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    There are only a handful of brands        Dior frames to choose from, each one
    that can truly evoke a sense of           catering to the diverse tastes of UK’s
    glamour and grandeur, and one of          eyeglass-wearing crowd.
    these is Dior. The French fashion
    house was established in December         Those who wish to sport a classy look
    1946, and its namesake designer           that is perfectly suitable for both
    Christian Dior launched his first         daytime and evening engagements
    fashion collection in the spring of the   can avail of simple yet elegant Dior
    following year. This first collection     frames in rectangular or oval shapes.
    was eventually dubbed as “The New         These understated frames also come
    Look”, jumpstarting Dior’s blazing        in full rims, half rims, or even rimless
    career in the fashion arena.              types and muted colours like black,
                                              silver, and brown. On the other hand,
                                              those who wish for bolder styles can
                                              don any of the brand’s high fashion
                                              pieces, including oversized or aviator-
                                              style frames that can give the wearer
    The fashion house has since then          either a cultured or hipster vibe.
    extended into the realm of
    fragrances, cosmetics, and other
    luxury goods. Its latest venture into
    eyewear by all means still carries the
    distinctive style and luxury associated
    with the brand.                           Dior glasses online also come with a
    Fans of the brand in London, UK and       variety of lens options. More mature
    the world over can easily get their       populations who only need assistance
    hands on a pair of stunningly crafted     with minor tasks like reading can avail
    spectacles by visiting trusted UK         of reading lenses. Those who need to
    optical shops as well as by ordering      constantly wear glasses for vision
    Dior glasses online. Reputable            correction can choose between single
    eyeglasses distributors on the            vision and bifocal lenses. If the user’s
    Internet showcase a large number of       vision needs are more advanced,
however, varifocals are a better          coatings can help protect lenses from
choice. This kind of lens has three       the wear and tear of daily use. Users
areas for distance, intermediate, and     can also stop being concerned about
near vision correction. What’s more,      the dangers of glare, since anti-glare
the boundaries between these areas        coatings can help maximise vision
are not visible, unlike that of bifocal   correction and comfort. Lastly, UV
lenses. The brand’s spectacles can        coatings can be placed on the lenses
hold any type of lens, effectively        to protect the user’s eyes from the
furnishing any eyeglass-wearer’s style    harmful rays of the sun.
and vision correction needs.              Dior spectacles are a worthwhile
                                          investment, not only because they
Purchasing a pair of Dior glasses         deliver impeccable style, but also
online also gives buyers a myriad of      because      of    their    incredible
protective options for their lenses as    functionality. Dior glasses can be
well as their eyes. Those who use         purchased at stores all over London,
spectacles regularly need not worry       UK as well as through reputable
about handling their glasses like it      shops online.
was a fragile thing; scratch-resistant

Sleek, sexy, sultry — these are some      are not exempt from the captivating
of the words that come to mind when       style of Jimmy Choo: The much-loved
people hear the words “Jimmy              Princess Diana was a fan of the
Choo”. Many celebrities swear by the      brand’s footwear. However, while the
brand’s sophisticated and stylish         brand may be best known for its
products — socialites, Hollywood A-       trendy heels and gorgeous little
listers, and other celebrities have       clutches, Jimmy Choo also offers
been spotted time and time again          practical and highly functional fashion
sporting the brand’s fashionable          pieces that can make you feel sleek,
shoes and handbags. Even UK royalty       sexy, and sultry every single day. One

useful yet stylish accessory that the
brand offers is prescription glasses.     Jimmy Choo glasses are available in a
                                          number of designs that cater to the
                                          varying tastes of the spectacles-
                                          sporting population of UK. With a pair
                                          of oval or rectangular black frames by
                                          Jimmy Choo, you can be a model of
                                          understated elegance while exuding a
                                          sexy librarian vibe. Fashion mavens
It may seem a little unnatural to put
                                          with an inclination towards bolder
the       words      “stylish”     and
                                          styles can choose oversized frames in
“prescription” together, but a pair of
                                          Havana brown or gold, with silver,
Jimmy Choo glasses effectively mixes
                                          gold, or jewel accents. Those who like
both, producing impeccable frames
                                          the sensuality associated with beasts
and designs that deliver both the
                                          of the wild can avail of Jimmy Choo
eyeglass-wearer’s fashion and vision
                                          spectacles with snake or leopard skin
needs. With a pair of Jimmy Choo
                                          patterns on the frames.
spectacles, you can get out of the
house feeling just as sexy as Carrie
                                          And while Jimmy Choo frames are
Bradshaw does when she’s strutting
                                          indeed stylish, they offer practical
the streets of New York in a pair of
                                          functionality as well. The brand’s
Choos. And just as the brand’s shoes
                                          glasses can house whatever type of
make women sexier and more
                                          lenses that a user needs, whether it’s
confident by adding some height, so
                                          simple reading lenses or varifocals for
do Jimmy Choo glasses — with stylish
                                          eyeglass-wearers       with      more
spectacles like these, you’ll be facing
                                          advanced vision requirements. In
the world with your chin up and
                                          addition, lenses can be given various
looking down through your sultry
                                          coatings to protect the eyes of the
Jimmy Choo frames. With your head
                                          wearer as well as prolong the life of
held up high like that, wearing a pair
                                          the lenses. Such coatings include
of glasses by Jimmy Choo for your
                                          scratch-resistant, anti-glare, and UV
eyes will certainly make you look
taller as a result.

