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                                                Friday, April 2, 2010

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                                                 AT A GLANCE
Table of Contents:
Pathfinder Parent Center Spring Conference “Embracing Partnerships: It IS All Worth It”
Standing Up to a Bully
Be an Advocate for Kids: Advocacy Training across North Dakota in April
Finding the Right Camp for Your Child

         Issues in Special Education and Childhood Disability
Pathfinder Parent Center Spring Conference “Embracing Partnerships: It IS All Worth It”
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The 22 annual Parent Involvement Conference will be held May 6 , 7 and 8 , 2010 at the Grand International Inn in
Minot, North Dakota. This year‘s agenda is packed with information that will energize and inform parents, professionals
and partners. Speakers include: Dan Habib, creator of the award winning documentary “Including Samuel,” will open the
conference. He‘ll introduce the film, answer questions, and participate in a panel as well as show us ways we can make
inclusion work. Dr. Wayne Sanstead will welcome us, and Bob Rutten, Director of Special Education, and Laurie Matzke,
ND‘s Title I Director, will demonstrate important partnerships they are building. On Friday, Janice Fialka, and her son
Micah will walk us through their journey from elementary school to dorm life for Micah in college. He is not one to be
stopped by intellectual disability. Janice‘s keynote presentation, “The Dance of Partnership-Why Do my Feet Hurt?”
shows how forming partnerships between professionals and parents is like learning a new dance. At first toes get
stepped on and each partner seems to be listening, moving to a different beat. She‘ll help us work toward a new dance
that involves the contributions of all partners. Ben Anderson, author of ―IQ of 63: So What?! Going Beyond Everybody
Else’s Expectations” will share with us how his dream of going beyond his disability has helped him get where he is
today. Many concurrent sessions mean there will be something for everyone. On Saturday, ―Famous‖ Dave Anderson, of
barbecue fame, will talk not just about his success as a businessman, successful restaurantuer and leader working with
Native American youth but his journey as a person with ADHD and how he used his strengths to prosper. This year the
State Council on Developmental Disabilities has graciously provided lodging stipends for parents, and Pathfinder will
provide complimentary registration to adult family members of persons with a disability. Call 1-800-245-5840 to register.

Standing Up to a Bully
Bullying happens! Many of us can remember back to our own childhood and the hurt bullies caused to us or people we
knew. As parents, we want to protect our children from experiencing this pain. One of the most important things we can do
is to teach our children how to respond if they are bullied. Bullying is an abuse of power that one person has over another
and therefore the target is at a disadvantage in any fight; verbal or physical. The following strategies are nonviolent,
effective, and teach children to be self-reliant.

Be an Advocate for Kids: Advocacy Training across North Dakota in April
You are invited to participate in child advocacy training sponsored by North Dakota Children's Caucus and Children's
Defense Fund-North Dakota. Meetings are from 6:30-8:30 p.m. with refreshments provided.
    April 6 - Dickinson - Gate City Bank (lower level), 204 Sims
    April 13 - Jamestown - Buffalo Mall Community Room, I-94 & 281
    April 20 - Bismarck - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Fellowship Hall), Washington and Divide Avenue (park
       on south side of church)
    April 22 - Minot - Head Start Building (gymnasium) 2815 East Burdick Expressway
    April 27 - Grand Forks - County Office Building (6th floor conference room) 151 South 4th Street
    April 29 - Fargo - Fargo/Cass Public Health (Room 3, lower level), 401 3rd Avenue North
You will learn: Key time frames for effective advocacy; Do's and don'ts of working with public officials; Strategies for
effective communication with policy makers; and Key children's issues for 2011 Legislative session.

Finding the Right Camp for Your Child
Some camps are for military children. Some camps are free. Some camps offer scholarships. Some camps are designed
specifically for children with special needs. Some camps are highly structured, others have a more relaxed environment.
When choosing a summer program, it's important to consider your child's age, interests, and personality.

DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? Parents & Professionals Working Together for Children with Special Needs
                 Janice Fialka & Karen Mikus
Do You Hear What I Hear? Is designed to be used by parents of children with special needs, professionals who work with
families, university faculty members, and other trainers. It is filled with thoughtful stories, suggestions for next steps in
partnerships, and practical insights. Highly readable, it is a resource which can enhance self-reflection, personnel
preparation, and parent-professional training.

EXECUTIVE SKILLS IN CHILDREN and ADOLESCENTS: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention
                          Peg Dawson & Richard Guare
Concise and practitioner friendly, this bestselling guide has helped put executive skills on the map for school-based
clinicians and educators. The book explains how these critical cognitive processes develop and why they play such a key
role in children‘s behavior and school performance. Provided are step-by-step guidelines and many practical tools to
promote executive skill development by implementing environmental modifications, individualized instruction, coaching,
and whole-class interventions. In a large-size format with convenient lay-flat binding, the book includes more than two
dozen reproducible assessment tools, checklists, and planning sheets.

