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         June 25, 2012 Articles 1 Comment

         Why can’t I be a Superhero?

         These last two weeks For my entire life, I have asked myself this question: Why can’t I be a superhero? Ok, maybe not a superhero, but at least
         someone radical who devoted their entire life to something that really mattered.

         Someone like John Wesley

         or William Carey

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         or Mother Teresa

         These were all ordinary people like you and I who chose to live extraORDINARY lives. What stops you and I from doing the same? I am not
         attempting to be cliche or dreaming lofty dreams.

         I am SERIOUS HERE!!

         Why not? Why aren’t we all striving for something greater? I think the greatest challenge that faces Western Christianity is….

         drum roll please…..

         It’s not that we can’t become someone great, it’s that we don’t care enough to try. I know, it sounds harsh, but if we are really honest with ourselves,
         isn’t it true?

         I live in a townhouse in middle-class America.

         My husband is a Jr. High Principal.

         We go to church every Sunday, drive nice cars, have 1 kid, eat out occasionally, raise our hands during the worship time at church, extend the occasional
         helping hand, strive to have some sort of a quiet time every day, go to the movies and sometimes frozen yogurt.

         Most people would say we are normal. I say we are…

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         John Eldredge often shows in the beginning of his talks the opening clip of The Last of the Mohicans. This video does not really show the scene, but
         you get the idea. All 3 friends are running through the forest, working together in perfect harmony on a great adventure: an elk hunt. Something about
         this scene makes me come alive every time I see it.

         Go ahead…..turn up the music =)

         This scene moves me every time I watch it. Why is that? Because it expresses 3 themes: intimacy, beauty, and adventure. Three friends (intimacy) all
         working together on a great adventure, running through the beautiful forest. This scene strikes us because we were MADE for this.

         Why are we drawn to movies where good triumphs over evil or the main character has to overcome challenges to get the great reward? It’s because
         those themes live within us. It resonates in us because it is who we were created to be and how we were created to live.

         So what is stopping us from living life’s great adventure, from risking it all to receive the great reward?


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         When you find out, let me know. I am praying through this very concept right now, hoping that God will meet me in my desperation.

         One Response to Why can’t I be a Superhero?

            1.        Derek L. Hastings says:
                 June 27, 2012 at 6:11 pm

                 You could put a number of reasons at the end there. But, probably the one that would hit the hardest is you forgot your true identity. You are a
                 Super Hero. If you guage being a Super Hero by the comic book definition? Why? Because, the Word says that you are a New Creation. You are a
                 completely different “Species” on this Earth. So, what does that look like? Well, for one you have the Third Person of The God of All Creation,
                 living inside of you. You have access to all of that Power that built everything you can see. And, He did it while singing the most passionate love
                 song that has ever been sung or will ever be sung throughout eternity. Your voice can do the same thing. You can change a world with your voice.
                 You are an Immortal! Way more powerful than Thor or Loki! But, it’s all about IDENTITY. If you see yourself as just another boring human (and
                 you are not a boring human Tara) then you deny yourself. When I get that sense of “BLAH” in my life, I remember that Jesus in His Resurrected
                 Body was able to “Physically” do many of the things we read about in Comic Books. He transports Himself from place to place, Walks thru walls,
                 reads people’s minds, and defeats demonic monsters with a laugh. NO, you ARE a Super Hero! It’s Satan’s job to convince you otherwise. )


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