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                   APRIL 2011
                         AN INTERNATIONAL PLAYER SINCE 1831

Trieste, Italy

                         more than   60 countries worldwide
                                                     70 million clients
                                 73 billion Euro of premiums
                                                                    85,000 employees

    release APRIL 2011                                                    GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                                    Among the leading insurers in Europe

                          A leading international asset manager with assets totalling more than € 400 billion

                          A unique real estate operator with a property portfolio worth more than € 24 billion

                                                                           THE GENERALI GROUP

                          The Generali Group is a leading player in the global insurance and financial markets. Established
                          in Trieste in 1831, today the Group is one of Europe’s largest insurance providers and the European
                          biggest Life insurer. It is also one of the world’s top asset managers with assets totalling more
                          than € 400 billion. With an employed sales force of more than 100,000 people serving 70 million
                          clients in more than 60 countries, the Group occupies a leadership position in Western Europe and
Florence, Italy           an increasingly important place in Eastern Europe and Asia.

                          The Group strategy aims to consolidate Generali’s pre-eminence on its key markets and achieve a
                          premier position on markets with high growth potential, establishing its leadership in profitability.

                                                                    AN INTERNATIONAL LEADER

                          The Generali Group is active all over the world. The Group is not only the market leader in Italy, but
                          also a primary player in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Israel and Argentina.
                          Generali is a strong player on markets offering high growth potential. In Central Eastern Europe,
                          in particular, thanks to the Generali PPF Joint Venture, it is one of the primary players. Generali
                          also has Joint Ventures in India and China, where, within a few years after its entrance, it has
                          already become one of the top foreign insurance providers.

                                                           2010 Gross Written Premiums: € 73 bln

                                                    By area                                                     By segment

                                        Other Countries    3.1%
                                29%                                   20.9%
                                Italy                                 France
                                                                                               69.8%                              30.2%
                                                                                                 Life                             Non-Life

                                  2.4%                                      Germany
                          South America
                                             Other Europe
                                                                               Market shares
                                                                               (As of 31 December 2009)

                                                                            8.7%      14.8%     17.3%


     release APRIL 2011                                                                                              GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                                 THE GROUP IN THE WORLD

                          Principal markets            Central Eastern                                                                         Other
                                                                                          Asia                   Americas
                            of operations                  Europe                                                                            countries
                         ITALY                      GENERALI PPF                CHINA                     ARGENTINA                    BELGIUM
                         Generali Italia            HOLDING                     Generali China            Caja de Ahorro y Seguro      Generali Belgium
                         Ina Assitalia              CZECH REPUBLIC              Insurance Company         Generali Corporate           Generali Employee
                         Alleanza Toro              Generali Pojistovna         Generali China Life       BRAZIL                       Benefits
                         Genertel - Genertel Life   Ceska Pojistovna            Insurance Company         Generali Brasil Seguros      NETHERLANDS
                         Fata                       Ceska Pojistovna ZDRAVI     HONG KONG                                              Generali
                         Banca Generali                                                                   MEXICO
                                                    CP Pension Fund             Hong Kong Branch          Seguros Banorte              Verzekeringsgroep
                         Genagricola                                                                                                   Part. Maat. Graafschap
                                                    HUNGARY                     THAILAND                  Generali
                         GERMANY                    Generali Providencia        Generali Thailand Life    Pensiones Banorte            Holland (Holding)
Paris, France            Generali Deutschland       Biztosito                   Assurance                 Generali                     GREECE
                         Holding                    Európai Utazási Biztosito   Generali Thailand         Afore Banorte Generali       Generali Hellas
                         Generali Versicherungen    Genertel Biztosito          Insurance
                         Aachen Münchener                                                                 USA                          UNITED KINGDOM
                         CosmosDirekt               SLOVAKIA                    PHILIPPINES               Generali USA Life            United Kingdom Branch
                         Dialog                     Generali Slovensko          Generali Pilipinas Life   Reassurance                  PORTUGAL
                         Generali Deutschland       Poistovna                   Insurance                 U.S. Branch                  Generali Vida
                         Pensionskasse              SLOVENIA                    Generali Pilipinas        Generali U.S. Holdings       Portugal Branch
                         Generali Deutschland       Generali Zavarovalnica      Insurance                 GUATEMALA                    TURKEY
                         Pensionsfonds              CROATIA                     INDIA                     Aseguradora General          Generali Sigorta
                         Central                    Generali Osiguranje         Future Generali India     ECUADOR
                         ENVIVAS                                                Life Insurance                                         GUERNSEY
                                                    BULGARIA                                              Generali Ecuador             Generali Worldwide
                         Advocard                                               Future Generali India
                         Badenia Bausparkasse       Generali Life Insurance     Insurance                 COLOMBIA                     Insurance
                                                    Generali Insurance                                    Generali Colombia            IRELAND
                         FRANCE                     Generali Zakrila Health     JAPAN
                         Generali France                                        Japan Branch              PANAMA                       Generali PanEurope
                                                    Insurance                                             Panama Branch
                         Europ Assistance                                       VIETNAM
                         Generali Vie               RUSSIA
                                                    Generali PPF Russia         Generali Vietnam Life
                         Generali Iard
                         L'Equité                   Generali PPF Pension        INDONESIA
                         Européenne de              Fund                        PT Asuransi Jiwa
                         Protection Jur. (EPJ)      POLAND                      Generali Indonesia