So did you really think that the words    Jimmy Choo glasses; you’ll see that
“stylish” and “prescription” do not go    fashion and function go perfectly
together? Go to the nearest London        hand-in-hand.
optical shop and get yourself a pair of

                                          London, UK’s spectacles-sporting
                                          crowd. Younger individuals who like
                                          to push the envelope when it comes
                                          to fashion will be delighted with the
                                          brand’s acetate and steel frames that
When you hear the words “Mont             can come in rectangular, rounded, or
Blanc”, the first thing you probably      oval shapes. Those who wish to
thought of are high-end writing           exude a hipster vibe can avail of
instruments that can only be seen in      oversized frames in dark colours,
the offices of highly successful          while youthful standouts will be most
entrepreneurs and powerful CEOs.          comfortable with bright-coloured
What most people are unaware of,          tortoise shell frames that are
however, is that the brand is not         anything but inconspicuous.
limited to providing top quality
ballpoint pens; the brand has             On the other hand, more mature
extended its distinctive style and        eyeglass-wearers       who      need
faultless   quality    to    watches,     spectacles that can easily be worn
jewellery, leather goods, and             from day to night can choose among
fragrances as well. Eyeglasses are        the many modest yet elegant designs
also included in Mont Blanc’s latest      that the brand offers. These low-key
venture into the world of accessories.    Mont Blanc glasses come in gold,
                                          silver, or black frames with contours
Mont Blanc glasses come in an array       that are designed to complement any
of designs, shapes, and colours to        face shape and only bring out one’s
cater to the vast style preferences of    best features.

Mont Blanc glasses, like the brand’s      treatments to help preserve the life
famous writing tools, are just as         of the lenses as well as protect the
functional as they are beautiful. The     eyes of the user. Scratch-resistant
frames can hold a variety of lens         coatings help minimise the damaging
types, whether they are for simple        effects of daily use, while anti-glare
reading purposes or for more              and UV coatings keep vision clearer
complex vision needs. Users who           and protect the eyes from the sun’s
need to wear glasses constantly but       harmful rays.
have no other vision problems can
avail of single vision lenses that
provide correction for any distance.
More mature users can also avail of
varifocals, a type of lens with three
different sections that provide
distance, intermediate, and near          Mont Blanc is a brand that has
vision correction. Varifocals offer a     delivered quality products all
more suitable alternative to bifocal      throughout the years. To own an
lenses since they do not have visible     accessory that is both functional and
borders delineating the three             stylish, look no further than Mont
sections. Bifocals have these visible     Blanc’s latest eyewear collection.
borders, and thus make the wearer         Mont Blanc glasses can be purchased
look much older.                          from shops in the UK as well as
                                          through reputable online stores.
The lenses used for Mont Blanc
glasses can also be given a variety of

