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									THE SPOKE
                                                                                    Event Calendar
                                                                        May 29th - Erin Nelson (Bryan's wife) will
Meets Tuesday Noon – The Turf Club   P.O. Box 1713, Turlock, CA 95381
                                                                        speak to us about the recently opened
                                                                        Jessica's House that provides grief counseling
May 22, 2012
                                                                        for kids.
Spoke Editor
                                                                        June 2nd (Saturday) - Bus trip to SF to attend
Melissa Cherry 209.581.2750 or                                             Giants vs Cubs baseball game. Contact
                                                                        Melissa Cherry to RSVP.
Detective for May
Kent Johnson – Please share all your top-                               June 5th - TBA
secret information about other Rotarians with
him.                                                                    June 12th - Local attorney Jim McDade, a
                                                                        Partner of Mike Dini, Bob Triebsch and
This Week                                                               Vince Jamison, will give us an update on
United Cerebral Palsy                                                   employment law.
Last Week                                                               June 19th – New Member Bios
Teacher of the Year
                                                                        June 26th – KICKOUT!
Bell Ringers
Roberta Anderson                                                        July 3rd – TBA
Jeremy Benjamin
Kirk Sperry (split)
                                                                        July 17th – TBA
Tom Sperry (split)
Thank you for all of your generosity!                                   July 19th (Thursday) Save the Date!
                                                                        BBQ Dinner & Baseball Game with the
SF Giant Game & Tailgate Party                                          Modesto Nuts. Tickets will be $26.00 each.
Saturday June 2nd is our annual Bus                                     Contact Curtiss DeOliveira to make your
Trip and Tailgate Party to the San                                      reservation.
Francisco Giant’s Stadium. If you would
like to attend please contact Melissa                                   July 24th – Kristen Olsen, Candidate for State
Cherry at 581-2750 ASAP! Tickets are                                    Assembly
$75.00 each and there is only 6
remaining. Bus will meet up at 4257                                      Rotarian, one of your primary responsibilities is
Keyes Road, Ceres at 11am.                                               to help identify and propose new members.
                                                                         Consider the following approaches for
*NOTE* Checks will be payable to                                         finding future Rotarians:
Turlock Rotary Club and will ONLY be                                     • Wear your Rotary pin to initiate conversations
collected at bus loading ~ NO Billing                                    about your involvement with Rotary.
Allowed.                                                                 • Share stories of exciting club projects with
                                                                         colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.
ENGAGE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY                                               • Distribute Rotary Basics (595-EN), This Is
Proposing new members is essential to                                    Rotary (001-EN), and What’s Rotary? (419-
achieving Rotary’s goals of providing                                    EN). All three are available from
community and international service. As a                      , the RI Catalog, or your
international office.                                     Thought for the Week
• Invite friends, co-workers, and colleagues to
join you at your weekly Rotary meeting.            “A tree is known by its fruit; a man by
• Offer an information brochure that outlines       his deeds. A good deed is never lost;
the club’s history and highlights recent service   he who sows courtesy reaps friendship,
projects and social events.
• Ask potential members to become involved           and he who plants kindness gathers
with a club activity or service project.                           love.”
• Encourage prospective members to tour the                      ~ St. Basil ~
RI Web site, view membership videos, and
complete a Prospective Member Form.
                                                             May Birthdays
                                                          May 4th      Debi Shrum
                                                          May 16th    Sharon Silva
                                                          May 27th    Ron Hillberg
                                                          May 27th    Steve Carkeet

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