KUHIO AT WAIKIKI by jennyyingdi


									      These documents are for owner viewing only. No representation is made or implied that these are the
                                   current documents for this association.

                         KUHIO AT WAIKIKI
                              Rules and Regulations
                              Adopted April 29, 2003

Note: The information contained in these pages is important and concerns eveiy occupant of KUHIO AT
WAIKIKI. If an occupant cannot read English, he or she should have the document translated into his/her
language. The Association reserves the right to amend these Rules and Regubtions from time to time as
                                                                                                for the
may be deemed necessary and/or appropriate for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises and
comfort and convenience of all of the occupants of the project.
                                           TABLB OP CONTENTS
          These documents are for owner viewing only. No representation is made or implied that these are the
                                       current documents for this association.

1.   General

2. Common Areas                                                                                           6

3.   Lanais                                                                                               7

4. Buildiig Modifications & Appearance                                                                    7

5. Garbage/Refuse                                                                                         8

6. Parking Areas                                                                                          8

7. Pets                                                                                                   9

8.   Sauna

9. Penalties                                                                                              11

     Appendix A


        These documents the House viewing to protect all residents made or implied that these are the
The primary purpose ofare for ownerRules is only. No representation isfrom annoyance and nuisance caused
                                   current documents for the reputation
by improper conduct or use of the Project and to protectthis association. and desirability of the property by
providing maximum enjoyment, comfort, and safety for all residents.
These House Rules are based on common sense, consideration for others and pride n one's home. The
published Rules only go part way and only formalize the more obvious. What really counts in a quality
community are the unwritten "good neighbor" rules which we live by daily and which are born out of
respect and consideration of the needs and rights of our neighbors. The Association encourages all
residents to practice reasonable tolerance, remembering the close proximity in which we live.
Hawaii state law requires compliance with association house rules. The Board of Directors is held
responsible for enforcing and amending the House Rules, in accordance with the Association's By-Laws.
The Board has delegated the authority for administering and enforcing the rules to the Managing Agent.
All residents and their guests shall be bound by these House Rules and by standards of reasonable
conduct whether or not covered by these House Rules,

The Board of Directors, from time to time, may post special safety regulations or other rules concerning
the property. The Board's posted rules shall be considered extensions of these House Rules.

The House Rules are subject to change by action of the Board of Directors. Suggested changes are
welcome and should be delivered in writing to the Board of Directors.

General Compliance Policy
On-site interpretation and enforcement of the Flouse Rules will be detemined at the time of occurrence
by the Site or Resident Manager. Decisions of the Resident Manager will be respected. Conflicting
opinions may be appealed by writing to the Board of Directors within ten days of receiving notice of the
violation. Correspondence should be addressed to the Board of Directors and mailed to the Managing

The Board of Directors wishes to render fair, impartial and timely decisions in all mailers brought before
it for action and consideration. Written appeals will be brought to the Board's attention by the Managing
Agent no later than the first board meeting held following receipt of the correspondence, and will be
responded to in writing no later than ten days from that meeting date.

                                                1. General
1.1     All units shall be used only as single family living accommodations and shall be used for
        residential purposes only. Not more than six (6) persons shall occupy a unit at anytime, four (4)
        persons in the one-bedroom apartment and two (2) persons in the studio.

I .2    Occupants are specifically prohibited from using KUHIO AT WAIKIKI as a business address
        on stationery, business cards, phone listings or other advertising media.
1.3     No illegal activity shall be conducted in or at the project, nor shall any noxious or
        offensive activity or noise be carried on or made in any unit, or in the common elements, which
        may constitute a hazard or tend to cause an increase in insurance rates for the project, or which
        may annoy or interfere with the rights, comforts and convenience of occupants of other units.

        Exceptional quiet hours shall be observed by all occupants, guests and users of the
        premises on Fridays, Saturdays and the day before a holiday from 11:00 pm. to 8:00 am,,
        and from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 am. on all other days. Special care must be taken at night to avoid
        disturbing other occupants, including, without limitation, during the departure of late guests.