                         SPAIN                      Generali PTE                UNITED ARAB
                         Generali España Holding    Generali Zycie              EMIRATES
                         Generali Seguros           Generali Towarzystwo        UAE Branch
                         Cajamar Vida               ROMANIA
                         Cajamar Seguros            Generali Asigurari
                         Generales                  ARDAF
                         SWITZERLAND                Generali Fondi de Penzii
                         Generali (Schweiz)
                         Holding                    SERBIA
                         Generali                   Delta Generali
                         Personenversicherungen     Osiguranje
                         Generali Allgemeine        Delta Generali Pension
                         Versicherungen             Fund
                         Fortuna Rechtsschutz       MONTENEGRO
                         Fortuna                    Delta Generali
                         Lebensversicherung         Osiguranje
                         BSI Banca Svizzera         UKRAINE
                         Italiana                   Generali Life Insurance

                         AUSTRIA                    BELARUS
                         Generali Holding Vienna    Generali Foreign
                         Generali Versicherung      Insurance
                         Generali                   KAZAKHSTAN
                         Rückversicherung           JSC Generali Life
                         BAWAG P.S.K.
                         Europäische                                            LEGEND
                         Reiseversicherung                                      Company operating in both Life and Non-life segments
                         Generali Bank                                          Company operating mostly in Non-life segment
                         ISRAEL                                                 Company operating mostly in Life segment
                         Migdal Insurance &                                     Holding
                         Financial Holding                                      Branch and other activities
                         Migdal Insurance                                       Asset Management company

    release APRIL 2011                                                                                                        GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                           THE FIVE MAJOR MARKETS
                                                Italy                                                Germany
                                            (since 1831)                                           (since 1837)
                            Leader in Life sector.                                  2nd insurance provider, 8.7% market share*.
                            1st insurance provider, 17.3% market share*.            Leading player in direct channel and main
                            More than 10 million clients.                           provider of “Riester” pension plans, unit-linked
                            Premium income € 21.2 billion.                          products and “term-life” policies.
                            1st insurance provider for on line business in          More than 13 million clients.
                            Life, Non-Life and private Pensions.                    Premium income € 16.8 billion.
                                                                                    Multi-brand and multi-channel strategy based
                                                                                    on three pillars: traditional distribution
                            1994: launch of Genertel, the first online
                                                                                    channels, DVAG financial advisors, COSMOS
                            Non-Life insurance provider in Italy.
Prague, Czech Rep.                                                                  Direkt direct channel.
                            1998: creation of Banca Generali.
                            2000: acquisition of INA Assitalia.                     Recently
                            2006: acquisition of Toro.                              1998: acquisition of the AMB Group.
                            2009: merger of Toro and Alleanza and                   2009: establishment of the Generali Deutschland
                            launch of GenertelLife, the first online Life           Holding for all operations in Germany; imple-
                            insurance provider in Italy.                            mentation of the merger between Generali
                                                                                    Versicherungen and Volksfürsorge.

