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					Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 Unlocked Phone

I got the S3 yesterday, since I owned a iPhone 4S here the comparison:

DESIGN: Galaxy S3 design is stunning, the feeling on hands is incredible. The
ergonomics makes all the difference. The iPhone 4S is very squarish and definitely
more solid but heavier too (way heavier);

SCREEN: Galaxy S3 display the image sharp and the colors are very beautiful
little larger than the Iphone.
OPERATING SYSTEM: The ability of both the Iphone operating system but with
the Galaxy S3 is still far away.
BATTERY: Iphone hold up to hours of 04:00 to 05:00 PM while the Galaxy S3
full day even still 30% battery remaining.
Gps: quest faster than the Iphone
Camera: Both are pretty good but still better Iphone

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