1.4     These documents are responsible for only. No representation is made or implied guests, are any
       Unit owners shall befor owner viewing the conduct of their lessees, tenants andthat theseand the
                                       caused thereby, for shall, upon request by the Boani of Directors or
       damage to the common areas current documents andthis association.
       the management agent, immediately abate and remove, at the owne?s expense, any structure,
       thing, condition or occurrence that may exist in violation of these Rules and Regulations, the
       Declaration or Bylaws. If an owner is unable to control the conduct of his/her lessees, tenants or
       guests he/she shall, on request by the Board or the management agent, immediately remove such
       lessees, tenants or guests from the premises, without compensation from KUI-ITO AT WAIKIKI
       for lost rentals or any other damages whatsoever.

1.5    Each owner shall be responsible for designating a local agent to represent his/her interest if
       his/her legal residence is other than Oahu, or if he/she will be absent from the unit for an
       extended period of time. Such owner shall file with the resident manager or management agent
       his/her local (and out- of-town, as appropriate) address and telephone number and the name,
       address and telephone number of his/her agent.

1.6    Prior to signing any sales, rental or lease agreement, any owner and or hisilier agent shall provide
       to the prospective purchaser, tenant or lessee a copy of these Rules and Regulations to ensure
       that such party is fully infomied of the conditions of occupancy in KUFIIO AT WAIKIKI. Prior
       to taking occupancy of a unit, the new owner or occupant shall sign and provide to the resident
       manager or the management agent and acknowledgment of receipt of a copy of these Rules and
1.7    All guests and tenants must register with the Resident Manager. Owners or agents selling,
       leasing or renting a unit shall immediately provide to the Resident Manager the name, address
       and telephone number of the new occupant. Occupants must escort their guests into and out of the
       project. All unescorted guests shall be subject to abetment for trespass.

1.8    Moving hours shall be from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm., Monday through Saturday. Written
       permission must be obtained from the resident manager when household goods or items of
       furniture are to be moved. This written permission shall be obtained at least forty-eight (48) hours
       in advance of each move. In all cases occupant shall utilize the elevator in such a manner as not to
       inconvenience the other occupants of the building or to delay the operation of the elevator in any
       manner, which would tend to increase a safety risk to others in case of an emergency. When
       heavy items are involved, such as bulky items over 100 pounds. request an elevator floor and wall
       coverings to protect the elevator cabs. Any damages sustained by your movin session will be
       the responsibility of the owner, rental agent and/or the tenant. Damae costs will be deducted
       from either the tenant's depositor the owner's account, whichever applies.

1.9    Except in emergency situations, workers will not be allowed on the premises before 8:00 a.m. or
       after 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and in no event on Sunday.

1.10   No solicitation, canvassing or religious activities will be allowed in the project at any time.

1.11   Water furniture shall not be installed or placed on the premises. 'Water furniture" is delmed as
       any bed, mattress, chair, sofa or other item of furniture that contains as a part of its element any
       substance in a liquid state.

1.12   Residents may voluntarily leave a key to their unit on deposit with the resident manager to be
       used for emergency purposes only (not for lock outs), The resident shall sign a waiver upon
       giving a copy of the key. Prior to entering an apartment, the resident manager shall get authority
       to do so from a Board member or the property manager. Should entry into an apartment be

        required, the owner owner viewing only. No representation is made or implied to these the door and
       These documents are for will be charged $50.00 if the resident manager hasthat open are the
                                     current documents for this association.
        $100.00 if any member of the Board has to open the door.

       Unless previously approved by the board of directors, anyone found giving an encoded core key
       to a person not registered as a resident & or to someone outside the scope of those permitted by
       the board to possess such keys, will have the key confiscated & a citation issued against them.
       The resident manager & security staff are empowered to confiscate any such keys & the user may
       be trespassed from the building. The key will not be returned & the original deposit will be

1.13   No additional machinery, refrigerating or heating device, nor any illumination device other than
       electric lights shall be installed or operated in the apartments, lockers or parking area. Washing
       machines and dryers are prohibited in the units. Inflammable fluids, such as gasoline, kerosene,
       naphtha, fireworks or other explosives or articles deemed by the Boardto be extra hazardous to
       life, limb or property shall not be brought into the building.

1.14   Maintenance employees are underthe sole direètion of the Resident Manager during their
       prescribed hours of work and they shall in no case be diverted to the private business or
       employment of any owner or occupant during such hours.