                                       Spain                             France                     Central Eastern Europe
                                   (since 1834)                       (since 1832)                       (since 1832)
                            Among the leading insurers          2nd insurance provider*, 7.7%        More than 10 million clients.
                            with a 4.3% market share*.          market share.                        Premium income € 4 billion.
                            More than 2 million clients.        More than 5.5 million clients.       Present in 14 countries.
                            Premium income € 2.3 billion.       Premium income € 15.3 billion.
                                                                Leader in online Life business;
                            Recently                                                                 1989: start-up of local expan-
                                                                first insurer to test retail
                            1992: establishment of Generali                                          sion plan.
                                                                Non-Life channel.
                            España Holding as an equally                                             2008: creation of Generali PPF
                            owned JV with Banco Central         Recently                             Holding, a JV combining
                            Hispano.                            1995: establishment of Generali      insurance operations in CEE
                            1995: acquisition of full control   France Holding.                      carried out by Generali and
                            of the Holding.                     2003: acquisition of Continent       the global financial group
                            2004: creation of Cajamar Vida      Holding.                             PPF.
                            through a bancassurance             2006: merger of the various
                            agreement with Cajamar (900         companies (approximately 20)
                            agencies).                          into 2 operating companies,
                            2009: creation of Generali          Generali IARD and Generali Vie.
                            España, start of the merger
                            between Vitalicio and Estrella.
                                                                    * As of 31 December 2009

       release APRIL 2011                                                                                 GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                   …AND THE REST OF THE WORLD

                                           South America                                                  Asia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
                           Operating in 7 countries: Argentina, Mexico, Brazil,    Present in 8 Countries: China, India, Thailand,
                           Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador and Colombia.                Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and
                           Solid presence dating back to 1925 when the first       Vietnam.
                           local agency opened, in Brazil.                         A strategic area for the Group given low insurance
                                                                                   penetration levels, high savings rates and strong
                                                                                   economic outlook.
                           1994: start of Generali Argentina.
                           1998: in Argentina, acquisition of controlling          Recently
                           stake in La Caja, the leading market player.            2002: in China, start-up of Life operations with
                           1998: in Mexico, start-up of insurance product          China National Petroleum Corporation.
                           sales through the bancassurance channel.                2005: in China, stipulation of a record-breaking
                                                                                   pension plan covering 390,000 CNPC employees.
                                              Argentina                            2006: in China, expansion of operations into the
                           Market leader with a 8.6% share1.                       Non-Life segment.
                           Premium income exceeding € 610 million.                 2007: in India, start-up of operations through a
                           Operates through two main companies: Generali           JV with Future Group.
                           Argentina and La Caja.                                  2009: closure of an agreement to operate in the
                                                                                   Asset Management industry in China.
                                                 Brazil                            2010: entrance in Vietnam.
                           Today it operates in 8 Confederation’s States.
                           Strategic market due to its potential of                                      China
                           expansion: +6.7% premium income in 2009.                Among the leading foreign groups in terms of
                                                                                   premiums, with a market share of 13% among
                                                                                   Life providers controlled by foreign companies2.
                                                                                   Active in 10 cities with a sales force of more than
                                                                                   6,000 agents and 800 financial advisors.
                                                                                   The Chinese authorities have chosen the Group
                                                                                   as the advisor on pension plans for former State
                                               Israel                              employees.
                                                                                   Business partner: China National Petroleum
                                           (since 1934)                            Corporation (CNPC), 10th in the Fortune Global
                           1st Life insurance provider with a market               500, employs more than 1.6 million people.
                           share of 32%.
                           More than 1.7 million clients.
                                                                                   Widespread presence with more than 50,000
                           Premium income € 1.7 bln.
                                                                                   agents and 3,400 financial advisors.
                           Beyond Life and Non-Life insurance operations,
                                                                                   Launch of “Mall Assurance”, an innovative
                           Generali-owned company Migdal is one of the
                                                                                   insurance marketing method at Future sales
                           leading companies in asset management and
                           private equity markets.
                                                                                   Business partner: Future Group, India’s leading
                           Recently                                                mass retailer.
                           1997: Migdal’s IPO at the Tel Aviv stock exchange                        2 As of 30 June 2010.
                           and acquisition of the controlling stake by Generali.
                           2004: Migdal, through some strategic
                           acquisitions, becomes the 2nd player in the
                           local pension funds market.
                                          1 As of 31 December 2009.
      release APRIL 2011                                                                                    GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                THE GEOGRAPHICAL STRATEGY:
                               MATURE VS. EMERGING MARKETS