FOREVER FRIENDS                                                                        20 minutes
The uniqueness of this video is that it is not a product that focuses on disability differences, but rather creates in the
hearts of viewers, feelings we can all relate to. The video makes each of us reflect on the importance of developing and
sustaining relationships that give our lives vitality and fullness.

WHEN "I'VE TOLD YOU A THOUSAND TIMES" ISN'T ENOUGH                          16 minutes
This video is for parents/professionals/care givers, etc. involved in preschool children with special needs. It gives you
strategies to minimize behavior problems.

Kawasaki Disease
Kawasaki disease is a rare condition in children that involves inflammation of the blood vessels. It often begins with a
high and persistent fever greater than 102°F, often as high as 104°F. A persistent fever lasting at least 5 days is
considered a classic sign. The fever may last for up to 2 weeks and does not usually go away with normal doses of
acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen.

                                      PART C: Infants & Toddlers
Building Your Child’s Vocabulary
All parents want their child to do well in school. One way to help your child is to help them build their vocabulary.
Beginning readers use knowledge about words to help them make sense of what they‘re reading. The more words a
reader knows, the more they are able to comprehend what they‘re reading or listening to. Talking to and reading with your
child are two terrific ways to help them hear and read new words. Conversations and questions about interesting words
(―The book says, ‗The boy tumbled down the hill,‘ and look at the picture! How do you think he went down the hill?‖) are
easy, non-threatening ways to get new words into everyday talk.
                                   EARLY CHILDHOOD: 3-5 years
Understanding Beginning Reading Development in Preschoolers
It‘s easy to track your preschooler‘s growth by measuring his or her height with a yardstick. But how can you measure
your child‘s development in other areas, such as beginning reading? Do you know if he or she is learning and mastering
age-appropriate early reading skills? As your child‘s parent and first teacher, you are the ideal person to observe and
gather information about whether your child is developing skills appropriate for a 3- to 4-year-olds. The questions and tips
that follow will help you understand what early reading skills your child should be learning — and what you can do to help
them on their journey to becoming a competent reader.

                             SCHOOL AGE STUDENTS: 6-12 years
Quick Guide to Accommodations on the SAT for Students with Disabilities
There is a great deal of confusion about how to obtain accommodations on the SAT. Our research editor, Sue Whitney,
provided the information for this Quick Guide to Accommodations on the SAT
( The College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
provides a broad range of accommodations, such as Braille tests, large print, and extended time, to students who provide
documentation of a disability.

                                              IDEA/SECTION 504
Progress Monitoring
Progress monitoring is a scientifically based practice used to assess your child's academic progress and evaluate the
effectiveness of instruction. Progress monitoring tells the teacher what your child has learned and what still needs to be
taught. Progress monitoring can be implemented with individual students or an entire class. In progress monitoring, the
teacher uses short tests to evaluate your child's progress in specific areas. The teacher may tests your child often - every
week or two.

                             NORTH DAKOTA SUPPORT GROUPS
Pathfinder Parent Center is proud to list support groups in North Dakota. If you know of an active support group in North
Dakota and would like it listed in our E-newsletter, email Diana at with the information and she will see
that it is placed in the next E-newsletter.

F.R.I.E.N.D. (Families, Resources (&) Information Energizing North Dakota) Parent Navigator Team. April Events:
Thursday-April 8th-Lunch 11am-1pm Space Aliens Bismarck.; Monday-April 26th-Monthly meeting 6:30pm-8:30pm
BECEP Parent Place Bismarck. Questions, please contact Brad @701-214-2707 or

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in ND provides support groups for people with a mental illness diagnosis
(consumers) and also groups for family members whether they have children, adolescents or adults who cope with
depression, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, or other issues
NAMI-Grand Forks meets the 2 Tuesday of each month. Contact Janet G., 775-4648; Time: 7:00pm.
                                 st   rd
NAMI-NWND- Minot meets the 1 & 3 Tuesdays of each month (6:30pm). Contact Holly, 837-7504 or Diane, 857-3345.
NAMI-Missouri Valley-Bismarck meets: 1st Thursday, 7-9 pm & 3 Thursday, 7-8:30 pm. Contact Marlene, 223-1816

AuSome Kids Day Program-A Project of the North Dakota Autism Center, Inc. 4733 Amber Valley Parkway, Fargo, ND.
AuSome Kids Day Program has a structured curriculum developed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD),
developmental delays, and other behavioral issues. With this structured curriculum, and/or 1:1 behavioral therapy, we
help these children develop skills to function in everyday living and realize their full potential. Program hours are 7:00 am
– 6:00 pm. For more information, please call 701.371.1628 or contact Limited space available.

