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Beijing • urumqi • kuche • kashgar • turpan

       • dunhuang • Xian • Shanghai

           October 12– 29, 2012

                       A Most
             E x t r a o r d i n a r y To u r
                      to China
                                             Welcome to China

Dear Friends of Honolulu Museum of Art,

You are invited on this unique 18-day tour of China. We'll experience some of China's most beautiful regions and delve into
China's past and present through immersion in its unique life and culture.
   With visits to Beijing, Urumqi, Kuche, Kashgar, Turpan, Dunhuang, Xian, and Shanghai, our itinerary reveals China’s
geographical as well as cultural diversity. We’ll explore imperial palaces, Buddhist monasteries, ancient capitals, and sand-covered
archaeological sites. We will also immerse ourselves in the modernizing dynamism of Beijing and Shanghai.
   The Silk Road offers a journey back in time, to a region vastly different from the rest of the country. Highlights include
explorations of Islam in Kuche, Kashgar and Urumqi, the lost city of Turpan, and the Buddhist Mogao Caves at Dunhuang. Two
millennia of art and religion are found here; and we’ll learn of the rising and falling of civilizations, and their historical
connection to the dynastic changes in China.
   Shawn Eichman, curator of Asian Arts at the Honolulu Museum of Art, will share his copious insights and knowledge of
China. This will make for a grand experience for all. We hope you can join us!


