Mordern education system by AbhishekSingh182


Present education

many of us would have seen 3-idiots , so all of us know there are some problems ,we have in
our education but still it seems not be clear , isn’t it ?

so lets talk about problems .

what’s that come to our mind first , “exams “ ,we all are tired of them

lets try to focus on exams .

Today in our exams we have a fix target , with specified time ,and the way of preparation is almost
specified ,every thing is specified

 if u fits in it then you are welcome , if not then struggle to fit in there , and on final day of exam , get
set go !

exam is knowledge test , speed test , skill test ( answer oriented strategy) – those who made it
glorifies , and are presented as bright stars of the society (no doubt they are ) , those who don’t due
to any reason have nothing (doesn’t matter you were less prepared or you were ill or any other

so everything is as per very principle of race –“jo jita vo sikander jo hara vo Bandar”

But in race of getting sikanders and bandars , we forgot something very basic .

Purpose of exam ?
I am trying to present a conversation between teacher and his student , may be it will make it more

Student has interest in research but he is made to mug up methods and concepts for preparation of
engineering exam , he is talking to his teacher .

Student – sir , Why is there need of exam, why we all have to appear in exam?

Teacher - If you are studying there must be something to evaluate you , to let us know how much
you are finished with .

Student - Ok then why it should be like a race “i can take my time and then you can evaluate” !

Teacher - Oh common ,there is time limit for everything i cant give you a lifetime , you must do
things on time .

Student - I am not asking you lifetime , i am only asking you for sufficient time .

Teacher - Sufficient time and what’s your definition for it ?
Student - I should get enough time so that i can apply my brain , my logics , i can enjoy questions so
that i need not to mug up tricks , methods and need not worry about time and answer

By this i will reflect what i learned , my innovations , it would reflect me , and the way you take
exams reflect only you in me , the exams tell you only that how much i copied you

By this you will never get what i have learned , so exams are meaningless for me and you .

Teacher - it is not feasible without exams , we all have to give exams ,if you don’t show result you
wont move forward .

Student - Forward where sir?

Teacher - Forward towards your career , your future!

Student - Ok i thought u mean forward in learning

Teacher - Yes thats what i mean you learn then you move forward ?

Student - But sir i am not learning like this , i cant learn like this , this dont suits me

I am made to learn things differently !

Sir if i cant learn like this then what is important for me to learn , to get education ,knowledge or to

Move forward towards my career , future ??

This question is not only for that tutor , its for all of us !!!

The present education unfortunately differentiate between the two , the paths which were made to
be same ,we through our current education have divided it

Place for talent /self- interest

We all know and say at least that “one should go and choose his/her field as per interest”

Let see the truth behind this statement

Competitive exams

they are the very important race we are talking about , but directly jumping to the race will be very
discriminatory , as we should not ignore the training period

so starting with training period , lets start with very 1st moment when we were told we are going to
prepare for “Competition” , who told this parents , teachers ?? ,

i think blaming whole education would be safe and justifiable

So we were provided with heavy books , hundreds and thousands of numerical , and worst of them
a “TIME LIMIT “ , with some philosophy like “finish this in this time or else u will be history “ , “
people who don’t show sincerity fails finally “ , and “ a first ranker is always a first better then 2nd” ,
“work hard and get yourself 1st “ ....

This all succeed in creating one goal , one aim and a common track for the race

And the situation is well described in this cartoon .

We all have listened phases “mehnat karne valon ki hoti nai har “ , “hard work is key to success “

Yes this all is true but this is incomplete at least we can feel it today . I am not questioning concept pf
race , race should be there but it should be between the same people of same qualities , so that they
can learn , improve and work harder in their field

The elephant in the picture can never climb a tree , howsoever hard work he do or listen to these
quotes , or somehow if he does climb , what the purpose it serve neither he can live over tree nor he
will be happy over there , he cant he is not made for it and by the time he would realise this he
would have wasted so many precious years of life

This is what that happens in our education , many of us are like elephants , fish and seals who are
just said to climb over tree , we did it without a question and believing blindly over these
quotations , and now we can see the result not many of us have improved and are left behind ,some
are still trying unhappily , some have given up thinking hard work is something they can’t do .

And by the time this thing come to their mind many of them literally stop doing anything , they have
left everything on future ,thinking that they are dumb , seeing others moving forward so easily and
happily , they finally got depressed .

Our education system is just wasting their life , leaving them with nothing more then sorrow ,
weakness , fear of the word “will power” ,self distrust , no confidence and depression .

Coming back to our case ,
our time clock was started , trying to catch speed of time some of us get qualified and some of us
failed , and as a fair rule of competition losers have no value and winners got there prize .

So at the end of training and race , let see what actually happened to participants

Those who failed had to settle down somewhere , others who were in winning team were shown
some choices in which they had to fill their preference , and then they were awarded seats or
branches as per their rank .

But where is the freedom of choice now?

Lets have a close look over results of branch distributing mechanism

take case of engineering , those who want to study mechanical are in mathematics department , and
there are many cases like this .

Students have to study what they dont want or they have to miss what they really want to study .

