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SY Issue Honolulu Hawaii May PRESIDENT


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									SY 2009-2010, Issue 9                                          Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2010
                                                                              2009-10 Officers
By Albert Hahn                                                                President           Albert Hahn P.E.
                                                                              President Elect     Dicson Aggabao
 Aloha ASHRAE Hawaii!                                                         Vice President      Michael Chang
                                                                              Secretary           Barry Jim On P.E.
                                                                              Treasurer           Paul Fukunaga P.E.
 It has been truly my honor to serve the mechanical
 engineering community here in Hawaii. Please join me in                      2009-10 Board of Governors
                                                                              Past President      Joseph Ting, P.E.
 thanking our Board and Committee Chairs for their service.                   Member              Kevin Saito, P.E.
                                                                              Member              William Lee, P.E.
                                                                              Member              Paul Scott
 On a personal note, I learned a great deal and have had an
 opportunity to forge relationships with other members of                    2009-10 Committee Chairs
 our community that will continue on with me after this year.                Attendance &
                                                                             Reception            Roland Suzuki
 It has been an experience that I would encourage all of us to               Chapter Tech
                                                                             Transfer             Joseph Ting, P.E.
 take part. For the youth, it is a good leadership building                  Chapter Program      William Lee P.E.
                                                                             Refrigeration        Scott La Beau
 exercise, and for the rest of us, it is an opportunity to for us            Technology Awards    Kevin Saito P.E.
 to move from a consumer to becoming a contributor.                          Historical/ Long
                                                                             Range Planning       Joseph Ting P.E.
                                                                             Honors & Awards      Kenneth Richardson
 The first step is to join us at our Installation Banquet being              Promotion            Mofazzal Mir
                                                                             Newsletter           Michael Chang
 held this week at the Outrigger Canoe Club. I look forward                  Student Activities   Paul Fukunaga P.E.
 to seeing you all there and supporting ASHRAE Hawaii!                       Research
                                                                                                  Paul Scott
 As always the first couple drinks are on us!                                Young Engineers of
                                                                                                  Alayna Shima
                                                                             Government Affairs   Mark Yamamoto


June Monthly Meeting on Thursday, June. 10, 2010 – Outrigger Canoe Club – 5:30 PM
FUN Evening:     Just Like Vegas
Main Program: Installation of Officers Night
RSVP:            Roland Suzuki, Roland@heide-cook.com
Payment:         $60 member / $65 non-member / $75 at the door to ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter
                 P.O. Box 3916, Honolulu HI 96812 or via “PayPal” button at hawaii.ashraechapters.org.
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   Main Program: Who’s Who in Hawaii Chapter for SY 2010-11

                       PMS Session: “Just Like Vegas”
      5:00-5:30 PM      Registration
      5:30-6:30 PM      Installation of Officers & Board of Governors
      6:30-7:00 PM      Attitude Adjustment / Set-up for Casino
      7:00-9:00 PM      Buffet Dinner / “Just Like Vegas”
      8:45-9:00 PM      Prizes & Goodies
REGISTRATION: RSVP Roland Suzuki, Roland@heide-cook.com by June 8, 2010 and
remit payment to ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter, P.O. Box 3916, Honolulu HI 96812-3916.
Otherwise, for expedient registration, remit payment via “PayPal” by clicking
http://hawaii.ashraechapters.org. For registration form, see attached flyer as provided.
RSVP (Pre-registration): All pre-registrants will be billed accordingly.
      ASHRAE Members: $60 per person
      Non-Member: $65 per person
      Children (10-17): $30 per person; Children (9 & below): FREE
No RSVP (Registration on-site):
      Regardless of Members or Non-Members: $75 per person

