The Informer March 2010 Issue by linxiaoqin


    March 2010
                                                         Volume 8 Issue 6

EDITOR’S CORNER                                                                   A MESSAGE FROM
By Linda Lindquist and Kathy Hornback, lfin-                                      THE HOMEOWNERS’
former@YAHOO.COM                                                                  ASSOCIATION
The Informer is available online at                                               By Dick Wilkinson, President
                   MARCH … We sure hope that the               The Homeowners’ Association is pleased to announce
                   weather breaks to warmer this               that Kathy Hornback of Spyglass Court is our new Edi-
                   month, even if it comes with the            tor of The Informer. We are delighted that Kathy has
                   proverbial March winds. What a win-         stepped forward to take on this very important job.
                   ter we’ve had! Maybe St. Patty or           Along with this transition, many thanks go to Linda
                   the Ides of March will turn the tide        Lindquist for the outstanding job that she has done
                   for us.                                     with The Informer for the past three years. Many resi-
                                                               dents and the Homeowners’ Association very much
After a long search, please welcome to our new                 appreciate the job that Linda has done.
Informer staff:
                                                               Thank you again, Linda. As a reminder to the Members
     Kathy Hornback starts as editor of The Informer
                                                               of the Homeowners’ Association, the results of our
this month. She has been a resident of Lake Fairways
                                                               Elections and our Annual Meeting will be in the April
for a year, retiring from a career in the Postal Service. 
                                                               Informer, as the March Informer went to press before
     Patty Coll starts as our advertising coordinator          these events took place.
this month. She is retired from furniture sales in the
Pittsburg PA area. Patti has lived in Lake Fairways for        ELECTION NEWS
four years.                                                    By Noel Watkins
We plan to continue delivering a great newspaper to
                                                               By the time you read this, You will have learned the
                                                               results of our annual election for the board of directors
Other than our new staff, we have also made some               of the Homeowners’ Association of Lake Fairways.
changes in procedures. We have a new e-mail ad-                What you have witnessed is a micro example of the
dress for sending in your articles and ad copy:                democratic process that has made this country one of (think LF for Lake Fairways and           the greatest civilizations the world has ever known.
Informer).                                                     Five worthy people had stepped forward to make a
                                                               commitment of offering their services for the better-
We again thank our typesetters, Guy and Jermaine               ment of our little Eden here in Lake Fairways. Unhap-
Troiano, who will apply the Lake Fairways Informer             pily there was room for only three to go forward. These
readable style to articles. Last month, we said that           we congratulate and welcome to the board. To the
we’d supply a template to authors; turns out that the          other two, we extend our sincere ‘Thanks’ for their ef-
typesetters do not need this. So keep sending your             fort in keeping the democratic process alive.
articles as you’ve done in the past. We would prefer
that you send them to the new e-mail address:                  Finally, may I give thanks to the many residents who                                          have contributed their various talents to the staging of
This month, I am training Kathy and Patty in proce-            this election and furthering the process of making our
dures, to make the transition smooth. We hope that             park truly a wonderful home for us in our senior years.
you hardly notice, and will continue to support the
Please tell our advertisers that you saw their ad in The
Informer when you call for their services.
                                  ADVERTISERS FOR LAKE FAIRWAYS INFORMER
October is the beginning of the new fiscal year for The Informer. Please notice the new advertisers, as well as many
who have returned. We thank each one of them for their support. Bring your business to our advertisers when you
need a product or service that they provide, and tell them you saw their ad in The Informer.

                       BEAUTY / HEALTH
Bayshore Physical Therapy & Massage ---------------20                                  INSURANCE / FINANCIAL SERVICES
Cape Coral Audiology ------------------------------------- 3                Bankers Alliance ----------------------------------------- 20
Drs. Campbell & Habuda, Podiatrists ------------------- 2                   Edward Jones ----------------------------------------------6
Dr. Holloway and Dr. Chumbler, Dentistry -----------16                      Orr Insurance Group ------------------------------------ 17
Dr. Terry Tucker, Optometrist-------------------------- 18
Handsome One More Time ----------------------------- 17                                             LEGAL SERVICES
Home Health Aide (Iris Edmundson) ------------------24                      Norma Hand Brill, P.A. “Elder Law” ---------------------5
Leonardi Hearing Center, Inc. -------------------------- 19                 Sobrido Notary Services -------------------------------- 10
Michele’s Family Hair Care ------------------------------- 7
                                                                            Fleet Reserve Association --------------------------------------- 23
Harbourside Grill & Tiki Bar ----------------------------- 18
Karaoke with Roy St. Onge ----------------------------- 20                                              PRINTING
Nestor’s Restaurant -------------------------------------- 10               Stinger Digital Print & Graphics ------------------------ 10
U-We Pick Farm Market --------------------------------- 10
                                                                                                      REAL ESTATE
                     HEATING & COOLING
                                                                            Carefree Sales -------------------------------------------- 17
Custom Cooling & Heating, Inc. ------------------------ 2                   House For Sale ---------------------------------------------5
Ellsworth’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. --------------------- 6                 Judy Young Manufactured Home Rentals ------------ 18
SW Heating & Cooling ----------------------------------- 10                 Sellstate --------------------------------------------------- 22
                                                                            Victoria Jaszcz Rental Agent & Services -------------- 19
                       HOME SERVICES
2 Great Guys ----------------------------------------------------- 19
Ameri-Pride ----------------------------------------------- 13                              TRANSPORTATION / TRAVEL
AMS Weather-Lok Roof Over --------------------------- 11                    Acclaim Travel ------------------------------------------- 23
Cantrell’s Flooring, Inc.---------------------------------- 24              Adventure Travel ---------------------------------------- 17
CoCo Tree Home Services ------------------------------- 5                   Affordable Golf Carts --------------------------------------8
Creative Computer Services ---------------------------- 23                  Carl’s Auto Repair -----------------------------------------4
Elizabeth’s Carpet & Upholstery ----------------------- 23                  Ron’s Airport Service ------------------------------------ 12
Fix It Guy -------------------------------------------------- 20
Florida Anchor and Barrier Company ------------------27
Retired Painting Contractor Richard Masse -----------24
Rick-Fix Home Maintenance & Repair ----------------- 23
Tony’s Appliances Services ----------------------------- 18
Hometown Auction---------------------------------------- 9

                       LAKE FAIRWAYS                           LAKE FAIRWAYS MEN’S CHORALE
                       WOMEN’S CLUB                            By Dick Beane

                        WOW! What a fantastic fashion          “Bags Fly Free” on Southwest Airlines. What could be
                        show! Michelle Gregg and Sue           better? How about a Musical Tour of “America, The
                        Woodward did a fabulous job of         Beautiful” for the price of a ticket to the Men’s Chorale
creating a special “Garden of Friends” for nearly 300          Spring Concert? No Baggage needed! Bring your ticket.
women. From the beautiful decorations, to the dinner           Find your First Class seat. Sit back and relax. Turn you
presented by Southern Accents, to the door prizes (lots        cell phone off and your hearing aid up.
of them), I’m sure a good time was had by all. Belk
presented lovely styles from their store at the Shops at       The Chorale is taking you on a musical tour of our
Surfside. And our models – well they were just beauti-         great country. We’ll start in the South “With A Banjo
ful. And how about Michelle in zebra stripes!!                 On My Knee.” Then we’re off to find “The Yellow Rose
                                                               Of Texas.”
Coming events:
                                                               Be careful crossing rivers like the “Shenandoah” and
MARCH - Please join us for the March 11, 2010                  “The Wide Missouri.” You’ll “Meet Me in St. Louis,
meeting when we will elect a new board for the next            Louie… Meet Me At The Fair.”
two years. We have a complete slate of candidates to
be presented for your consideration. We will also be           For a moment of rest, let’s listen to the close harmony
discussing the donations from the club to the various          of The Gospel Singers and the great piano style of Jim
organizations both in the park and outside. Meetings           Stobe.
are at 7:00 p.m.. Doors open at 6:30. Refreshments
will follow the meeting.                                       Then we’re off to…. “No”…. our Tour Director/
                                                               Conductor, John MacDonald says, “Keep it a surprise.”
APRIL - Our final meeting of the season will be the            His pianist, Dot Spielman, agrees.
afternoon of April 8. Please check Channel 95 for de-
tails. More information will be forthcoming in the April       In my 22 years with the Men’s Chorale, this is one of
edition of The Informer.                                       the finest groups. Don’t miss their Spring Concert on
                                                               Saturday, March 13th. If you hear something spine-
REMEMBER: Friendships are made stronger by time.               tingling like “This is My Country… Grandest Place on
Spring Forward on Sunday March 14th. Don’t forget to           Earth,” don’t hesitate to stand up and cheer!
          set your clocks ahead one hour.
                                                               DOUBLE CONCERT DELIGHT
                                                               "MADE IN THE U.S.A.!"
                                                               The Lake Fairways Women's Vocal Ensemble will
                                                               join with the Pine Lakes Chorus for a rock'em
                                                               sock'em tour through American Music.