Stephan Jost
Director of the Honolulu Museum of Art
                                                     S tudy L eader
                                                      SHAWN EICHMAN
                           Shawn Eichman is curator of Asian Art at the Honolulu Museum of Art. He received his B.S. in
                           Chinese Studies from Georgetown University, an M.A. and Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from the
                           University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a second M.A. in East Asian Philosophy from Waseda
                           University in Tokyo, Japan. Before assuming the curatorship in Honolulu, he worked at The Art
                           Institute of Chicago, the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, and the Virginia Museum of Fine
                           Arts in Richmond. A specialist in Chinese art, he has been involved in numerous exhibitions and
                           publications, including Taoism and the Arts of China at The Art Institute of Chicago in 2000, and
                            Masterpieces of Landscape Painting from the Forbidden City at the Honolulu Museum of Art in
OCTOBER 12-13 •                               Park to observe local residents practicing    the Chinese as the far end of civilization.
HONOLULU – BEIJING                            taiji and qigong. This lovely city park       Yet civilization was transcendent here
Depart the U.S. on a flight to Beijing.       features numerous traditional buildings       nevertheless. Over the next few days, you
Cross the international date line and         and pavilions facing onto a variety of        will investigate the grand traditions of
arrive in China the next day. Check in at     Chinese gardens, one of the most              Buddhism and Islam along the Silk Road
the hotel, located in the heart of Beijing.   successful landscape creations in the         and their individual attempts to thrive in
(MEALS ALOFT)                                 capital.                                      a difficult terrain.
Accommodations at the Grand Hotel                From the park, we exit to Tiananmen           The story of the Silk Road unfolds at
                                              Square and enter the gate of the              the newly renovated Xinjiang Museum,
OCTOBER 14 • BEIJING                          Forbidden City, the abiding symbol of         which houses fascinating exhibits from
We spend the whole morning at the             imperial China. Truly one of the great        more than 12 minority groups. Meet
newly renovated National Museum by            achievements of civilization, its             with the museum curator to learn about
Tiananmen Square. The museum displays         construction employed hundreds of             priceless museum artifacts, among them
the finest art and antiquities of China.      thousands of workers between 1406 and         a perfectly preserved mummy, the
The stone-clad atrium is a grand              1420. Marvel at its expansive architecture,   “Beauty of Loulan,”more than 3,800
architectural space unmatched in the          magnificent imperial gardens, and many        years old. (B,L,D)
world.                                        museums of Chinese antiquities and            Accommodations at the Sheraton Hotel
   Then enjoy lunch at local family’s         treasures. Visit the Wuyingdian, now
homes in the historic Houhai District,        dedicated to the display of paintings and     OCTOBER 17 • KUCHE
followed by exploring Beijing’s               calligraphy from the Forbidden City's         In the morning, fly to Kuche.
picturesque Houhai district, where well-      extensive collection.                            In the afternoon we head to the
preserved courtyard homes and narrow             Lunch is at the beautiful Ken de Rouge     Subashi Buddhist Temple located on the
hutong alleys border tree-lined lakes.        featuring fine fusion cuisine. This           Kuche River, 23 kilometers north of
Tour the district by“pedicab” for a closer    restaurant was designed by a Chinese          Kuche. Ruins of stupas, temples and
and more engaging experience of               architect trained in the United States, who   grottoes from as early as the 4th century
traditional Chinese life.                     combined traditional Chinese artistic         make it the largest Buddhist site in
   Afterwards, visit the Yonghegong           elements with a contemporary touch to         Xinjiang Province. (B,L,D)
Tibetan Temple, the largest and best          create an elegant and inviting ambiance       Accommodations at Kuche Hotel
preserved lamasery in Beijing. It was         for diners.
built in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty            In the afternoon, head northeast for       OCTOBER 18 • KUCHE
(1644-1911) as the residence of the           the Great Wall of China. Encounter this       Today, spend the whole day touring the
Emperor Yongzheng (the third emperor          extraordinary rampart at Mutianyu, a          Kizil Caves and Kezilgaha Caves. Located
of the Manchu Qing Dynasty), before he        rugged section of the wall that offers easy   67 kilometers from Kuche, the Kizil
ascended the throne. In the year 1744,        access by foot or cable car. The Great Wall   Caves were excavated on the cliff of
the residence was completely converted        presents a visual experience that             Qul-tagh Mountain by the Muzart River.
into a lamasery. This resplendent             dramatically exceeds visitors’                There are 236 recorded caves, dating
architectural complex is endowed with         expectations. Construction of a few miles     back as early as the 3rd century, with 80
the style of an imperial palace and           of the wall on such jagged peaks seems        caves decorated with 90,000 square feet