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                                     MAIN PROGRAM:
                Who’s Who in Hawaii Chapter for Society Year 2010-2011
This program will feature the installation of Chapter Officers & Board of Governors for SY 2010-2011.
The officers are as follows:
Michael Chang will be our Chapter President and will serve as the Chairman of the Board of
Governors. Michael is currently serving as Deputy Program Manager for SAIC (Hawaii Energy
Efficiency Program).
Paul Scott will be our Chapter President-elect and will also serve as CTTC (Chapter Technology
Transfer Committee) Chairperson. Scotty is currently President of Engineered Systems, Inc.
Kevin Saito, P.E. will be our Chapter Vice President and will serve as the Newsletter Editor. Kevin is
currently a Comprehensive Solutions Account Manager for Trane Pacific.
Barry Jim On, P.E. will continue to be our Chapter Secretary. Barry is currently serving as the Vice
President of InSynergy Engineering Incorporated.
Paul Fukunaga, P.E. will continue to be our Chapter Treasurer. Paul is currently a Partner of Thermal
Engineering Corporation.
The members of the Board of Governors (BOG) are as follows:
Albert Hahn, P.E. will be our Immediate Past President, who will automatically serve as a member of
BOG. Albert is currently serving as a mechanical engineer for Douglas Engineering.
Blake Araki, P.E., a member of BOG, will serve as Chapter Programs Chairman. Blake is currently
the Facilities Engineering Manager for University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus.
Donna Kishi, a member of BOG, will serve as 2011 Product Shows Committee Chair. Donna is
currently a partner at Power Systems Corp, manufacturer’s representative for Liebert Corporation.
Melik Yalcintas, PhD, P.E., a member of BOG, will serve as 2011 Technical Seminar Committee
Chairperson. Melik is currently the Principal of Amel Technologies, Inc.
Scott La Beau, a member of BOG, will continue to serve as Refrigeration Committee Chair. Scott is
currently serving as a sales engineer for DMG Hawaii.
William Lee, P.E., a member of BOG, will serve as Energy Awards Committee Chairman. Bill is
currently the Senior Engineer of Mechanical Engineers of Hawaii Corporation.

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                         PMS (Psychological/Mental/Social) SESSION:
                                             “Just Like Vegas”
This session will focus on having FUN by sharpening your psychological, mental & social skills. Key features
include on how you exercise your personal skills in interacting with your colleagues and customers on a daily
“Just Like Vegas”, life is a gamble                                      when dealing with PEOPLE. No
matter what you do, there is                                             absolutely no BLACK or WHITE ….
It is usually GRAY. You can make                                         guesses. Sometimes you win and
most of the times, you feel that you                                     lose. In reality, it is indeed a 50/50
equitable WIN-WIN situation for                                          most enhanced optimist (a.k.a.
realist). Nonetheless, most people                                       choose to strike a WIN-LOSE
situation… not knowing that the                                          table turns against them to have a
LOSE-WIN situation before they                                           come to realize that the paradigm
has shifted.
Anyways, we want our members and their friends to come and have FUN. If you are not having FUN when
you are actively participating in whatever you do, please do yourself a favor…. Kindly get the hell out of the
FUN stands for: F as in FAIR, U as in UNDERSTANDING, and, N as in NICE. Note that if you are fair to
yourself, you will surely be fair to others. Until you understand yourself well enough to be understood, do not
expect others to understand you. When you are fair and understanding, it will come naturally for you to be
nice. No one will ever fault you for being nice. Nevertheless, they will fault you for being NOT nice.

                                         All High Rollers et al:
1. Registration starts at 5:00 PM and ends at 5:30 PM. All attendees must register to receive $500 fake money
at the registration desk.
2. Play Time starts at 7:00 PM and ends at 8:30 PM. You may use the $500 fake money to purchase chips with
the dealer serving the black jack, roulette or crap table. Otherwise, you can exchange them for 5 raffle
tickets, which will be drawn for all prizes.
3. Cash-in Time starts at 8:30 PM and ends at 8:45 PM. Each $100 worth of chips is redeemable for a raffle
ticket. You can redeem to a maximum of 10 raffle tickets per person regardless of how much chips you have
4. Raffle Drawing Time starts at 8:45 PM and ends at 9:00 PM.

