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        of the Sun
                                        Arizona Chapter of
                                 The American Theatre Organ Society
                                                               Since 1976
                                 Volume Thirty Six  Issue Eleven  November  Two Thousand Eleven

                           Phantom of the Opera this weekend!!
In This Issue              Sunday October 30, at 2:15 and 6:45 pm at the Phoenix
                           College Bulpitt Auditorium. This is the first time we will
                           have two showings of the film. Ron Rhode will provide the
1 Silent Film              accompaniement on the organ. Get your costume ready.
1 November at Pete’s       This is one of the best silent films ever!
                           The programs begins with our Master of Ceremonies, Don
2 Membership Info          Hall, who is the Cinema class instructor at Gateway Com-
2 Board Members            munity College. A short organ prelude will be played by
2 October meeting          Ron Rhode before the film
2 Slate                    Tickets: General Admission $15.00 at the door. $10.00 for
2 Members healing up       students with school ID and children under 12 are free.
                           Parking is easy in their big lot, and with your choice of an
                           afternoon or evening performance you don’t have to drive
3 Upcoming Events          in the dark. Parking lot is on the southwest corner of the campus on 15th Avenue &
3 RecipeBook               Thomas Road. There will be signs directing you to the Auditorium. Bring your family
3 Phx College Organ        and friends! It would be great to fill the seats!
3 Letters                  Program sponsored by Phoenix College Music Dept, Gateway Community College and VOTS.

                                                Donna Parker to play for us November 13th!
4 Board Minutes                                 We are in for an unusual treat this time. Donna Parker is going to
                                                play. Pete Knobloch has many instruments, including his Aeolian
5 Young Organist                                Marie Antoinette pipe organ. After the program you are invited to
5 Silent Film - Gateway                         go to the Organ Stop to hear more of Donna. Date is Sunday,
                                                November 13th at 2:30 pm. Map to Pete’s house is on page 3.
6 Marketplace                                      Donna has actively pro-
6 Birthdays                moted the theatre pipe organ art form over the
6 Missing Organ            years. She has conducted master classes nation-
6 Showing off our Wurli    ally and abroad, and has worked with public
                           school districts to incorporate this all-American
                           art form into their music history curriculum. In
VOTS/ATOS                  1996 Donna was honored by being named
PO Box 36151               Organist of the Year by the American Theatre
Phoenix, Arizona           Organ Society. She was elected to serve on the
                           international board of directors of the ATOS for six years, where she headed the scholar-
85067-6151                 ship committee that assisted students studying theatre organ. She is serving on the board   as the Publisher of the Theatre Organ journal--the official publication of ATOS, as the
                           Public Relations chair, and as a core faculty member of the ATOS Summer Youth Camp.
 page two
                                     October at Delores Sheak’s Home
2011 Board Members                   We were a happy bunch this balmy afternoon. Johnny Sharp is a fantastic
President: Position open             organist with a great personality. He brought along his own keyboard to play
Acting: Bill Carr                    with the pipe organ to enhance his tunes.
11815 N. 77th Drive                  Johnny says he played in rollerskating rinks
Peoria AZ 85345 623-694-1746         for 35 years and has been playing theatre
                                     organs since 2000. We especially enjoyed
Vice President - Program:            his medley of TV themes, including Bo-
Position open                        nanza, Jeopardy, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle
Acting: Bill Carr                    and Those Were The Days.
11815 N. 77th Drive                  He played a great variety of tunes including
Peoria AZ 85345 623-694-1746         a State Fair medley, Sandman, Falling          Rain, If I Only Had A Brain, Green
Secretary: Madeline LiVolsi
                                     Onions ( his signature tune for the Roller
3626 W. Vernon                       Rink), Time in a Bottle and many others. He even included some waltzs.
Phoenix AZ 85009                     Our hostess Delores Sheak provided us with dozens of yummy donuts and hot
623-330-0166      cider. Thanks Delores for hosting this event. It was great! Johnny is an awsome
                                     person and a great organist. If you want to hear him play this instrument, a
Treasurer: Hassell Moores            video will be on our new Facebook site:
9923 Camden Avenue         
Sun City AZ 85351                    Of-The-Sun-Chapter-ATOS/155146444577133
623-215-2953 Cell 623-696-7538                      Bobby Freeman & Joan McFadden on the mend!
Statutory Agent: Pete Knobloch
                                     Bobby finally got through the baseball season and was able to
1507 E. Fremont Drive                get the much needed surgery to repair the damage he suffered
Tempe AZ 85282                       on the stairs at the Fizzell’s home in May. He and Charlene
480-820-7093                         came to the meeting at Delores Sheak’s home.               We were also happy to see Joan McFadden at the meeting.
                                     She is getting along ok after getting a new hip after her fall.
Member at Large: Delores Sheak
2501 W Diana Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85022
                                     Election The November meeting at Pete’s home is our election meeting.
602-995-5414 No e-mail address
                                     The only contested position is Member at Large. The slate of folks running is:
                                     President: Bill Carr
Member at Large: Warren Bechhoefer   Vice President/Program Chairman: Beverly Fizzell
371 W Pierson Street Apt 7           Secretary: Madeline LiVolsi
Phoenix AZ 85013-2536
602-279-0386 no e-mail address
                                     Treasurer: Hassell Moores
                                     Statutory Agent: Pete Knobloch
2011 Appointees:                     Member at Large: Johnny Sharp and Warren Bechhoefer
                                     Continuing Member at large is Delores Sheak
Membership Chairman: Tim Versluys    Ballots will be in the mail. Mail yours in or bring to the November meeting.
cell 480-427-6053                                                      The Stoprail
                                                 Published monthly by The Valley of The Sun Chapter of the
Crew Chief: Thomas Fizzell                  American Theatre Organ Society PO Box 36151, Phoenix, AZ 85067-6151
2201 E. Siesta Drive
Phoenix AZ 85042                                            Interim President: Bill Carr (623) 694-1746
602-243-9546                                  Editor: Beverly Fizzell 602-243-9546