houses the tallest standing Buddha in         nearly miraculous, but the rampart            of murals in vivid lapis lazuli and
Beijing, a gift from the Dalai Lama of        stretches for 3,700 miles and passes          malachite mineral pigments, depicting
the mid-18th century to the Qianlong          through 16 provinces.                         Jataka tales of the Buddha's past lives.
Emperor (reigned 1735-1796).                     Tonight is free with dinner on your        These caves are among the best
   This evening, savor the imperial city’s    own. (B,L)                                    surviving examples of early Central
most famous delicacy, Peking duck, at                                                       Asian Buddhist art along the Silk Road,
the renowned Da Dong Restaurant. (B,L,D       OCTOBER 16 • URUMQI                           as well as important prototypes for the
______________________________)                                                             murals at Dunhuang. (B,L,D)
Breakfast (B), Lunch (L) and Dinner (D) are   Take a morning flight to Urumqi, the
included in the day’s program.                capital of Xinjiang province in western
                                              China.                                        OCTOBER 19 • KUCHE
                                                                                            After breakfast, visit the Friday Bazaar,
OCTOBER 15 • BEIJING                            You are now thousands of miles to the
                                                                                            the biggest trading day in the region.
After breakfast, walk through Changpuhe       west in what was historically perceived by
                                                                                            Then tour the Kuche Mosque located in
the old city. With a capacity of 3,000      the 8th-9th centuries. Today tens of              Then examine the collections of the
people, the mosque is the second largest    thousands of people converge on the            Underground Museum at Astana. The
in Xinjiang. Built in 1922 in Uygur, with   town each week, with Uygurs, Tajiks,           museum director will give an overview
an architectural style of the Qing          Kyrgyz, and Han Chinese                        of the artifacts and contents of graves
Dynasty, the mosque is an important         predominating.                                 that provide a fascinating window on the
example of Central Asian Islamic               Then explore the Id Kah Mosque, an          history of the Silk Road. Numerous
architecture.                               Islamic structure in the Central Asian         expeditions in the 20th century,
   In the afternoon, visit the Kumtura      style. The grand main hall has intricately     including one by the famous British-
Caves, located at the outfall of the        carved wood columns finished in flower         Hungarian explorer Aurel Stein in 1914,
Weigan River, about 30 kilometers           patterns. So extensive are the facilities      have unearthed more than 10,000
northwest of Kuche, on the cliff of         here that 7,000 worshippers can attend         objects.
Mount Dinggu. These 112 caves with          service at one time.                              Tonight, enjoy dinner with a local
36,000 square feet of murals, include          In the afternoon visit the Three            Uygur family and enjoy a music and
chapels, monks' residences, and             Immortal Buddhist Caves, dating to the         dance performance. (B,L,D)
meditation retreats. The Kumtura Caves      3rd century. Of special note are the           Accommodations at Petroleum Hotel
were made during three distinct periods,    historic murals of Buddhist deities in
the first closely related to the Kizil      the east cave, quite possibly the best         OCTOBER 23 • TURPAN – URUMQI
Caves, the second reflecting Chinese        evidence of Buddhism’s early arrival on        In the morning, we will make our way to
occupation during the 8th-9th centuries     the Silk Road.                                 the Thousand Buddha Caves hewn into
in the Tang dynasty, and third revealing       After dinner fly to Urumqi and check        the sides of the Sengim Gorge.
stylistic influences from the Uygurs        in at hotel. (B,L,D)                              Then, let your imagination soar amid
during the 10th-11th centuries. (B,L,D)     Accommodations at Sheraton Hotel               the vast ruins of Gaochang, a city
                                                                                           surrounded by 33 foot high walls.
OCTOBER 20 • KASHGAR                        OCTOBER 22 • TURPAN                            Founded in the 1st century CE, it had
After breakfast, fly to Kashgar.            This morning, follow the new highway           become the capital of the Western Han
Historically, Kashgar was an important      to exotic Turpan.                              empire by the 4th century, and was an
hub for the northern and southern Silk         Turpan will be an unusual experience,       important political center, remaining
Roads, and a key center for the             for it is situated 400 feet below sea level,   occupied through the 14th century.
dissemination of Buddhism.                  one of the lowest elevations on earth.            Then return to Urumqi in the evening
   After resting at the hotel, tour the     Because of the aridity, an astonishing         with dinner on one’s own at the hotel.
Aba Khoja Mausoleum, an impressive          array of artifacts have survived in near       (B,L)
complex of four prayer halls, lecture       pristine condition. This affords a             Accommodations at Sheraton Hotel
hall, and mausoleum. The halls exude        copious sense of history, and you’ll see
sophistication with exquisitely painted     plenty of evidence of what life was like       OCTOBER 24 • DUNHUANG