For more information, go to our Hawaii Chapter website at www.hawaii.ashraechapters.org
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By Joseph Ting

       History of Heide & Cook Limited
HONOLULU, HI: The mechanical contracting                prosper; it was downsized and eventually
business started with the friendship of two             closed in 1988.
young contractors in the throes of the military         In 1988, Harold Heide passed away and, his
construction & development of the Tripler               eldest son, John Heide came back to
Army Medical Center Hospital.                           temporarily oversee the business. From 1989 to
In 1946, Harold J. Heide and Jarrad T. Cook             1991, the firm hired Paul Henigan, the former
met while both were working for the Pacific             CFO of Dillingham Corporation to serve as the
Base Contractors during the construction of the         new CEO of H&C Limited.
said Hospital.
                                                        And, in May of 1991, the torch was finally
Immediately after the end of the World War II,          passed to Earle S. Matsuda, the Chief Estimator
there were numerous opportunities for any               who first joined the company in 1974 as a sheet
young businesses to excel. With their plumbing          metal trade apprentice. To date, the President
experiences acquired at the Kaneohe Marine              & CEO Earle S. Matsuda continues to oversee
Base Hawaii, Harold & Jarrod took this golden           and manage the daily operations along with an
opportunity to establish the H&C Plumbers,              experienced team of industry professionals.
which was later incorporated in 1950 as Heide
& Cook Limited. Their first project was to
                                                                      A Hawai`i Company
install the plumbing system in homes at a new
residential development in Aina Haina.                  Established in 1946, Heide & Cook Limited is a
                                                        wholly Hawai`i owned and operated
Shortly after the incorporation, Jarrad T. Cook
                                                        mechanical contractor with an outstanding
went to Guam to establish a new branch of the
                                                        reputation for meeting tough schedules,
company. The Guam venture became one of
                                                        delivering a quality product, and coming in on
the largest mechanical contracting firms in that
                                                        budget. With strong field supervision and
area of the Pacific. At one point in time, the
                                                        experienced project managers, Heide & Cook
branch office employed as many as 185
                                                        brings value to every project.
workers. Besides having operations in Hawaii
and Guam, the firm also performed plumbing              H&C Limited differentiates from their
work in the Johnson Island, Kwajalein Island            competitors with the Quality Control Program
and American Samoa. After Jarrad Cook died              and company-wide approach and commitment
in 1965, the Guam branch continued to                   to injury-free construction. Financially, it has
                                                        the strength and their reserves to provide the

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bonding, working capital and purchasing
power to successfully meet the largest project
The company has grown from a small
plumbing company in 1946 to one of Hawaii’s
largest and most respected full service
mechanical contractors. H&C Limited has
experienced rapid growth. It has assembled a
list of current and past clients that includes
Hawaii’s best and most well known
commercial enterprises.                                 H&C President & CEO Earle Matsuda (far right) and
In 1995, the firm was purchased by then                 CFO Dexter Kekua (far left) posed for a snapshot with
                                                        Brenda & Dennis Teranishi at Heide & Cook Limited
President Earle S. Matsuda, Sr. Vice President
                                                        60th Anniversary Celebration on May 23, 2006.
& CFO Dexter S. Kekua, and Sr. Vice President
of Service & Sales Kenneth J. Richardson. In            H&C Limited performs their full line of
2004, Ken decided to venture off on his own             services on all islands throughout the State of
and acquired the firm’s subsidiary Island               Hawaii. The firm’s main office is located on
Controls Inc., which he continues to operate            Oahu in downtown Honolulu at 1714
successfully.                                           Kanakanui Street. It has branch offices in the
                                                        Big Island at 11 Pookela Street, Hilo as well as
Currently, the firm employs over 150 field and          in the Island of Maui at 300 Hukilike Street,
administrative personnel. It is signatory to two        Kahului.
local unions (International Plumbers & Fitters
Local 675, and Hawaii Sheet Metal Workers               As a Kama`aina and Native Hawaiian owned
Local 293). H&C Limited is a charter member             company, H&C Limited is proud of their
with both local unions and is in good                   commitments and resources, which have
standings.                                              dedicated to Hawai’i and its communities.
                                                        For more information, visit their website at

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By Paul Fukunaga

This year’s highlights of the Student Activities Committee are summarized hereinafter.