Stoprail Editor: Beverly Fizzell                          Visit our website:
2201 E. Siesta Drive                             Membership Fees: Local Chapter Dues $25.00 Name Tag $9.00
Phoenix AZ 85042                      Send name, address & check to VOTS/ATOS 9923 Camden Ave, Sun City AZ 85351
                                      The Valley of the Sun Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society is a recognized tax
                                       exempt educational and charitable organization under section 501-C-3 of the Internal
                                          Revenue Code and is a nonprofit corporation organized in the state of Arizona.
                                                                                                                                   page three 
                                     2011 Calendar of Events
   Some events are in the planning stage so the info may be incomplete                                      Cookbook update:
 October 30th 2:15 and 6:45 pm - Silent Film at Phoenxi College
 November 13th - 2:30 pm - Meeting & program Pete Knocbloch’s home
                                                                                                            There is still time to
 December 3rd - Christmas Program at Phoenix College - info to come                                         send in your recipes!
 December 10th - 2:30 pm - Christmas party - more info to come.                                             We finally have enough recipes to
                                                                                                            start on the cookbook.
Phx College Wurlitzer
Last minute help needed this week before the silent film!                                                   Send your recipe to
Call Bill Carr at 623-694-1746 if you can work on the organ.                                       or mail to
Thanks to all who work on and help finance this instrument. We dressed up the                               2201 E Siesta Drive, Phoenix AZ
swell shades area with a great addition you have to see. Come and take a                                    85042
look! Meanwhile, go see the silent film October 30th!
                  North                                                     Pete’s Map
                              Map to Pete's Home
                                                                            Be sure you come to this meeting! We don’t often have a lady
                                     I-60                                   professional organist like Donna to play for us.
                                                                            Directions to get to the Organ Stop Afterwards:
                                                         McClintock Drive
   I-10 Freeway

                                                                            Go east on US 60 to Stapley. Go north on Stapley to the driveway

                      Fremont Drive                                         just before you get to Southern. There is
                                                                            an Organ Stop sign at this entrance. Go               Southern
                                                                            behind the Walgreens to the OSP           Organ

                              1507                                                                                     Stop
                                                                            parking lot. Organ Stop is west of the
                          Baseline Road                                     corner of Stapley and Southern on the
       3.25 Miles from I-10 at I-60 to McClintock
                                                                            south side of the street.                                US 60

Want to see how a pipe organ works?
Mechanical Musical Marvel
Animation about the workings of the magnificent Symphony Hall organ, commissioned by THSH and created by Chris
Randall at Second Home Studios
This is a great cartoon about how the pipe organs work, and would be a great introduction to the
instrument for children.
Letters to the editor
Send letters to or Beverly Fizzell 2201 East Siesta Drive Phoenix Arizona 85042
Your place for opinions, recognition, venting, complaints and compliments.