1.15   Occupants Bhall keep units in a strictly clean and sanitary condition, and observe and perform all
       laws, ordinances, rules and relations now or hereafter made by any governmenta' authority or the
       Board applicable to the use of the premises. (See Appendix A)

1.16   Owners and occupants thai) allow access to units for pest control inspection and/or treatment as
       needed by Association management.
1.17   Monthly maintenance fees are due and payable not later than the first day of each month. A late
       fee in the amount of $25.00 shall be assessed for payments received after the fifteenth day of the
       month. Delinquent accounts are subject to collection in accordance with Chapter 5 14A, Hawaii
       Revised Statues, as amended, and owners shall be responsible for all costs of collection, including
       reasonable attorneys fees. Interest shall accrue on delinquent accounts at the maximum rate
       allowed by law.
1.18   Residents are responsible for their behavior & that of their visitors as well as the consequences
       arising thereto. Smoking, spitting & littering common areas, offensive behavior, inconsideration
       to the legitimate rights of other residents, improper parking, abuse of owner's & KA W
       Association property is prohibited & violators will be penalized in accordance with the Rules &
       Regulations & By-laws of the Association of ICAW.

1.19 EMERGENCY SERVICES — When emergency services of the Police, Fire Department,
      paramedics, ambulance or physician are needed, the appropriate agency or person should be
       called directly. Any emergency involving physical injury, property damage, break-ins, or thefts
       on the premises should also be brought to the immediate attention of the Resident Manager and/or
       Managing Agent.

       In case of any emergency originating in or threatening an apartment or the project, whether or not
       the Owner or Occupant is present at the time, the Resident Manager, Managing Agent and/or any
       other person authorized by the Board of Directors, and with the appropriate legal authority, shall
       have the right to enter such apartment.

       These documents are should inform the Resident Manager of made or implied that given to them in
      Disabled Occupants for owner viewing only. No representation isany assistance to bethese are the
                                    current of an emergency.
      vacating their apartment in the eventdocuments for this association.

                                          2. Common Areas
                      (Sidewalks, passages, lobbies, stairways, corridors, etc.)
2.1   All common areas of KUIHIO AT WAIKIKI shall be used only for their respective purposes as
      posted or as designated in the Declaration, Bylaws or these Rules and Regulations.
2.2   The common areas shall not be obstructed, and items of personal properly shall not be left
      unattended in the common areas.
2.3   Furniture and other items, which may from time to time be placed in the common areas by
      management, shall not be removed there from.

2.4   The use of alcoholic bQverages, loitering, "horse play", skating, skate boarding, ball playing and
      the use of flying objects such as model airplanes, OFrisbees, etc., is prohibited in all common
      areas of the project.
2.5   Fire exits shall be used only during emergencies.

2,6   The laundry and sauna rooms shall be kept clean and neat, and the user must turn off lights.
      Laundry left in the machines may be removed to allow use by other tenants. Laundry room hours
      are 5:00 am, to 11:00 p.m. daily.

      The common Laundromat'dryer areas are strictly for use of the Association owners/Occupants
      only. The Board of Directors, Resident Manager, and Managing Agent reserve the right to
      question unfamiliar persons using these facilities in order to protect the Owners against trespass
      and theft, and to prohibit the use by unauthorized persons.

      Use of the common Laundromat/dryer areas, and any equipment therein, shall be at the sole risk
      of the user. The Association is not responsible for damages to or theft of any persona! items of
      any nature brought into or cleaned in these areas.

2.7   Lockers and items in storage areas and the safeguard thereof are the full responsibility of the
      individual owner or occupant. The Association shall not be responsible for the loss of any
      property therein due to any cause. All stored items must be properly boxed and labeled. Furniture
      storage for tenants shall not be provided.
      All those wishhg to use the storage lockers must register with the Resident Manager. A storage
      locker will be assigned upon availability and for a specified period of time. The user must provide
      a padlock at the user's expense, and the padlock must be removed upon the expiration of the
      storage time limit.

2,8   For reasons of safely, pedestrians shall not under any circumstances use the automobile entrance
      ramp leading to the parking area.