                            WELL-ESTABLISHED MARKETS                                 DEVELOPING MARKETS

Beijing, China

                                                            EXPORT THE BEST PRACTICES
                                                            AND SUSTAIN THE DEVELOPMENT

                                                                  Main focus on:

                                         Profitability                                         Growth
                          Focus on efficiency and technical profitability    Grow also externally and through Joint
                                                                             Ventures with local entities

                          Improve quality of distribution network and        Set up “green field” business operations in
                          customer service                                   selected areas

                          Grow in the online channel                         Tap into the needs of younger social
                                                                             environments, leveraging also the new
                                                                             distribution channel

                          Launch products that best cater to the             Explore and carry out direct channel operations
                          insurance needs of a modern society

     release APRIL 2011                                                                             GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                         THE DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY
                             In the insurance field, the Generali Group deploys a multi-channel, multi-brand distribution
                             strategy in every market where it operates. Its core customer targets are the retail segment and
                             the small-medium businesses.

                                   The group’s own sales network employs more than 100,000 people

                                                                  Agents: 3,400
Mogliano Veneto, Italy                                            Salaried salesforce: 4,200 - Financial advisors: 2,300
                                                                  1st in the Direct channel

                                                                  Agents: 3,400
                                 Germany                          Salaried salesforce: 3,600 - Financial advisors: more than 35,000
                                                                  1st in the Direct channel

                                                                  Agents: more than 1,000
                                                                  Salaried salesforce: 2,000 - Financial advisors: more than 2,000
                                                                  1st in the Direct Life

                                 Spain                            Agents: 7,500

                                 Central Eastern Europe           Agents: 30,400 - Financial advisors: 4,600

                                                THE LEADING PLAYER IN THE DIRECT CHANNEL

                             The Generali Group is the Continental Europe’s leading provider of insurance products through
                             direct channels. In 1994, with the launch of Genertel, Generali created in Italy the first Non-Life
                             direct insurance service and, in 2009, by launching GenertelLife, the first Italian on line platform
                             offering Life, Non-Life and supplementary Pension products.
                             Generali has the leadership of the direct business both in Germany, through CosmosDirekt, the
                             leading provider of Life and Non-Life products via the web and telephone, and in France, through
                             Generali France, the leader in online Life covers. In Hungary, was formed two years
                             ago and has already become the leader on the local direct market, with a focus on motor covers.

        release APRIL 2011                                                                                      GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                                               THE BUSINESS
                                                            THE CORE BUSINESS: INSURANCE

                         In its core insurance business, the Generali Group is primarily focused on the life segment, in
                         which it remains the European leader.

                         Its product line in the life segment consists mainly of saving and protection policies, which account
                         for the majority of the portfolio, alongside unit-linked and supplementary pension policies.