                                                               Jackie Scharfe and Darlene Topp will be directing the
                                                               groups as they sing: Broadway, Rock and Roll, Gospel,
                                                               Dixie, and Country tunes.

                                                               Be ready for some toe-tapping foot-stomping songs
                                                               that will tug at your heart strings.

                                                               Friday, March 19th and Saturday, March 20th. At
                                                               the Pine Lakes Ballroom.

                                                               Tickets will be sold at Lake Fairways Clubhouse at Sat-
                                                               urday Coffee on March 6, 13 and 20, or contact Nancy
                                                               Beaupre at 731-6559. Tickets are color-coded, so select
                                                               the correct night... (you may want to save Satur-
                                                               day for the Lake Fairways' St. Patrick's Dinner Dance.

                                                                           SAVE THE DATES
By Bill Dillon, Chairperson 239-220-4494

We have three great events planned for you this                        Free Orchestra Concerts
month!                                                            Conducted by our own John MacDonald

March 6th Concert                                                      Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

                            Join us for an evening of                   Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
                            music and laughter with
                            Ken McBride and Ed Van               At North Fort Myers High School Auditorium
                            Waes. Ken McBride is an
                            Irish vocalist and pianist
                            whose four octave voice is
                            as clear and resonant as
                            the crystal he cut in Water-
                            ford before his showbiz
days. It reaches out and gives new meaning to old
standards and new favorites. Ken is an outstanding per-
former, who has the keen sense to reach each and
every audience member, no matter how young or old,
with his music. And you’ll laugh, for sure, at the wit of
Ed Van Waes, who comes to us from . . . TA DA! . . .
Lake Fairways! Be sure to get your tickets on March                                           Fax (239) 997-8734
6th at Saturday coffee, or call Fran at 543-2526. The
cost is $15.00. Doors open at 6:30.

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance, March 20th

On this March 20th, everyone has the luck of the Irish!
Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration brings DJ Chris Cam-
marota, a.k.a. the “Juke Box Hero.” Chris knows how
to get a crowd going. Chris has entertained crowds
from sidewalks of Rockefeller Center to the ferries of
Battery Park. Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Potatoes will
be served by Sub and Pub. Tickets are $18.00 and can
be purchased at Saturday coffees on March 6th and the
13th, or you can call Fran. Dinner begins at 6:00, with
doors opening at 5:30.

Pool Party

RAIN OR SHINE!! Last year, our pool party went in-
side, as the rain poured outside. This year, we hope for
sunshine; but rain or shine, our last celebration for this
season will be our annual Pool Party on Sunday, March
28th from noon to 3:00 p.m. Come for fun, food, and
games. Hotdogs, soda, and beer provided for a nominal

            All tickets are non-refundable.
      Only one table can be reserved per person.

By Ed Wright - Chairman

At a recent meeting of your Volunteer Committee, the following people agreed to serve as Coordinators for different
phases of our activity:

            Coordinator of              Name                   Cul de sac   Telephone #

            Publicity                   Freda Bennett          27G          543-7129
            Appointments/Sign-Up        Trina Sikorovsky       45Q          543-3088
            Pictures/Background Info    Patty Coll             8J           731-1891
            Escorts                     Karen Boulay           42K          543-1788

If you can find time to help in any way, please contact these folks, as they form sub-committees and all can use addi-
tional helpers (men included). We will start making appointments for picture-taking very soon. First actual photography
is Tuesday, March 23rd, from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. and continues for two-and-a-half weeks. The escorts group will assist
you through the picture-taking/proof-screening and ordering session at your appointment time.

Other items settled at the meeting were:

    1. No pets to be included in the pictures.
    2. No roster of names and addresses will be included in the directory, this time around.
    3. We will not use postcards to remind subjects of their appointments due to the high postage costs. Instead, we
       hope to make reminder phone calls.

We have met with Tony Kerns, the Life Touch Manager and our major contact, to acquire publicity posters and other

By Adam Hromiak
Financial Focus: When Evaluating Investments, Look at Value - Not Just Price

Most investors pay a great deal of attention to the price of their investments — yesterday’s price, today’s price, tomor-
row’s price, next year’s price and so on. And that’s understandable, because we always want the prices of our invest-
ments to rise. Yet, if you focus too much on prices, you could end up making some costly mistakes.

Why? Because price-driven behavior is emotional behavior — and as an investor, you’re much better off making deci-
sions with your head, not your heart. Suppose, for example, that you’ve seen a steep decline in the price of one of your
investments. After a while, you may feel that you just can’t take it anymore and you decide to “cut your losses” by sell-
ing the investment. Conversely, you may have an investment that has gone up and up — and to grab even bigger gains,
you buy more shares.

Both these decisions could backfire on you. When you sold the investment whose price had fallen, you might find your-
self on the investment “sidelines” if that same investment starts to turn around. And when you throw more money at an
investment whose price has skyrocketed, you’re betting against history — because no investment goes up forever. Fur-
thermore, in both cases, your emotions will have led you to violate one of the guidelines of investing: buy low and sell

But apart from the tactical errors you may make when you over-concentrate on price movements, you’re also ignoring
another key characteristic of investments — their value. Traditionally, an investment’s “value” has been largely defined
as whether or not it’s considered “expensive” or “cheap.” That’s why many investors take a close look at a stock’s price-
to-earnings ratio (P/E). Generally speaking, a high P/E means a stock is more expensive, relative to its earnings, than a
stock with a low P/E. Investors may be willing to pay more for the high P/E stocks because they feel these companies
will be worth more in the future.

But P/E doesn’t tell the whole story of investment value. Any individual investment may have value to you because it
can help you diversify your holdings. And while diversification, by itself, can’t guarantee a profit or protect against a
loss, it can help you reduce the effects of volatility on your portfolio. For instance, if your portfolio is heavy with stocks,
the presence of some bonds — even those whose market price has fallen because interest rates have risen — can help
reduce the impact of a downturn that primarily affects stocks.

Clearly, the value of any investment has several dimensions — any or all of which may be valuable to you as your pur-
sue your goals. So, as you build, maintain and adjust your portfolio over time, keep an eye on the changing prices of
your investments — but don’t overlook their true value.

