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					Android apps - Following on the previous posts have discussed about the BlackBerry,
then in this article will be presented information on the most popular Android
applications. As we all know that lately Android has successfully become one of the most
popular operating system for mobile phones and tablets as well. With the growing
popularity of Android, so Android applications are also being sought more and more
every day.

android application
What are the most popular Android applications at this time? Here is his review one by
one to be presented to all my friends:

A. Facebook for Android
Android apps this one still remains to be excellent and occupied the top position as the
most popular Android apalikasi of the most popular. The increasing Android users as
well as access of the site up, making these applications continue to be hunted at any time
by Android users around the world.

2. Instagram
Instagram existence as well as a photo processor-based social networking applications
ngetrend photos lately, making Android apps for Instagram is also more and more needed
these days.

3. Opera Mini Web Browser
Opera Mini is one of the most popular browsers. With Opera Mini you can explore the
virtual world via a mobile phone with a more pronounced rate than other browser. Opera
Mini advantages in terms of access speed internet websites compared with other
browsers, making Android users also do not want to always get left behind Opera Mini
on their mobile phones. This boosted the popularity of Opera Mini to be one of the most
Android apps are sought.

4. WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger application is one of the chat applications most frequently used in
Android. Lately WhatsApp Messenger presence is becoming a trend, and even touted as
one of the applications that can kill the existence SMS toughest competitors as well as a
Black Berry Messenger (BBM).

5. BMX Boy
One of the most popular game often played on the Android phones are BMX Boy. With
this game application allows Android users can run a BMX bike to avoid obstacles on the
road. BMX Game Boy is one of the best Android apps are sought after today.

Thus some of the most popular Android applications and can be downloaded for free at
this time. Hopefully information about this Android app would be useful for all my

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