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									Mobile Messenger Market – WhatsApp
For Android
Till today we were familiar with messenger like Yahoo!, Gtalk, Skype, etc. However,
WhatsApp android got the new name of “Mobile Messenger”.

Usually, any new application launched in market, before that many pre-launch activities
taken. However, in case of WhatsApp Messenger was very little. Still today it is consider
as one of the favorite as well as leading mobile app.

There are many features of whatsapp messenger on Android or you can say specification
introduced by this app which made it such popular in all community. If we look any age
of community like teenage, youngster, etc. all are just comfortable with WhatsApp for
Android. Definitely, purpose for each community is different for using this mobile
messenger. i.e. teenage for chit-chat, youngster for business & surfing, etc.

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