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					        POWER POINT
       Training Level: Basic to Intermediate

               Table of contents

 Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint 2007
        1.1 PowerPoint 2007 New Enhancements
   1.2 Help Menu, Viewing Modes, and new Functions

   Lesson 2: Design and Edit of a Presentation
           2.1 Creating and Editing new files
                  2.2 Managing slides
             2.3 Saving and Publishing files
              2.4 Printing and Slide setup

            Lesson 3: Creating Slides
                    3.1 Creating text
                   3.2 Outline mode
                   3.3 Formatting text
               3.4 Alignment and spacing
                   3.5 Adding bullets
       3.6 Creating numbered outlines and notes
             3.7 Formatting the background

Lesson 4: Adding Multimedia elements to the slides
                 4.1 Inserting pictures
                  4.2 Editing pictures
                   4.3 Adding ClipArt
                4.4 Adding Graphic Art
                  4.5 Adding WordArt
                 4.6 SmartArt Graphics
          4.7 Inserting Movies and Hyperlinks

      Lesson 5: Inserting Tables and Graphs
          5.1 Inserting and Formatting Tables
          5.2 Inserting and Formatting Graphs

Lesson 6: Animation Effects and Slide Transitions
                  6.1 Slide Animations
                6.2 Inserting Transitions
               6.3 Adding Action Buttons

         Lesson 7: Setting up Slide Show
               7.1 Setting up Slide shows
          7.2 Rehearsing the Timing of Shows
               7.3 Running a Slide show
               Lesson 8: Packaging Presentations
            8.1 Packaging a presentation and saving to a CD
                 8.2 Viewing a packaged presentation
             8.3 Saving Packaged presentations to the web

                    Powerpoint 2003
                       Table of contents

           Lesson 1: PowerPoint Overview

           Lesson 2: Creating Presentations

            Lesson 3: Working with Slides

           Lesson 4: Working with Outlines

              Lesson 5: Editing Slide Text

Lesson 6: Changing Presentation Colors and Background

            Lesson 7: Working with Shapes

           Lesson 8: Working with Graphics

    Lesson 9: Adding Tables, Charts, and Diagrams

           Lesson 10: Animating your Slides

         Lesson 11: Sharing your Presentation

           Lesson 12: Printing Presentation

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