                         In the non-life segment, the Group is primarily focused on the retail market, on which it provides
                         coverage of the entire insurance portfolio.
Milan, Italy
                         In addition, Generali is among the world’s major players in the field of assistance, through the
                         Europ Assistance Group, which provides worldwide services in the motor, travel, health, home and
                         family segments.

                                                              COMPLEMENTARY OPERATIONS

                                     Generali Investments                                         Generali Immobiliare
                          An asset manager heading the Generali Group’s                A lead company established to develop and coordinate
                          investment management companies around the world.            real estate operations for the entire Generali Group.
                          € 400 billion of assets under management.                    The Group’s real estate assets worth approximately € 24.8
                          Different centres are in charge of the investment            billion are located mainly in Italy (40%), France (20%),
                          transactions for different asset classes: fixed income       Germany (17%). The portfolio consists of office properties
                          in Trieste, equity in Paris, research in Cologne.            (74%), residential properties (8%) and other real estate
                          Generali Investments coordinates captive asset               (hotels, logistics, mixed).
                          management operations (segregated funds and                  Through Generali Immobiliare Italia Sgr, one of
                          pension funds) as well as third-party operations             the leading real estate operator in Italy, it runs four
                          (investment funds and SICAV open-end collective              real estate funds with total assets amounting
                          investment schemes).                                         to € 3,2 billion.

                                                               BEYOND THE CORE BUSINESS

                                          Banca Generali                                                         BSI
                          Banca Generali was established in 1998 for integrated        BSI SA is Canton Ticino’s oldest bank. Established in
                          distribution of financial, bank and insurance products,      1873 in Lugano with the name ‘Banca della Svizzera
                          through a network of financial advisors.                     Italiana’, today it specialises in wealth management
                          With net inflows of € 1.3 bln in 2010 and administered       and services for private clients and external asset
                          assets for € 23.6 billion, the Group is one of the primary   managers. The bank joined the Generali Group in 1998.
                          players in this field in Italy.                              BSI is one of the top players on the Swiss wealth
                                                                                       management market, with assets under management
                                                                                       of more than € 61 billion in 2010.
                                                                                       In 2010, BSI invested in development on markets with
                                                                                       high growth potential, in particular in Asia through the
                                                                                       offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    release APRIL 2011                                                                                              GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                                RECENT DEVELOPMENTS
                                                                                                           Minority buy-out of
                                                                                                           Alleanza and launch
                                                                                                            of Alleanza - Toro
                                                                      Banca del Gottardo                           (Italy)
                                                                                                            Purchase of a 30%
                                                                              Bawag JV                     stake in Guotai AMC
                                                                              (Austria)                           (China)
                                                                                                            First step in the
                                                                                                          United Arab Emirates
Bucharest, Romania                                               (Italy)                                                          First step in
                                                                                               Prize for the
                                                                 Orel                                                               Vietnam
                                                                                          best deal of the year
                                                                                             in the emerging
                                                                                                                                   €1.2 bln
                                                               Garant                           markets*
                                                                                                                              of investments in
                                                                                                                                  real estate
                                    Cajamar JV                 Libertas                   Generali PPF JV
                                      (Spain)                  (Croatia)                  (Czech Republic)
                                                          Delta Osiguranje                    Ardaf e RAI
                                                              (Serbia)                        (Romania)
                                                        Future Generali JV                Generali Belarus
                                                              (India)                        (Belarus)

                                                                  64.5            66.2
           Aggregate gross                           62.8
           premiums (€ billion)          55.7

                                         2004        2005         2006            2007             2008            2009

                                            Alleanza - Toro                                                       Guotai AMC
                            The goals planned for the merger of Alleanza                       Guotai AMC was the first company in China to be granted
                            Assicurazioni and Toro Assicurazioni for this                      the licence for the asset management activity in 1998.
                            year – expanding the products available to the sales               A company authorized to manage all asset classes,
                            network and achieving cost synergies – were reached                among which the funds of the new Chinese supplementary
                            in 2010.                                                           pension system.
                            Since October 2009, when the new company Alleanza                  By means of this operation, Generali will be able to
                            Toro became effective, the Alleanza network placed                 expand its offer in China to the pension plans for
                            over 63 thousands non-life policies, specifically related          employees.
                            to accident, health and household covers, and the Toro
                            network recorded a significant increase in the life
                            segment, with high value-added products.