wood beams supported by intricately         here so many years ago.                        In the morning, fly to Dunhuang, one of
detailed columns and capitals. The             After lunch, we will wander the site of     the world’s great repositories of
striking minarets and dome are covered      Jiaohe, an ancient walled city dating          religious art, providing an excellent
with floral and geometric patterns,         back to the 3rd century. This was a            window into life along the Silk Road.
scalloped edges, and finials.               fortress intended to protect against raids        Tour the spectacular Mogao Caves.
   Dinner is at the hotel. (B,L,D)          by the Xiongnu. The ruins date mostly          Cut into steep stone cliffs, a secure
 Accommodations at International Hotel      to the 8th-9th centuries, and include a        shelter has protected the thousands of
OCTOBER 21 • KASHGAR                        large Buddhist stupa.                          Buddhist murals and statuary for
In the morning, wander through the              Returning from Jiaohe, stop to see         centuries. Wander at your leisure
Great Market, an unrivaled Central          the Karez irrigation site. Used through-       through a succession of grottos,
Asian experience, with its vast throngs     out Xinjiang, this ingenious system of         marveling at a remarkable variety of art
of horses, traders, shoppers, hagglers,     irrigation taps into natural underground       preserved in their interiors.
and the merely curious. The Great            water sources by using a network of           Meet with a scholar from the
Market has been at the center of             subterranean tunnels that channel             Dunhuang Research Institute to learn
Kashgar’s commercial life since at least    water to fields.                               about recent excavations and ongoing
efforts for cultural preservation.                  OCTOBER 26 • XIAN                                     seem much larger than it really is. You’ll
   Those with a spirit of adventure can             Start the second day in Xian with a                   find one of the best Ming rockeries here,
take an optional camel ride over the                viewing of the extraordinary 2,300-year-              and traversing the zigzag bridge to
sand dunes at Crescent Moon Spring                  old terracotta warriors in the tomb of                Huxingting Teahouse is a delight.
Park. (B,L,D)                                       China’s first emperor, Qinshihuang. The                  This evening is free with dinner on
Accommodations at Shazhou Hotel                     warriors still stand on the site where                one’s own. (B,L)
                                                    they were discovered by farmers in 1974.              Accommodations at the Portman Ritz
OCTOBER 25 • XIAN                                      After lunch, explore the Shanxi                    Carlton
This morning, fly to the ancient capital            History Museum and its artifacts
of Xian, formerly known as Chang’an.                spanning many dynasties. The curator                  OCTOBER 28 • SHANGHAI
    Upon arrival, make a special stop at            will greet you and provide an                         In the morning, explore the Shanghai
the Yangling Museum to view                         introduction to the museum’s unique                   Museum, viewing its extensive and
archeological finds recently unearthed              collections.                                          superb collections of Chinese bronze,
from this Han dynasty emperor's tomb..                 The day concludes with a dumpling                  jade, ceramics, furniture, painting and
Though not on as grand a scale as the               banquet at Defachang Dumpling                         calligraphy.
mausoleum of the First Emperor of                   Restaurant, where you can feast on over                   Lunch is on one’s own. This afternoon
Qin,the Han emperor sought the same                 20 kinds of Chinese dumplings, a Xian                 is free for shopping and personal
power in the afterlife.                             specialty. (B,L,D)                                    exploration.
    Then, stroll lively Muslim Street and                                                                     This evening enjoy a farewell dinner
get a sense of the Islamic past that traces         OCTOBER 27 • XIAN – SHANGHAI                          at Dingxiang Garden Restaurant,
its heritage to the flourishing Silk Road           In the morning, fly to Shanghai. What                 famous is the specialty. (B,D)
culture of the Tang Dynasty.                        strikes everyone about Shanghai is its
    Explore the Grand Mosque, first                 vitality. Nothing restrains Shanghai in               OCTOBER 29 • SHANGHAI –
established in the Tang Dynasty. Laid               its immense ambition to achieve world-                HONOLULU
out in quadrants, the mosque uses                   class status; and in only a few short                 After breakfast, transfer to the Shanghai
Chinese architectural design for Islamic            years it has surpassed Hong Kong as the               airport for flight home. Arrive in the
purposes. Here one can see the powerful             leading Chinese city.                                 U.S. on the same day. (MEALS ALOFT)
tendency of Chinese culture to                          Lunch is at Lv Bo Lang Restaurant,
assimilate all outside forces into its              famous for Shanghai dim sum.
civilization, and the equally grand power               Then tour the old town in
of Islam to retain its own identity.                Chenghuangmiao and visit Yuyuan
Dinner in on one’s own. (B,L)                       Garden, which is designed in six
Accommodations at Sofitel Hotel                     distinctive parts, making the garden

