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      A Slow Recovery Helps Fast Food
      For the first time in three quarters, spending plans at quick-
      service eateries were stronger in May than at full-service
      chains, according to RBC analyst Larry Miller. With real
      disposable income flat and food and energy costs rising, low-
      to-middle-income households eat out less and go the fast
      food route more. ——Anthony Feld, with Anna-Louise Jackson
       Energy portion of CPI                                   Food portion of CPI
       260                                                                                    260

       200                                                                                    200
                   1/11        3/11         5/11                    1/11       3/11   5/11

       Fast food restaurants vs. full-service establishments
8%                                                                                                      8%

                       Quick-service restaurant stock index ▶
4%                                                                                                      4%

0%                                                                                                      0%

−4%                                           ◀ Full-service restaurant stock index                     −4%

                                                                                      DAtA: BlooMBerg

                  April                                    May                         June

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