Designer Genes
Do you have a child with Down syndrome? Are you interested in receiving the Designer Genes of North Dakota
newsletter? Contact Roxane Romanick at 701-258-7421 for more information on a support network for individuals with
Down syndrome and their families. Designer Genes also has a new website:

New autism support group
National Autism Association of Central North Dakota: meets the fourth Thursday of the month at Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church in Bismarck (corner of Washington and Divide) at 7pm.

Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
The Federation of Families for Children‘s Mental Health will hold parent to parent support group on the second and fourth
Tuesdays of each month. The group will meet at 7pm at 1104 2nd Ave S in Fargo. Suite 333 on the second floor. For
further information, call 235-9923 or email Also in Bismarck meetings are held the Third
Thursday of each month at The Pride Inc. Building, 1200 Missouri Avenue at 7:00 p.m.. Contact Becky at 258-1628 or
Carlotta at 222-3310.

The Consumer and Family Network
A state-wide organization sponsored by Western Sunrise, Inc., a consumer- driven corporation in Williston, ND. Dedicated to
advocating for consumers about mental health services; increasing the number of consumers and family members on mental
health planning and policy boards; creating visibility and understanding mental health issues and acting as a clearinghouse on
public policy; educating policymakers on the impact that laws have on persons with mental or emotional illness. For more
information contact: Viki Scheldrup, 1514 47th. St. W Williston, ND 58801-1914, 701-572-1852,

Talk About Curing Autism-TACA
TACA North Dakota will be meeting the 4th Sunday of every month. Speakers: Jalene Suda, Janice Kern "Emerging
Treatments and Interventions in Autism" as experienced by two families; We are changing our meeting location to: The
Anne Carlsen Center Community Service Office 2860 10th Avenue North, Suite 400 Grand Forks, ND 58201. Time:6-
8PM Contacts:
or Questions? 701-352-4980 or 701-352-0462 Meets the 4th MONDAY of each month. There will be no meeting in
December and January. Oct. Discussion on IEP‘s and 504‘s, Nov discussion collaboration of educators and parents

ND Autism Connection
Meeting Dates: meets the third Thursday of each month at River of Hope Church, 1996 43rd Ave NE, Bismarck, ND
58503 Childcare will be provided. Meetings 7 p.m.

Apraxia Support Group
1st meeting, Thursday November 13th; 7:00pm at Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library; Meeting Room D; contact
Renae Feist at 701-222-0546 for questions.

Asperger Support Group
The Red River Valley Aspeger Network has support groups the second Saturday of each month at St. Anne & Joachim
Catholic Center, corner of 25th St.S. and 52nd Ave. S, Fargo, beginning at 9am - 10:30am. For more information on the
Red River Valley Asperger Network, please go to or call 701-205-6570.

Fargo Moorhead Monthly Social
Organized by local parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and ND School for the Deaf. Socials will be held
on Saturdays 1-3 p.m. at First Lutheran Church in Fargo. If interested contact Linda Ehlers (701) 239-7116

Parent/Guardian of Children With Special Health Care Needs Ages 3 – 21 Support Group
Family Voices of North Dakota‘s Support Group - Come and meet other parents/guardians of children with special health
care needs. Our goal is to help you the families in the days ahead! Many families are not sure who to contact after their
child turns 3 years of age. Our hope is to continue to support all families, through transition into adulthood. Contact:
Brenda Schmid, Family Voices of ND, WHEN: , March 18th, 2010, TIME: 7:00 p.m., Best Western Doublewood Inn, 3333
13 Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58103, Executive 2 Meeting Room. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Brenda Schmid at: 701-235-1781 or

Resources on the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Special Education webpage
( ) relative to assistive and accessible technologies.

Circle of Parents in Lisbon-Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or alone in your parenting? Join other parents in a
support group setting to talk about anything related to raising kids. No one‘s situation or stories are ever judged. Circle of
Parents meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. Mar. 8, 22; 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Trinity Lutheran Church 418
5th Ave. W., Lisbon Refreshments & free childcare are provided. Call Ransom County Extension to register or for
questions, 701-683-6128. Drop-ins are welcome.

PDD-NOS/ Autism Support Group: Autism support group in Bismarck, ND. Meet every second Tuesday of the month at
BECEP Parent Place, at 7:00pm- 8:30pm. BECEP is located at 720 N. 14th Street, Bismarck, ND. Free childcare and
more information provided by calling Margaret Lo Murray at 221-34450.

FVND Parent to Parent Program-If you are a family who wants to be matched with another parent for emotional and
information support, or are a family who wants to become a veteran or mentor family please call FVND at 888-522-9654.
Register to become a mentor parent today at:

IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
The IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) is a federal special education law that requires school districts
to provide a free appropriate public education to eligible children with disabilities. Section 504 is the part of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that applies to persons with disabilities.

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