There is nothing quite like the sparkle   be standing in the middle of a
of crystal that can catch anyone’s        crowded street, surrounded by so
attention at any given time. You can      many people coming and going, but
when that flash of light appears, you       brand. These frames come in
know you won’t be able to help it—          rectangular or rounded shapes that
you will turn your head and look.           can effectively complement any kind
Swarovski, the most well-known              of face shape. Simple Swarovski
provider of cut crystal in the world,       glasses, however, are anything but
perfectly captures the captivating          simple — frames come in luxurious
beauty of crystal, imbibing its delicate    gold       or      silver    metal.
loveliness into all their products, be it
figurines, bracelets, rings, watches, or
necklaces. What’s really remarkable
about the company’s dedication to
the beauty of crystal, however, is that
they have managed to incorporate it
into even the most unlikely of things,
effectively     transcending       long-    Those who are more daring, on the
standing notions about style and            other hand, are given a large number
luxury. These days you can find             of fashion-savvy pieces to choose
stunning Swarovski crystals in              from. Those who like to wear glasses
perfectly     practical     items    like   in bold colours can choose among a
eyeglasses.                                 number of plastic frames in violet,
                                            white, tortoise shell, or even pink.
London fans of Swarovski’s delicate         Those who like unusual styles can opt
yet extravagant style can easily get a      for rimless spectacles whose violet or
pair of the brand’s spectacles by           pink lenses have been given angular
ordering Swarovski prescription             cuts reminiscent of a crystal’s shape.
glasses online. Reputable eyewear           Eyeglass-wearers who are brave
shops on the Internet offer a myriad        enough to sport unusual detailing can
of frames to suit the various style         wear Swarovski Abstract, frames with
preferences of the eyeglass-wearing         cut-through designs on the sides.
population in the UK. Those who             Naturally, fans of Swarovski will want
understandably         wish        for      crystals in their spectacles, and those
sophistication can choose one of the        who wish for that sparkle need only
minimally adorned frames of the
check out the wide range of choices       hydrophobic        coatings.        The
for Swarovski prescription glasses        functionality of Swarovski crystals can
online.                                   also be increased with the addition of
                                          anti-glare and UV coatings that can
Of course, such beauty should not be      help protect your eyes.
left unprotected. Swarovksi glasses
are indeed made with durable              So if you want to turn heads, just a
materials that can effectively last for   wear a little crystal. Or better yet,
a long time, but you can keep your        wear eyeglasses with crystals.
single vision lenses or varifocals in a   Swarovski can give you the eye-
pristine state for much longer with       catching beauty of crystals when you
several coatings that can be applied,     buy a pair of Swarovski prescription
including     scratch-resistant    and    glasses online.

                                          other bejewelled trinkets sparkling
                                          and beckoning to you to make a
                                          purchase? Tiffany is such a beloved
                                          name, especially among women, and
                                          some of the most well-known scenes
                                          in Hollywood have been set in the
There are very few brand names in         famous     diamond      distributor’s
the world that can evoke ideas of         flagship store in New York.
style and delicate beauty when one        Remember       Audrey     Hepburn’s
hears them, and one of these is           morning sojourn to the New York City
Tiffany & Co. When you hear this          store to feast on the sight of
particular name, don’t you think of       diamonds whilst sipping her coffee?
rows     upon     rows    of   glass      How about the extremely romantic
encasements, each one housing a set       proposal scene in “Sweet Home
of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and       Alabama,” where Melanie Smooter
(played by Reese Witherspoon) was         tortoise-shell pattern on the arms.
given free rein as to her engagement      Those who are more daring can
ring when her new fiancé told her to      choose a yellow tortoise frame with
pick any ring among the hundreds in       pink arms and silver detailing while
the store?                                those who yearn for more
                                          understated designs can opt for a
Every woman dreams of owning a            rimless pair of spectacles in gunmetal
Tiffany trinket, but what most            grey. In addition, when you buy
women don’t know is that their            Tiffany prescription glasses online
choices need not be limited to            you are not just presented with
diamond-encrusted            ornaments    numerous stunning frames to choose
anymore. The celebrated jewellery         from — you can also customise your
maker has extended their trademark        lenses according to your vision needs.
style of delicate splendour onto more     Eyeglass-wearers        with      more
practical accessories, like spectacles.   advanced vision problems can choose
What’s more, you can even buy the         varifocals while those with simpler
company’s glasses through reputable       needs can order single vision lenses
stores not only in stores in London,      for their Tiffany glasses. You can even
UK but also on the Internet. With the     prolong the life of your lenses using
wide range of choices for Tiffany         scratch resistant coatings and protect
prescription glasses online, you will     your eyes with anti-glare and UV
surely find one that suits your taste.    coatings.

Of course, it would be really nice to     So if you want to make like Holly
be able to wear beautiful jewellery       Golightly and indulge in luxury every
every single day; the nice thing about    morning or if you want to feel like
owning a pair of Tiffany glasses is       Melanie Smooter and pick among so
they will make you feel just that —       many gorgeous choices, log on to
like you are always wearing jewels.       your computer and order your Tiffany
Ladies who love the look of luxury        prescription glasses online!
will find the brand’s delicate gold and
silver frames a gorgeous accessory,
especially with the dark brown

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