2.9   Bicycles, tricycles & surtboards over 6 feet in length are to be left outside the building in secure
      racks provided by the Association. Any bicycle brought into the building must be disassembled.

        Residents are requested to register only. No representation is made manager that these are the
       These documents are for owner viewingimmediately with the resident or impliedthe number of bicycles
                                    current Each person shall provide
        or surtboards they will be storing.documents for this association.his/own lock. The Association will
       not be responsible for any damage or loss of items.

2.10   Groceiy Carts: The Resident Manager will levy a fine of $10 per occasion on any user who
       does not return the grocery cart to its designated place.

2.11   Loss Of Personal Property - The Association shall not be responsible or liable for the theft,
       disappearance or damage to any person's personal property located in the common elements or
       any area of the apartments.

                                                 3. Lanais
3.1    Only appropriate furniture and small plants shall be placed on lanais, and any unsightly or
       disturbing items shall be removed at the request of the Board. Small trees or plants over five (5)
       feet high which may shed leaves on other lanais or encourage nesting of birds are not permitted.
       All plants shall be placed containers so as to prevent the dripping of water or soil onto other units
       or the common areas. Lanai area shall not be used for storage of boxes, cartons, or other objects
       detrimental to the appearance of the building.
3.2    Towels, bathing apparel, clothing and other unsightly objects shall not be placed on lanais or in
       passages or windows so as to be in view from outside the building or from any other units.

3.3    The throwing of cigarettes, matches, fireworks or any other objects from lanais, windows or fire
       escape areas, or the exploding of fireworks anywhere in the project is expressly prohibited. Nor
       shall anything (i.e. — rugs) be shaken from the lanai.

3.4    No fires, cooking or barbecuing shall be permitted on any unit lanai.
3.5    Appropriate banners commemorating holidays or festivals may be displayed on holidays. The
       United States and Hawaii State flags may be displayed at any time.
3.6    Birds shall not be fed on lanais or window ledges.
3.7    Care shall be taken when cleaning lanais and window ledges to prevent water from dripping onto
       other lanais or running doii the exterior of the building.

                               4. Building Modifications and Appearance
4.1    No alterations, installations, additions or changes of any nature whatsoever shall be made to the
       building exterior, or visible from the exterior, except in accordance with, standards, therefore
       which may be established by the Board or in accordance with specific plans (prepared by a
       licensed architect, if so required by the Board) which plan must, in all cases, be approved in
       writing by the Board.
4.2    No signs, signals or lettering of any type shall be inscribed or exposed on any part of the building
       exterior or in the interior corridors without the prior written consent of the Resident Manager.
4.3    Portable window-type air conditioning units may be installed with the prior written
       permission of the Board. Condensation from air conditioners must not be permitted to run
       down the outside of the building or to drip from ledges or lanais. Water-cooled air
       conditioning units are not permissible.

        These documents are which leaks on private representation is made is required to be are the
       Any air conditioner,for owner viewing only. Noor common property,or implied that theseturned off &
       fixed or replaced immediately upon a verbal instruction from the Board of Directors or Resident
                                    current documents for this association.
       Manager. For each subsequent day that the defective air conditioner is used thereafter, the user &
       owner will be issued with a formal citation in accordance with Article 9 of the Rules &
       Regulations. The cost of repair or replacement of any damage to property caused by such leaks
       will be borne by the user & or over of the air conditioner.
4.4    No radio or television antennae or other projections of, any kind shall be erected or maintained
       outside the physical confines of a unit.
4.5    The exterior side of curtains and draperies in windows and doors shall be white.

                                           5. Garbage/Refuse
5.1    All garbage, trash and refuse must be emptied into the reThse facilities provided on the project
       and shall be securely wrapped or packaged before being discarded. Itóms too large for trash
       chutes shall not be left in the trash chute room of a particular floor. Rather, items too large for the
       trash chute are to be taken directly to the dumpster located on the lobby level parking garage or
       placed on the Prince Edward Street curb for Bulky Item Pick Up. Bulky item pick up occurs each
       Saturday by the City & County. Item for bulky item are to be placed on the curb no sooner than
       Friday afternoon. No combustible or flammable materials or substances shall be placed in trash

                                            6. Parking Areas

6 .1   Each occupant shall park his/her automobile or other vehicle only and completely in the parking
       stall assigned to the unit occupied, and in no other area of the project. Vehicles found in violation
       of this regulation shall be subject to tow at the owne?s expense.