A complete set of current 2006 through 2009 ASHRAE Handbooks were donated by ASHRAE
members Lionel Horne and Ken Richardson from Island Controls to Professor Joseph Ting’s Air
Conditioning class at the University of Hawaii. Two sets of ASHRAE Handbooks were also
donated by ASHRAE member Paul Scott from Engineered Systems. With the cost of textbooks
continuing to increase, the students will be able to use the valuable information from the
ASHRAE Handbooks that are still applicable without additional expense.
The third annual ASHRAE Career Fair at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) was held on
October 30, 2009, Ground Floor, Holmes Hall. The donations from the exhibitors at the Fair were
used to help fund the travel expenses for the UHM ASHRAE student members to attend the
annual ASHRAE Winter Meeting that was held this year in Orlando, Florida. The students were
enthusiastic about the opportunity to attend a Society meeting to meet other student members
and to learn about the importance and enormity of the HVAC industry. The Career Fair has been
a very successful recruiting tool. Of the 9 students, who have attended the past two winter
meetings, 7 are now working in Hawaii in the HVAC industry.

On November 13, 2009, the ASHRAE student branch from the University of Hawaii at Manoa
(UHM) visited the central plant and research buildings at the John A. Burns School of Medicine
(JABSOM). Francis Blanco and Bob Dang from JABSOM and Rob Lerseth from the City and
County of Honolulu, Board of Water Supply gave a short presentation of the HVAC systems at
JABSOM, responded to questions and led the tour. The students were able to observe a 2,700 ton
chilled water plant and the 100% outside air, variable volume AHU’s with terminal reheat and
related mechanical system that provide the environmental conditions and utilities of the research

UHM Student Branch Advisor Joseph Ting accompanied seven UHM ASHRAE student members
to the 2010 ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Orlando. Each student wrote a summary of their
experiences and impressions of the meeting and the summaries are posted on the ASHRAE
Hawaii website. The reports showed all the students had a positive and enjoyable experience
visiting local HVAC installations, learning about the ASHRAE standards and visiting with other
student members and manufacturers’ representatives. The travel and lodging costs for the trip
are sponsored by ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter and HVAC Industry.

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On February 17, 2010, the Honolulu Community College (HCC) ASHRAE Student Branch
members and students in the HCC air conditioning program visited Alaka’i Mechanical’s
fabrication shop. About twenty students and their advisor, Professor Derek Oshiro, observed
state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication machines that make Alaka’i one of the most efficient sheet
metal fabricators in Hawaii. The students were able to ask questions and received valuable
information about the HVAC industry in Hawaii including job opportunities in construction and
service. The tour was arranged by Mr. Ryan Ando, a project engineer with Alaka’i Mechanical.
Several Alaka’i employees demonstrated the operation of the automated machines that are
computer controlled from drawings to fabrication of the spiral and rectangular sheet metal ducts.

APRIL 2010
The April Chapter meeting was Students Night and the feature speakers were ASHRAE student
members Christopher Montpas, Jason Li and Matthew Tio who presented their HVAC design
project for the Ginsburg Tower at Florida Hospital in Orlando. The project requirements were
from the ASHRAE Student Design Competition. The presentation showed many hours of work
were expended in designing and creating drawings for the project. The project provided valuable
HVAC design experience to the students and they acknowledged the guidance and assistance
from their mentors, ASHRAE members Min Zhong, P.E. and Mofazzal Mir, P.E. from InSynergy
Engineering Inc., whose efforts were critical to the successful completion of their project.
The 53nd Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair (HSSEF) was held on April 5 through 7, 2010
at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. The Board of Governors from ASHRAE Hawaii
voted to donate $1,000.00 to the HSSEF to help offset the loss of funding from the State of Hawaii.
President Albert Hahn and Paul Fukunaga from ASHRAE Hawaii participated as agency judges
and selected the six projects for awards totaling $300 for projects related to heating, air
conditioning, ventilation or refrigeration in the Junior Division (Grades 6 through 8) and Senior
Division (Grades 9 through 12).

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By Mofazzal Mir

Time surely flies as the saying goes. With a blink of our eyes, we are at the closing month of this
Society Year. Thanks to the cooperation and active participation of our members, our chapter had
a very successful year. Particularly with help of Albert Hahn, Brandon Maeda, Issac Opedal,
Joseph Ting, Patrick Yen and Paul Scott, we were able to produce our electronic roster on time
and are available to our chapter dues-paid members.
We take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to those companies that supported
our chapter through the sponsorship of our electronic roster by advertising their line cards:
Admor HVAC Products, Inc    Carrier Hawaii                  The Gellert Company
Air Treatment Corporation   DMG Hawaii                      Starr and Company, Inc.
Architectural & Engineering Engineered Systems Inc.         Silversword Contracting Inc.
System Inc.