             Adam Hromiak is a Financial Advisor
             with Edward Jones
             located at 3571 Del Prado Blvd N.
             Suite 7, Entrada Plaza (½ mile West of US 41)
             Cape Coral, FL 33909
             Adam may be contacted at 731-6338

                   SHUFFLEBOARD NEWS                                                 LAKE FAIRWAYS TENNIS
                   By Peggy Nist                                                     AT PEAK OF ACTIVITY
                   Everyone knows what January                                       By Adrian Lonsdale
                   weather was like Brr-Brr — the
                   coldest weather in years. This af-                              The Lake Fairways Tennis Associa-
fected outdoor activities, including shuffleboard. Turn-         tion 63-player membership is near an all-time high.
out was very poor for both men and women. It takes a
lot of work to set-up for Fun Day and the Board de-              The Five Lake Fairways' tennis teams, three men's and
cided to cancel Fun Day this time for all the above rea-         two women's, are playing teams from other parks once
sons. It was announced at coffee on Saturday, was on             a week. About ten parks are involved.
Channel 95, and a sign was posted on the shed at the
courts. We're sure the weather will improve and en-              Three times during the season, all Lake Fairways Ten-
courage everyone to come and meet new friends and                nis Association members can participate in inter-park
have some fun playing shuffleboard. Don't worry if you           competitions with Pine Lakes and other ELS parks.
don't know how to play — just come — we'll teach you.
                                                                 The Lake Fairways Tennis Association sponsors an in-
    Monday      Mixed Play      8:45 (you don't have             house round robin for its members on the third Satur-
                                to bring a partner)              day of winter months. In January, the Lake Fairways
    Tuesday     Men             8:30                             Tennis Association's round robin produced the follow-
    Thursday    Women           8:45                             ing flight winners: Rich Newman, Phyllis Lyke, a tie
                                                                 between Larry Oliver and Ron Hasse, Barbara Flournoy,
The cost is 25¢ for three games with prizes awarded.             Bill Fitzgerald, Carol Hartwell, Roger Easden, and
The Board also decided to reduce the dues to $3.00               Adrian Lonsdale.
per week. Dick Gable will collect the money. This enti-
tles you to come to Fun Day March 15th at 9:30 and               Members of the Lake Fairways Tennis Association par-
the Banquet March 29th 5:00 -7:00.                               ticipate in organized tennis daily. From 10:30 a.m. to
Our next Fun Day is March 15th at 9:30 (members                  noon on Sundays, all levels of play are accepted for
only) Instead of regular shuffleboard each player                mixed doubles. No partner is needed. These sessions
shoots thru an obstacle on each court and totals their           are open to all skill-levels.
scores. The cost is $1.00 per game-- play as many
games as you like. It's challenging and fun. There will          If you would like to join this highly social group,
be a cook-out at the courts following play. Hot Dogs,            take a membership application from the bulletin
pretzels, chips, and soft drinks will be provided by the         board at the Lake Fairways Tennis Center or contact
Club. Cash prizes will be awarded.                               any member, or call Adrian at 731-2359, or e-mail:
Our Banquet will be held March 29th in the Main Hall
5:00 - 7:00 (members only). The club will provide the            Individual or group tennis lessons are available. Call
meat, coffee, soft drinks etc. Everyone is asked to              the Lake Fairways Tennis Pro Jack Dunmead at
bring a dish to pass. There is always a great display of         543-5448 or e-mail:
delicious food.
This is a wonderful time to catch up on conversation
without interruption, and just relax.                            PLEASE CALL ANNA MARAFIOTI
There will be a Board Meeting on Monday March 1         at
11:00 a.m. or right after Shuffleboard.                          If anyone in your Cul-de-sac is ill or deceased so that I
                                                                 may send the appropriate cards. Also, if you want your
                                                                 name(s) announced in The Informer for "Birthdays" or
                                                                 "Anniversaries," please fill out a form located in the box
                                                                 labeled "Friendship" in the copy machine room. I will
                                                                 pick them up and put them in file according to month
                                                                 and dates.

                                                                     Any questions "please" call me:
                                                                     Ann at 239-731-1026
                                                                     Friendship Chairman


                   By Bill Mason

                  Old Bridge Rookies struck for 6 un-
                  earned runs in the first inning and
                  posted an easy 11 to 2 win over
Lake Fairways. Jay “Say Hey” Kraby, Jerry “Rifle” Kelly,
and Bill “Moose” Mason all had two hits for the Lakers.

Lake Fairways returned to the victory column with a 27
to 6 trouncing of Buccaneer Pirates. Leading the bat-
ters was David “Road Runner” Shultz with 4 hits. “Say
Hey” Kraby, Tom “Hoover” Dabbs, Jerry “Bucket” Al-
bee, and Scott “Scrap Iron” Werling all had three hits.
Chipping in with two hits were Tom “Thumper” Higgins,
Bob “The Puck” McNamara, Ken “Quick Pitch”
Eytcheson, Ed “Preacher” Barsotti, and Reggie “The             Front: Jerry Kelly, Kenny Eytcheson, Scott Werling,
Rabbit” McGuire.                                               Reggie McGuire.

In our next game, the Lakers scorched previously un-           Back Row: Gary Bender, Tom Higgins, George Sams,
defeated Sabal Springs 16 to 5. After giving up five           Tom Dabbs, Bill Mason, Art Klaviter, Sam McReelis.
runs in the first inning, “Quick Pitch” Eytcheson shut
out Sabal in the next six innings. Leading the offensive       Sam, “The General” McReelis, led the softball team
attack was “Moose” Mason with four hits. “Hoover”              paint crew on another successful home rejuvenation.
Dabbs, “Bucket” Albee, and Sam “the General”                   The General hated to do it, but he said, “I had to send
McReelis all had three hits. Punching out two hits were        Kenny home because he got more paint on himself
“Rifle” Kelly, George “Gomer” Sams, “Quick Pitch”              than on the house!”
Eytcheson, and “Preacher” Barsotti.

In a defensive struggle, Lake Fairways defeated Del
Tura 4 to 2. After giving up two unearned runs in the
first inning, “Quick Pitch” Eytcheson pitched another             Sales        Rentals  SERVICE
great game, shutting out Del Tura the rest of the                               SERVICE

                                                                                   b le
game. “Quick Pitch” Eytcheson was overheard saying,                                SERVICE

“My drop pitch was really working tonight!” Leading
the hitters were “Rifle” Kelly, “Puck” McNamara, and

“Quick Pitch” Eytcheson with two hits each.

Our Annual game with arch-rival Pine Lakes was over
by the first inning. The Lakers pushed across seven
runs in the first inning and never looked back, winning
24 to 4. Leading the onslaught at the plate was “Say              “FREE Pick-up and Delivery with this Ad”
Hey” Kraby and “Gomer” Sams with four hits. “Puck”
McNamara and “Rabbit” McGuire had 3 hits. With two
hits each were “Hoover” Dabbs, “Franchise” DeValle,
“Bucket” Albee, “Quick Pitch” Eytcheson, and
                                                                        GOLF CARTS
“Preacher” Barsotti.                                                         239-731-9500
   Special thanks to our faithful fans during this cold
   weather. The crowds have been small but LOUD!                                      A Textron Company

                                                                             Authorized Dealer
                    Long ago
                When men cursed                                      
         and beat the ground with sticks,
            it was called witchcraft...                           17521 N. Tamiami Trail
              Today, it's called golf.                            N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903 Don Stewart

LAKE FAIRWAYS NINERS                                          LADIES 18-HOLE GOLF LEAGUE
By Dolly Poitras                                              By June Hayden