From Susan Fancher:Another work of art in this Newsletter—you’re great! Thanks so much for printing my note &
photo from my wonderful time with the Carr’s! My best to everyone, Susan
From Peter McBride: In July I joined a 2-week tour of the major organs of southern England. The Leslie Peart
group played about 30 different organs from Westminster Abbey to Winchester Cathedral and Canterbury. Memorable
and rigorous. Virginia Schoberg , a Scottsdale performance organist, was also along.
This week a friend asked me about Cameron Carpenter - apparently I am the last to discover him. His CBS interview
is enlightening but members should see his Stars & Stripes rendition at this webpage.
Here is oneYouTube clip worth visiting
Looking forward to the sun and music when I leave rainy Vancouver in November.
Peter McBride
 page four

September Board Meeting Minutes
  The VOTS/ATOS board meeting was held Saturday, October 1, 2011, at the Carr residence. Attending were Bill
Carr, Hassell Moores, Madeline LiVolsi, Pete Knobloch, Delores Sheak, Warren Bechhoefer, Beverly Fizzell and Tom
Fizzell. The meeting was called to order at 2:39 pm.
  The secretary read the minutes of the September 10 meeting. Hassell moved to accept the minutes as read, second
by Warren. The motion passed.
  Hassell gave the treasurer's report. Our current balance is $2119.78. Hassell's report included income, checks
written, and other items such as monthly bank fees. Beverly said that she had collected $33 in donations for the soda
and popcorn served at our September 18 chapter meeting. We all agreed that she should keep the money and put it
towards newsletter printing supplies. Warren moved to accept the treasurer's report, second by Tom. The motion
  Bill told us that he knows someone who can make magnets that can be attached to our nametags, which are easier to
use than the pin. We may look into this.
  Upcoming events include meetings at Delores Sheak's residence (October 23, Johnny Sharp) and Pete Knobloch's
home (November 13, Donna Parker). The December Christmas party may be changed to First Christian Church
Fellowship Hall, which has a nice new kitchen and plenty of seating area.

Crew Chief Reports
  Tom reported that he and Pete would be installing the pedal lights on the Orpheum organ. Bill said that work is
progressing on the PC organ and he could use any help chapter members could give.

Membership --We currently have 77 members. We got three new ones at the September meeting.

Newsletter -- Nothing at this time.

Old Business
   Beverly said that she is not getting many recipes for the planned chapter cookbook. We could ask people to bring
them to the next meeting. Bill said he could bring a copy machine.
   Concerning Bobby Freeman's insurance claim, Bill said that not much will be done until after medical procedures are
complete. Nothing will be paid until Bobby submits a bill.
   Bill handed out a list of items needed to complete the PC organ. and their individual costs. Some of these items have
already been purchased, but we need to raise funds to pay back people who put the money out as a loan. This informa-
tion will also go in the newsletter.

New Business
   There was some discussion about the "Phantom" presentation at Phoenix College on October 30. We need to pay
an AV person. Tom will handle dead notes or ciphers. We need to check with Fred Watson about the DVD. We
decided on a postcard mailing for the promotion. Bill will get them printed and Warren will address and mail them. An
Allen organ is available if the Wurlitzer is not working.
   For the Christmas program, we are waiting for a date from PC. We will then get busy on promotion as information
becomes available.
   There is a possible future event at PC involving the Diamondbacks ball team. Mary Rose Wilcox will provide public
transportation for neighborhood school children to attend. Bobby Freeman, Baxter Bobcat, and other representatives
from the team would participate.

  Beverly moved to adjourn, second by Warren. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

                                               Respectfully submitted, Madeline LiVolsi
                                                                                                            page five 
ATOS Young Organists Competition coming up
We are out there searching for young organists who might want to enter the ATOS Young Theatre Organist Competition
and we need you and your Chapter’s help!
         The YTOC has been unable to produce a viable competition for the past two years due to a lack of applicants.
This is extremely distressful in light of the fact that without upcoming young theatre organists the theatre organ movement
will continue to decline. Presently we have four young theatre organists under the age of 30 that performed at the ATOS
2011 Convention in Providence. All of them were excellent and all of them were winners of the competition. The YTOC
is the best showcase for young theatre organ musicians and is an essential part of ATOS’s role in assuring the future of
the organization and the entire theatre organ movement.
         So, please search diligently for any young person between the ages of 13 and 24 who plays the organ…be it
classical or theatre…or just for their own amusement. See if they might be interested in joining the YTOC, it doesn’t
cost anything and the rewards can be immensely gratifying…or let me know and I will approach them about entering.
         The “Rules and Guidelines” and Application form should answer most of your questions. However, feel free to
call or write me if you have any questions or would like me to contact a young person in your area that you feel might
have potential. Remember also, that they don’t have to be a member of ATOS.
                                                                  Contact John Ledwon for the application and guidelines
Regards, John Ledwon, Henderson, NV 89074                702-767-8772