                                          HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART
                             Great CiviLizationS aLonG                                    the      SiLk road
                                                            October 12-29, 2012

                                                               – TOUR COST –
Main Tour, Land Only, Per Person, Double Occupancy                                                              $8,850
Single Supplement                                                                                               $1,995

Pre-Tour Chengde Extension                                                                                       $1,090
Single Supplement                                                                                                $ 490

Post- Tour Guilin Extension                                                                                      $1,990
Single Supplement                                                                                                $ 890

           Roundtrip International Air available through Airtreks. For pricing, please contact Airtreks directly at
                                    415-977-7136 or at

      **Private Airport Transfers upon arrival in Beijing and departure in Shanghai are recommended and available
                                    through China Advocates. Call 1-888-333-2585**

 Main Tour Includes: • Double occupancy accommodations in centrally located, first-class hotels • All meals listed, at fine Chinese restaurants
   specializing in regional cuisines or in private homes • All sightseeing, entertainment, and cultural activities listed in the itinerary • Chinese
  airport taxes • All air and ground transportation within China • English-speaking Chinese local tour guides • China Advocates’ National Tour
               director (with a minimum of 10 participants) • Gratuities to local guides, drivers and porters • Preparatory material

Not Included: • Domestic U.S. and international airfare • Gratuities to National Tour Director • Gratuities on extensions • Airport transfers and
     porterage • Visa processing • Meals not included in the tour • Excess baggage charges • Travel insurance • Items of a personal nature
Travel in China                                                       air: Air cancellations and penalties are based on each              hotel proprietor, hotel service or restaurant, or for any
                                                                      carrier and ticket. Be sure to review these policies before         other person engaged in carrying out the purpose for
China’s tourism industry has improved dramatically over                                                                                   which tickets or coupons are issued. In the event it
the last decade. However, air and land transportation and             purchasing air via Airtreks. China Advocates, Inc. nor
                                                                      Honolulu Museum of Art are not responsible for any                  becomes necessary or advisable for the comfort or well
other facilities may not always meet international                                                                                        being of the passengers, or for any reason whatsoever, to
standards. In addition, your hosts want to show you as                penalties incurred due to air changes or cancellations
                                                                                                                                          alter itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be
much of their country as possible, so the schedule will be            CanCellaTions: Tour cancellations must be made in                   made without penalty to the operators. The right is
demanding with moderate physical activity. Travel in                  writing to China Advocates as soon as possible.                     reserved to withdraw any or all tours should conditions
China requires good physical condition and health (special            Cancellation penalties based on the date of receipt of              warrant, also to decline to accept or retain any passengers
needs must be arranged for in advance and may result in               written notice are as follows: 91 or more days prior to             as members for the tours. In such instances, full or
additional costs), a spirit of adventure, a flexible attitude,        departure, a cancellation fee of $500 per person is                 equitable amounts will be refunded. Refunds for unused
and a sense of humor. The itinerary is subject to change              retained; 90-46 days prior to departure, $1,500 per                 carrier tickets may be only in accordance with the
and modification. Every effort will be made to carry out              person; 45-31 days prior to departure, $2,500 per person;           regulations of the carrier. CST 2064278-40. Registration as
the program as planned, but alterations may still occur.              30-0 days prior to departure, no refund is made.                    a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State
Participants should be aware that no refunds will be made             Cancellation penalties for air upgrades, additional hotel           of California. All legal questions will be settled within the
as a result of unforeseen changes, modifications, or delays.          nights, hotel and cruise ship room upgrades, tour                   jurisdiction of the County of San Francisco, California.
Meals                                                                 extensions, and any special arrangements, are as follows:           visa: To obtain a Chinese visa, a passport is required that
China offers a wide variety of dining experiences and this            50-31 days prior to departure, 25% of cost; 30-0 days prior         is valid for at least six months beyond the duration of the
program will take advantage of a broad range of Chinese               to departure, no refund is made.                                    tour. Travelers are responsible for obtaining their own
food including Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan, Canton, and                  responsibiliTies: China Advocates, Inc. and Honolulu                tourist visa for travel in Peoples Republic of China.
Imperial regional cuisines. Special diets are not possible,           Museum of Art acts only as agents for the various carriers          Trip cancellation insurance is highly
except to the extent one picks and chooses from the many              for which tickets are provided and assumes no                       recommended and available. You will receive
dishes served.                                                        responsibility or liability in connection with the service of       travel insurance information once you are
                                                                      any train, vessel, carriage, aircraft, motor vehicle or other       confirmed on the program.
CondiTions                                                            conveyance which may be used either wholly or in part, in
reservaTions: Bookings are subject to the terms and                   the performance of their duty to the passenger. Neither             Itinerary is subject to modification.
conditions mentioned in these sections. A contract has                will they be responsible for any act, error, or omission or         Prices are based on current exchange rate of $1=6.5RMB as of
been entered into as soon as your booking is received and             for any injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which         October 2011 and are subject to change without notice.
accepted. To confirm the reservation, a deposit of $1000              may be occasioned by a reason of any defect in any
per person is required. Please make checks payable to:                vehicles, or through neglect or default of any company or
China Advocates.                                                      person engaged in conveying the passenger, or for any
                                           For more information, please call China Advocates at
                                            t o l l f r e e 8 8 8 - 3 3 3 - 2 5 8 5 o r l o c a l l y a t 415 - 3 3 4 - 4 5 0 5

                                                                    – R E S E R VAT I O N F O R M –
                                                            HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART
                                           Great CiviLizationS aLonG                                                  the         SiLk road
                                                                                  October 12-29, 2012
                                                   Enclosed is a deposit for $__________ ($1000 per person) to hold ___ place(s).
                                                Please make checks payable to China Advocates. Final payment is due on July 14, 2012

Name (1) ________________________________________________ Name (2) ______________________________________________________
                      (Please print your name as it appears on your passport)                                              (Please print your name as it appears on your passport)

Address _________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State ________ Zip ______________

Phone: Day ______________________________________________ Evening _______________________________________________________

Fax ____________________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________________________

Optional Tour Extensions:                    Pre-Tour Chengde Extension                    Post-Tour Guilin Extension

Accommodations:                 Double               Single              I need assistance in securing a roommate **                     Non-smoker                  Smoker
**I understand that if a roommate cannot be secured for me by final payment date, I agree to pay the additional single supplement fee(s).

Bedding Request:                One Bed              Two Beds ( Request is based on hotel availability)

I/We understand that by signing below I/we acknowledge that China Advocates’ Responsibilities and Conditions section of this flyer has been read and accepted.

Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________ Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________

Credit Card:             Visa           MasterCard               American Express (For deposit only. Balance must be paid by check.) Please make check payable to: China Advocates.

Credit Card Number:_______________________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________CVV Code : _______________
                                                                                                                                                (Visa/MC 3 digits on back, Amex 4 digits on front)
                                                                          Mail or fax reservation form with deposit to:
                                                                                C H I N A A DVO C AT E S
                                                           2 3 3 9 O c e a n Ave • S a n Fr a n c i s c o , C A 9 412 7
                                      t e l : 8 8 8 . 3 3 3 . 2 5 8 5 • f a x : 415 . 8 41.17 9 0 • w w w. c h i n a - a d v o c a t e s . c o m

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