Eleven new members have joined our chapter this year. We welcome them in our chapter and we
encourage them to volunteer by actively participating in the chapter technical activities and social

Armand Carlos             Brent D. Cooper                   Delfin Rufo Jr.
Didier Fusero             Diosdado T. Macalibog             Matthew Mukai, P.E.
Peter A. Yuen             Randy Grant                       Roger Dunn
Ruey Hwu                  Wilfred P. Chun

Finally, we encourage our delinquent members to renew their membership at the earliest possible
so that they will not lose their privileges and benefits. To those ex-members whom we lost the
past years, we welcome them back.

Please copy/paste     http://www.ashrae.org/members/page/589         to   renew   or   re-apply   for

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By Paul Scott
The Chapter has fairly successful year. As our Chapter goal ($22,000) set by the Regional RVC &
DRC Region X to an unreasonably high level relatively to our previous years’ records, we have
moderately reached half of the established goal (~ $11,813) as of May 31, 2010. Most of the
proceeds came from the 2010 Technical Seminar held at East West Center, University of Hawaii.
We believe that the $4,173 amount is the remaining moneys fund-raised from last year & the
interest earned from Lester Nakata Memorial Funds invested in ASHRAE Foundation. Towards
that end, we encourage you to continue in contributing to LNMF (ASHRAE Foundation) as your
donations will be invested through the annuity of the said foundation to perpetuity.
We thank you for contributing through ASHRAE Foundation or directly to the Society through
ASHRAE Research. If you contributed to the ASHRAE Research, your donations are earmarked
for the succeeding year’s research purposes only. In closing, we encourage all sponsors to attend
our upcoming social event on 6/10/10 so that we can recognize you.

     List of “Lester Nakata Memorial” SPONSORS FOR SY 2009-10 ASHRAE Foundation
                                        Platinum Sponsors ($1000+)
                                      ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter ($4,173)
                                         Gold Sponsors ($300 - $999)
                                           PVI Industries ($500)
                                      Silver Sponsors ($100 - $299)
      Albert Hahn, P.E.            Barry Jim On, P.E.                         Dicson Aggabao
      Paul Fukunaga, P.E.          Marites Calad                              Michael Chang
      Clyde Equipment (AERCO)      Engineered Systems Inc.                    Hawaiian Energy (SAIC)
      Inter Island Solar Supply    LN Sales Incorporated                      Standard Sheet Metal
      Audrey Ting Schmook (for Joseph Ting)                                   Scott La Beau

                      List of SPONSORS FOR SY 2009-10 ASHRAE Research
                                           Gold Sponsors ($300 - $999)
                Beall & Associates, Inc. ($610)                          Commercial Sheet Metal ($420)
                                        Silver Sponsors ($100 - $299)
      Albert Lloyd                  Elbert Saito                              Chou Hong Siu (Herman)
      John Gesser                   Malcolm Miyashiro                         Lloyd Funada
      Michael Chang                 Robert Pascua                             Steven Nakagawa
      Sheet Metal Contractors Association                                     Tsukasa Mukai
                                            Bronze Sponsor (<$99)
                     Raymond De Smet, Jr.                           Leslie Taniyama
                     Richard Waltz                                  Cline Ardo

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By Joseph Ting

As this Society Year comes to a closure, we have had seven (7) monthly meetings complete with
main technical programs & DO & DON’T technical session from September thru May. These
monthly activities, coordinated by our Chapter Programs Chairman, William Lee, were well-
attended by engineers, architects, owners, government officials, facilities O&M managers and
their staff, students as well as academic personnel. Evaluation forms were provided to the
attendees to rate the speakers for these technical events.

December 8, 2009 was a social evening, which commemorated our Chapter 40th Anniversary
Celebration at the Outrigger Canoe Club.

On February 26, 2010, the Technical Seminar held at East West Center, was organized by our
President, Albert Hahn and our Research Promotion Chairman, Paul Scott. The event was well-
received. It was educational and informative on the subject matter pertaining to heating and
plumbing systems.

