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Horses Providing benefits for Autism in - PR Log - Horses


									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                            Horses Providing benefits for Autism in Washington state

       By Michelle Ruff, Summit Equine Assisted Therapy
       Dated: Dec 06, 2010

       After recently hosting a clinic in Washington state at her facility, Michelle Ruff is now providing therapy
       services that are exclusively tailored for Children with Autism and their families.

       After reading the book The Horse Boy, Michelle Ruff knew this was the next step for her Equine Assisted
       Therapy Facility, “I read Rupert Isaacson’s book and did some research online about autism and horses and
       I knew that this was a program I wanted to offer to my local community,” Ruff explained,” I was really
       impressed with the results I saw."

        Equine Assisted Therapy is typically categorized in riding and non-riding therapy modalities. The Equine
       Assisted Growth and Learning Association’s (EAGALA) therapy model, which is currently followed at
       Ruff’s facility, Summit Equine Assisted Therapy, is a non-riding model specifically for Equine Assisted
       Psychotherapy and Learning. This model utilizes a horse(s), a Mental Health Professional and an Equine
       Specialist during sessions with clients. E.A.P. is considered a short-term experiential therapy that is used
       for PTSD, Marriage Counseling, Grievance, At-Risk Youth and other therapeutic needs.

        The therapy techniques that Rupert Isaacson has fostered, The Horse Boy Method™, includes both riding
       and non-riding techniques. However, it is the manner in which they are used that is proving to be so
       beneficial. These methods include techniques such as back riding, sensory work, academics on horseback,
       use of tricks with horses, use of extreme collection, communicating not teaching and starting where the
       children are. Another difference is the encouragement of the entire family attending these sessions and
       working together with the horses. “With the tools that Rupert has taught me, I am now able to incorporate
       them in a whole new way! A large part of the results we are seeing is communication and calming. They
       are using words and talking along with tantrums slowing or completely stopping while with the horses and
       then these same things start happening at home. Horses are powerful healers and one of the benefits is the
       rocking motion of riding release’s oxytocin and opens the learning receptors of the brain. Each day that I
       work with these families I am just amazed!” Ruff states.

        Isaacson has developed and worked with these techniques successfully for 7 years. He has used them with
       his own son and others in Texas and the United Kingdom. And now offers these trainings like the one
       recently hosted by Summit Equine Assisted Therapy at Ruff Ranch Stables across the U.S.

        In addition, to private sessions of horse therapy for autism, Summit Equine Assisted Therapy offers Day
       and Overnight camps along with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning programs at her facility in
       La Center, WA.


       About Summit Equine Assisted Therapy Center

        Summit Equine Assisted Therapy (S.E.A.T.) is an equine therapy center located in the foothills of the
       beautiful Hazen Valley just north of Portland, Oregon in La Center, Washington.

       Dedicated to the health and wellness of humans through horses, our goal is to maintain an environment in
       which therapy, education and learning can thrive. Through our programs, we hope clients can find the right

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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