The Nominating Committee met on February 5th.                 Latest shootout results: #3 Sandie Gordon,#2 Bea
The following names were submitted for consideration          Wilkinson, #1 Lea Hanson. "Congrats" ladies! Next -
for the coming year:                                          the grand shootout.
    President:          Sally Autilio
                                                              Another GREAT invitational! It was COLD brrr. How-
    Vice President:     Joann DeBottis
                                                              ever, the lunch was superb! HOT SOUP -- homemade,
    Secretary:          Joyce Warren
                                                              potato or chili. Due to" Privacy Issues," we can't di-
    Treasurer :         Blanche Hill
                                                              vulge the names of the caterers! Let it be said, it was
At the Brown Bag meeting, motion was made and sec-            one of our BEST ever, also served by professional serv-
onded to accept the above slate. Nominations may be           ers! Lots of compliments from all the players from the
made from the floor at the next General Membership            local clubs! We had Mulligans to use (for those of us
Meeting.                                                      who remembered) AND the last team, "most honest"
                                                              they were called, received a prize! No names, but led
At the Hide-a-way Invitational, Gayle Weston was our          by Juanita Ridenour. Betty Hayhow was honored for
only winner, and she promptly got “spanking” new golf         her many years of service to the league. She just cele-
clubs.                                                        brated her 90 years young birthday! Way to go Betty!
Our next outside Invitational will be on March 23rd at
Seven Lakes. Price is $40.00. Sign-up sheet is on the         By this reading, the final four for the championship
bulletin board.                                               should be decided. The green board has sheets to sign
                                                              up on for workers. Many hands are needed. Also, be
Our own Shamrocks on the Greens is coming along               sure to wear your colors and come and support your
nicely. Be certain to bring your breakfast items to the       players. Remember the free food cooked by famous
clubhouse between 7:15 and 7:30 as our continental            chefs!
breakfast will be served between 8:00 and 8:30.
                                                              We send our regrets to Jane Shaw who recently lost
If you have any questions regarding the breakfast, call
                                                              her brother. We wish a speedy return to good health to
me at 731-1740. All other questions may be directed to
                                                              Ron Graham: Ron and Sandy returned to Canada for
Sally at 731-2091 or Pat Dach at 264-4874.
                                                              his surgery. Also, to Patia, hope your hand will soon
                                                              heal and put you back "in the swing of things!" Betty
  Looking forward to seeing you all on March 17th.
                                                              Chidester is also on the "disabled list."

                                                              There are still job spots open for next year that need to
                      LAKE FAIRWAYS                           be filled. Check the board or call Linda Gromacki for
                                                              details. Make a difference and SIGN UP!
                      BOWLING LEAGUE
                      By Freda Bennett                                   "til the next chapter "      JUNE
                      The Lake Fairways bowling
                      league is starting its last month
                      of bowling. We certainly are hav-
                      ing a great year.

We would like to congratulate Bob McNamara for his
289 game. All Star Lanes presented Bob with an award
to honor his game.
                                                                                   Steve Koehler
Just a reminder that our banquet is on April 6th at the                    Auction Every Saturday 7 P.M.
clubhouse. All league members are invited to attend.                          Open Daily 8:30 - 3:30
                                                                                  (239) 995-5544
Any new bowlers who are interested in joining our
league for the 2010-2011 season, please sign up with
our league secretary, Jean Marsh, at 731-1369 as soon
as possible.

                                                                 8395 Littleton Road - N. Ft. Myers, Florida 33903

                LAKE FAIRWAYS
                PINE LAKES
                SINGLES CLLUB
                By Fran Douma
                                                                Fresh, Healthy Produce
                                                                    80% of our crops survived
                                                                            the freeze!
The February 9th meeting began on a happy note de-
                                                                   We have tomatoes, peppers,
spite the cool temps and rain.
                                                                  eggplant and more picked fresh
                                                                       daily from our farm. 
After the general greetings and announcements, a brief
tribute of memory and respect was given to Anne
Fricker who passed away on January 28th. Member
Lavonne Fox’s fall resulted in a serious head injury. At
this time she is at the “Heartland Health.”

Our monthly drawings were as follows: 50/50 - Ella
Schultz, Marge Drager, Gloria Gagnin, and Jean Dugan.
Free dinner - Fran Stechly, and raffle went to Inga

The “Sub and Pub” Chicken dinner was good, as was
the Peanut Butter Pie.

Linda Fazioli and her husband John were our out-
standing entertainment of the evening. Linda’s imper-
sonation of Patsy Cline made us feel like Patsy herself
was there in person. John’s keyboard and base guitar
added a wonderful accompaniment for Patsy’s songs.

Our March 9th Program will feature Betty’s Guys and
Dolls. They are featured at the Lake Kennedy Center
many times during the year. They will bring us an hour
of song, dance, and comedy.

“Sub and Pub” will feature Corned Beef and Cabbage
for his annual St. Patrick’s dinner. The raffle will be
$20.00 to Mel’s Diner, 50/50 drawing, and one free
dinner drawing.

Does this preview of Coming Attractions sound like A
NICE NIGHT OUT? Give the Singles Club a try.

  Any questions, give Fran Douma a call at 543-3361

               RECYCLE/ RESTORE/ REUSE                           WAKE UP AMERICA
               PROJECT                                           By Norm Poitras
               Our Lake Fairways / Pine Lakes Com-               A spring food drive to feed the hungry at the Salvation
               puter Club project creates working com-           Army will be held with the combined efforts Lake Fair-
               puter ‘bundles’ from donated items.               ways and Pine Lakes volunteers.
Completed computer ‘bundles’ are then gifted directly
to designated students to be placed into their homes.            Any snowbird or resident who wants to clean out their
                                                                 cupboards of cans or useful dry foods before they
Since beginning this program late in January 2007,               leave, is urged to place their donations in plastic bags
we have gifted 220 units to designated youngsters                to be picked up. Details will be explained at coffee
from all grade levels at the North Fort Myers Academy            hour. We will try to keep all cul-de-sac captains up to
for the Arts. Thank You for your donations and                   date on the exact date, and method of collection. If
wonderful support to benefit these youngsters and                you leave before pick-up day please ask your neighbor
their families.                                                  to hold your contributions.
If you have computer items to donate to this program,
call us at 731-7012 or email us at:                              Wake-up America picks up food seven days a week,                                             363 days of the year. We are beginning our 17th year
                                                                 thanks to the support of Lake Fairways and Pine Lakes
Please add specific identification in the subject line so        volunteers. All food is distributed to the needy “free of
that we will read your message.                                  charge”.

Please remember that this program is seasonal and
needs to be put ‘on hold’ for the summer. Therefore,
we would appreciate it if you make any further dona-
tions before March 31, 2010 or store them carefully
until November.

Thank you,
Maureen and Bill Bowman
Lake Fairways, 46-H

A MILESTONE                                                      member of the church, for 86 years. During that time,
REACHING THE CENTURY YEAR OF LIFE                                she served as President of the church women’s asso-
By Donald Nix, son                                               ciation and taught Sunday School for years. In lieu of
                                                                 nursing, she served for many years as a Candy Striper
                                                                 at the local Hospital, setting up patient rooms for use.

                                                                 In 1931, she married Aldrich who also sang in the
                                                                 Church Choir. After her husband’s death in the early
                                                                 1970s, she and her son Donald came to Florida for part
                                                                 of his vacations, mostly in Fort Lauderdale. In 1984,
                                                                 looking for a less busy place to retire, they discovered
                                                                 and fell in love with a new development in North Fort
                                                                 Myers called Lake Fairways, with its cul-de-sac design.
                                                                 North Fort Myers was quiet and just what they were
                                                                 looking for. They came for several weeks a year until
                                                                 Donald retired at age 55; they come each winter sea-
                                                                 son. They spent lots of time golfing and riding their
                                                                 bikes twice a day for nine miles around Lake Fairways
                                                                 and later Pine Lakes.

                                                                 Mildred suffered a severe stroke at age 90. With much
                                                                 work, she is now able to get around with Donald’s help.
                                                                 She still likes to get out for exercise on her trike bike.
                                                                 She is still mentally and physically able to enjoy the
                                                                 best of every day of her long life.