                                                                         * Assigned by “Acquisitions Monthly”.

       release APRIL 2011                                                                                                  GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                                                      KEY FIGURES
                                                                 GROUP’S KEY FIGURES (€ MLN)
                                                                                                                                  2009                   2010

                        Gross Written Premiums                                                                                    70,530                73,188
                        Change*                                                                                                   +6.2%                 +2.8%
                        Life Premiums                                                                                             48,894                51,098
                        Change*                                                                                                   +9.5%                 +3.6%
                        P&C Premiums                                                                                              21,636                22,090
                        Change*                                                                                                    -0.5%                +1.1%
                        Annual Premium Equivalent                                                                                   5,188                5,333
                        Expense ratio                                                                                             15.4%                 15.3%
Rome, Italy             Combined ratio                                                                                            98.3%                 98.8%
                        Net result of the period                                                                                    1,309                1,702
                                                                                 * On a like-for-like basis.

                                                                      KEY EQUITY DATA (€ MLN)
                                                                                             31 December 2009             31 December 2010             Change

                        Insurance provisions*                                                     315,421                        339,222                 +7.5%
                        Investments                                                               349,752                        372,074                 +6.4%
                        Shareholders’ equity, at book value                                        16,652                         17,490                   +5%
                                                     * Taking into account financial liabilities related to policies of the life segment.

                                                                             CASH DIVIDEND (€)

                                                                                   0.75         0.90
                                                      0.33     0.43     0.54

                                                                                                                          0.35       0.45**
                                                    2003                                                  0.15*

                                          * Dividend for FY 2008 implied also a free share distribution, corresponding to 1 share every 25 held.
                                                                                       ** Proposed.

                                                 THE GROUP’S DEVELOPMENT: 2002 TO PRESENT

                                                                               Combined Ratio (%) Normalised RoEV (%)                         Net profit (€ mln)


                                                                                                                                 10.6%                       1,702

                         Group performance has strongly                                                             9.2
                         improved since December 31,
                                                                                                                                            (Italian GAAP)
                         Group results will continue to
                                                                                   2002          2010              2002          2010                        2010
                         benefit from the combined                             (Italian GAAP)                  (Italian GAAP)
                         effect of local initiatives and
                         Group’s plans.

   release APRIL 2011                                                                                                                   GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                                       FINANCIAL STRENGTH

                         Since its establishment, the Generali Group has always held a reputation for its capital and
                         financial strength. Its solidity derives from prudent investment management and a focus on
                         achieving a correct match between risk and medium/long-term profitability.

                                   Investments’ breakdown as of 31 December 2010 (total € 322 bln)*
Venice, Italy

                                                                       8.5%         7.5%
                                                                     Equity 4       Other investments 1
                                                   Real Estate 3

                                                                                                                     Fixed Income 2

                                                  Government securities account for 55.9% of the bond portfolio.
                                                  High-quality corporate bonds, 80.7% with a ≥ A rating.
                                                  Limited net exposure to structured finance: € 1 billion.

                                                    * Own investments, excluding unit/index linked investments and third-party assets.

                            1 Including investments in non-consolidated subsidiaries, derivatives, receivables from banks or customers, cash and cash equivalent.
                         2 Including quoted and unquoted bonds, loans including deposits under reinsurance business accepted, term deposits with credit institutions.
                                                                              3 Excluding own used properties.
                                                            4 Including quoted and unquoted equities and alternative investments.

