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									IT for Libraries

Some time ago I invited friends of the School Library Forum Indonesia to give the
material a seminar with the theme of information technology solutions for the world's
libraries. Incidentally this event with the National Conference dibarengkan to 2006a-2-
year School Library Forum Indonesia. The participants were teachers and librarians in the
library and elementary through high school level par. Library world is increasingly
growing and moving forward. The development of the library world is supported by the
development and utilization of information technology has penetrated into various fields.
Until now there were some problems in the library world are trying approximated using
information technology.

In terms of data and documents stored in the library, starting from the traditional library
which consists simply of a collection of books without catalog, then comes the semi-
modern library that uses the catalog (index). Catalog metamorphosed into an electronic
catalog that is easier and faster in the retrieval of the stored collection in the library.
Library also began dialihmediakan to a more electronic form does not take place and
easily found. This is the latest development of the library, with the advent of digital
libraries (digital library) which has advantages in information retrieval and data faster and
easier due to a data-oriented digital media and computer networks (the Internet).

On the other hand, in terms of management (management technique), with the increasing
complexity of the library collection, data borrowers, the transaction and circulation of
library collections, currently a need for the use of information technology for business
process automation in the library. The system developed with the basic idea how we
perform against a variety of business process automation in the library, then known as the
library automation systems (library automation system).

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