                                                                  She would enjoy your well wishes on this very special
                                                                          birthday. Happy 100th Birthday!
                                                                                      Mildred Nix
                                                                                  19366 Deer Creek
                                                                              North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Mildred Nix (shown above with her son Donald), was
born March 3, 1910 to Lottie and James Gould of Boon-
ton, NJ reaches her 100th birthday. Mildred remembers
well many ways of life that are no longer known, such
as using lanterns for light (no electricity), bringing up
water from a hand-dug well or from house cistern                  Ron’s Airport Transportation
(water runs into it from rain coming off roof), and
walking two miles by foot to and from school. Her Fa-                                    $40.00 Special for
ther and Grandfather used horse and buggy to get to                                   Lake Fairways Residents
the local Iron Mill where they both worked as
“puddlers” in front of an open white-hot blast furnace                                  All day, every day!
of melted Iron ore.
                                                                                   Now offering Home Watch Services
After High School graduation, she got her first job as                    
secretary to the owner of Van Rault Hosiery in Boon-
ton, a two-mile walk from home.                                      (239)440-4859 or (877)428-0410 Toll Free
She joined the First Presbyterian Church and sang in                 
the choir from age 14 to the late 1960s. She served as                        ~Licensed and Insured~
Church secretary to several Ministers. She is the oldest
FENDER SKIRTS                                                   When's the last time you heard the quaint phrase, 'in a
Submitted by Vince DeMattia and Grace MacMullen                 family way?' It's hard to imagine that the word
                                                                'pregnant' was once considered a little too graphic, a
I came across this phrase yesterday… 'FENDER                    little too clinical for use in polite company; so we had
SKIRTS..'                                                       all that talk about stork visits and 'being in a family
                                                                way' or simply 'expecting.'

                                                                Apparently, 'brassiere' is a word no longer in usage. I
                                                                heard someone mention that word when talking and
                                                                her daughter cracked up. I guess it's just 'bra' now.
                                                                'Unmentionables' probably wouldn't be understood at

                                                                I always loved going to the 'picture show,' but I con-
                                                                sidered 'movie' an affectation.

                                                                Here's a word I miss - 'percolator.' That was just a
                                                                fun word to say. And what was it replaced with?
                                                                'Coffee maker.' How dull, Mr. Coffee - I blame you for

                                                                I miss those made-up marketing words that were
 A term I haven't heard in a long time, and thinking            meant to sound so modern and now sound so retro.
about 'fender skirts' started me thinking about other           Words like 'DynaFlow' and 'Electrolux.' and 'Frigidaire'.
words that have quietly disappeared from our language           Introducing the 1963 Admiral TV, now with
with hardly a notice. Words and phrases like 'curb feel-        'SpectraVision!'
ers' and 'steering knobs.' (AKA) suicide knob, Necker’s
Knobs. Remember 'Continental kits?' They were rear              I’m wondering - Was there a telethon or something
bumper extenders and spare tire covers that were sup-           that wiped out lumbago? Nobody complains of that
posed to make any car as cool as a Lincoln Continental          anymore. Maybe that's what castor oil cured, ‘cause I
or Ford Thunderbird.                                            never hear mothers threatening kids with castor oil
When did we quit calling them 'emergency brakes?' At
some point 'parking brake' became the proper term.              Some words aren't gone, but are definitely on the en-
But I miss the hint of drama that went with 'emergency          dangered list. The one that grieves me most is
brake.' I'm sad, too, that so many of the folks are             'supper.' Now everybody says 'dinner.'
gone who would call the accelerator the 'foot feed.'
Many today do not even know what a clutch is or that            Save a great word. Invite someone to supper. Discuss
the dimmer switch used to be on the floor. They could           fender skirts!
tell you how it was to wait on the street for your daddy
to come home, so you could ride the 'running board' up
to the house?

Here's a phrase I heard all the time in my youth, but
never anymore - 'store-bought.' Of course, just about
everything is store-bought these days. But once, it was
bragging material to have a store-bought dress or a
store-bought bag of candy.

'Coast-to-coast' is a phrase that once held all sorts of
excitement and now means almost nothing. Now we
take the term 'world-wide' for granted. This floors me.

On a smaller scale, 'wall-to-wall' was once a magical
term in our homes. In the '50s, everyone covered his
or her hardwood floors with, wow, wall-to-wall carpet-
ing! Today, everyone replaces their wall-to-wall car-
peting with hardwood floors. Go figure.
by Joan Dillon

January’s 4-2 Five Concert, brought to you by our Entertainment Committee, was a great success. Many in attendance
believed that this concert was one of the best ever to be performed at Lake Fairways. 4-2 Five entertained with their
five voices, but, with those voices, created an entire instrumental band sound for accompaniment. They brought time-
less, classic music to life with renewed freshness and infused their beautiful harmonies with a lovable sense of humor
and style. Carol Capozzo, a Lake Fairways’ resident, was a great sport when brought on stage for an especially humor-
ous slice of the program.

                                      MOORE 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY

                                      William G. (Bill) Moore and Darlene A. Moore (Dabbs) celebrated their 50th Wed-
                                      ding Anniversary on Saturday, February 6th at Lake Fairways. A SURPRISE gath-
                                      ering of 20 family members from Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, and Colorado
                                      provided a weekend including the initial surprise on Friday, and another BIG sur-
                                      prise on Saturday in the Lake Fairways Club House with dear friends and their

                                      Bill & Dar have 5 children: Douglas, Steven, Michael, Vicky and David, 12 grand-
                                      children and 3 great-grandchildren (and another on the way) who love and
                                      adore them.

                                      We want to thank you all for joining us in this celebration. So many of you as-
                                      sisted us in the planning and execution of this surprise for them – We couldn’t
                                      have made it happen without you.

                                      Congratulations Mom & Dad – we love you and are so proud to be your FAMILY!

WOMEN’S CLUB FASHION SHOW                                    NEW YORK NEW ENGLAND DANCE
Photos by Helen Novella                                      Photos by Norm Poitras

Michelle Gregg and Sue Woodward, shown at the po-            People obviously had lots of fun at the NYNE Dinner
dium, were terrific hostesses for the Women's                Dance.
Club Fashion Show on February 11th. Elegant ladies
below always show up decked out in their finest black
and white to attend the Women's Club Annual Fashion

Rich Newman, the happy winner of the Men’s 1st
Level of the December ELS Good Neighbor Tennis
Tournament. .                                                                          Submitted by Vince DeMattia
                       COFFEE FILTERS:                           16. Put baking soda into a coffee filter and insert into
                       BETTER THAN PAPER                         shoes or a closet to absorb or prevent odors.
                       TOWELS AND A LOT                          17. Use them to strain soup stock and to tie fresh
                       LESS EXPENSIVE...                         herbs in to put in soups and stews.

                     Coffee filters .... Who knew! And           18. Use a coffee filter to prevent spilling when you add
                     you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar             fluids to your car.
Tree for almost nothing, even the large ones.
                                                                 19. Use them as a spoon rest while cooking and clean
1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in                         up small counter spills.
the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers.
                                                                 20. Can use to hold dry ingredients when baking or
2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome... Coffee filters          when cutting a piece of fruit or veggies.... Saves on
are lint-free so they'll leave windows sparkling.                having extra bowls to wash.

3. Protect China by separating your good dishes with a           21. Use them to wrap Christmas ornaments for stor-
coffee filter between each dish.                                 age.

4. Filter broken cork from wine. If you break the cork           22. Use them to remove fingernail polish when out of
when opening a wine bottle, filter the wine through a            cotton balls.
coffee filter.
                                                                 23. Use them to sprout seeds. Simply dampen the cof-
5. Protect a cast-iron skillet. Place a coffee filter in         fee filter, place seeds inside, fold it and place it into a
the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.                 plastic baggie until they sprout.

6. Apply shoe polish. Ball up a lint-free coffee filter.         24. Use coffee filters as blotting paper for pressed flow-
                                                                 ers. Place the flowers between two coffee filters and
7. Recycle frying oil. After frying, strain oil through a        put the coffee filters in phone book.
sieve lined with a coffee filter.
                                                                 25. Use as a disposable "snack bowl" for popcorn,
8. Weigh chopped foods. Place chopped ingredients in             chips, etc.
a coffee filter on a kitchen scale.
                                                                              Oh yeah, they are great to use
9. Hold tacos. Coffee filters make convenient wrappers                          in your coffee maker too.
for messy foods.

10. Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot. Line a
plant pot with a coffee filter to prevent the soil from
going through the drainage holes.

