                                                With the Safe & Sound
Andy Meyer. “They                                                                                                                                   program well under
have been very sup-                                                                                                                                 way and other projects
portive of the program                                                                                                                              in Southeast Missouri
                          Project Manager Andy Meyer, far left, explains plans                                                                      scheduled to begin
and what we are
                          regarding one of the Safe & Sound bridges in St.
trying to accomplish—     Francois County.                                                                                                          in the next several
                                                                                                                                                    months, the summer
                                                                                                                                                    will be a busy time for
                                                                                        A Butler County property owner, right, has ques-
                                                                                                                                                    transportation improve-
                                                                                        tions for Transportation Project Designer Jeff Wa-
                                                                                        chter regarding detour routes.                              ments.

  for more info                                                                         The community briefings began by
                                                                                                                                                    “People are getting
       Community Relations Manager Nicole Thieret                                                                                   excited about the amount of work com-
                                                                                        focusing on the Southeast District’s 19     ing up this summer, and that’s a good
       Phone                       573.472.6632
       E-mail                                      quick start projects included in the pro-   thing because we’re delivering on our
                                                                                        gram. Construction on all of the quick      commitments,” said Meyer.
       2675 N. Main Street
       P.O. Box 160
                                                                                        start projects is expected to begin this
       Sikeston, MO 63801

February 2009                                                                                                                                               Connections
Connections                                                                                                          Missouri Department of Transportation
                                                                                                                     Community Relations
The mission of Connections
is to be a monthly source
                                                     &                                                               105 W. Capitol Avenue
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of Missouri Department of
                                  We would like to hear from you.
Transportation news and                                                                                              Return Service Requested
                                  Send comments and suggestions to
feature articles that con-
                                  Kristi Jamison, editor
nect employees statewide.
It is distributed to MoDOT
employees and retirees.
                                  Additional copies are available
Community Relations               upon request. Suggestions,
Missouri Department of            questions and comments are
Transportation                    always welcome.
P. O. Box 270
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Kristi Jamison
                                  Our mission is to provide a
Design Coordinator                world-class transportation
Dennis Forbis                     experience that delights our
                                  customers and promotes a
                                  prosperous Missouri.

Making It Click for                                                                                  Rate MoDOT Work Zones
                                                                                                     by Revee White
Young Drivers                                                                                        Think of the last time you traveled          tion information about the work zone
MoDOT Launches Teen Seat Belt Campaign                                                               through a work zone. Did you have            you would like to provide feedback on;
by Revee White                                                                                       enough warning that you were ap-             however, we welcome feedback with
                                                                                                     proaching a work zone? Were the signs        general location information as well.
Seat belts still aren’t clicking for    “Teens have a feeling of invincibility,”                     understandable and easy to see?              Immediate concerns will be given
Missouri teens. A 2008 teen seat belt    said Leanna Depue, highway safety di-
survey revealed only 62 percent of       rector. “They think tragedy won’t strike
Missouri teens wear their seat belts     them. But it can and it does.”
regularly. A teen seat belt educational
                                          In 2007, 185 people were killed and
campaign will launch in the spring
                                         17,247 were injured in traffic crashes in-
along with a period of focused law
                                         volving young drivers. In the last three
enforcement. Both are aimed at increas-
                                         years, nearly eight out of 10 teen ve-
ing the number of teens that regularly
                                         hicle occupants killed in traffic crashes
buckle up.
                                         were not wearing their seat belts.

                                                              The campaign will deliver the
                                                              cold, hard – often fatal – facts
                                                              to the teen population to remind
                                                              them that seat belts can – and do –
                                                              save lives.

                                                             Advertisements will run the
                                                             month of March on cable and
                                                             radio as well as on the Web at          For the first time ever, MoDOT is seek-      prompt attention and quarterly survey
                                                             popular teen sites.                     ing your feedback on our work zones.         results will be published in the MoDOT
                                                              Young drivers are inexperienced        A new customer survey is available on        TRACKER.
                                                              and easily distracted by text mes-     MoDOT’s homepage at www.modot.
                                                                                                                                                  “We want to know if you felt safe while
                                                              sages, friends, radio or other daily   org that allows you to provide feedback
                                                                                                                                                   traveling through our work zones,”
                                                              tasks. An accident can happen in       on specific work zones that you have
                                                                                                                                                   Pinkerton said. “And if you didn’t, we
                                                              an instant and take away a young       recently traveled.
                                                                                                                                                   want to do everything we can to make
                                                              life. The campaign is arming           Public input will provide important           sure your next experience feels much
                                                              teens with a lifeline – their safety   feedback on work zone safety, visibility      safer.”
                                                              belt.                                  and mobility. Customers will have an
                                                                                                                                                  Visit for a current list-
                                                                                                     opportunity to weigh in on advanced
                                                                                                                                                  ing of all work zones. Let us know how
                                                                                                     warning, speed limit, timeliness and
                                                                                                                                                  we’re doing so we can keep you and
                                                                                                                                                  other traveler’s safe and moving while
Safety Belt Use 2005-2007                                                                            “Safety of our workers and the traveling     we maintain our roads and bridges.
                                                                                                      public is our primary concern,” said
                                                                                                      Troy Pinkerton, traffic liaison engineer.
            80                                                                                       “Knowing our cus-
                                                                                                      tomers expectations
                                                                                                      helps us provide
                                                                                                      excellent customer
                                                                  Statewide Survey
                                                                                                      service and will
                                                                  Child Safety Seats
            20                                                                                        increase the safety of

                                                                  Commercial Motor Vehicles
                                                                                                      our work zones.”
                 2005      2006              2007
                                                                                                     Our Traveler In-
Although safety belt use rates have climbed slowly over the years,                                   formation Map is
nearly 70 percent of people who die in Missouri crashes are still not                                a great resource to
                                                                                                                                                                                        Cathy Morrison

wearing a safety belt. The number is even higher for teens. Of the
teen vehicle occupants who died in crashes between 2005-2007, 80                                     help you identify
percent were not wearing safety belts.                                                               more specific loca-

February 2009                                                                                                                                                            Connections

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