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									Songbird for Android applications

Songbird app for Android is an application that has the functionality to browse and play
music on your android gadget. Songbird for android application also allows you to tell
your friends about the music you listen to. Songbird application for Android also
integrates with Flickr photostream via Flickr that allows you to check out the amazing
photos of your favorite band on the go. If you are someone who loves music, Songbird
for Androidpatut Applications for the try.

Songbird berikAplikasi menggunakanaplikasi ut these are a few pointers so you can get
the most from the application Songbird on the latest release.

* You must remove any previous beta release of the phone belongs to you (this is used if
you have previously installed the beta version.
* The application is in use on Android 2.1-or more.
the latest Songbird application, we also made some improvements and added some
features for the beta release.

* Songbird bsia also be controlled via your bluetooth headset.

QR Code below will send you straight to the page where the application is in, so you will
easily download them.

Songbird application
Recent changes Songbird Application:

* Performance improvements
* Better management of music
* Allows the use Last.FM scrobbling or ScrobbleDroid
* Tune Announcer now able to work as expected
* Alarm, Alert and Ringtones are no longer appear in your music list
Songbird for Android applications

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