11. Prevent a Popsicle from dripping. Poke one or two
holes as needed in a coffee filter.

12. Do you think we used expensive strips to wax eye-
brows? Use strips of coffee filters.

13. Put a few in a plate and put your fried bacon,
French fries, chicken fingers, etc on them. It soaks out
all the grease.

14. Keep in the bathroom. They make great "razor
nick fixers."

15. As a sewing backing. Use a filter as an easy-to-
tear backing for embroidering or appliquéing soft fab-

A FEW TIPS FOR MORE ENERGY                                                   WE NEED YOUR HELP!
                                                                 Recently, the drapery (curtain) in the North end of our
Maintaining your energy level all day can feel like an           clubhouse main hall was yanked from its rod by some-
insurmountable challenge. Don't ignore physical or               one attempting to close it without knowing how.
mental fatigue, but don't surrender to it, either. Try
these tactics for recharging:                                    The damage has been repaired, but the traverse rods
                                                                 on which it runs are bent and may have to be re-
* Move around. Get your blood flowing to speed de-               placed. This is an expense caused by inexperience and
livery of oxygen and nutrients to your body.                     impatience, which could easily have been avoided.
* Take a deep breath. Take several, actually. Sit up             The curtain is opened and closed by gently pulling the
straight to open your chest cavity and get more oxygen           cords at each end. If you do not understand how to do
into your lungs.                                                 this, please leave it in its present position, and call
* Drink sufficient fluids. Water, like air, delivers             someone familiar with the process to assist.
oxygen throughout your body. If you're dehydrated,                   Please do not grab the curtain and pull!
you'll feel tired. Drink plenty of water or a low-calorie
sports drink.                                                    Thank you for your understanding. . .
                                                                 The Homeowners Association
* Learn something new. Spend a few minutes with
a book or on the Internet researching a subject that's
really interesting to you. You'll stimulate your mind and
make new mental connections.
                                                                    ADVENTURE TRAVEL OF FL
* Get outside (weather permitting). Sunshine and
                                                                     Your Local Full-Service Travel Connection
fresh air can have a rejuvenating effect, along with the
benefits of taking a short walk.                                               SPECIALIZING IN
                                                                                    ♣     Seniors
                …..Adapted from First Draft Magazine                                ♣     Fraternal Groups
                                                                                    ♣     Resident Rates
                                                                                    ♣     Last-Minute specials
                                                                                    ♣     Family & Military Reunions
                                                                                    ♣     Honeymoons & Anniversaries

                                                                       15201 N. Cleveland Avenue, N. Fort Myers
                                                                                 (Merchants Crossing)

                                                                                     Some people
                                                                         try to turn back their odometers.
                                                                                       Not me!
                                                                           I want people to know 'why'
                                                                                   I look this way.
                                                                              I've traveled a long way,
              GOLF CART COVERAGE                                       and some of the roads weren't paved.

                                                                                          REALTY SYSTEMS, INC.

            ON YOUR GOLF CART!
                     $60 PREMIUM                                      Convenient Location on Route 41 / Friendly Staff
                      CALL TODAY                                   Pine Lakes Country Club / Lake Fairways Country Club
             15880 SUMMERLIN RD #306                                      239/731-2900 or toll-free 800/589-5936
                FT MYERS, FL 33908                                                 Fax: 239/731-3103
                   239-433-3383                                     19371 North Tamiami Trail - N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903
                                                                 PENNIES FOR POSSIBILITIES
         DO YOU WISH TO HAVE                                     By Kelly Jo Myers-Medoian, 567-1561
     THE INFORMER MAILED TO YOU                                                  Donate your pennies to help students
      WHEN YOU RETURN NORTH?                                                     with developmental disabilities at Goodwill
                                                                                 L.I.F.E. Academy.
This seems like an unlikely question to be asking
                                                                             "Pennies for Possibilities" teaches students
in the March paper. But before you know it, you
                                                                             to count, to save money, and to identify
will be packing, closing up the house, and at-                               coins by collecting pennies, one-penny-at-
tending to a million more details as you get ready               a-time. The students set goals and understand the
to return home in April. When you arrive home                    meaning of saving towards that goal. All the pennies
you might be saying to yourself, “I wish I had                   (100%) are used to pay for community-based trips.
made arrangements to have the Informer mailed
to me.                                                           So if you have a penny sitting around, Kelly Jo is col-
                                                                 lecting them for her students. You can contribute pen-
                                                                 nies at Saturday morning coffee.
You can make those arrangements now by
contacting Helen Novella 464-9339. The cost
to mail the Informer in the United States is $2.50,
in Canada it is $3.50. This includes the envelope
and the postage.

Don’t forget, The Informer is available on line
                                                                   10% Service Fee

              Harbourside                                            OPTOMETRIST
             Grill & Tiki Bar                                         DR. TERRY L. TUCKER
                3442 Marinatown Lane
                 N Ft Myers, Fl 33903                            High Quality Eye Exams              Mention This Ad & Get A
                    (239) 997-7110                                                                     Free 2 oz Bottle of
                                  & Designer Eyewear                  Purity Eyeglass
        *off of Hancock Bridge Parkway*                                                                   Lens Cleaner
                                                                 88 Pine Island Rd, Suite 3,
     **Marker 52 on the ICW to come by boat**                    N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903
              Home of S.W. Florida’s                                                Proudly Serving Lee County for Over 20 Years !
     Best Crunchy Grouper Sandwich & More!
    $4.99 Lunch Specials & $8.99 Dinner Specials
        Happy Hour Daily from 11am to 7pm
           Entertainment 7 nights a week                              TONY’S APPLIANCE
      $5.00 off your next visit with the purchase of 2              AND AIR CONDITIONING
      drinks and 2 sandwiches or entrée items with
                        this coupon.
                *Not valid with other offers or Specials*
              Thank you Lake Fairways!
                                                                               $30 Service Call
                                                                                 (Week Days)
     2 Hour Sunset Cruises available any day of the week!
                        Provided by;
              Paradise Vacation Rentals
        Only $35 per person for Dinner and a Cruise!!!                Available 7 Days a Week
                      *Call for details*
        Wi Fi Provided by?

              DONATE EYEGLASSES,                                COUPONS FOR MILITARY SUPPORT
              HEARING AIDS, CELL PHONES                         By Barb Grant
              & OLD PILL BOTTLES
              By George Schudel and Jim Goblet                                       Please keep those coupons com-
                                                                                     ing! Barb Grant picks them up
The North Fort Myers Noon Lions Club is collecting eye                               and delivers them to Cape Coral
glasses, eye glass cases, and hearing aids in the laun-                              Hospital Human Resources. Drop
dry room. Only complete glasses are reusable; lenses,                                your clipped product coupons in
broken frames, or frames without lenses are not re-                                  the blue bin in the clubhouse
paired or used in any way.                                                           lobby; make sure they are all cut
                                                                into individual coupons. We thank you for the thou-
Drop your old CELL PHONES in the basket in the copy             sands of coupons you have already collected. Our
room. They are cleaned, recycled and given to Blinded           troops thank you!
Veterans of Florida for emergency purposes. We do not
need the manuals, only the phones and chargers, if              LABELS & INK CARTRIDGES!
possible.                                                       Supporting: North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts
                                                                By Helen Novella
Did you empty a pill bottle lately? Remove the label or
blacken it out and when you have a few, take them to                            Please SAVE and drop these in the box
the laundry room. Then drop them in the box labeled                             in the Clubhouse copy room:
empty pill bottles. They will be cleaned and recycled by                             ‘Box Tops for Education’ label from
Veterinarians! Please make sure they are EMPTY!                                      ALL General Mills products
                                                                                     ‘Labels for Education’ from ALL
 Please note that Jim Goblet & George Schudel are no                                 Campbell’s products
      longer collecting clothing for the local Elks.                                 EMPTY computer ink cartridges
                                                                                    Tyson A+ labels
                                                                                    Nestles Pure Water (Go Play Labels)

                                                                Local schools use refunds from these coupons and ink
                                                                cartridges to purchase items they need.