This case is similar to that of cartoon , in which when the monkey reached 2nd and the bird 1st ,
monkey was said to live in the nest , and bird was given open branch as home , it’s such an irony
neither monkey wants to live in nest nor bird wants to live without nest .

In this all , where is freedom of choices , freedom of interest ?

In starting when students are said to prepare for competition , is it their choice , they even dont
know of what’s going to happen , where they are heading .

And after exam even those who qualifies , are given branches which are not of their interest .

So what is told to us “act as per your interest “ , is actually just left as a nice phrase to listen .

if conclude this whole education is crushing students to fit them in a particular path and phrases like
“ one should act according to his/her interest “ is open only for the top rankers, others have to
compromise their interest and accept what they are given .

Money factor

You all would be saying i am just blaming education , ok then lets come to our part .

And this part is most important of all , lets start with a question,

Why is this education system not changing ,why ?

Answer is not anyone among us want it to change , we don’t want it to change , how let’s see .

Every race has some prize ,that motivates competitors to win it ,

In our case what is the prize that motivate us ??
Interest (rarely ) , what seem to be in most of cases is future , career ,reputation, job ,money (very
main factor )

So all are interest more or less are governed by money , when we opted for branches our choice ,
nobody actually knew what’s the study material exactly is in the course , but still we all have our
choices , we all talked about scope , this has higher scope then this , mechanical is evergreen branch
, no computer science has better jobs today , there is never recession in textiles , people cant quit
wearing clothes, etc etc etc , hence this is my preference .

So what exactly we are concerned of more jobs , more money and unfortunately no place for
interest .

I am not saying it unfortunate because i am concerned about how our society will be stable
because people are not doing as per interest .

It’s unfortunate for you ,how will you be stable without thinking about your interest , without
thinking about yourself .

Think like you are elephant and you want to live on banana tree because you like bananas , without
thinking that you cannot live over trees .

In place of bananas we have money , far more attractive , it’s making people run blindly and madly
behind it , without knowing where its leading them to .

So this is our fault, this is why things are not changing .

Education System can be changed, laws can be changed ,and surely these changes will have their
effect , but it will be always remain this inefficient until such luring factors remain

Education should be, must be if we want it to be just education, be freed of such illusionary interest
like money, jobs. Who have just commercialised it, it’s no longer something to learn , it’s made
something to pass over , it’s not for knowledge it’s for degree

Moral ethics !!
Till now I have talked about faults in education system, faults in our self , now let’s see when these
faults combine what they produce

If we see our society what does education provide , we all know the good side so I wont waste
time in explaining that but let’s talk about the bad side , and I apologise if my bad side overlaps
with your good side , but the truth remains the truth .

We all know about atom bombs because people are killed by them on a massive scale ,if we
narrowed down our vision what more we are having we are having society full of corruption,
then we have a glamorous society with very high crime rate, societies full of alcohol , smokers .
We narrowed down more then there are individuals who are turning mad for money, alcohol ,
glamour to what limits even they don’t know ,

When i deepens more i see weak people, people who are lost in greed , ambition and are left
with little or no values .

I saw them struggling but they are unable to find a way out.
There must be something missing, shall we say it’s because of time, it would be wrong time
must have some reason to show the change.

The reason lies in our education, it’s very true that this education is making people rational but
its unable to make the balance , unbalanced rationality which makes you lost , blind in greed
and lust is harmful both for individual and society .

people when they are becoming part of ill society starts questioning what’s the use of values ,
for example some family relations are put to question , they are unable to make difference

What’s right and what’s wrong?? , they don’t find its answer because they have been blinded
and then neither our education is able to guide them.

So what is it?
Is it an individual’s fault?

 Individual fault come when he makes a wrong choice provided he knows or he has been shown
the truth behind the choices

One may argue that the truth lies within us, we need to find it. I agree
But can everyone simply find truth within himself, if yes then we would be living in paradise

It’s that everyone can’t find it simply we need education to guide them, to show them the way

And our education is not capable for that

So what is the solution, I am just talking about problems and problems, but it worthless if we
don’t talk about some solution, we think about some solutions.

Interestingly our old and traditional system of education , with “GURUKULS “ as schools , and
about which many of us don’t know a bit about , contains many of the solutions to our present
problems .

So let’s talk about them .
This is a very famous speech of

Lord McCauley in his speech of Feb 2,1835 (The Minutes) , while he was addressing

"I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not
Seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have
Seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre,
That I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we
Break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and
Cultural heritage and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old
And ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think
That all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their
Own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and
They will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation. “

Following report is made from his speech while he was addressing parliament , with some question
,been asked to him by other members of parliament .

Every village has a gurukul .

There are around 7,32,000 gurukuls .

Largest gurukul have 20,000 students and smallest gurukul have 200 students .

Question - How is so large gurukuls maintained??

All these gurukuls that bharat have , has monitorial system

One Acharya teaches 50 students , these 50 student will teach other students under them , and
these students will then teach those who are under them , and it continues like this .

An acharya having 50-60 students, whom he teaches regularly can maintain school of 20,000
students easily.

Such acharya who handle 20,000 students are called as kulpati .

Question – any division among students ??