6.2    Guest parking stalls are not available on these premises. Owners shall instruct their guests and
       workmen performing work in their unit to park off the premises or to use the owner's stall, if
6.3    Vehicles (which shall include motorcycles, mopeds and pedicabs) shall be centered in parking
       spaces so as to prevent crowding of adjacent spaces and blocking of passages. Only one (1)
       vehicle shall occupy a parking stall at any given time. Trucks over one-half (1/2) ton,
       construction equipment, trailers and similar vehicles shall not be parked or stored on the
6.4    Each occupant shall be responsible for keeping his/her parking stall clean and free from oil,
       grease and debris at all times, and shalt be held personally liable for any damage or injury
       resulting from his/her failure to do so. Should an occupant, after having been duly notified of an
       unclean or s\unsafe condition existing in his/her stall, fail to remedy the condition, the
       Association may do so at the occupant's expense and may assess any costs incurred therefore
       against the unit.

6.5    Except for emergency repairs such as changing a tire or battery, the washing of vehicles and
       repairing, painting, modiing, or perfonning bodywork on automobiles or other vehicles is
       prohibited on the premises.
6.6    The construction or erection of any enclosure, shed, garage, or other structure in any parking stall
       shall be strictly prohibitS; and parking stalls shall not be used for storage.

6.7     All vehicles (including motorcycles, mopeds and pedicabs) parking on the premises shall
       These documents are for owner viewing only. No representation is made or implied that these are the display
                                    current (in the front window of the
        a parking sticker or parking passdocuments for this association. vehicle, if an automobile), shall
       display current registration and safety stickers and shall be in operable condition.

6.8    In addition to incurring other penalties imposed by these Rules and Regulations, the Declaration
       and Bylaws, the violators of these parking regulations are subject to having their vehicles towed
       from the premises at their sole expense.

6,9    Losses or damages to vehicles parked on the premises are not the responsibility of the
       Association of Apartment Owners.

       The board, resident manager, and/or property manager may at its sole discretion and
       determination refuse any vehicle entry onto the premises should the said vehicle be deemed
       hazardous, not conducive to the security of the premises, parking in private parking stalls without
       the owner's written consent and/or in violation of the parking rules above, In such cases the said
       vehicle shall be subject to tow at the owner's expense & liability.

6.10   For security reasons the rental of parking stalls by owners, rental agents & tenants shall be
       restricted to registered residents only. Sub-leasing parking stalls to non-residents is
                                                    7. Pets
7.1    Pets shall not be permitted in the project, unless such pets quali' under the 'grandfather"
       exemption from prohibition pursuant to Section S14A-82. 6, Hawaii Revised Statutes, as
       amended. Certified guide and signal dogs accompanying individuals dependent upon their service
       shall be allowed in the project.

7.2    Owners and agents shall speci& in the sales, lease or rental contract that (except guide and signal
       dogs) pets are not allowed on the premises.

                                                   S. Sauna
8.1    The Sauna designated 'Ladies" shall be used only by females. Only males shall use the Sauna
       designated "Man".
8.2    For safety reasons, individuals seventeen years of age or younger should not use the saunas unless
       accompanied by a responsible adult at least twenty-one years of age.

8.3    No beverages, food or containers of any type shall be allowed in the saunas.

8.4    Saunas shall be used during the following hours only -Tuesday to Sunday Barn. -830pm. Monday
       closed for cleaning purposes.
8.5    New tenants must wait one month before being allowed use of the sauna.

       Only owners and tenants registered with the Resident Manger shall be al]owed to use the saunas.
       Each numbered apartment is permitted a maximum of two coded keys, one for the female, & one
       for the male sauna rooms. No key will be coded to allow access to both male & female sauna
       rooms. Before entering the sauna each user shall, as-witnessed by the Resident Manager:

                          Sign a waiver holding KA W Association & its board of directors
         These documents are for owner viewing only. No representation is made or implied that these are the
                        harmless from any consequences, which may arise out of using the sauna
                                      current documents for this association.
                          Sign a copy of the rules of use (Article S of the Rules & Regulations of KA V.1)
                          acknowledging unconditional acceptance & compliance of such rules &, in
                          cases of noncompliance, any consequences arising thereto;
                          Pay a deposit of one hundred dollars ($100) per key;
                          To sign in & out & write their apartment numbers;
                          To use all equipment properly & keep equipment tidy;
                          To turn off all utilities when leaving.