                                                                             Thank you for your support.

                     THE PERFECT BURGER                             In second place, with a grading of Nine we found
                     WITHOUT ALL ITS                                Beef O'Grady’s burgers tasty, moist, medium rare
                                                                    with a 70-30 meat-to-fat ratio. The patty was thick,
                     PARTS — OR THE                                 well served and possessed a visual delight with all
                     UNSURPASSABLE PATTY                            its parts as sides.
                     By Pat Aiello and Peter Yeager
                                                                    In third place, Applebee's and the Outback Steak
Several months ago after a Golden Boys golf game,                   House were graded at Eight and One Half. Both
Peter Yeager announced that he was going to Cleve-                  served a good well , juicy patty with a splendid
land to get a really good Burger and would return in a              eyecatching display – a veritable feast for the hu-
week's time. Pat Aiello challenged Peter and main-                  man sight, but the taste buds were not "sufficiently
tained that good burgers existed in Fort Myers. The                 amused."
search for the Perfect Burger commenced upon Peter's
return to L.F.C.C.                                               In sum, a very good burger patty can be gauged by
                                                                 the quality of the meat and should be cooked like a
We visited twelve different restaurants - Mel's Diner,           juicy steak. Prime grade is still the best with a good
Jersey's Sport's Bar, Foster's, Five Guys, Beef                  ratio of meat to fat. If you must have all the parts,
O'Grady's, Burger King, McDonald's (Angus Burger),               serve them as sides or try a toasted/seared bun with
Athenian, Outback Steak House, Nestor’s, Perkins,                lettuce, onion, and ketchup.
Applebee's, and Peter Yeager's BBQ pit where we
cooked the Omaha Steak Burger patty.                             Should you feel you can improve on the above, share
                                                                 your recommendations with The Informer in the near
Without any lengthy evaluation of each of the above              future. Comments are welcomed.
restaurants, we concluded that the fast food establish-
ments were definitely inferior because of meat quality,          Submitted by Pat Aiello 37-H and Peter Yeager 31-N,
seasoning, additives, and method of cooking.                     two Golden Boys with an educated palate and discrimi-
                                                                 nating taste buds to match. Phone 731-2020 and
The following three were chosen as our winners:                  731-0700.

    We gave a grand Ten to the Omaha Steak Burger
    (one inch thick). The meat was excellent, the sea-
    soning exquisite (our secret), and the delicate                  FIX IT GUY
    cooking to medium rare over charcoal. We seared                  Robert Autilio
    both sides over a hot hot grill, then placed the Bur-            19360 Arrowhead Lane
    gers on slow cook (325-350 degrees) to a medium                  North Fort Myers, F? 33903
    rare interior - about 150 degrees). The tempera-                 Phone: 239 731-2091
    ture of the burger will rise after cooking. Without              Cell: 239 989-3172
    hesitation, the olfactory system went into high gear             LICENSED MAINTENANCE & REPAIR SPECIALIST
    and each taste bud craved for more (saltimbocca).                       OVER 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
    sides, rosy pink from edge to edge and a juicy suc-                   WALLPAPER & INTERIOR PAINTING
    culent interior. We did not compress the meat dur-                       INTERIOR HOUSE CLEANING
    ing the searing process!                                                     WINDOW CLEANING
                                                                          HOME WATCH SERVICE AVAILABLE
                                                                                 NO JOB TOO SMALL

                                                                             NESTOR’S RESTAURANT
                                                                           4400 HANCOCK BRIDGE PKWY
                                                                            NO. FORT MYERS, FL 33903

                                                                                with Roy St. Onge
                                                                            EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT
                                                                                5:30 TO 8:30 P. M.

               FRIENDS IN SERVICE HERE (Lake Fairways F.I.S.H., Inc.)
               By Lorford Keasey, President F.I.S.H., Inc. (239) 731-6618

                I hope by the time this article reaches you, Spring will have found Lake Fairways and your house. Yet for
as cool as it has been, we really have not suffered that much and have not had to deal with all the snow our snowbird
friends must deal with in the northern U.S. and Canada.

On behalf of all the members of Lake Fairways F.I.S.H. I extend our thanks and good wishes to Kathy Hornback, the
new editor of The Informer. We look forward to reading the articles and seeing the pictures that help each of us know
and appreciate what is happening in our community.

On Thursday, March 4th, F.I.S.H. at its annual general meeting will hold the annual election of officers. All positions are
open. If you would like to serve your Lake Fairways community through an executive position with F.I.S.H. please con-
tact Fran Stechly at 731-2285. We ask you to make your intention known as early as possible.

Heather Holderfield, our guest speaker at the March 4th F.I.S.H. meeting, will speak about macular degeneration
Heather is an occupational therapist who specializes in working with patients who suffer from this problem. Everyone is
welcome to attend this 7:00 p.m. meeting.

On Sunday, March 14th at 2:00 p.m. we will hold our annual Memorial Service in the clubhouse. If you would like to
have a friend or relative remembered in this prayer service, please fill out one of the forms found in the copy room of
the clubhouse.

In the interest of complete transparency and accountability for the funds that many generous donors give to F.I.S.H.,
we have recently had our financial records audited by Rudi Hermann. We are happy to report that no problems were
found. In fact Ella Schultz, our treasurer, was complimented for her work in keeping the books very precise and exact.
We thank both Ella and Rudi Hermann for their service to FI.S.H. as well as the people of the Lake Fairways community.

Thanks to all those who helped make our annual F.I.S.H. appreciation celebration a success. This important event re-
quires a great deal of organization and work by many people. The services of Lake Fairways F.I.S.H perhaps are seen
mostly as transportation, providing non technical medical equipment and respite care, but behind the scenes involves a
great deal of work by many people. Our thanks go out to each of you who make F.I.S.H. such a success.

        Our March Contact People:

        Transportation:          Nancy Rad       731-1204
        Medical Equipment:       Carol Gable     731-5516
        Respite Care             Emilie Shirk    731-2815

                  A VALENTINE’S STORY
                  By Dick Beane

                  How do you surprise your wife after
                  61 years of marriage? Simple… go
                  back 70 years!

In the early ‘40s, we were sweethearts separated by
two high school class years - A Summer Romance. The
common bond was music. Different piano teachers, but
she became very polished. Enough to make records (78
RPM) of her favorite “Warsaw Concerto” and mine, De-
bussy’s “Sunken Cathedral.”

Don’t ask me how these fragile discs survived all the
Navy moves and later. While giving my audio equip-
ment to John MacDonald for use in his school program,
the question arose, “Is there any way that your sophis-
                                                                             DO YOU NEED TAX HELP?
ticated lab could re-record these records as CDs? If you                              HAROLD W. ANTHONY
know John, the answer won’t surprise you, “I can only                       DBA CREATIVE COMPUTER SERVICES
try.”                                                                                Tax Practitioner, IRS & All States
                                                                                  Free Consultation with Local References
Today, the answer came back. “We did it!!” So now                       Personal & Small Business Tax Returns Current & Past Years
                                                                                  Fast Electronic Filing with quick refunds
after 70 years at this writing, the love story is almost                                or several payment methods
complete. So what do you do after 70 years for the                            Absolute Privacy Policy & Work Guaranteed
love of your life? You give back to her the music she                                          Lake Fairways
                                                                                     19184 Harbour Tree Court (38-H)
gave to you so many years ago.                                                                 (239) 731-3942

     Carpet & Upholstery Cleaned
                          Where you get a professional
                           carpet & upholstery cleaner
                         and not a professional salesman
                                     Up to 4 Rooms
                                    Regularly $90.00
                                 (Porches Not Included)
                         “Call for Tile & Grout Cleaning Prices”

By Deanna L. Hartman                                                 Home Health Aide
The loss of a family pet is difficult. Fred and I along             All Activities of Daily Living
with Shee-Shee, our first Scottie, lost our sweet com-
panion, Angus, to a devastating illness. He went to a                Respite or Long-Term Care
peaceful sleep three days before Christmas. Animals             Reliable - Responsible - References
and humans are very similar in their grieving and
mourning, and Shee-Shee is having a difficult time.               Retired CNA - Iris Edmundson
She unconditionally welcomed Angus into our family
four years ago, and they became inseparable. They                         239-543-5857
were a comedic act.