Students are categorised in 4 - bhraman , kshatriya , veshya and shudra .
Question - we have heard that in india education is mainly for Brahmins ?

No , documents say that education is for all “Brahmin , kshatriya ,veshya and shudra”

Question - Can u tell us percentage students of brahmin , kshatriya ,veshya and shudra.?

South has more no of shudra’s

West has Brahmins and veshyas of almost same number

North India has more no of kshatriya , all other Brahmin , veshya and shudra are of equal no

And middle India has almost same no of them .

South Indian gurukuls have more no of female students , 58% girls and 42 %boys , its quite natural
because in south india females are more then males .

While in whole india ,there are 53 % girls and 47 % boy students .

Not only this More than half of the total gurukuls have female acharyas .

Question - How is it possible that girls have more education ??

He then said “hum mante hai ki stri mai aatma nahi hoti , bharat vale mante hai ki stri parmatama
ke sabse najdik hoti hai , kyunki us mai purush se kuch guad jayda hote hai “

Kayi shastro mai aise sutra hai ki agar samajh ko samjh na aaye ki kya karna chahiye kya nahi , to
striyon se puchna chahiye unko functional gyan jayda hota hai .

Bharat ke log kehte hai ki stri ke bina moaksh nahi milta , Stri ke jivan mai aane ke bad hi purush mai
pavitrata aati hai , jitney bhi rishi – muni hue unme se adhiktar grahistra the .

Question - Any training for teachers ??

Every gurukul is attached with uchh adyan Kendra which train these teachers .

Question – what type of subjects they teach .

There are 18 subjects .

vedic mathmatics ,astronomy , metallurgy , karigiri like that of iron , wood , mitti , then
astrophysics(modern science ) , rasayan shastra , chikitsa – ayoshdiya vigyan aur shalya kriya and
there are others .

he further told that there are no exams .

question - how they evaluate then ?

When acharya or else teaches whole subject , then to know there kossal or hunar , they are
provided some work , how they do that work decides how much they have learnt .
Question - any classification of education given to students ??

One is shiksha and other vidhya ( he further said although i dont know meaning of them but i have
listened people saying of them )

vidhya teaches the way towards “adhyatma “,its spritual and teaches what is dharm and adharm ?
, morals .

sikhsa – physics , mathematics and other subjects that we study are called as sikhsa

vidhya is regarded above sikhsa , and thus students like to call them self vidhyarthi not sikhsarthi .

Question – is there any higher study centre??

There are around 15000 , vishwa vidhyalya , nalanda , tackshila , Amravati etc

Every vishwa vidhyalya is Specialised in a particular subject .

Amravati vishvidhyalya is specialised in metallurgy ,like iron , copper , silver , gold extraction from
their ore .

Kangada himachal vish vidhyalya is specialised in surgery , rhinoplasty ( that we call it today in 21

Question – Why they are giving knowledge about so many subjects ??

They believe that “ jivan ekaangi nahi hai , har tarah ke gyan ki jarurat hai , students should have
knowledge of all feilds , specialisation ek feild mai hona chahiye par gyan sab tarah ka hona chahiye “

Primary knowledge about all fields is given to all students , and when they gather interest in
particular field then they are taught to specialise in that field .

William adam report (1780 pages) – English parliament –house of commons

– over contribution of gurukuls to society ,

He gave example of a gurukul in Andhra Pradesh , near kaveri , little distant from Vishakhapatnam,
there are 12 century documents of it which shows it was specialised in civil engineering ,

iske acharya aur vidhyartiyon nai milkar kaveri nadi par ek dam banaya tha , jo duniya ka sabse pehla
dam hai , aur abhi tak vahan par hai

Telegu bhasha mai ek phathar par tarik likhi hai 1238 .

Dam Pathar aur chune se bana hai ,

Kaveri is a perennial river with strongest flow in south, they made dam over it ,

Its 1- 1.5 km in length , and is made in Z shape (reason- so that it can bear more pressure , hence it
hasn’t broken till yet )
there are many more contributions and I cannot mention them all .

so i think we get glimpse of gurukuls .

Some gurukuls have already being started by azadi bachao andolan

And the course contains same 18 topics that there before 200 years , knowledge is free for all ,
doesn’t matter which religion or caste someone belong to .

No fees for sikhsa and vidhya , there is no money factor for education .

How is it managed then ?

vidhyartiyon ko 2 ghante shram dhan karna hoga jaise charkha chalana , khet mai kam Karna , ya
manjan banana ,

and then they will be sold , a marketing network is being setup – with market name swanand bazar,
this money will be used to keep gurukul working , and by the time students passes from gurukul he
will be having 2.5-3 lakh rupees of his hard work , which he can start with some firm or like that ,
these gurukuls are focussed on knowledge not over degree or certificates .

all maharishi like aryabhatta , shushrud were great because of their knowledge ,they were having no
degrees .

today we need such schools , although the gurukuls that have been started may not work as good ,
we need to work on them , it’s just a start we have to take it forward
reference to gurukul part is – Rajeev dixit ji video on

Indian education system ( a must watch for anyone concerned
about education )

and the modern part is written by myself

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