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									Simplify One Number Usage Packs™
Simplify One Number subscribers may add one of the following optional Usage Packs (bundles of minutes) to their
monthly subscription:
        Usage Packs                Approximate Minutes                            Overage Rate
                                (based on 4.9 cents/minute)              (minutes in excess of Usage Pack)
          $19.95                            410                                        8.9¢
          $39.95                            820                                        8.9¢
          $89.95                           1840                                        8.9¢
          $139.95                          2960                                        8.9¢
          $189.95                          3900                                        4.9¢

Note: For Usage Packs shown above, a 2¢/minute surcharge will apply for calls made from Hawaii or Puerto Rico to the 48
contiguous states (including messaging minutes). Calls made from Hawaii or Puerto Rico to Hawaii or Puerto Rico are subject
to a 4¢/minute surcharge. Surcharges will be listed separately on your Simplify One Number bill. Simplify One Number
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subscription fees and Usage Packs are automatically prorated for the first partial month; however, unused minutes do not
carry forward from month to month.
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Simplify One Number Optional Services™
Simplify One Number subscribers may add an optional Service Pack to their Simplify One Number subscription

Product                   Features                      Monthly        Setup Fee                            Other
                                                        Subscription                                        Information
Simplify One On Demand/   • Voice/Fax Broadcasting      $9.95/month    Waived when ordered with             Available only with Simplify
Broadcast Service Pack    • Voice/Fax on Demand                        initial Simplify One account setup   Monthly fee—does not
                                                                                                            include per minute usage

Team Messaging            • Dynamic Downline            Free           $9.95 when ordered later             Team Messaging is
                            message broadcasting                                                            available only to
                          • Send voice message or fax                                                       Representatives

Additional Rates and Fees
All Simplify One Number usage (including calling, enhanced services, messaging minutes) is billed in 1-minute incre-
ments. All rates are effective 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, for all calls originating and terminating within the 48 continen-
tal United States. Rates for calls originating outside of 48 states are subject to an additional charge. Calls made from a
payphone are subject to a 35¢ surcharge. All rates quoted are subject to any applicable taxes or regulatory fees as
required by law.

Simplify One Number Payment Options
Initial Payment Method
A credit card is required for all initial orders of Simplify One Number products. After the first month, you have the
option to continue using a credit card or switch to automatic checking withdrawal. Any applicable fees are charged
upon receipt of the order.

Monthly Payment Method:
Customers may choose the following payment methods to pay for monthly subscription fees and usage:
• Credit Card. Customers who choose this payment option must include the following information: type of card (Visa, Master
  Card, Discover, or American Express), credit card number, expiration date on the card, and credit card holder name.

• Auto-Checking Withdrawal (ACW).   This option allows customers to pay their monthly bill automatically using an
  auto-checking withdrawal agreement with their bank. Customers who select this option must include a completed
  Automatic Checking Withdrawal Authorization Form and a copy of a voided check with their order. This form is avail-
  able through Big Planet’s Fax On Demand System at 1-801-345-0200 (document # 3322).

About Simplify One Number Subscription Fees
Your Simplify One Number subscription fees include a one-time setup fee, your monthly subscription fee, your Usage
Pack (if ordered with Simplify One Number), Universal Connectivity Charge (UCC)—a federally mandated charge), and
applicable taxes. Usage (above and beyond a Usage Pack) and any applicable surcharges will be included in your
monthly bill that will be mailed on the 25th of each month.

NOTE: Simplify One Number monthly subscription fees, Usage Packs and Optional Services are automatically prorated for
the first partial month; however, unused minutes do not carry forward from month to month.

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Why Simplify One Number?                                 What are the benefits of Simplify One Number?
                                                         Simplify One Number is a complete communications solution for people
    “Simplify One Number is an enhanced communication    on the move. We offer the following features to help keep you in control:

    tool that allows you to stay in touch with what is   Features:
    important in your life.”                             » One Number “Follow Me” Service.
                                                           “Follow Me” service simplifies your life by allowing all your calls to go to one num-
                                                           ber. Give your friends, business associates, and family one number—It’s that easy.
                                                           Simplify One Number will find you on your work phone, cell phone, pager, or any
                                                           number you specify. Incoming faxes can be automatically forwarded to any fax
                                                           number, or even to your email address.

                                                         » Simplify Online.
                                                           Manage your account online using Simplify Online. Listen to your voicemail
                                                           forward messages, create group lists, change your personal options, or view faxes
                                                           directly on your PC at

                                                         » All Distance Calling.
                                                           You'll enjoy all distance calling (nationwide and international) with rates as low as

                                                         » Call Whisper/Voice ID.
                                                           Identify who is trying to reach you before you answer the call with Caller voice ID.
                                                           When you answer the phone, you'll hear the recorded voice of the caller and can
                                                           choose to connect to the call or simply send the caller directly to voicemail.

                                                         » Group Messaging.
                                                           Allows you to send a message to a single individual or to an entire group—up to
                                                           250 recipients.

                                                         » Call Hold/Call Transfer.
                                                           Place any caller on hold from any phone. You can even “transparently” transfer a call
                                                           from your cell phone to your office or home phone, without interrupting the call.

                                                         » Enhanced Conference Calling.
                                                           Conference calling allows a user to conference up to 12 participants without the
                                                           assistance of an operator. Now you can initiate a conference call from any phone.

                                                         How do I sign up?
                                                            Sign up online through a Business Center or call us at 1-800-487-1000.
                                                                             " A better
Testimonials                                                                  way to
“I find that Simplify One Number is so rich in                                communicate"
 customer benefits that, once explained, the
 service sells itself.”
     - Steve Sledge

“Simplify One Number has given me more control
 and flexibility over my communications than I’ve
 ever had before ... I simply cannot do without it.”
     - Brent Bryson

“...Simplify One Number has been a big help in
 conveying to our downline the emotion of the
     - Steve Campbell

“Simplify One Number has made my communi-
 cations easier, more reliable, and saves me time
 to build my business.”
     - Melyn Crapo

“This is the most amazing product offering I’ve
                                                                                     1 . 8 00 . 48 7 . 10 00
 ever seen or heard of.”
     - Ron Wiggins
                                                       Simplify One Number

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