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									21st Century Skills:
A Portfolio Approach
Bethpage Schools
NASTECH Workshop
May 26, 2010
               Goals for this Session
•   What the Partnership for 21st Century Skills is all about
•   What Bethpage is doing
•   National Look at P21
•   Oyster Bay’s Plans for 2010-11
•   Port Washington’s Elementary Portfolio
•   Bethpage teachers and students
•   Q&A
                  Bethpage Public Schools

•   Suburban New York on Long Island
•   3100 students in 5 schools
•   Middle Class
•   High Performing Schools
    –   98% Graduation Rate
    –   98% Regents Diploma Rate
    –   74% Advanced Regents Diploma Rate
    –   96% Daily Attendance
                   Programs at Bethpage
•   Internet Radio Station
•   Senior Seminar
•   Academy of Technology
•   Cisco Academy
•   Biotechnology Program
•   Astronomy Night
•   Earth Day Celebrations K-12
•   Forensics
•   Ponds for Kids
•   Internet Television Station
•   iPods in LOTE
•   Great Music and Art Programs- Artists in
    Residence Programs
     Partnership for 21st Century Skills
• What to do when you have a high-
  performing school in a state that has not
  embraced the Framework for 21st Century
• How much better can the numbers get?
• We did not want to wait
• Good to Great argument
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
“I'm calling on our nation's governors and
state education chiefs to develop standards
and assessments that don't simply measure
whether students can fill in a bubble on a
test, but whether they possess 21st century
skills like problem-solving and critical
thinking and entrepreneurship and
                      President Obama, March 10. 2009
         Current Debate
19th Century belonged to Britain
20th Century belonged to United States
21st Century belongs to . . .
. . .whichever country has the
  best educational system.
States that have adopted P21 Standards
        •   Arizona
        •   Illinois
        •   Iowa
        •   Kansas
        •   Maine
        •   Massachusetts
        •   Nevada
        •   New Jersey
        •   North Carolina
        •   Ohio
        •   South Dakota
        •   West Virginia
        •   Wisconsin
    Partnership for 21st Century Skills
• Partnership believes No Child Left Behind is not
  the ultimate measure of a school
• How do we ensure students are prepared for
  the new global world?
• NCLB does not measure innovative thought,
  creativity, work ethic
        Bethpage: 21st Century Scholar

• Portfolio-based (one for high school and
  one for middle school)
• Student-maintained
• Collection of “experiences” for students
• Students submit/maintain artifacts-
  written, recorded (musical, oral) or artistic
• Goal is “well-roundedness”
• Portfolio will be electronic with individual logons
• Students will submit requests and gain feedback
• Students will receive credit for assignments
  successfully completed
• Electronically notify Ms. Thomas BEFORE starting
  a project and she will give permission and award
• Every students has a 21st Century Folder on H
    Bethpage: 21st Century Scholar

• Bethpage High School students who complete
  the portfolio will receive a 21st Century
  Scholar Diploma recognizing their overall
  education at Bethpage

• It will be endorsed by Cablevision, Cisco and
  other corporate friends of Bethpage

• Raising scholarship funds to reward students at
      Bethpage: 21st Century Scholar

• Seven Categories of the Portfolio
  – Communication Skills
  – Information Technology Skills
  – Health/Fitness Skills
  – Global Awareness
  – Financial/Economic/Business Literacy
  – Career Focus/Self-Directed Skills
  – Community Service
                      21st Century Scholar:
                      Examples of Experiences
It is not a math program, but there is lots of math!
  •   Literature Circles
  •   Math in a Jar
  •   Percent Bee
  •   Math is Not a Mystery @ Molloy
  •   Pi Day
  •   World Math Day
  •   Robotics
  •   Computer Programming
  •   Field Trips
  •   Math Fair
  •   Mathletes
                      21st Century Scholar:
                      Examples of Experiences
It is not a science program, but there is lots of science!

 •   Simulations
 •   Literature Circles
 •   Robotics
 •   Field Trips
 •   Nature Walks
 •   LI Envirothon
 •   LI Science Congress
 •   No Child Left Inside
 •   Guest Lecturers
                      21st Century Scholar:
                      Examples of Experiences
It is not a Social Studies program, but there is lots of Social Studies!
 •   Literature Circles
 •   Current Events Blog
 •   History Day @ Hofstra
 •   Online Course
 •   Philosophy Musical
 •   Podcasts
 •   Geography Bee
 •   GIS
 •   Field Trips
 •   Guest Lecturers
                          21st Century Scholar:
                          Examples of Experiences
It is not an ELA program, but there is lots of ELA!
 •   Literature Circles
 •   Online Blogs
 •   Poetry Nights
 •   Podcasts
 •   TV Broadcasts
 •   Poetry Out Loud
 •   This I Believe
 •   Field Trips
 •   Guest Lecturers
                       21st Century Scholar:
                       Examples of Experiences
It is not an Arts program, but the Arts are heavily involved!
  •   Creating
  •   Concerts
  •   Operas
  •   Dance
  •   Museums
  •   Field Trips
  •   Artists in Residence
  •   Guest Lecturers
                         21st Century Scholar:
                         Examples of Experiences

It is not an Phys Ed program, but Phys Ed is heavily involved!
  •   Athletics
  •   Dance
  •   Mountain Biking
  •   Hiking
  •   Kayaking
  •   Health Lectures
  •   Healthy Cooking
  •   Special Programs
                     21st Century Scholar:
                     Examples of Experiences
It is not a Tech program, but there is lots of Technology!
 •   Electronic Database
 •   Bethpage TV
 •   Bethpage Radio
 •   Robotics
 •   Online Blogs
 •   Podcasts
 •   Field Trips
 •   Guest Lecturers
 •   GIS
New Assessments

• Technology Assessment for Grade 8

• National Financial Literacy Assessment

• About to field test the iCritical Thinking Assessment
                    21st Century Scholar:
                    Examples of Experiences

• Self-Directed/Career Awareness
• Visiting colleges (Marist, Fordham,
       Princeton, St. John’s, Hofstra)
• Guest Lectures
• Middle School Exploratory Camp
• NYC Scavenger Hunt
Superintendent Conference Day
March 27, 2009
Students Teaching Teachers in classes on…

 •   Solar and Hydrogen Cars        •   Salsa dancing
 •   GIS                            •   Robotics
 •   Blogs                          •   Digital Music
 •   DNA/Genographic Project        •   Yoga
 •   Digital Photography            •   Rosetta Stone
Introduced to the Middle School
March 2009

 56 of the 88 teachers have sponsored one or
                  more projects

              64% of the faculty!
         Why we think this is important

•   Students directing their own learning
•   Personal Learning Plans
•   Opportunities
•   Project Based Learning
•   Critical Thinking
•   Faculty rejuvenation
•   School Day Extended
•   Engaging students on important topics
Next for Bethpage
• 21st Century Seminar Class at High School
   – Interdisciplinary classes taught by 3 teachers
   – A Geography Class based on the Amazing Race
   – Nutrition Class

• Introducing 21st Century Program to Grades 4 and 5 in
  Fall 2010
Remember, you are
already doing much
      of this. . .

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