Switching to refrigeration activities, our Refrigeration Committee Chairman Scott La Beau and
YEA Chairperson Alayna Shima organized the refrigeration tour of the Ice Palace. Young
engineers of ASHRAE and their families not only enjoyed the technical tour to see how ice is
being produced for the skating rink, but they also had a great ice skating with soda and pizza.

From the Energy Awards Committee, Chairman Kevin Saito coordinated to re-submit the
Mechanical Engineering of Hawaii (MEH), the Punahou Schools - Case Middle School project to
compete region-wide in the category classified as Institutional Building (New). If this submission
won to the regional competition, it would stand the chance to compete worldwide. Towards that
end, we encourage the rest of the other consulting firms to follow the footsteps and submit their
“Energy” projects for next year. We can then enter your submission(s) to compete region-wide
and Society-wide for the Technology Awards. If your company won the competition, it should
help to market your companies.

Last year was our first time to submit an Energy Awards competition to the region. This year, it is
the first time that our Technical Committee Chairman, Herman Siu has coordinated our members
to review at least two sections of the ASHRAE Handbook. The Chapter has submitted to the
region Alan Lloyd’s review of the Heat Pump Section; and Myron Nakata’s review of the
Insulation Section of the ASHRAE Handbook. We have also copied the Society Handbook
Committee staff, Mark Owen to ensure that these review comments were placed in good hand to
implement into the next publication of the Handbook. Mahalo Herman & his members for the
hard work. Anyone interested in their review comments should contact Herman at Trane.

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Provided below is the synopsis of Governmental Affairs Committee, Chairman Mark Yamamoto
and his committee member, Sam Gillie.
Executive Summary
The ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter Government Affairs team was organized this year for the first time. An overall
mission statement was formulated as well as a three-phase plan, moving forward. Phase I and Phase II were executed
with mixed success. Phase III was executed with a chapter meeting presentation by Howard Wigg from DBEDT as its
key result. A representative also participated in the Data Center Energy Efficiency Opportunities Training organized
by the ASHRAE Save Energy Now and FEMP.
Government Affairs Mission
To identify those in local government with whom we can have an engaging dialog to discuss and perhaps educate on
those value-added best practices that ASHRAE has diligently developed for air-conditioning and refrigeration.
Government Affairs Overall Plan of Execution
The plan is to execute based on a three-phase plan as follows:
Phase I – Identify Local Government Agencies and Their Representatives with Whom to Interface
Agency: Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT), Hawaii State Energy Office
Representative: Maria Tomei; PH: (808) 587-3809; Email: mtome@dbedt.hawaii.gov
Representative: Howard Wigg, Institutional Energy Analyst
Energy, Resources and Technology Division, Department of Business, Economic Dev. and Tourism
P.O. Box 2359, Honolulu, HI 96804, PH: (808) 587-3811; FX: (808) 587-3820, Email: hwiig@dbedt.hawaii.gov
NREL Consultant: Paul Norton, Senior Project Leader
Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, PH: (808) 220-1555; Email: paul.norton@nrel.gov
Successor to Paul Norton, Ken Kelly, Senior Project Leader
Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1440 Kapiolani Boulevard, Suite 1225, Honolulu, HI 96814
PH: (808) 286-7095; Email: kenneth.kelly@nrel.gov
Agency: Department of Health, Clean Air Branch
Wilfred K. Nagamine, P.E., PH: (808) 506-4200
State Laboratories, Chris Whelen
DOH Lab Waimano Home Rd., PH: (808) 453-6650
Rebuild Hawaii, Representative: Elizabeth Raman
PH: (808) 587-3806, Email: eraman@dbedt.hawaii.gov
U.S. Department of Energy, Representative: Currently vacant
Jill Sims, SENTECH Hawai`I, DOE Federal Energy Management Program
PH: (808) 285-7080. Email: jsims@sentech.org
Pacific Guardian Tower, 1440 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1225. Honolulu, HI 96814, Email: www.sentech.org

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Mechanical and Electrical Division, Frank F. Fasi Municipal Building
650 South King Street, 9th Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813, Ph. (808) 768-8431
Honolulu Clean Cities, Robert Primiano