        Keys to, & usage of, the sauna rooms are not transferable to other apartments, other residents,
        non-residents, visitors & guests,                                              -

        The   sauna rooms arenot to be used when cleaning, repaIr & or renovation work takes place.

        All applicants will be registered on computer & issued with a non-transferable $100 deposit
        receipt. The person to whom it was originally issued bases refund of the deposit solely upon
        presentation to the Resident Manager of the original receipt & the key(s) for decoding. In cases
        where the deposit has been forfeited by noncompliance of the rules, the resident manager will
        note this on the computer & deposit receipt records, but the suspended user is still required to
        return immediately upon suspension to the Resident Manager the original receiptS the key(s) for
        decoding. If the suspended user does not return both the deposit receipt & the key(s) for
        decoding, & this results in all user keys to be recoded, then the cost of recoding will be borne by
        the suspended user. Failure to pay the cost of recoding will result in the issuance of further
        citations & assessments etc. in accordance with Article 9. Penalties of the Rules & Regulations of
        KA W. Regardless of whether an infraction is committed by only one of two or more persons
        using the key, each infraction will be counted against the key they use. flence one infraction, each
        by two different people in the same apartment using the same key will lead to the suspension of
        use of the sauna room for all people using that key & forfeiture of the $100 deposit.
        Where the period of suspension has been completed the user may apply again (subject to the
        Board's approval), but is required to undertake the process above again & deposit $100 for the

Infractions of the Suana rules of use:

        -         The first infraction will result in a verbal & or written warning.
        -         A second infraction & or a first serious infraction, as determined solely at the discretion
                  of the Board of Directors, resident manager, or property manager (e.g. men or women in
                  the opposite sex sauna room; users permitting others, who have been suspended & or
                  have not gone through the registration process in Article 83 above, access to the rooms)
                  will result in issuing a violation, immediate suspension of use for 12 months or
                  permanently (at the discretion of the Board).
        WARNING: Use of the sauna may be hazardous for the elderly, the vexy young the persons
        suffering from hypertension and\or cardiovascular ailments, and the Association shall not assume
        responsibility for any hann that use of the saunas may induce. Evety individual and the parent or
        guardian of a minor assumes all risk of harm to himself or herself, or to a minor in his or her

      These documents are for owner viewing only. No representation is made or implied that these are the
                                                   9. Penaltieg
                                   current documents for this association.
9.1   The following penalties shall be assessed for a violation of these Rules and Regulations within a
      12-month period:
      First Violation                     Citation
      Second Violation                    Citation, plus $25.00 Assessment
      Third Violation                     Citation, plus $50.00 Assessment
      Fourth Violation                    Citation, plus $100.00 Assessment
      Fifth Violation                     Citation, plus referral to the Associations attorney for necessary
                                          legal action.

      Willful Damages                     A $20000 fine will be assessed and may lead to eviction of

9.2   The failure of the owner to pay such amount or amounts after notice may, at the discretion of the
      Board, result in the recordation of a lien and/or a foreclosure action against the unit. In any case,
      attorney's fees and costs incurred by the Association in the enforcement of these Rules and
      Regulations are recoverable against the owner pursuant to Chapter 5 14A.

                                                  APPENDIX A

                                      SAVING MONEY representation is made
            These documents are for owner viewing only. NoAND PLUMBING or implied that these are the
                                         current documents for this association.
        The Honolulu Board of Water Supply estimates that by the year 2100, the natural groundwater resources
        of Oahu will be in full use, and the State is already looking for other water sources. Surprisingly enough,
        in spite of the increasing value of this precious resource, researchers say that we waste about 30% of the
        fresh water we use every day. Because the Association's water/sewer bill is one of its biggest expenses,
        conserving water becomes a veiy significant thing that residents can do to help control maintenance fees.
        Residents can also take few simple steps that will help avoid water line breaks and clogged sewer lines
        that can cause expensive repair bills and property damage. It only takes a little bit of effort and common
        sense to save a lot of money.