For those of you who have had animal companions, I
hope the following writings engender good memories
and smiles:

Apprehend God in all things, for God is in all things.
Every single creature is full of God and is a book about
God. Every creature is a word of God.

…………...“Meister Eckhart”

Thou hast made the moon to measure the year and
taught the sun where to set. When thou makest dark-
ness and it is night, all the beasts of the forest come
forth..All of them look expectantly to thee to give them
their food at the proper time; what thou givest them
they gather up; when thou openest thy hand, they eat
their fill. Then thou hidest thy face and they are rest-
less and troubled; when thou takest away their breath,
they fail and they return to the dust from which they
came; but when thou breathest into them, they re-
cover; thou givest new life to the earth.

……………..“Psalm 104”

I have done mostly what most men do, and pushed it
out of my mind, but I can’t forget, if I wanted to, Four
–Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through wherever my
road inclined Four-Feet said, “I am coming with you!”
and trotted along behind.

……………..“Four-Feet” by Rudyard Kipling
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has been, always will be.”
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……………...“Grandma Moses”

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                    Sarasota $55                                              Alan Holt (53-D) 239-543-2059

             ALTERATIONS BY LITA                                                      CARE GIVER
                   Lita Fucella (33-F)                              Recently retired professional caregiver available for:
                        567-0429                                       Dr. Appts., shopping, medical maintenance,
                                                                   meal planning or preparation, light housekeeping, and
                                                                   most anything you need help with. Reasonable Rates.
Linda Lindquist (54-H) A+ Certified Technician $25 per hour
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                Mary Ann Decker (28-O)
            Reasonable Rate (239) 543-6084                           MARY ZINSER LLC, Licensed - Insured
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           CLUTTER BEE                 GONE                                Repairs/Replacements. (231) 620-4234
                   Helping Simplify Life
               Diann E. Potts 239-810-4607

       AIRPORT RUNS — Day or Night $40                             Sister Communities Classifieds
       Call Corinne Fisher (40-A) 239-543-5927
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             FOR AVON PRODUCTS                                                Seaview Awnings - Canvas Awnings
               Call Joan Sheehan (58-L)                                  Lanai Acrylic Sliders Installed - Lanai Screens
                       731-0803                                      & Vinyl Windows Replaced - Golf Cart Storage Covers
                                                                           Reupholstering Home and Lanai Furniture
                                                                    Mike and Judy Jacquard, Licensed 567-0286 (Pine Lakes)
      Cleaning and tune-ups- Free anti-virus and                        YARD AND HOME MAINTENANCE
                                                                          Clean Roofs and Gutters, Interior Painting,
               word processing programs                             Small Repairs, Power Washing, Home Checks, Errands.
      Bill Richards (52-C) 731-1732 $20 per hour                          Call Kent Ingalsbe, 239-217-0699 (PL 32-I)

           SANDY’S HOUSEKEEPING                                       PRESSURE WASHING AND PAINTING
       Thorough & Dependable - Free Estimate                                 46 Years Experience - Free Estimates
        Sandy Tarantoe (46-G) 239-217-0039                              Call Rick at 994-0785 or 731-5729 (Pine Lakes)

         AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION                                              ALOHA TRANSPORTATION
                 Wayne Matonak (6-J)                                      Established 1990 – Airport and local areas
                     567-1040                                                    Bill & Lois Hercek 731-5100

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     Doris Shank

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Joseph Alfonsetti                   George & Cindy Farragut              David & Grace Lintner                David & Joan Rita
Dee Arkin                           Frank & Rita Finch                   Dorothy Loman                        Audrey Rolland
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Wilfred & Rosemary Aubut            Ivan & Lois Garrison                 Bob & Virginia Macdonald             June Scott
Nick & Charlotte Babich             Robert & Jeanne Gawlak               Norman & Kelly Jo Madoian            Arthur & Estelle Searby
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Don & Jean Barnes                   Paul & Pamela Ginnelly               Marie Malaski                        Emilie Shirk
CL & Nancy Baty                     Brian & Sandie Gordon                Ron Manchester                       Floss Shone
Ed & Ruth Beane                     Ron & Sandy Graham                   Bill & Sally Mason                   David & Mary Ann Shultz
Maurice & Mary Beaulac              Lowell & Barb Grant                  Tom Matteson                         Trina Sikorovsky
Charlie & Pat Bell                  Henry Gray                           Ronald & Barbara Mattos*             Jane Simpkins
Bud & Lois Berger                   Carl & Michelle Gregg                Kevin & Maryellen McCabe             Max Smith
Woody & Nadine Berkebile            Eric & Anna May Gustafson*           John & Vicki McDonald                Ollie & Phyllis Smith
Nick & Marilyn Bialkowski           John & Kimiko Hardaway               Charles & Doris McHarg               Tom & Dorothy Spielman
Wilma Boies                         Fred & Deanna Hartman                George McHenry                       Roy & Gloria St. Onge*
Charles & Gloria Bogan              Jim & Jeanie Hayes                   Pat McKay                            Jim & Judy Steele
Fred Borden                         Lillian Hedges*                      Jay & Emma Miller*                   Claudette Sternberg
Ken & Carol Borman                  Marge Henderson                      Richard & Mildred Millett*           Bruce & Carol Stevenson
Fred & Betty Born                   Dutch & Ginny Hess                   Charles & Margo Mischeaux            Jim & Ann Stobe
Roland & Karen Boulay               Florence Hicks                       Jim & Rose Mary Monroe               Jack & Margaret Stow
Shirley Bradbury                    John & Marilyn Hilliard*             Bill & Darlene Moore                 Pat Strawman
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Dr. Richard & Lois Brown            Alan & Karla Holt                    Barbara Myers                        Earl & Jeanne Sutherin
Andrew & Nancy Burney               Maurice & Eileen Howe                Nancy Nelson                         Rosemary Szalach
Marie Butler                        Ken & Karen Howell                   Owen & Arlie Ness                    Dorothy Tandy
George & Marilyn Butson             Robert & Jeannie Hubley*             Richard Newman*                      Alice Taylor
Tom Callow                          Joan Huesman*                        Dennis & Collette Niermann*          Gerry Tetreault
Wilbur & Kay Chase                  Marvin & Janice Imes                 Roy & Peggy Nist                     Eldine Thelen
Bob & Bella Comeau                  Jerry & Lucy Jaromin                 Joe & Helen Novella                  Ann Valentine
Josephine Conrad                    Fred & Carolyn Jeffery               Bob & Irma Patterson                 John & Pat Von Der Vellen
Miriam Cornell                      Lorford Keasey                       Helen Payne                          Joyce Warren*
Joseph & Dorothy Coury*             Howard & Jenny Kelly                 Tom & Joan Perchinske                Ann Weise
Wilma Cutler                        Jean Kibler                          George & Georgia Peros               Scott & Carol Werling*
Tom Dabbs                           Wayne & Barbara Kidd*                Herb & Ruth Phillips                 Erma Wertz
Carol DeSouza                       Margie Kirkwood                      Jay & Joni Pomeroy                   Fred & Charon Wilkin
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Dorothea Dreier                     Keith & Pauline Kohlman              Jackie Rabenowich                    David & Maria Williams
Bob & Nancy Dreyer*                 Mary Konosky*                        Dick & Nancy Rad                     Ed & Judy Wright
Jean Dugan*                         Howard & Olga Korpacy                Dick & Cathy Redcay                  John & Lorraine Wyszomirski*
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Ellie Edwards                       Janice Lambka                        Joyce Reeves                         Robert & Betty Zimmerman*
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