Phase II - Contact/Introduce
Introduction Talking Points:
        First time ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter has created this position of government affairs
        Goals are to create awareness of our chapter and activities, share information that may have an impact on
        local legislation and codes
        A few examples of ASHRAE Standards that may be of interest: 90.1 Energy Standard for buildings, 62.2
        Indoor Air Quality Standard, 189.1 Design of High Efficiency Green Buildings
Boiler-plate email body of introduction:
ASHRAE Hawaii was chartered on September 10, 1969. We currently have a membership of approximately 240 that
includes engineering consultants, equipment vendors and distributors, mechanical and plumbing contractors, as well
as professionals in private business and government whose operations depend on air-conditioning and refrigeration.
We also have a sizeable student chapter from the University of Hawaii Engineering Department as well. We are a
member of the ASHRAE organization in Region X. We are a non-profit organization and not involved in lobbying.
Our current Chapter President is Albert Hahn who is with Douglas Engineering. You can find further information on
our website at:
We welcome you to attend our monthly meetings and events – please check our website for dates, times and
locations. And of course, you are also welcome to join ASHRAE. We plan to have a seminar in February on Boilers
and Hot Water Heating that may be of interest. We would also welcome you if you’d like to participate in perhaps a
forum discussion or on educating us as a guest speaker. Finally, would you happen to know others in your branch of
government who may be interested in ASHRAE and what we have to share?
Feedback on Contact
   Contact        Date      Metho                                Feedback                                      Follow-Up
Maria Tomei      10/6/09    Phone    Left voice mail                                                     No return call
Paul Norton      10/6/09    Phone    Paul is interested in attending our meetings, learning more         Emailed Paul with
                                     about what ASHRAE-Hawaii has to offer and possibly leading          information on
                                     or participating in a discussion/presentation in his area of        ASHRAE-Hawaii
                                     expertise. He is an ASHRAE member.                                  with website url.
Elizabeth        10/6/09             Ms. Raman is interested in attending our meetings, learning         Emailed Ms. Raman
Raman                                more about what ASHRAE-Hawaii has to offer and possibly             with information on
                                     leading or participating in a discussion/presentation in her area   ASHRAE-Hawaii
                                     of expertise. She mentioned that ASHRAE-Hawaii is a member          with website url.
                                     of Rebuild Hawaii.
Howard Wigg    2/3/10      Phone/    Howard is interested in attending meetings and mentioned that       Howard gave his
                           Email     he was scheduled to talk about Hawaii’s current and future          presentation on
                                     energy codes                                                        State energy codes at
                                                                                                         a chapter meeting
Eileen         N/A         N/A       Elizabeth Raman is a good friend of Ms. Yoshinaka who has           N/A
Yoshinaka                            retired from the DOE. Ms. Raman mentioned that there
                                     currently is no DOE representative in Hawaii.
Wilfred        N/A         N/A       Did not contact                                                     N/A

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Chris Whelen    N/A           N/A     Did not contact                                           N/A
Robert          N/A           N/A     Did not contact                                           N/A
Ken Kelly       3/4/10        Email   Introduced via email from Paul Norton                     Need to follow-up

Phase III – Present/Discuss
Information sharing
Topics of interest
Green buildings – building code issues
Indoor air quality
Laboratory ventilation design
Open meeting?
Q&A session?
Key Results
Howard Wiig with DBEDT’s Hawaii Clean Energy Office gave a presentation on Hawaii’s Energy Codes at our
Chapter meeting on March 11, 2010. Mr. Wiig stated that the State has adopted the 2006 International Energy
Conservation Code (IECC). The next version of the code will probably adopt the 2009 IECC with state-specific
Mark Yamamoto attended an ASHRAE – Save Energy Now Presentation Series workshop on Data Centers Energy
Efficiency Opportunities. This workshop was jointly presented by FEMP and Lawrence Berkley National
Laboratories at Ford Island on April 22, 2010. Topics included IT equipment efficiencies, cooling equipment, cooling
service/systems, electrical systems and implementation/planning.
The results of this year’s kickoff of ASHRAE Hawaii’s Government Affairs team were mixed. Some contacts were
made but actual participation in ASHRAE events by these contacts was not forthcoming with the exception of
Howard Wiig. Admittedly, more effort by the team is needed in contacting, following up and event-planning with
these government representatives.

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