                                        GENERALI’S RATINGS ASSIGNED BY THE PRIMARY AGENCIES
                                                                                     Rating Financial Strength                             Outlook

                         Standard&Poor's                                                        AA-                                         Stable
                         Moody's                                                                Aa3                                         Stable
                         Fitch Ibca                                                             AA-                                         Stable
                         AM Best                                                                 A+                                         Stable

    release APRIL 2011                                                                                                              GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                 CAPITAL AND SHAREHOLDERS

                                                           KEY CORPORATE DATA

                         Subscribed and paid-up company capital                           € 1,556,873,283.00

Madrid, Spain            Number of shares                                                   1,556,873,283

                         Per-share par value                                                      €1

                         2010 proposed dividend                                            € 0.45 per share

                                                           Shareholder structure

                                                                       Mediobanca Group

                                                                                  Bank of Italy
                                                                                      Blackrock Group
                                                                                        B&D Holding Group
                                                                                         Caltagirone Group
                                                 70.26%                              2.02%
                                Other institutional and                              Petr Kellner
                                        retail investors

    release APRIL 2011                                                                       GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                             CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

                           As one of the leading players in the global insurance and financial services industry, the Generali
                           Group is a focus of interest for the expectations of a broad range of stakeholders: employees,
                           shareholders and investors, clients, issuers, institutions and local communities.

                           The Generali sustainability strategy has four main priorities:

                           To pursue lasting sustainable growth.

Cologne, Germany           To enhance the capabilities of the people who work in the Group.

                           To support the communities in which the Group operates by taking part in social, cultural and
                           sports initiatives.

                           To reduce direct and indirect environmental impacts.

                           In 2010, Global Value Added - the wealth generated for stakeholders by Group activities - amounted
                           to € 13.6 billion.

                                                                GVA’s distribution in 2010

                                                         Lenders (€ 1,237 mln)   7.4%
                                                             6.4%                Company (€ 1,003 mln)
                                           Government (€ 869 mln)                           7.4%
                                                                                            Shareholders (€ 1,015 mln)

                                                                                                    Employees (€ 4,144 mln)

                                     Agents and advisors (€ 5,318 mln)
                                                                                     Community (€ 46 mln)

                                                    Generali is included in the ethical indexes:
                                                    ASPI Eurozone
                                                    ECPI Ethical Index Euro & Global
                                                    FTSE 4Good Europe & Global Indexes
                                                    FTSE ECPI Italia SRI

      release APRIL 2011                                                                                  GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE
                                                                                                   STATUTORY BODIES


                                                                                                                                  Gabriele Galateri di Genola


Manila, Philippines
                                                                  Vincent Bolloré / Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone / Alberto Nicola Nagel

                                                                                                                                MANAGING DIRECTORS

                                                                                               Giovanni Perissinotto (Group CEO) / Sergio Balbinot


                                                Cesare Calari / Carlo Carraro / Diego Della Valle / Petr Kellner / Angelo Miglietta* /
                                                        Alessandro Pedersoli / Lorenzo Pellicioli* / Reinfried Pohl / Paola Sapienza /
                                                                                              Paolo Scaroni / Francesco Saverio Vinci
                            * An asterisk marks the names of those Directors who, together with the Chairman, the Vice-Chairmen and the CEOs, form the Executive Committee

                                                                                                                                   BOARD OF AUDITORS

                                                                                                                  Eugenio Colucci (Chairman)
                                                                                Gaetano Terrin / Giuseppe Alessio Verni (permanent Auditors)
                                                                                              Maurizio Dattilo / Michele Paolillo (Substitutes)

                                                                                                                                  GENERAL MANAGERS

                                                                                                                       Raffaele Agrusti* / Paolo Vagnone
                                                                                                                                                  * Chief Financial Officer

                                                                                                                   DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGERS

                                                                      Attilio Invernizzi / Andrea Mencattini / Aldo Minucci / Valter Trevisani

       release APRIL 2011                                                                                                              GENERALI GROUP PRESS OFFICE

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