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									Things you can do to keep your computer operating nicely.

1. Vacant your reuse bin, remove the removed information from
Perspective, you can also remove information in your sent directory that
are no longer needed.

2. Get rid of those treats, they can take up a lot of space. Promoters
also use this information to monitor your buying styles.

3. You can remove your Temporary information these end with *.tmp you can
use F3 in Microsoft windows to search for that expansion.

4. Run Ms ScanDisk at least once monthly.

5. Run Ms Defrag as well to keep your information in order on your

6. Dirt, dust is awful for your program. If you smoking, dust more often,
you can buy processed air from Stations Shack to strike out your case, do
it outside.

7. Purchase program programs program such as Noton System Works or
Computer pc personal computer computer system windows registry Auto
mechanic to keep your program operating maximum.

8. Consider improving your RAM if your program is operating gradual.

9. Upgrading your video card can enhance your game playing experience.

10. A new brand can do amazing things to program efficiency.

11. Make sure Microsoft windows is done closing down before you power

12. Use Anti-Virus Software and upgrade your Stop Malware signatures.

13. If your using DSL or Wire use a software.

14. Set up the newest individuals for your hadrware.

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