Make sure all faucets are always turned off tightly.

Rim water only when you need to.

        Kitchen and Laundry - Wash only MI loads in washing machines and dishwashers. This can save on the
        electric bill too. Wash dishes and vegetables in pans of water instead of under running water.

        Bathroom — Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket — it's biggest water user in the house! Take 5-minute
        showers instead of tub baths (and save again on your electric bill). Don't let the water run while you are
        brushing your teeth or shaving; turn it' oft' when you don't need it! To really save money, install water
        savers in showerheads and faucets.

Find and fix all leaks.
        Faucets - Your leaks may just be from worn washers or "0" rings in household faucets and showerheads.
        Any good do-it-yourself book will offer advice on the simple and inexpensive task of repairing worn
        washers and rings. Check all kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as the outside taps in your courtyards
        and back lanais for leaks. If replacing parts do not fix the leak, you probably need to replace the faucets
        and should call a plumber.

        Toilets - This is one of the most common water wasters but it's harder to notice the leaks. Sometimes you
        can hear that the water is still running after the tank has filled; then you know you have a leak. To test for
        a silent leak, drop a little food coloring into the tank. DO NOT FLUSH. Wait about 10 minutes and if
        you see food coloring in the toilet bowl, you have a leak. It is probably located in or around the plunger
        ball or flapper valve at the bottom of the tank. These leaks are easy to fix with parts from your hardware
        store. Most leaks occur at the overflow pipe. To test, take the tank lid off and flush. The water level
        should come up to about a half-inch or so below the overflow pipe. If necessary, adjust the float level
        control screw so the valve shuts off the water at that level. If the valve is leaking, or if your fixtures need
        extensive repairs, you should call a plumber.


Keep Sewer Lines Clear.

        Kitchen - Avoid pouring grease down sinks or garbage disposals. Grease causes clogs! Don't overstuff
        your garbage disposal; feed the material down slowly, especially rice and pasta, which clump up.
                                                KUI-IIO AT WAIKIKI
          These documents are for owner viewing only. No representation is made or implied that these are the
                                       current documents for this association.
Resident Manager - Christopher Hornbeck
          Office Telephone/Fax:             923-4019
          Pager:                           251-7913 (After flour Emergencies only)

Call theRM with any problems, questions or concerns about the physical property.

Community Association Manager (CAM - Jon MeKenna
     Direct Telephone Line:       837-5229
     Fax:                         839-9430
     Email Address:              jon@certifiedhawaii.com

Call Jon with any problems, questions or concerns about the general management and administration of KUI-IJO

Managin2 Ment (CAM' Office)
Certified Management, Inc.
3179 Koapaka Street
Honolulu, flawaii 96819

Customer Service:                           836-0911
Fax:                                        839-9430
Email address:                             info@certifiedhawaii.com

Illegally Parked Vehicles are Towed to:
Ace Towing                              847-7811

FREE Bulk Item Pick Up
flonolulu City & County                     621-5241
Public Works Division

Call to arrange for free pick up of bulky items such as refrigerators, mattresses, furnithre and other household
items. These items must not be left in the dumpster areas!

Hawaiian Electric Company
Emergencies                                 548-7961

GTE Hawaiian Telephone
Emergency Repairs                                 611

Oceanic Cablevision
Repairs                                     836-3536
Police. Fire. Ambulance                          911

When calling for emergency services, be prepared to give your complete address. Do not use only Kuhio At
Waikiki to describe your location. After calling for required assistance, also notif5' the Resident Manager of any
incidences or emergencies involving personal injuries, property damage, break-ins, or thefts on the premises.

Board of Directors
Call the Community Association Manager for the names of current Directors serving on the Board. Board
meetings are usually held on the last Thursday, every two months. All owners are invited and encouraged to
I/We have read the above HOUSE RULES of 2464 Prince Edward Street
       These documents and do viewing only. No representation made or implied
(Kuhio at Waikiki)are for ownerhereby agree to abideisby them. that these are the
                              current documents for this association.

      Unit No.





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