Night at the BOOvies, featuring award winning Ron Rhode at the organ
Friday October 28, 2011 Halloween Costume Contest: 6:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Candy and prizes) Movies: Buster
Keaton in Sherlock, Jr. (1924) & Buster Keaton in The Haunted House (1921) Location: Center for Health Careers
Education CH1106 GateWay Community College, 108 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 (NW corner of 40th St &
Washington) Contact Information: Don Hall (602) 286-8730 FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
 page six

                                              Marketplace                               Rates
  Have something to sell or buy? To place your ad, call         Business Card one year $90.00 one month $10.00
  Beverly Fizzell at 602-243-9546 or e-mail information to      Member Card one year $70.00 one month $6.00 She can also help you write your ad.      Classified Ads one issue $10.00 or free to members
  Send fee with ad by the 20th for next month’s Stoprail.       Add a photo to your ad - $5.00

John Schultz
A long time VOTS member from way back is gone.                     We wish you a Happy Birthday!
John Schultz passed away recently. He apparently died                            Birthday time! A slice of cake goes
of health complications. In addition his mother,                                 out to our November birthday cake
stepfather and father all passed away in the last few                            eaters - Bob Kynaston, Norma
months and that took the wind out his sails.                                   Mackie, Ruth Ratajczak, Pat
There was a memorial service on Oct 24, 11 a.m. at                             Ingramm, Beverly Fizzell, Richard
Coronado Park, 12th St & Palm Lane at the grassy                               Flickinger, Lorraine Romick,
area on the north end of the park.                           Shirley Long, Warren Bechhoefer, Charles Bielski,
                                                             Janna Kohler & Nina Spooner.
Blower for sale                                              Blow out those candles and have a good time! If we
For sale or donation to charitable organization
                                                             missed your birthday, let us know.
5 hp 3 phase 220 volts 124 amps 1500 speed 50
cycles. John Weber 480-396-9238 or e-mail to:                We want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY when                                            your special day comes. Let us know the month and
                                                             we will be happy to put it in the Stoprail.
Help find this organ!
  My name is Lew Wallace from York PA. I used to live in Lansdowne PA (near Philadelphia PA). I use to work at an
old movie theatre named “Lansdowne” which was built is 1927. The theatre closed is 1986 and has been vacant since.
The theatre was never changed from day one. The building has all the original lighting (chandeliers) and the painted
ceiling. About 2 years ago a group was formed to raise monies to restore the theatre. Grant money from the state was
authorized to start the project. Many people have asked about the pipe organ which was removed in the early 80’s.
The organ is a Kimball 3 manual 9 ranks. It was sold from New York to Missisippi, then to somewhere in Phoenix AZ.
Would you and your chapter asked around and see if the Kimball organ is intact or maybe sold for parts. All we are
asking if the pipe organ exists. I do know the console was restored in Missisippi by a John Durgan. I do have some
recordings of the organ when it was in the Lansdowne Theatre. If you Google “Lansdowne Theater” you will find the
info about the restoration. Any help on the location of the Kimball organ would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Lew Wallace 717 292 7977 (work)

Ad Payment required in advance                                                             Showing off our
Classified ads are still free to members. Other adver-                                     Orpheum Wurlitzer
tisers are required to pay their fee in advance before                                     We demonstrated the
we will included the ad in the Stoprail. Send your ad                                      Orpheum Wurlitzer for a
and a check made out to VOTS to Editor Beverly                                             group of Venue planners who
Fizzell 2201 E Siesta Drive, Phoenix AZ 85042.                                             met at the Orpheum recently.
E-mailed ads will be accepted, and mail your fee.                                          Beverly and Tom Fizzell along
                                                         with Pete Knobloch were on hand to discuss the possibilities of
             VOTS Members:                               using the Orpheum and the organ for various events. The group
                                                         was told of previous graduations, dinners and other uses for the
  We can put your business card or ad                    organ. The playback system was used for background music
 on this page for a whole year for $70.00                while the group enjoyed appetizers and conversation in the lobby.
                                                         A few people went in to check out and discuss the organ.

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