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					                                                                                                            Venue: Amwaj Islands

AMWAJ ISLANDS, BAHRAIN                                                            +973 1603 0303

   Certi cate In Applied Insurance Studies
                                                                                            08.30 Hrs to 15.30 Hrs
                                                                                             Monday to Thursday

                                                                                              Venue: GII Centre,
                                                                                               Amwaj Islands,
                                                                                             Kingdom of Bahrain

                                                                                           28 November -
                                                                                         1 December 2011
 The GII certificates in Applied Certificates in Insurance Studies certify that the holders have received hands-on intermediate
 knowledge in the subject giving them technical competence and confidence on their job thus improving customer experience.

 Holders of this certificate should be able to:-

         Apply the principles of insurance to life assurance.

         Understand the role of financial planning in Life Assurance industry.                              Credit

         Be able to advise customers on financial planning needs.

         Explain different protection and savings procedures available to the customer
         and underwriting factors.

         Make recommendations, draw conclusions and take informed decisions
         on their job.

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                                                                 Life Assurance
AUDIENCE      Intermediate
FORMAT        24 hours of structured learning involving classroom sessions, Q & A and case studies.
ASSESSMENT    Two hour paper consisting of 75 Multiple Choice Questions. First exam sitting included in course fee, further sittings at BHD 30 each.
              Only candidates who are successful in the test will be awarded a certificate of completion
PRIVATE STUDY Students should undertake a minimum of 75 hours of private study.
AWARD         Certificate in Applied Insurance Studies – Life Assurance 1 credit towards Associateship of the Gulf Insurance Institute

 UNIT 1    Application of Insurance principles
           1. Explain the application of the following Insurance principles to Life
                      1.1 Insurable interest, Ownership of policies, Assignment,                  UNIT 5   Policy Provisions and Claims Handling
                          single and joint life policies, Group life assurance                             5.1 Explain the important conditions of a life policy.
                      1.2 Utmost good faith and the consequences of non-disclosure                                    5.1.1 Free look provision
 UNIT 2    Personal Financial Planning                                                                                5.1.2 Incontestability provision
                                                                                                                      5.1.3 Grace Period
           2.1 Understand the function and objectives of personal financial planning.
                                                                                                                      5.1.4 Reinstatement provision
           2.2 Understand the role and duties of the financial planning advisor
                                                                                                                      5.1.5 Policy Loan
           2.3 Explain the seven typical life stages of a client for FP purposes and
                                                                                                                      5.1.6 Non-Forfeiture
               understand the financial planning requirements and constraints
                                                                                                           5.2 Know the important policy exclusions
               at each of the lifestages
                                                                                                                      4.2.1 Suicide
           2.4 Explain the main steps in identifying a client's real financial needs.
           2.5 Be able to identify, quantify and prioritise a client's real financial needs:                          5.2.2 War
           2.6 Explain the main areas of financial planning: life and health protection                               5.2.3 Aviation
               (including disability) planning, savings and investment planning,                           5.3 Outline the claims handling process
               retirement planning, inheritance planning;                                                             5.3.1 Typical Information
           2.7 Explain which products are suitable for each financial planning need.                                  5.3.2 Authorisation
                                                                                                                      5.3.3 verification
 UNIT 3    Life Assurance Product Types                                                                               5.3.4 Determining the Claim Benefit
                                                                                                           5.4 Outline the settlement options available to the insurer
         3.1 Explain the common types of protection products and their uses.                                   and the policy owner.
                    3.1.1 Term Assurances
                    3.1.2 Mortgage Protection
                    3.1.3 Family Income Benefit                                         UNIT 6               Group Life
                    3.1.4 Convertible Term
                    3.1.5 Guaranteed Insurability                                                           6.1 Explain the key features of a group scheme.
                    3.1.6 Renewable Term                                                                    6.2 Understand group risks
         3.2 Explain the common types of cash value Policies.                                               6.3 Be aware of group pricing factors.
                    3.2.1 Whole of Life
                    3.2.2 Endowment
                    3.2.3 Universal Life
                    3.2.4 Unit Linked

                                                                                                                 GROUP DISCOUNTS
         3.3 Explain what Additional Benefits are available.
                    3.3.1 Accidental Death Benefit
                    2.3.2 Permanent Total Disability
                    2.3.4 Critical Illness
  UNIT 4 Risk Assessment & Underwriting
         4.1 Be aware of the purpose and use of mortality tables.
         4.2 Explain the underwriting process and ways to gather underwriting information.
         4.3 Be aware of the risks affecting underwriters’ decision.
                    4.3.1 Medical
                    4.3.2 Personal                                                                            4 - 5 participants               6 - 7 participants
                    4.3.3 Financial
         4.4 Be aware of the methods of calculating the premium


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